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TNA 2004

Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

Why did TNA get rid of weekly Pay Per Views? Why are they so sure that Impact! a big enough show for them to compete? Why is Jeff Jarrett holding guys down in the back? Why are “legends” such as Dusty Rhoads hurting the company more then they are helping? How long will it take to catch the WWE? How long till we go bankrupt? How long until someone catches us? Who will beat Jeff Jarrett? Who will be signed? Who will be released? Who will be pushed? Who will be depushed? How long till Jeff Hard fucks up? Where will TNA’s first Pay Per View be held? What will the PPV be called? What international wrestlers will be brought in? Why is TEW better then EWR? Why hasn’t Raven held the World Title? Why are Simon and Swinger split up? What’s so good about Monty Brown? What happened to Vampiro? How did Chris Sabin go from X-Division Champion to jobber? Why is Aj Styles back in the X-Division? Will Teddy Hart ever come back? Will Jeff Jarrett vs. Hulk Hogan take place? When will Erik Watts be released? Will his dad even care? And most important Why am I the new booker?

In this diary, I will answer these and many more questions.

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

Friday October 1st, 2004


Backstage Staff:

Bill Banks

Bill Behrens

Bob Ryder

Dutch Mantell

Jerry Jarrett

Jimmy Hart

Ron Niemi


Scott Hudson

Shane Douglas


Armando Quintero (spanish)

Don West

Jeremy Borash

Mike Tenay


Andrew Thomas

Mike Posey

Rudy Charles



Jonny Fairplay (heel)

Authority Figure:

Vince Russo


April Pennington






James Mitchell

Scott D'Amore


Chris Vaughn

D-Ray 3000

Jerrelle Clark

Mikey Batts

Lower Midcarders:

David Young

Jason Cross

Sonjay Dutt

Alex Shelley

Andy Douglas

Bobby Roode

Chad Collyer

Chase Stevens

Eric Young

Hotstuff Hernandez

Joey Matthews

Johnny Devine


Nigel McGuinness


Petey Williams


Chris Harris

Chris Sabin

Don Harris

Ekmo Fatu

James Storm

Jerry Lynn

LA Park

Pat Kerney

Ron Harris

Shark Boy

Sonny Siaki

The Red Roster Terry Taylor!

The Amazing Red

Big Vito


Elix Skipper

Frankie Kazarian

Glenn Gilberti

Hector Garza

Johnny Swinger

Kid Kash

Micheal Shane




Upper Midcarders:

Aj Styles

D'Lo Brown

Ron Killings



Christopher Daniels

Main Eventers:

Jeff Hardy

Keiji Mutoh

Jeff Jarrett

Tag Teams:

3 Live Crew (, Ron Killings, Konan)

Abyss and Sheley (Abyss and Alex Shelley)

Americas Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm)

Jerell Clark and Mikey Batts

Shark Boy and D-Ray 3000

The Harris Boys (Ron and Don Harris)

The Naturals (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens)

The New Church (Sinn and Slash)


3 Live Kru

New York Connection

Team Canada

The Elite Guard


World - Jeff Jarrett

X-Division - Petey Williams

Tag Team - The Naturals

(Moved up - Shark Boy, Slash, Jeff Hardy, Nigel McGuiness, Sinn)

(Added - The Great Muta,)

(Taken Off - Raven :(, Larry Z, Bert Prentice, BG James, Erik Watts, Monty Brown, Dusty Rhodes, Goldylocks, Konan

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt



- Erik Watts contract is coming to an end at the end of the month, TNA officials are yet to contact him about extending the contract. The feeling backstage is that TNA will just let Watts go and if they plan on bringing him back in the future they will.

- Monty Brown's contract is also expiring this month, Brown has confirmed reports that both he and TNA want to get a new contract signed. We will bring you more on this story as it develops.

- NWA:TNA Officials have contacted Tiger Mask IV about coming to TNA to be apart of the X-Division. The plan is to have Tiger Mask come in for the PPV.

-The Academy at the Asylum has finally announced there trainers, the head trainer will be Jerry Lynn. Other trainers include Raven, Terry Taylor, Dusty Rhoades, Scott D'Amore and "The Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko.

-TNA has offered contracts to a few wrestlers who will be put in the academy, none of them have agreed yet so we are un-sure of who might be signed for the Academy.

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

First off i would like to say thank you to AJS, i hope that this diary contines to make you happy. The reason its taken me a while to get things up is because i've been working 12 hours a day. Sorry. But this diary will get off the air.

