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Summerslam '04 Fallout

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Guest SelfHighFive

Backstory: It was devistating folks. Summerslam 2004 went down as the WORST WWE PPV in the history of the WWE. Fans literally sat dead in the crowd as Ric Flair and Batista screwed Chris Benoit out of the World Title, allowing Orton to take the gold. As Jim Ross screamed about injustice and how the fans didn't like it one bit.... the fans merely sat there, not giving a damn, some even leaving the arena.

But it wasn't over yet. Main Event time; the WWE Title. Fans watched as Undertaker tossed JBL around the ring, only for a low blow to turn the tides. JBL then got a 30 second upperhand, and mauled by Taker again. As more fans left the arena, Vince sat in the Gorilla position with his head down on the table, crying to himself. His two biggest assests (in his own mind) were finally driving the fans away in masses. The fans all groaned in unison as the WWE Champion JBL caught a Clothesline from out of nowhere to retain the Title, picking up a clean win over Taker. They all left the building in disgust, finally sick of the crap going on in the WWE.

The following night on RAW all the top sections in the arena were blocked off due to lack of crowd, and Vince was desperate. He spent the first 20 minutes of RAW parading Randy Orton around the ring floating.... and no one cared. He finally came to a decision, and rebooked RAW's Main Event, allowing Benoit to walk out with the Title one day after losing it.

As the RAW ratings came in the lowest in many many years, Vince sought out some help. I had gone online months earlier and applied for one of those WWE writing jobs for the hell of it, not expecting a call back. But to my surprise, I DID get a call back after the Summerslam Fallout, and I got the job.

On my first day, Vince instructed the entire writing team to do what ever possible to fix the WWE and to just let out everything we thought was wrong with the company. Several hours later we were still complaining when Vince finally gave up, and told us to just go nuts and fix things.

So here we are. We need to turn the WWE around, and boy do we have some plans.

(Note, I am using RaveX's stat update, so if you want to know the roster, go look.)

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AARRGGHH!!!! Can people stop using the whole "WWE is crap and Vince McMahon offered me a job" backstory!!! Soooooo passe :)

Good luck with this one though...not too happy about Orton dropping the title 24 hours later on RAW, but he'll win it back...right? RIGHT?

Knock 'em dead, kid!

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Guest SelfHighFive

WWE NEWS for 9/1/04

Buzz has been going around the WWE locker room all day as the WWE writers are scrambling frantically to rewrite current storylines to draw them away from the plans that Vince McMahon had set in motion following Summerslam. Tomorrow night will be the first Smackdown after Summerslm, and we can only imagine if what they come up with has a positive impact on the company!

The rumors of negotiations between the WWE and Roddy Piper and Bret Hart have surfaced once again now that Mr. McMahon has allowed the WWE writers full swing on any ideas they want to better the company. Rumors have also been going around that a former 3 time WCW Champion has been called, but one can only speculate.

Whether these plans draw old fans back and possibly new fans to the WWE, one thing is for certain, the buzz going around in just the last 48 hours is sure to cause some kind of impact!


Edit: I know Campbell, but I couldn't think of any way to get as much authority in "real life" as you do in TEW. Gotta admit though, there have been much more messed up ideas than what I used. :D

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Guest SelfHighFive

Smackdown! 9/2/04

Attendance: 6,928

Overall Show Rating: 70.5%


We open tonight's Smackdown with a Cruiserweight match no one in the WWE seems to ever tire of seeing. The live crowd was into as always, and neither man disappointed. Mysterio started off early trying to out-think Chavo, but eventually Chavo turned a head-scissors attempt into a powerbomb, and then began working over the right knee of Mysterio. After keeping Rey grounded for several minutes, Chavo began mocking Rey's 619 call to the crowd, which got a chorus of boos. Angry at the reaction, Chavo turned his attention away from Mysterio, giving Rey-Rey time to gather his wits and go back on the attack. Nailing Chavo with the 619, Mysterio went to Drop the Dime, but Chavo rolled out of the way, and quickly hooked him into a roll-up and got the 3 count, using the ropes for leverage around the 10 minute mark.

Rating: 78.9%

Before the first break we're shown highlights of Eddie and Kurt's Summerslam match-up, in what was a fantasic showing for both men. They showed Angle getting the win after clipping Eddie's leg with a steel chair after referee Charles Robinson had been knocked out from a runaway clothesline from Angle, and then trapping Eddie in the Anglelock to get the win. And here tonight on Smackdown, we will see Kurt Angle team with Booker T to take on Eddie Guerrero and John Cena!

