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So, did anyone else catch it?

It had it's issues (use of CGI that is jarringly bad being my biggest gripe, along with the fact I didn't remember even one of the characters' names after the show), but it seems like it's got an interesting hook, and the actors each play their roles well.

I can tell I'm going to like the white villain guy, he reminds me a lot of Robert Carlyle (EDIT: Holy shit, just realised that's Tony Curran, the guy who played Vincent van Gogh in Doctor Who), but I don't want to see him involved with the fat asian lawmaker for too long, because they don't seem to have chemistry. Julie Benz started off a tad boring, but got more interesting as she went on, and Grant Bowler is basically the perfect hunky every man lead. I also liked his daughter, who seemed to find the perfect balance between bratty and loving daughter. The Doctor was also a highlight, reminded me of a more harsh version of Zhaan from Farscape (the influences of which seemed clear in a lot of the races, as was the influence of the fact this thing will also be an MMO).

One character I really don't like is the cool white villain guy's son. Everything about him makes me want to punch him, but I'm pretty sure he's meant to be a good guy.

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I know the names, but it's only because I read the Wiki entry for the show when I first heard about it like a month ago.

It was pretty good. I was assuming that Datak's (Curran's character) status as a villain was going to quickly be forgotten when he joined the town's resistance against the Volge, but I guess not. Based off the pilot alone, I'm willing to give it a fair shot.

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Second episode was pretty good. I can't really say that the show is totally what I was expecting, I think I was hoping for it to be a either bit grungier than average sci-fi than it is alá Firefly, or more light-hearted alá Farscape and Stargate, but instead it's just a bit unsure of where it wants to go. It looks like it'll get darker as time goes on, so maybe they're just not blowing their load early.

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I'm enjoying it so far, and I think it'd be prepared to stick with it a little longer than I otherwise might because the potential of the show is sky high. Datak and Starhma are already one of the best couples on TV, Bowler (as Nolan) has a rugged charisma, Irisa manages to be a pastiche of every troubled teen in sci-fi history and STILL be good, and Julie Benz :wub:

Second episode I felt squandered a great 'story of the week,' but episode three got the mix of stand-alone story and character development (the show's strongest area so far) spot-on; the story of the week allowed for exploration of character, while in episode two they weren't really linked at all.

The effects are Schrödinger’s CGI, both impressive and dodgy looking at the same time; as if they spent 90% of the FX budget on 10% of the required work...

So yeah, I'll be sticking with it. I just hope each episode isn't a 'muder mystery,' style show. It can be a bread and butter, fine, but as I said the potential for stories in that universe is huge.

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Loved loved loved loved LOVED the ending to that. The set-up of the episode was clumsy but it delivered a great final act and the final scene with Nolan and Stahman was a wonderfully end: simple yet highly effective and a terrific moment. Shows that episodes don't need massive cliff-hangers to hook people in and make them gag for more,

Stahma and Datak are already completely brilliant.

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Last night was the first night I haven't watched it on the night it aired, which doesn't bode well for my interest in it, so I'm hoping that your praise is justified, because so far the show isn't really living up to my hopes and expectations (probably my fault for basically hoping for Farscape 2.0).

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