The TNA Report

by Jeremy Borash

It has been confirmed that Total Non Stop Action Wrestlings, first major Pay Per View will be Victory Road. The event will take place at the Asylum in Nashville, Tennessee. Tickets go on sale tamorrow morning. I hope to see you there, as i will be there, not like i have a chice as its my job. But a few wrestlers and I will be at the local McDonalds  the Saturday before the show. Other wrestlers include Jeff Jarrett, Aj Styles and Trinity. Come by get a  good meal and some autographs from your favorite wrestlers. Now that TNA has gotten rid of our weekly Pay Per Views, you can expect Impact! and Explosion to have bigger roles in the company. Impact will now feature bigger stars and be the main show for the company and Explosion will no longer be a re cap show but instead will have its own matches and interviews and such. I have no idea what that does to me since Don West and Mike Tenay usually do broadcast. Maybe if enough of you, write to TNA you can help me become a lead announcer. Finally on one last note about the shows, NWA:TNA will be hitting the road for the first time next week. Look for TNA in your area soon. Until next time this was the TNA Report.

Jeremy Borash

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First off i would like to say thank you to AJS, i hope that this diary contines to make you happy. The reason its taken me a while to get things up is because i've been working 12 hours a day. Sorry. But this diary will get off the air.

The TNA Report

by Jeremy Borash

I hope to see you there, as i will be there, not like i have a chice as its my job.

Jeremy Borash

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

Thank you Misfit and VA Finest for your comments, i will keep what both of you said in my thoughts as i keep writing this diary. Keep up with the feed back.


Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida

Nigel McGuiness vs. “Irish” Pat Kenney

McGuiness attacks Kenney as soon as he steps in the ring, hitting him with a series of lefts & rights. Kenney is swung in to the far ropes and is hit with a vicious clothesline on the return. Pat isn't even given a chance to catch his breath as Nigel immediately puts on a reverse chin lock. The fans chant for Kenney, who begins to fight off the attack with elbows to the midsection. A super-kick sends McGuiness out of the ring, while Kenney plays to the crowd a bit. He stops the referee's count at 8 by sliding out of the ring, where the two competitors begin to brawl. Kenney is thrown into the steel ring post. McGuiness rolls Kenney into the ring and goes for a pin but only gets a two count. McGuiness whips Kenney into corner face first. Pat is picked up in the powerslam position, but slips out behind McGuiness. Nigel turns around and just ducks another superkick - the irishman's foot goes just over his head into the top turnbuckle. McGuiness rolls up Kenney with his feet on the ropes but the ref doesn't see it and he gets the tainted 3.

After the match Nigel celebrates his first big victory in TNA with champaign in the middle of the ring.

West: McGuiness cheated!, his feet were on the rope for extra leverage.

Tenay: What a big victory for this young superstar Don, this has to put pressure on Vince Russo to get this kid sometime in the ring. Now lets go to the back where Shane Douglas is standing with Jeff Hardy

Match Reaction = 39.3

Match Quality = 76.8

Overall Rating = 54.2

Interview with Hardy

Shane Douglas: Jeff, last week on the last Total Non Stop Action you lost your world title match against Jeff Jarrett, and now tonight you have to go against Sinn. Do you feel like TNA is making you prove that you deserve to be in the world title scene?

Jeff Hardy: I don’t have to prove myself to anyone, I know how good I am, the fans know how good I am. Jeff Jarrett even you know how good I am.

Douglas: But aren’t you worried about tonights match against Sinn?

Before Jeff begins to answer the question, Sinn and Slash come from the back of Hardy and level him with a chair. Slash gets on top of Hardy and punches him in the head over and over again as Sinn stands over Hardy, stomping him in the face. Black shirt secruity come out and remove The New Church. Hardy is left layin in a pool of his own blood.

Tenay: The New Church are up to their old tricks. I hope Jeff Hardy is able to compete tonight after that harendous attack.

West: Jeff Hardy has to be aware of his surrondings at all time. He’s one of the top dogs around here and people are looking to take his place.

Overall Rating = 45.2

Hyping the champ

Jeff Jarrett’s music is played and a video comes up, it shows him hitting Aj Styles with his guitar, Putting Jeff Hardy in the stroke and making “The Truth” tap out to the figure four. As the video ends it says “Coming Soon, You’re World Champion”.

West: Where did he go? Jeff Jarrett was just here last week and now he’s gone?

Tenay: I can’t answer that Don, but up next is an interview I had with Raven earlier today.

Overall Rating = 38.8

Sit Down Interview

Tenay: Raven first off I would like to thank you for giving us a moment of your time.

Raven: No problem Tenay.