Overall: 89.8%

Backstage we're in GM Theodore Long's office. We see him setting up a tumbler (like those used in the Draft Lottery.) WWE Champion JBL enters the room and asks the GM what he wants. Long replies that since he managed to escape Undertaker at Summerslam, he has decided that here tonight JBL is going to face one of the playahs from Smackdown in a non-Title match. Explainnig to JBL all the Smackdown star's names are in the tumbler, he instructs JBL to choose a name and hand it to him just to make sure it's all fair. After tumbling the balls around, JBL selects one and hands it to over to Long, who tells JBL that here tonight, he is going to go 1 on 1 with Charlie Haas!

Overall: 53.5%



The Champs played "faces in disterss" for most of the match, bumping around for Johnny The Bull, until Bull finally isolated London on the FBI side of the ring. After tagging in and out with Nunzio numerous times, the FBI tried to send him in for a sidelk slam/reverse DDT combo, but London turned it into a head-scissors on Bull and caught both men with a few dropkicks before managing to catch Johnny with a nice enzugari. Getting the tg out to the fresh Kidman, the fans cheered as the Champs began cleaning house. Momentum carried them in, as after catching Nunzio with a double clothesline that sent him to the outside, they set up Johnny the Bull, hitting him with a combination crescent kick/Flatliner finisher, getting the pinfall and retaining the Titles around the 12 minute mark.

Overall: 59.5%

After a word from our sponsors, WWE United States Champion Booker T. heads down to the ring, saying he wants some competition from one of the suckas in the back who thinks they can take his US Title, but NOT tonight. Of course with that one statement the crowd boos heavily, and just a few seconds later, John Cena hits the entrance ramp, saying Booker T. robbed him off regaining the US Title at Summerslam, and if he thinks he can do it again, this time let's do it No DQ. A reluctant Booker accepts the proposition, but is noticiably concerned as Cena waves his chain in the air.

Overall: 80.8%



Haas opens the match up by out-wrestling the WWE Champion, but after some time of trying to counter Haas' maneuvers, JBL gets tired of it and just begins pounding on the former Tag Team Champion. Charlie manages to counter every few moves, but the Champion uses his power to keep taking Haas back to the mat. Around the 8 minute mark Haas desperately whips JBl toward one of the corners, but JBL runs right into referee Brian Hebner, knocking him to the mat. Haas runs into the corner to nail JBL, but the Champ lifts a boot to Haas' face, and catches him with the Clothesline From Hell. Seeing the ref is down, Bradshaw rolls to the outside, retrieving his belt. He stands waiting for Haas to get up, but a small eruption comes from the crowd. We soon see Rico appear, back from his injury, and he hits the ring, catching JBL with a spin kick to the face. Rico then picks up the belt and whomps the Champion with it, but unfortunately Hebner is up by this time, and calls for the DQ, declaring JBL the winner.

Overall: 60.9%

As JBL slowly gets to his feet, we see Haas shaking Rico's hand on the outside of the ring. As JBL begins moving toward the 2, the lights in the arena go off, and the crowd erupts as The Undertaker's music hits. Bradshaw stands watching the entry way, not wanting to get taken by surprise. The lights go off again, and we hear a loud scream followed by a body hitting the canvas. The lighting emerges once again, and we see Undertaker standing over the now unconscious WWE Champion with his hand raised up, signalling a chokeslam has just taken place. We begin fading to commercial, and Michael Cole tells us that up next Taker is in action!

Overall: 65.4%

We now go "live" backstavge with Eddie Guerrero, who has a few choice words for Kurt Angle and tonight's Main Event. Latino Heat fires up, saying tonight Kurt Angle has nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, because he has the Master of Thuganomics watching his back tonight, so no foul play is going down tonight!

Overall: 75.4%


No D-Von out with Bubba this week, which things rather difficult for the 18 time former Tag Champion. Taker mostly dominates the match with Bubba trying desperately to get an advantage, yet failing. Eventually Bubba manages to set Undertaker up and nail the Bubba Bomb, but Taker kicks out at 2 and sits straight up. After hitting Dudley with a few combination blows, he catches him with a big boot and scores with the Tombstone to pick up the victory around the 6 minute mark. After the match, a hurt JBL hits the ring and connects with the Clothesline on Undertaker, but as JBL enjoys his work, an angry Dead Man sits up, and Bradshaw runs for his life to the backstage area.

