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I recently acquired a 32GB thumb drive, so I've been in search of some games that you can take with you.

Note that I'm not talking about games like Football Manager/Out of the Park, where you can load a save to a USB drive and take it to any computer with the game installed. I'm talking about games you are taking with you lock, stock, and barrel.

You can do this with Minecraft thanks to a small (completely legal!) tweak. Yeah, can't stress that legal part enough. A note about the Minecraft bit, however: you'll want to copy that folder from your thumb drive to the desktop, as most flash drives can't handle MC's constant reading/writing without making the game chug badly in places.

Of course, let us not forget the game that likely brought you here in the first place: EWR.

PortableApps has a handy compendium of games that work, as well. May have to try FreeCiv and Monster 2 on a whim...

So what about you peeps? Find anything similar?

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A shitload of ROMs and decent emulators. All you would have to do to continue a game, assuming you're doing save states, is simply alter the path based on the drive, and there you go. Won some friends over that way :shifty:

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