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CAW's for my WWE 2k17 Universe

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Hey guys I'm trying to make a custom roster for a WWE 2k17 universe mode, I might upload to YouTube, I might not. Not sure yet. But if you guys have got ideas, drop them below. Maybe in the format that follows :P


Name and Nickname:


Height and Weight:



Attire Preferences:

Skin Color:

Attire Colors:

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Name and Nickname: The Judge


Age: 29

Height and Weight: 6'3 + 266lbs

Finisher/Finishers: Via Dolorosa - corner big boot (Corner), Maranatha  - two-handed Sitout chokeslam (Impact)

Gimmick: Evil Preacher

Attire Preference: Attire is black but a white priest/reverend collar. Black tights, black tight sleeveless top. Log black hair tied in a pony tail. Cultic crucifix symbol on chest and each thigh. Small goatee. Black boots.

Skin colour: white

Attire colours: black, white

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