Tenay: Raven, over the past few weeks we have seen a little bit of a mean streak in you, like you are Frustrated so this leads me to my first question. Are you in any way Frustrated with the way your life has been going?

Raven: Have I been Frustrated? FrustratedTenay? Raven is by no means fusterated. Raven is just waiting for his opportunity. Questions like the one you have just asked, make me Frustrated

Tenay: Your opportunity for what? Are you looking to enter the TNA World Title Scene?

Raven: Raven should have been the world champion a year ago. I haven’t gotten a fair shot since I joined this company. Everyone has been holding me down, everyone has been preventing me from fullfilling my destiny. I will no longer allow anybody to stop me, or slow me down.

Tenay: What do you mean people have been preventing you from fulltilling your destiny? You’re the one who’s in controll of yourself, you’re the one who controlls your actions.

Raven: You know Mike, you really have no idea what you are saying. What Raven means is, James Mitchell, Aj Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Vince Russo, Vampiro, everyone has been against me. Everyone has tried to stop me. But that will no longer take place.

Tenay: So what is your plan? How do you plan on fulfilling your destiny?

Raven sits there and stares into the camera, sloutching down in the chair.

Tenay: This interview is not over we still have 5 minutes remaining, so who will be Raven’s first victim?

Raven again just stares in to the camera, this time looking sadder and more madder then last time, he opens his mouth like he’s going to talk but he just spits on the ground.

The camera goes off and the interview ends as we go to commercial.

Overall Rating = 83.4

D-Ray 3000 and Shark Boy vs. Abyss and Shelley

We come back from commercial and The Abyss is in complete controll of Shark Boy, throwing him into the corner and running into him with all his power, might, and gut, knocking the little guy to the ground. Goldylocks who is out the side tells Abyss to continue his assult, so the Abyss lifts up Sharky with one hand and throws him across the ring into the corner of D-Ray 3000. Ray tags himself in and runs full speed at the Abyss, but he’s caught and hit with a Black Hole lam. The Abyss tags in Shelley, Alex climbs up on to the middle rope and flips in landing a leg drop on D-Ray. Shelley puts his hands in the air and waves his hands to his ear’s, taunting the crowd. The crowd gets louder and boo’s more and more as Shelley continues to do it. D-Ray begins to get up but the Abyss choke slams him while standing on the apron, keeping D Ray in the ring. Shelley goes for the pin and they pick up the easy victory.

Tenay: An easy victory for Abyss and Shelley, that team is looking better and better each time we see them Don.

West: What a punk that Shelley is, he takes all the credit when The Abyss did all the work.

Match Reaction = 38.2

Match Quality = 69.8

Overall Rating = 44.1

Jeff Hardy vs. Sinn

The match begins with Sinn taking it to Hardy with hard punches to the face, Hardy fights back with punches of his own. Sinn gets stunned and groggy from the punches, Hardy dropkicks sinn off his feet. Slash jumps up on the approan outside the ring and Hardy takes a swipe at him but misses when Slash jumps down. Hardy turns around into a big spine buster that shook the ring. Slash goes for a pin fall but Hardy kicks out at 2. Sinn applies a sleeper in the sitting position as the fans begin to rally around Jeff Hardy. The ref lifts Hardy’s arm up, not once but twice, the third time Hardy begins to feel the fans gather around him and he tries to fight his way out of the hold. Sinn stands up still holding Jeff in the sleeper hold. Hardy grabs on to the ropes and the ref fights with Sinn to release the hold. While Sinn is being pushed away, Slash jumps on the apron but he gets hit with a dropkick. Sinn hits hardy from the back with a push into the ropes and he goes for the roll up on Hardy’s way back. Kick out at 2. Hardy hits an enziguri knocking Sinn right out. Jeff goes to the top rope and comes down with the Senton Bomb. Jeff Hardy picks up the victory.

Impact goes off the air, right after the match

Match Reaction = 56.6%

Match Quality = 63.0%

Overall Rating = 63.6%

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt


News and Notes

October 2nd, 2004

- Yesterday's NWA:TNA Impact! had an overall rating of 56.2. The show was seen by 713, 423 people. 4,130 is the official attendance for the show.

- A few competitors have been pushed up the card, they are Shark Boy, Slash, Nigel McGuiness, and Jeff Hardy. (I will move them up on the roster page at the begining of the diary as well, for easy view.)

- Nigel McGuiness, the young worker from Great Britan who defeated Pat Kerney on Impact! last night will be on Off the Record on October 13, 2004. Check your local listings.

- NJPW's show, Strong Style eXtreme Wrestling had an overall rating of 74.7 and was headlined by Genichiro Tenryu and Hiroyoshi Tenzan.

