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Get 7 awesome games + Bonus content at Your Own Price!

Zombie Shooter 2 is a unique blend of Action and RPG! Choose a character to the liking, get experience to develop skills, earn money and spend it at weapons, medications and useful devices. All of this will be used against thousands of zombies!

inMomentum takes a brave approach to platform gaming! is all about creativity and freedom of movement! To succeed, players need to manage movement to progress through the games many levels, find secret items, and complete a variety of gameplay challenges!

Hacker Evolution: Duality is the hacking simulation game! You have to hack into computers using various tools, from a basic firewall cracker, to sophisticated voice print authentication systems. Steal money to finance your objectives, buy hardware upgrades or bribe off other hackers that are present in the game!

Saira teleported herself to Mars, but when she reached the planet all other humans in the galaxy had mysteriously disappeared. Now, how does something like that happen? Saira is a two dimensional puzzle platformer that will conquer your heart!

Your Doodles Are Bugged! is a game with a unique art style and unique game play. In each level you play through a new doodle to rescue the bugs that have been hexed into it.

And, also, there are bonus.jpg items!

Zombie Shooter 1 Where is the line between life and death? How far can human science go trying to understand this? Take part in the great battle to rescue humanity and find out what's happening!

Hacker Evolution: Untold Where you play the role of Brian Spencer, a young computer programmer that has to prevent computers from becoming the next dominant specie!

Your Doodles Are Bugged! Bonus doodles you'll also receive an exclusive DLC which contains 5 Easter theme bonus doodles!

Zombie Shooter Main Theme. The official theme of the Zombie Shooter series.

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