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2012 Summer Play Along


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So it's Summer, I've offically retreated into my house as the 36+ heat outside is too much for my poor little English body to handle and a life of air con and sitting in my house sounds like a beautiful use of the months off I have now that the school term has come to an end.

However I would like others to play with and propose some sort of playalong, I don't know if people would prefer to play say a current game or a classic SNES game or such like. I was checking out SNES RPGs and realised I had completed like none of them, even a game like Final Fantasy 6 I only got half way through. So suggestions on what to play are very welcome and if nobody else plays well I'll just play along on my own, drink some San Miguel and mock the game that most likely gives me problems to complete!

At the moment I'm leaning heavily towards Earthbound or Chrono Trigger or Secret of Mana on the SNES for a classic playthrough.

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