- Yesterday it was announced that Jeff Jarrett will be coming back soon, Don West asked where Jarrett was. He is currently in Japan, with his father, Jerry Jarrett and superstar Aj Styles to scout Japanease workers, such as Tiger Mask who may be appearing at Victory Road.

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt


The WWE held there yearly Pay Per View No Mercy Yesterday the card went like this:

Gail Kim beat Miss Jackie (56.0%)

Charlie Haas beat Doug Basham (71.6%)

Johnny Stamboli beat Al Snow (65.4%)

Dawn Marie beat Torrie Wilson (56.6%)

Booker T beat Funaki (66.5%)

Rene Dupree beat Billy Gunn (77.6%)

John Bradshaw Layfield beat Rob Van Dam (74.3%)

The Big Show and Rey Mysterio beat John Cena and Hardcore Holly (78.4%)

The Dudley Boyz beat Mark Calloway and Chris Benoit (88.1%)

Editors View:

JBL retains the titles and it looks as if the Dudley boys aer getting a push. Heels dominate the card, winning almost every match.

In other news, the most well known wrestler in America from Japan has signed to TNA. Yes Keiji Mutoh, aka The Great Muta has signed with Total Non Stop Action Wrestling. We believe that Mutoh will be at the Xplosion show on Tuesday, no word yet if he plans to wrestle or have a differnt role. Remember you heard it here first at Wrestlenews.com.

Editors View:

Muta might not be what he once was, but he is still a decent wrestler and he should improve TNA's stance oversea's in Japan if they choose to go that route. This give's the company another name to appeal to wrestling fans. Only time will tell if this will pay off or not.

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

The TNA Report

By Jeremy Borash

As the internet reports have reported this pasted week, The Great Muta has signed with NWATNA and he will be apart of Xplosion tamorrow night. Some of you might remember Muta from his days in WCW where he had many memmoriable matches with the great Sting. While the signing of Muta is a great thing, there are also some bad things that happened this week. Raven, the man of destiny, has left NWATNA. He never said a word to anyone in the back or in the TNA offices. He just left, he has gone on to be the owner of Chikara. "The Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko  has also left the company to become an owner, he now owns NWA:Florida. The company we "barrow" alot of talent from, two guys that have come from there are Mikey Batts and Jerell Clark. Hopefully TNA can keep the good relationship alive.  Now its time for the Xplosion preview, in addition to The Great Muta, Petey Williams will be putting his X-Division Title on the line against mexican superstar LA Parka. Also and announcement about  the number one contenders for both the World, and the X-Division Titles will be decided tommorrow night. Check your local listings for both times and channels. Until next time, this was your TNA Report

J. Borash

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Dissapointed to see Raven will not play any futher part in this.

Solid Show, Easy to read through, tho the commentary was a little bland in places, When If it had been real life i think they would been a bit more animated.

But In general Good :)

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

Thank you again VA's Finest, Just wait you'll see what i have in store for Monty Brown and Smygba thanks for your comments.

TNA Xposion

Tenay: Hello everybody and welcome to the new and improved Xplosion. I’m Mike Tenay, and my partner to the left is Don West. This has been a great a week for TNA, Impact! was a great show and tonight The Great Muta will debut in NWA:TNA.

West: True, Mike Impact! was a good show but tonights Xplosion should be just as good if not better.

Tenay: Lets get right into the action.

Onyx Vs. Jason Cross

As we shift to the ring, Jason Cross is standing there, the music of the elite guard hits and Onyx comes down to the ring… Slowly. He gets into the ring and the match gets under way. Cross charges at Onyx but he’s quickly knocked down with a clothesline. Onxy lifts cross up in a press, and raises him up and down showing his strength before throwing him neck first into the top rope. Elbow drop connects right across the chest of Cross. Onyx goes for the pin but Cross finds enough strength and energy to kick out. Onyx grabs Cross by the hair and slowly brings Cross to his feet, send him in to the far ropes. Cross hits a flying forearm shot that staggers onxy. Cross again runs off the ropes and comes off with a flying crossbody block but Onyx catches him hits a running power slam, Onxy stays on top of Cross for the pin. One, Two and Three. Onyx wins.

Tenay: That Onyx is one physical speciman. The Elite Guard once again impresses me.

West: Cross never had a chance Mike. This one was over before it started. Sorry folks but we have to go to commercial

Match Reaction = 20.8

Match Quality = 72.8

Overall Rating = 37.7

Number one contenders

Vince Russo is standing in the ring, waiting for the fans to quiet down. Russo gets on the microphone and tells everyone to shut the fuck up.