Overall: 71.5%


Ultimo returns to the WWE this week after his tour of Japan has completed, and has one hell of a short match with Noble. After getting a few kicks in, Dragon is met with a few shots from Jamie, who hooks him up for the Tiger Bomb, but Ultimo reverses and nails the Asai DDT for the quick win.

Overall: 44.6%

Backstage GM Theodore Long is speaking with Bill DeMott. Long says he knows that Bill wants to remain an announcer, but due to what is in Bill's contract, he is forcing him to get back into the ring, starting next week on Smackdown. Angry, DeMott walks off, but Long calls to him, saying it's for the best.

Overall: 69.7%

Backstage we see Eddie Guerrero presumable walking to where his low rider is parked, when he runs into Kurt Angle, who is walking toward the entry way for the Main Event. The two men stare at each other for about 20 seconds, but Eddie just laughs in Kurt's face and walks away, infuriating the Olympic gold medal winner.

Overall: 89.6%


Kurt Angle began the match with Cena, as Booker immediately tagged out to Kurt to play some mind games. Kurt then schooled Cena, trapping him in numerous holds, and waiting until the count of 4 every time Cena managed to get to the ropes just to show him who was in charge. After breaking free of Kurt and catching him with a drop toe-hold, Cena tagged out to Eddie, and Kurt back-peddled and tagged out to US Champ Booker T. After going back and forth like this for about 8 or 9 minutes with the heels hiding from their rivals, both Eddie and Cena got fed up, and just broke out into a wild brawl. As the ref tried to restore order in the match, Cena slipped his "Life" knucks onto his hand, and nailed Booker with it out of sight, and managed to get the 3 count even though Eddie was the legal man. As Kurt argued with the referee, everyone stopped on a dime as "Weeeeeellllll, well its THE BIG SHOW!" blasted over the speakers. Sure enough, the 7 foot, 500 pound monster strolled down to the ring. Everyone stood watching to see if Show would attack, but he merely stood surveying the situation. Booker then slipped out of the ring, while Eddie and Cena shoved Kurt into The Big Show, who grabbed him right by the neck and drilled him with a Chokeslam. Laughing on the outside, Eddie and Cena took off up the ramp as Show towered over Angle while Smackdown faded off the air.

Overall: 87.3%

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Guest SelfHighFive

Haven't really decided what to do with Orton yet. He's sure as hell not getting his Jesus Push though. :P

If I get the 2 people signed I'm looking for though, I'll definitely have a program for Evolution.

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Guest SelfHighFive



Overall Rating: 68%

1.) Nunzio defeated Scotty 2 Hotty via Arreverderci at 8:21. (62.5%)

- A video package reviewing the Smackdown Main Event between KurtAngle/Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero/John Cena is shown. (89.6%)

2.) WWE Tag Team Champion Paul London defeated Mark Jindrak via Shooting Star Press at 11:05. (50.7%)

- Up next we see a recap if the events transpired between John Cena & Booker T with the US Title, from the moment Cena was stripped of the Title from then GM Kurt Angle up to Summerslam. (82.1%)

3.) Rene Dupree defeated Billy Gunn at 7:31 by nailing Billy with his French flag behind the referee's back. (62.8%)

-Post match, Dupree repeatedly jabbed Gunn with the flag, and then draped it over Gunn's face. How ever the crowd really didn't care because they didn't really like either guy. (55.4%)

4.) In our Velocity Main Event, Rob Van Dam defeated Doug Basham via split-legged moonsault at the 5:53 mark. (72.8%)


It has been reported by reliable sources that before the Smackdown tapings this past week, WWE officials and several wrestlers needed to separate Chavo Guerrero & Billy Kidman, as the two began fighting with one another. There is no word on what triggered the brawl or what consequences will take place since both men are receiving pushes from the company.

Deals between the WWE and Bret Hart have ceased, as Bret Hart has turned down all offers put on the table from management. Apparently Bret is interested in running his own promotion in the near future, and would like to focus on doing that instead of returning to WWE TV, fearing what the WWE would do with him in regards to HBK, Vince McMahon, Earl Hebner, and Ric Flair.

The new writing team in the WWE have begun redoing some of the gimmicks for the WWE superstars that are not going over with the crowds in the right way. No word on who these wrestlers are or what gimmicks are going to change, or whether or not any turns will occur, but it ought to be interesting to see if they can pull it off.

