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The Holly Oaks Massacre


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the title is a nd story as a whole is a work in progress tell me what you think

Have you ever seen the dead walk? I’m not talking about the countless movies you see filled with zombies. I started seeing the dead last night and today things aren’t getting any better.  My name is Sarlo Wilkins, I know its a weird name; blame my parents if you ever see them. I live in a small town in the lone star state. Holly oaks is normal in every way. We have one grocery store, one doctor office a small hospital, and the bare necessities that any small town need. Usually during the summer months, the town is a major tourist attraction but now I guess we attract all the wrong people.  The town is overrun with dead people and the population increasing every hour. I am a survivor along with my girlfriend, Adriana; and her parents Sam and Alicia Mitchell, and Mayor Huckley. We are currently residing in the local grocery store. Mayor Huckley and Mr. Mitchell decided it would be wiser and safer for all of us. I’m really getting ahead of myself like always. I need to tell how I got where I am now and try to explain just what the fuck is going on.

As I stated before, it all started last night when mom and I got a visit from my dad. Any other time this would have been a great site, but the fact that my dad died 3 years ago really puts a spin on things. Even in death dad decided he needed to beat mom some more. By the time I ran downstairs and into moms room dad had already done the damage. His animated rotting corpse positioned above mom. That nasty son of a bitch was eating my mom’s throat I stood at the doorway shocked at the scene before me. Dad glanced back and smiled at me with a mouth full of mom’s flesh. Blood flowed fluidly from the wound in mom’s neck but I don’t think she suffered. The smile on her face showed that she was glad to be back with dad.

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Guest Angry Baboon

Hollyoaks is the name of a crap British soap in the UK, unless you want to be the laughing stock of the great British empire I suggest you come up with a better name, I couldn't take it seriously.

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