First things first, before I get to the number one contenders matches, Raven you talked about fulfilling your destiny on Impact! Well buddy it looks like you did just that. Your destiny is to be a loser just like the rest of the guys at that promotion you went to. You talk about guys holding you down, well now you have no one holding you down but you also have no heart. You walked away from everything. You know what I’m sick to my stomach just from talking about you Raven. You can go to hell.

The fans chant for Raven, hoping and wishing for the man to come down.

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Why would you even chant for a trader like that? Don’t you see that Raven doesn’t get a damn about anyone or anything. Raven will never be welcomed back in TNA again. Now on to more important things, on Impact the number one contender for the X-Division title will be announced. Fighting for that prize will be Chris Sabin and Frankie Kazarian. The winner of the match will go on to Victory Road!

The fans cheer wildly for Victory Road.

Yes… victory road to face Petey Williams or whoever the champion is at that time. Keiji Mutoh or the The Great Muta as he has been called will not be here today. That’s what happens when you listen to a retard like Jeremy Borash. But speaking of Mutoh, he will be in the number one contenders match against “The Falled Angel” Christopher Daniels to decide who will go on to face Jeff Jarrett in November at Victory Road.

West: Oh my god, Tenay did you here that? This Friday Keiji Mutoh vs. Christopher Daniels and Chris Sabin vs. Frankie Kazarian.

Tenay: You’re right Don, Impact will be a great show but Xplosion still isin’t over, in fact it has just started so lets go to the ring.

Overall Rating = 74.5

Petey Williams vs. LA Parka

Petey has Scott D’Amore in his corner and LAParka comes down with his patent chair from his days at WCW. Williams extends his hand and despite the fans telling him not to Parka extends hi hand. Petey takes advantage and quickly drops down and delivers a drop toe hold. Petey runs off the ropes and hits a dropkick right in between the eyes of Parka. Parka rolls backwards into a corner and Petey stands at the other corner staring him down. Both competitors charge at each other and go for a dropkick they both miss, hitting the mat hard. Williams nad La Park seemingly get up at the same time and both put there hands up ready to fight, they back up into respective corners to re-group. D’Amore jumps up on the apron to calm down his client. LA Parka comes running across the ring and dropkicks Williams in the back causing him to bump into his manager. He goes for a roll up, only gets to a two count as Williams kicks out and rolls out of the ring to the outside. D’Amore again comes over to discuss strategy. Parka comes flying through the middle rople with a face first baseball slide. The fans cheer as LAParka slides into the ring and dances around. Williams gets up and heads into the ring but stops on the apron Parka walks toward him but gets shoulder blocked, Williams jumpes over the tops ropes and rolls up the bent over LA Parka with a sun-set flip. Kick out at 2 and again the wrestlers jump up at the same time and get into fighting position, LA Parka goes for an irish whip but it is reversed and LA Parka hits the turnbuckles hard. Petey Williams starts pushing around the Ref while Scott D’Amore hits LA Parka with a steel chair. Williams walks over calmly and hits the Canadian Destroyer for the victory.

Tenay: That little snake Scott D’Amore cheats again to keep his man on top.

West: LA Parka fought a hard fought match but the strengths of numbers got to him. I guess if you live by the chair you die by the chair, Mike.

Tenay: We have to go to commercial but when we come back we’ll have the Main Event, BG James vs. Monty Brown.

Match Reaction = 39.8

Match Quality = 66.8

Overall Rating = 46.6

BG James vs. Monty Brown

The two wrestlers face off in the middle of the ring, exchanging lefts and rights. James gets the upper hand and hits his punch special, dancing before hitting the last one, knocking the big guy off his feet. B-Gizzle taunts Brown and the fans cheer. James picks up Monty, and slams him to ground. He goes for a leg drop but Brown is able to roll out of the way. Monty hits BG with a hard clothes line as soon as he gets to his feet sending him into the corner. Brown backs up into the middle of the ring before running full speed and hitting James with a sphere. The Great Muta walks down the ramp and slides into the ring as Brown hits a powerful backbreaker on James, breaking him in half. He turns around to face Muta but gets green mist spit into his face. The fans roar and the ref calls for the bell. Muta helps BG James up to his feet, but suddenly he mists James too. The Great Muta takes off his mask and its none other then Christopher Daniels. Daniels smiles sadistically before putting James in the Angel’s Wings.

Match Reaction = 51.4

Match Quality = 57.3

Overall Rating = 56.3

More Mist

The light go off in the arena and when they turn back on Keiji Mutoh is standing behind Daniels, Daniels turns around and gets mist spit in to his eyes. The fans go wild into a frenzy and Xplosion goes off air.