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Guest SelfHighFive



Overall: 63.4%

-The Hurricane defeated Rodney Mack via Eye of the Hurricane at the 7:49 mark. After the match Mack choked out Hurricane with the Black Out until Rosey made the save. (61.3%)

-A video package is played highlighting the events that led to Randy Orton and Chris Benoit trading the World Title within a 24 hour period from Summerslam to RAW the next night. (83.0%)

-Backstage we see WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus walking around with a smaller cast on her broken hand. She runs into Victoria who is standing around talking to Shelton Benjamin who has a match coming up tonight. After Shelton walks away, Trish begins antagonizing Victoria, who doesn't seem to be in the mood. After listening to Trish for less than 20 seconds, she begins attacking her until officials come and separate the two Divas. (79.4%)

-Shelton Benjamin defeats Garrison Cade at the 11:04 mark with his overhead powerslam finisher. (71.6%)

-Backstage we see Edge, who says that here tonight, he'll be facing Batista 1 on 1 in the Main Event, and if Batista can beat him, he'll get another chance at the IC Championship tomorrow night on RAW. Edge ends with the fact he's gone undefeated in single's competition with Evolution since promising to take them down, and he'll stick to that once again tonight. (82.7%)

-We see a clip of last week's RAW, in which William Regal & Eugene jumped Triple H in the backstage area, getting some revenge of everything that happened leading up to Summerslam, including Eugene's DQ win against Triple H at Summerslam when Hunter nailed the kid with a sledgehammer. (72.0%)

-Batista defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion Edge when Ric Flair tripped Edge up from the outside, allowing Batista to nail him with a spinebuster and Batista Bomb to pick up the win, earning a rematch with Edge for the IC Title tomorrow night on RAW. (72.2%)

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Guest SelfHighFive



Overall: 69.4%


RAW begins tonight with The Highlight Reel. This week Jericho's special guest is none other than Matt Hardy, who thanks to Lita, was able to defeat Kane at Summerslam, winning the right to marry Lita. Things seem to be going great for the first few minutes of the interview, and then Jericho begins asking Matt why he would allow personal and private things to be aired on live TV like he has. This puts Matt into a defensive mode, and he begins asking Jericho exactly what he's done lately other than interview wrestlers while he only gets a match here and there. This riles Jericho up, and the two get face to face. Before they come to blows, RAW's GM Eric Bischoff runs down to the ring to calm things down, and he decrees that here tonight, since both men don't seem to know how to get along, he'l FORCE them to get along, as they will team up to take on Kane and a returning Christian here tonight!




Not receiving a warm welcome from the state of Washington, Robert Conway and Sylvan Grenier lose their focus early on, and the Man Beast Rhyno is there to take control over the match. Not missing a beat, Rhyno takes care of both men, and then makes the tag into Tajiri. The Japanese Buzzsaw goes to work on Conway, but Grenier blindsides him, and they begin working him over in their own corner of the ring, not allowing Rhyno any chance to get the tag back into the ring. After running into the ring illegally and knocking Rhyno off the apron with a forearm, Conway helps lift Tajiri up for the Au Revoir, but Tajiri manages to squirm out of it, in essence nailing the ref in the face with his foot. While Chad Patton in on his knees in pain, Tajiri catches Grenier with a red mist, and in a split second, nails Conway with green mist, which gets a huge reaction from the crowd. As Grenier walks around blindly, Tajiri catches Conway with a kick to the gut, and as he nails him with the Buzzaw Kick, Rhyno slides into the ring and nails Sylvan with The Gore, and both men make the cover and get the 3 count as Patton makes his way over, making Rhyno & Tajiri the NEW World Tag Team Champions!


After a commercial break, Evolution make their way down to the ring, and the crowd boos heavily as they drag a bruised and beaten Eugene down to the ring with them! Orton takes the mic first, proclaiming what happened to him and the World Title was a travesty, and that Eugene has been taken hostage for a number of reasons. Each member of Evolution has a demand, and if they are not met, then Eugene will destroyed even worse than what happened a few weeks ago.... even worse than what Triple H did to him at Summerslam! Orton then hands the mic over to Batista, who says his demand is very simple since he will be facing Edge for the IC Title later tonight, he wants it to be inside the Steel Cage hanging above the ring! Up next we hear from Ric Flair, who says that here tonight, he is demanding a 6 Man, No DQ match with himself, Orton & Triple H, and they want Chris Benoit, William Regal & Eugene! Handing the mic over to Randy Orton, he announces his demand is that WHEN Evolution wins, the member who gets the decision gets a World Title shot next week! Finally we hear from Triple H, who had been silent this whole time. Hunter says his demand is pretty simple..... insurance if you will, insurance that will guarantee Evolution gets the World Title back next week. If for any reason Benoit, Regal & Eugene were to say.... pick up a count-out or DQ win, then Triple H WILL get the Title shot next week!

