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Casino and Scarface

Guest Scarface Maricon

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You really rate Casino over Goodfellas? Its good, I'll give you that, but Pesci is far more gold in Goodfellas. Personal preference I guess but its number two in my list.

I'm sick of hearing Goodfellas!! It's such a over rated movie it's pathetic!!

Pesci was way way better in Casino. He was way more ruthless and has a lot of memorable quotes.

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Guest wCw4life2

The Godfather is way better than either of these movies. Casino and Scarface are good but The Godfather is one of the greatest movies ever made. Goodfellas is better than Casino, but I wouldn't say it is better than Scarface. The Godfather is Pacino at his best.

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I liked Goodfellas more than Scarface, one of the reasons being that Paulie's mannerisms are almost extactly like my uncles and my uncle even looks like a younger version of him. It's freaky really.

I saw Scarface before it got it's second wind in popularity and I really didn't see much in it. After I saw it a second time last year, I enjoyed it a bit more but I still think it's incredibly overrated.

Casino is on the level with Goodfellas, IMO.

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