Overall Rating = 73.2

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt


TNA News and Notes

- BG James, one of Jeff Jarretts best friends in this business has left the company, just as Raven did. But James will not become an owner, instead he will be the head booker of IWA-MS.

- Xplosion drew 72,162 viewers this past Tuesday. The rating of the show was 57.7 and 1,739 people were in attendance. Management feels that it might have to try to work out a deal that would put them in more of a competitive time slot. The feeling is that right now, its on to late and many people are sleeping before the show hits the air.

- Scott D'Amore, a wrestling legend, wants to return to the ring. He has requested this but it has not been approved or disapproved as of yet.

- NWA:TNA X-Division Champion, Petey Williams will be appearing on Mad Tv on October 16. Jeff Jarrett was scheduled to go original but Mad TV reps didn't think Jarrett had the attitude or personality for the show.

- Instead Jeff Jarrett will be appearing on the Last Call on October 22nd, it should be interesting to see what happens.

- Monty Brown has turned down TNA's contract offer, there is no word if another contract will be offered. Browns contract is expiring in about a week.

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt


Official Preview

Pat Kenny vs. Alex Shelley

Last week on Impact, Pat Kenny suffered an upset lost to Nigel McGuiness. This week "Irish" Pat Kenny faces off against Alex Shelley. Don't forget anywhere Shelley is Goldylocks can't be to far behind.

Chris Sabin vs. Frankie Kazarian Number one Contenders match

These two great Competitors have had some great matches over the years at TNA and this one shouldn't be any differnt. A shot at Petey Williams is on the line and both guys are expected to be at the top of there game.

Keiji Mutoh vs. Christopher Daniels Number One Contenders Match

Mutoh makes his TNA debut in the ring agains the man who mocked him, this Tuesday night, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. This one was about going on for the title but Daniels just might of made it personal between the two.

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

Pretty good diary.  Keep up the good work.

How did u get WWE's PPV stuff and how to normal wrestlers go to become owners and bookers or are you editing or something?

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

TNA Impact!

The Gospel

The show starts with the lights off and a spotlight in the crowd shining on Christopher Daniels who is standing in one of the aisle in the arena.

My Lord, my Christ, my God, you have told me not to sin. You’re sins are clearly written out in the pages of the Bible. Thou shall not envy thy neighbor. Lord, I know you gave me the best talent of any wrestler in the world today but someone has been envious since the first day I steped into a ring. That man is Keiji Mutoh. Theres no doubt that at one time in your life, you were a decent wrestler, but you were never a Christopher Daniels. You know it, I know it and the World knows it. But its about time that I let the world know the truth about you Mutoh. We have had many chances to battle, all over this planet. You wouldn’t fight me in America, you wouldn’t fight me in Mexico and you sure as hell wouldn’t fight me in your own home country of Japan. But tonight you have no escape, its me and you. On Xplosion you cheap shoted me and you will pay. You will pay for envying me, you will pay for all your sins Keiji Mutoh. And that’s the Gospel according to the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels.

West: Those are some harsh words Mike, Christopher Daniels might of crossed the line today. We’ll see what happens tonight.

Tenay: Daniels sure had a lot to say, lets see if he can beat the legend. But now lets get to the ring for the opening match here on Impact!

Overall Rating = 79.1

Alex Shelley vs. “Irish” Pat Kenney

The match starts with Shelley slapping Pat across the face which gets him punched right off his feet. Kenney walks over to lift Shelley up to his feet but is tackled before he gets the chance. Shelley gets on top of Kenney and punchs him in the face with lefts and rights. The ref stops it with a 5 count.Shelely lifts up one Kenney’s legs and delivers a swift kick right to the back of the knee, Kenney yells out in pain. Shelley wraps himself around Kenneys leg, delivering a standing half figure four. Kenney grabs the ropes and the Shelley releases the hold, he drags Kenney across the ring and goes for a pin but theres a kick out at two. Kenney gets up and punches Alex right in between the eyes, he goes to cock back for another and his leg gives out he falls to the ground. Shelley applies the Boarder City Stretch, Kenney easily reaches the ropes but is clearly in pain. Shelley goes to the apron and gets a kiss from Goldy as Kenney uses the ropes to pull himself up. Shelley charges but Pat ducks and Shelley goes over the top ropes in the guard barrier. Goldy again gets on the apron, taunting Kenney. Kenney walks over there and goes for a superkick but the Ref sacrafices himself and takes the kick right to the face, as he stumbles back into Goldy knocking her out. Kenney turns around and just barely ducks a right hand from Shelley. Spin Buster shook the ring, he goes for the pin and hooks the leg but the ref is knocked out. Nigel McGuiness slides into the ring with a steel chair. He stalks Kenney waiting for him to stand up, Pat does to get the Ref and he gets smashed with the chair by Nigel. Nigel picks up Shelley and places him on top of the busted open Kenney. The Ref comes to his senses and makes the count.