As the crowd murmurs to each other, World Champion Chris Benoit runs down to ringside, but stops at the ring apron, noticing he'll have no chance against the 4 men. This prompts Eric Bischoff to come back out, and he says very happily that Evoltuion gets what they want here tonight, ALL their demands are met! Almost immediately, William Regal runs down to the ring, and both he and Benoit clear house of Evolution, as Regal has a pair of knucks on both hands, and knocks both Triple H and Flair on their asses while Benoit takes care of Batista and Orton as RAW heads into commercial.



Jericho and Christian renewed their long-standing feud as soon as the bell rang, tearing into technical wrestling right at the get-go, while Hardy & Kane began brawling on the outside. As order was restored to the match, a slower pace began with Y2J and Christian, as the fans slowly began rallying behind Jericho. How ever the fans slowly began fading their cheers, as Jericho repeatedly refuses to tag Matt into the match. As the minutes went by, Christian and Kane tagged in and out several times, both working over Jericho, who still refused to allow Matt into the ring as the legal man. Eventually Hardy got fed up and got into the ring, taking both Christian and Kane down with a few cltoheslines, but the referee immediately put a stop to it. Eventually Matt Hardy gave up on the situation, and let Jericho basically fight a Handicap Match. Nailing Kane with a Lionsault, Chris seemed to think he had things well in hand, until Christian broke up the fall. Jericho turned his attention to his former tag partner, and this allowed Kane enough time to get to his feet and nail Y2J with a Chokeslam to pick up the win. After the match, Jericho and Matt got into a heated argument, and Matt shoved Jericho, claiming he was too selfish, thinking he could do everything himself. Jericho snapped, and locked Matt into the Walls of Jericho, and held it in for almost 3 minutes before officials could break him off. As RAW went into commercial, you could see a crazed look in Jericho's eyes as he tried to get back to Hardy to cause more damage.



Palumbo kept offense in the early goings of the match on by uing his own power to outmatch that of the super-hero's power, and all was going well until Hurricane managed to duck a Yakuza kick attempt, and nail Palumbo with a huge clothesline. Hitting Chuck with the Overcast, Hurricane only picked up a 2 count. He then tried hooking Chuck up for the Chokeslam, but Palumbo countered with an elbow, and then caught Hurricane with a DDT, but could only get a 2 count. As Hurricane got back to his feet, Palumbo tried to nail him with a superkick, but Hurricane ducked it, and then caught Palumbo with the Eye of the Hurricane to pick up the win.


We now go backstage where Chris Benoit & William Regal are watching medical staff look over Eugene. A diagnosis is made that Eugene will be unable to compete tonight, at which point Regal says he has a good replacement in mind, and he walks off to find this person as Benoit stays with Eugene.


We see referees running around in the back, with a camera man in tow, and they find Edge half conscious leaning against a wall, with blood running down his face. The officials try to get Edge to seek medical attention, but he shoves them off, saying he's going to go kick the ass of the person who did this to him; Batista.




BATISTA w/ Ric Flair vs. EDGE

Edge sells the unseen attack from Batista moments earlier very well in this match, doing his best to take control on Batista, but the much larger challenger instead sends Edge repeatedly into the Cage walls, opening up the wound even further, running blood all over the place. As Batista mounts on the offense, Edge tries desperately to get to the Cage door, but the challenger will have none of it. After getting in minimal blows over the course of the next 8 or 9 minutes, Edge manages to his Batista with the Spear, and then begans slowly climbing up the side of the Cage. Batista climbs up as well, positioning himself on the 3rd rope. He then hits Edge with a low blow, and to the amazement of the crowd, nails Edge with the Batista Bomb from the 3rd rope, and then slowly gets to his feet, and climbs over the Cage to escape, and win the IC Title. As Batista and Flair celebrate the Title victory, we see Edge slowly sitting up, blood running everywhere, a pissed off look on his face, having lost twice to Batista in 24 hours.


