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Play-Along for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


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Having loved Skyrim, I figured I'd finally give Oblivion another shot the other day, and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I didn't realise that your decisions early on basically decide how you play the game throughout, so I'm going to re-start, and I figured that in a game with decisions, it might be interesting to do a play-along. Sooooo...

Classes and Birthsigns info for people to check out their favourite options. I'm going to be going with an archer, because bows are always great fun, and I want something to tie into my backstory, so I need marksman and light armour, and because I like sneaking, I'm going with thief, because I want a reason for why I start off in jail (plus, y'know, the famous thieves guild questline) <_< Picking The Shadow birthsign, because being invisible for 60 seconds is basically the most awesome trait for a thief to have.

Anyone up for playing? I'll try and post a picture of my character when I get back tonight.

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Shitty quality camera phone pictures from in the dark <_<


Went into the city and sold my wares, as well as found out about a famous thief called Gray Fox. Seems like my kind of guy :shifty:

Went with a custom class in the end, it's basically just thief, but I switched out acrobatic skill for a perk in restorative magic.

Went Imperial, called him Gaius Julius, tried to pickpocket people, failed, paid my fine, repeat final three steps :shifty:

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