Tenay: Shelley wins with the help of Nigel McGuiness

West: When your fighting a guy like Pat Kenney you have to take the win anywway possible.

Tenay: But what does McGuiness want with Kenney? He already beat him last week. Now he just trying to pour salt into the wound. We have to go to commercial break boys and girls. We will be back momentarly

Match Reaction = 39.4

Match Quality = 77.0

Overall Rating = 51.0

Match Maker

We come back from commerical to see Pat Kenney bursting into the office of Vince Russo

Kenney: I want a match vs Nigel McGuiness and I want it now.

Russo: Settle down! You just don’t come busting in my office making demands. You want the kid? You got the kid at Victory Road. But if I was you, I would go get that head stitched up because next week, it’s you verse Abyss. You wanna bust in here? That’ll teach you to bust in here. Now get the hell outta Heaaa!

Kenney walks out, with a look on his face, like he wants to say something but he doesn’t.

West: It looks like we have our first match for Victory Road Mike.

Tenay: We will find out two other matches before the night is over.

Overall Rating = 71.1

Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Sabin

The fans are clearly behind Sabin as this one starts, chating Hail Sabin! Hail Sabin! Both competitors go to the middle of the ring and begin to circle around each other, feeling each other out. They circle around each other again. Sabin goes for a kick to the midsection but it is caught by Kazarian, Sabin goes for a enzagure but Frankie ducks, and Sabin lands on his feet. He comes back with a side kick knocking Kazarian down and flying across the ring. Frankie jumps up to his feet and they begin to feel each other out again. Frankie goes behind Sabin, trying to put him in a belly to back suplex but its reversed and now Sabin goes for it, again its reversed but this time by Kazarian. The suplex gets reversed one more time and Sabin finally gets him over, Frankie lands on the top turnbuckle. Sabin runs up and hits a running Hurricanrana by jumping to the second rope and then hitting the move.The fans cheer, Hail Sabin!, Hail Sabin! Sabin goes for the pin but Frankie is aware enough to kick out. Sabin waits for Kazarian to get up, when he does Frankie has a superkick waiting for him. Kazarian runs off the far ropes, and then comes back to the closer ropes hitting a spring board moonsault. He goes for a pin but NO sabin is able to kick out. As the two back away from each other Kazarian springs forward and goes for a flying cross body block, Sabin rolls threw it and goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Frankie rolls out of the ring, Sabin runs off the far ropes and jumps on up to the top rope before coming down with a spining body block. The fans go crazy. Jumping up and clapping for the move. Sabin gets up to his feet and goes to the legs of Frankie, he picks him up and sling shots him into what he thought would be the side of the ring but Frankie is able to jump up and land on the apron. He bounces off the middle rope and goes for a moonsault but Sabin is able to move out the way. Sabin rolls him in to the ring and goes for a pin but again theres a kick out. Sabin gets to his feet and waits for Frankie, Frankie gets to his feet and Sabin gets the Future Shock. He goes for the pin and this one is over.

After the match, the wrestlers shake hands in the middle of the ring as the fans cheer and go wild for a great match.

Tenay: What an excellent match Don, the fans are doing the right thing by cheering. They deserve it, they gave it 100% out there.

West: Yes mike! What a match! Both guys deserve to move on to face Petey Williams but Chris Sabin is the one getting the shot.

Tenay: Up next is the match we have all been waiting for but first we have to take our last commercial break of the night.

Match Reaction = 51.4

Match Quality = 76.4

Overall Rating = 67.1

Christopher Daniels vs. Keiji Mutoh

Christopher Daniels makes his way down to the ring as we come back from commercial to an array of boo’s. Daniels gets in the ring and removes his robe. The lights go out and come back on really dim, the lights flash all across the arena and some unknown music hits. Keiji Mutoh runs down into the ring.

Keiji slides into the ring and Christopher Daniels pins him. The ref hesitates but finally makes the count. The Ref calls for the bell and the lights turn on. Elix Skipper pulls off the ring attire to reveal himself. He hugs Christopher Daniels and they celebrate in

the ring.