Backstage, we see William Regal conversing with Shelton Benjamin. We listen in, and find out Shelton is the one Regal wants as a third team-mate here tonight in the Main Event. Eric Bischoff interrupts, saying Evoltuion's demands were for Benoit, Regal and Eugene, not Shelton. How ever, he spoke with Randy Orton just barely, and Randy said he didn't care if a replacement partner was found, so it's a go.


In another part of the backstage area we see a bloody Edge looking for Batista. Instead, he runs into none other than his brother, Christian & Trish Stratus! Christian looks over his brother, and tells him he's ashamed to be related to a loser that can't even hold the IC Title for any more than a month no matter how many times he wins it. Christian then says if Edge had any brains in him what so ever, he'd come back to his baby brother, and they could show the WWE what's what. The two then walk away from Edge, who just stares at them, an angry look on his face.




A normal 6 man tag match, seeing as how we usually get 3 or 4 of these a month these days, ensues. Partway through the match, Regal tries using his knucks to nail Triple H with, but the referee catches him trying to put them on, and tosses the knucks to the outside. Triple H then tags Flair into the ring, and then quietly rolls to the outside and retrieves them, slipping them into his trunks. The match continues, and eventually Randy Orton manages to turn things around for Evoltuion. Putting Regal into a reverse chinlock (surprise surprise) he ground Regal from catching him in any submissions himself. Eventually Regal breaks free, but Flair catches him from behind with a chop block to the knee, and Orton tags Hunter back in, as Benoit gets the tag from Regal. The two men go straight at each other, and after trading chops and right hands, Benoit goes on the offense, catching Hunter with a backdrop. Hunter immediately tags Randy back into the ring, and Benoit makes a tag to Shelton. A messy brawl erupts, and during this time, Triple H slips the stolen knucks on his hands, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Noticing Orton has Benjamin caught in a sleeper, Hunter moves in to strike. Benjamin kicks HHH in the gut which pisses The Game off, and runs in to strike Shelton, but instead nails Orton with the knucks! Shocked, Hunter stands in awe, and this allows Benoit to knock him to the outside, and Shelton covers Orton for the victory.

After the brawl dies down, a pissed off Triple H slowly begins to realize his desired stipulation, and it occurs to him that next week, he'll get Chris Benoit for the World Title! As Orton comes to and sees Hunter smiling, he begins arguing, and as RAW goes off the air, we see a beaming Triple H just letting Orton ramble on about hitting him witht he knucks, only caring about his Title shot.


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Guest SelfHighFive


It appears that the WWE has indeed gone ahead with plans to turn Chris Jericho heel, only the original rumored plan was to feud Y2J with World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit. No word on what or who made the changes in this plan, but Matt Hardy should definitely get the needed exposure off this feud IF it's done correctly.

Rumors are circulating about who the WWE might be bringing in for new talent, and who they might be releasing in the near future thanks to changes in the writing team. Noticable "big men" pushes have all but ceased, the only one noticable at this point is Batista, with him having won the IC Title from Edge this past Monday night on RAW inside the Steel Cage. No specific names are floating around anywhere, although some fans have pointed out that AJ Styles has not been on TNA television the past 2 weeks, with no word yet on why.

Odd as it may sound, it appears that the WWE is sending Lilian Garcia down to Ohio Valley Wrestling at least 3-4 days a week for in-ring training. Could it be that the WWE is finally going to start using the women they have on their roster and forget about hiring models? Speaking of which, it seems the WWE Divi Search has been scrapped. No official word on why, but it's noticable absence on RAW and a few noticable news reports have indeed confirmed the contest has been scrapped, making many of the current Divas happy.

This past Monday night on RAW, we saw Ric Flair take a wayward kick from Shelton Benjamin in the ring, causing his eye to swell very badly. It's been confirmed by WWE.com that the Nature Boy has a cracked bone around his eye, and has been given a couple weeks off to recuperate. And speaking of Evolution....

We've now seen the teased break-up of Evolution this past Monday night, where it seemed that Triple H had "accidentally" nailed Randy Orton with Regal's knucks, thus allowing The Game to face Chris Benoit for the World Title next Monday night. But the plans have obviously changed, and here's to hoping it doesn't lead to more bad business.

We've also seen a slight possibility of a reuniting of Edge & Christian, maybe in hopes of sparking RAW's failing Tag Team Division. If not, it could mean they're finally going to put on a well layed out feud, but knowing the WWE, it's impossible to tell what they really will do, if anything at all.

Finally in our news tidbits, the new writing staff in the WWE is having a very hard time trying to figure out what to do with the mass talent/"talent" in the WWE locker room. We've heard rumors that over the next couple months, we could be seeing about 15-20 names disappear from the WWE roster, possibly even enough so that the brand extension needs to be dropped.

Thats all the news for today folks, be sure to tune into Smackdown tomorrow night, where WWE US Champion Booker T defends against John Cena!

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Guest SelfHighFive

Thanks guys! Well, I did do the 2 Title changes thing as a way to "boost ratings."

The fun part of what I'm doing is that I'm doing the Diary like Internet reports, and when I do the news, I put 1 or 2 pieces of false news in there, so you'll have something to guess at.

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Guest SelfHighFive


Earlier today we have received word that long-time WWE employee Dave Hebner was released from the WWE. His contract with the company expired, and he has chosen to retire, We wish Dave the best of luck in the future!

It also appears that the roster cuts in the WWE have begun, as both Mark Henry & Sable were released earlier today. Henry, who was signed to the WWF in 1996 as a hopeful to be a huge star, has been less than stellar the past 8 years, and it was decided to release him earlier today, as his numerous trips to OVW have become worthless in management's eyes. Rena "Sable" Mero was released earlier today, although no official words was released on why. One would assume that since her boyfriend Brock Lesnar has left the company and very little has been done with her since, management possibly felt there was no need to keep her around.

No one is sure exactly how much the roster will be trimmed, but one can assume this is the start of a long list if the rumor of ending the brand extension holds to be true.

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Guest Blade

Im liking this diary very much. The Two title changes in the one show is something not really done on tv shows but hey its your diary. Thank god your killings the jesus push with Orton and hopefully The Jericho & Hardy feud will be something to look out for and maybe the possible signing of aj styles if the rumour is true

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Guest SelfHighFive

Thanks for the comments!

Am I killing the Jesus Push off completely? Will AJ Styles sign with the WWE? How many superstars will be given the heave-ho? Find out next on the Mighty Morphin.... whoops, been watching that in VCD a lil too much lately huh? :P

Seriously though, gotta wonder which news bits are true and which are false. :D

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Guest SelfHighFive



Overall: 70.4%

Tonight on Smackdown!:

-Bill DeMott makes his return to the ring at the orders of GM Theordore Long!

-Eddie Guerrero & Kurt Angle are both in the house, it's bound to be explosive!

-Booker T puts the US Title on the line against John Cena.


Holly controls most of the match by using his power advantage, keeping Noble on the mat.Throwing Noble to the outside, Holly tosses him into the barricade, and begins beating the crap out of him before rolling him back into the ring at the ref's 7 count.Catching a second wind, Noble goes on the attack as Holly gets back into the ring, catching him with a dropkick to the ribs, and then connecting with a couple clotheslines followed by a head-scissors. Holly manages to bound back, kneeing Noble in the gut, and then going for the Alabamaslam, but Noble rolls through and hooks Hardcore into a sunset flip to get the 3 count and the upset win.


John Cena cut a promo next, rapping about Booker T and his match for the US Title here tonight. Even though it's Quebec, apparently English isn't a language supported, and the interview bombed. :rolleyes:


After a brief break, Smackdown GM Theodore was shown in his office, and he said that even though Eddie Guerrero has been requesting all this week to get into the ring with Kurt Angle, he has decided Eddie is too angry at this point to battle with Angle, and instead in tonight's Main Event, we will see Kurt Angle go 1 on 1 with Rob Van Dam!



This week we see Rico without all the flamboyant make-up and mind games, and he comes out with a more serious look to him. He begins the match with Danny, using assorted martial arts moves to take the Basham Brother down, which brings Doug into the ring, only to receive the same treatment. After a tag out to Charlie, more technical ground work comes into play, but eventually the Bashams manage to fool the ref by switching places, and Haas is caught off guard by Doug, who pulls him into a small package, almost getting the 3 count. After some successful double-teaming, Haas manages to break away from the Bashams with a double clotheslin, and makes the tag out to Rico. After both men go on the offense, they toss Doug out of the ring. Rico then connects with a spinning kick to the face of Danny, and Charlie locks him into the Haas of Pain to pick up the submission win.


A small video clip rehasing the Kurt Angle/Eddie Guerrero feud is up next, which concludes with Eddie Guerrero promising revenge on Kurt Angle for everything he put him through as the WWE Champion, as well as the Summerslam screwjob.




The Canadian fans were very into this match, split down the middle, cheering for both the Champion and the challenger respectively. After trading off some chain wrestling in the opening moments of the bout, Cena draws the upperhand, connecting with a couple shoulderblocks to the Champ, and then clotheslining him over the top rope to the floor. Booker takes a powder, acting like he's going to walk off to the locker room and get counted out, but when Cena follows, Booker turns around and clobbers him with a forearm, and follows it up with a scoop slam on the entrance grating. Bringing Cena back to the ring, Booker begins working over Cena's back in hopes of preventing him from using the FU. Cena eventually starts a comeback, nailing Book with a back suplex and then dropping the 5 Knuckle Shuffle for a 2 count. Signaling for the FU, Cena hoists Booker up, but his back locks up, and has to release Booker from his grip. As Cena leans over in pain, Booker T nails him with the Scissors Kick, but amazingly Cena kicks out at 2. Angry, Booker goes to the outside and retrieves his US Title, and when the ref takes it away, Booker clamly complies. As the ref's back is turned, Booker kicks Cena right in the nuts, and then connects with the Book End to get the pin and retain the Title.


We see Kurt Angle backstage preparing for his upcoming match with RVD in tonight's Main Event. He's doing squats, focusing intensely. We see Eddie Guerrero quietly enter Kurt's locker room, and then ferociously pounce on Angle, brawling all over the lcoker room until a few minutes later when officials catch wind of the fight and run in to break it up.


After a commercial break, GM Theodore Long is with Eddie Guerrero in his office. He tells Eddie that if he wants to get Angle in the ring ever again, he'll comply with his order to take the rest of the night off and leave the arena. Latino Heat becomes furious, arguing with Long, but Theodore tells him to either go home and calm down, or he will never get his rematch with Kurt. Angrily, Eddie leaves the room, slamming the door on his way out.



A very basic "big men beat on the small guys" match, with WWE Champion JBL taking the front on Mysterio. After working over the leg of Mysterio, JBL began making tags in and out with the Dudleyz, tossing Rey Rey around, making sure his high-flying antics were kept under control for the duration of the match. A while into the match, D-Von caught Rey with his neckbreaker fom the second turnbuckle, only for the Tag Champs Kidman and London to finally get antsy enough to get into the ring and start a brawl. After things calmed down, Rey managed to counter a powerbomb attempt by JBL into a hurricarana, and make the tag out to Kidman. Firing off on the WWE Champion sent him reeling with a floating DDT, and then tagged London into the match. This brought in the Dudleyz, and another brawl broke out. In the confusion, London lost his focus, and this allowed JBL to catch him out of nowhere with the Clothesline From Hell to pick up the pinfall.



A pretty short match, with Dupree catching some opening bell offense on DeMott, only to get taken down with a huge sideslam. DeMott then nailed Dupree with a hanging vertical suplex and went up for his No Laughing Matter, but Dupree crotched him on the top rope and went for a superplex, only for DeMott to shove him back to the mat and nail an elbow from the top to pick up the win.


Backstage we see Booker T celebrating his win over Cena earlier in the night to retain the US Title. He walks by several wrestlers gloating, who simply either ignore him or shake their heads in disgust since a few weeks ago he was still angry about being on Smackdown to begin with.




Quite the interesting encounter between these two superstars. While Kurt tried his best to take RVD down to the mat with several different holds, Van Dam was able to counter most of them with either arm drags or martial arts kicks to keep Angle off him. As the match progressed Angle's amateur style of wrestling was enough to keep the high-flying Van Dam grounded, but only for a short while. RVD mounted a comeback, catching Kurt with a feigning kick to the chest, and then nailing him with a split-legged moonsault, but only for a 2 count, as Kurt managed to put his foot on the second rope. Trying to gain control back over RVD, Angle became frustrated as Rob was hooking him up in several near fall pinning predicaments, enough for Kurt to roll to the outside frustrated. RVD began taunting to the crowd, making Kurt even more angry. He finally snapped, and retrieved a chair at ringside. Sliding into the ring, he smacked RVD in the back with it, causing an automatic DQ. Angle then began slamming the chair repeatedly into the leg of RVD, and then slapped him into the Anglock. As RVD screamed in pain, a look of shock came over Angle's face, and the crowd cheered a little as Big Show came lumbering down to the ring.Angle cleared out of the ring, and Smackdown went off the air with Big Show pointing at Angle and sliding his thumb across his throat.


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