Match Reaction = 55.6

Match Quality = 82.3

Overall Rating = 68.5

The camera cuts to the back, where Sinn and Slash are pounding on Mutoh. His face is gushing with blood, as the two continue to hit him with fist. Black Shirt Secruity comes to break it up but Sinn holds them off with a chair while Slash continues the beat down. His fist, and chest are bloody from the beating. Impact! goes off the air.

Overall Rating = 56.8

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt


News and Notes

- The official rating for Impact! was a 60.6 which is better then the rating for Xplosion as expected. 2,470 people were jammed into Universal Studios to see the event. 778,308 people watched the show which is almost 65,000 more then last week. TNA officials are hoping for that number to keep jumping up that much each week.

- Sinn has been moved up the card, just as his partner Slash did last week.

- Orlando Jordan of the WWE, who's contract is expiring soon has expressed interest in TNA, although TNA officials haven't contacted him as of yet.

- TNA, has officially signed its first sponser, that being the US Army. The contract will be for 6 months and be for the TV Shows, Xplosion and Impact.

- Kenny The Basterd has signed a contract with TNA, he will be the first wrestler attending the Academy @ The Asylum. Joining him will be Koko Mansour, although brother Razz Mansour declined the contract offer. Only time will tell if these 2 young superstars make it to the top of TNA.

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

Xplosion Preview

Nigel McGuiness vs. Jeff Hardy

After causing Pat Kenney a match Friday on Impact! Nigel McGuiness has to take on Jeff Hardy. Will Kenney cost McGuiness the match, and will Hardy again pick up a victory to move a little bit up the ladder?

The Naturals vs. Shark Boy and D-Ray 2000 non-title

Shark Boy and D-Ray come into this match with nothing to lose. If they win, they go on to Victory Road to face the champions. If they don't they just do what they are expected to do. Will the Naturals take them lightly? or do they realize the legitamate test in front of them?


Vince Russo's desicion on what will happen between Christopher Daniels and Keiji Mutoh.

Jeff Jarrett returns from Japan, and will be in action.

All this and much, much, more.

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt


Xplosion Recap

Brought to you by Ryan the Rastlin’ Righter

Ryan’s note(This is how I will score the matches. Great Crowd reaction is 80-100, Good is 70-80, AboverAverage is 60-70. Average is 50-60 and anything else is bad, sucks, shitty, whatever I want to call it. The ratings will be the same for matches and overall will show the number. At the end of each review will be the official match scores. I will say what happens, before, after and during the segment.)

Dark Match – For Live Crowd Only

Elix Skipper vs. Aj Styles

Before: Absolutely nothing, fans sitting around talking. Jeremy Borash gets on the microphone and announces the card for the evening. Styles was wearing a new outfit, jeans, yes blue jeans. Lets hope this is not what he wears from now on.

During: The fan’s weren’t really into the match, I don’t know why I would say Above Average reaction from the Nashville crowd. But in the ring, we had a Good X-division style high flying match. The action never stoped. We saw every spot these two guys had. From flips off the top turnbuckle, to backflips off the top rope. Styles would hit the Styles Clash towards the end of the match but Elix would eventually win the match with a very impressive looking New School.

After: Mike Tenay and Don West hyped Jeff Jarrett being in the bulding. Also, the TNA girls came to the top of the stage and started dancing around. Nice eye candy. Fire works were set up in the ring and the top of the stage to signal the beginning of the Xplosion.

Jeff Hardy vs. Nigel McGuinness

Before: The little girls scream at the top of there lungs and go wild for Jeff Hardy. Tenay and West say how McGuinness is moving up the ladder and how he’s going to be at Victory Road. Its funny how a month ago everyone loved Jeff Hardy and now he’s not even going to be at Victory Road and McGuinness is. What a difference a good booker makes.

During: The match, wasn’t to bad, I’d even say good. Nigel McGuinness clearly carried Jeff Hardy. I’m surprised by the young man’s ability to do this. He looks like the real deal. Only time will tell though. The fans were not into this match at all. The only time they popped, even a little bit was when Jeff Hardy went for the senton bomb, but he missed. What a loser he is. Pat Kenney would make an appearance but he accidently hit Hardy, allowing Nigel to get the victory with the Governer’s Crumpet. After seeing this guy live, I think I love him as much as TNA does.

After: McGuinness beat the living crap out of Pat Kenney, Jeff Hardy looked angry and then walked out through the crowd. Again the little girls yelled and screamed.

Russo’s announcement.

Before: T-Shirt time, must have been a tv commercial. I didn’t get one but this lady 2 rows in front of me got one. Sinn and Slash got a new shirt. That’s an interesting story line they have right there.

During: Russo gets into the ring and announce’s that Christopher Daniels is not the number one contender. The fan’s started a Mutoh chant, but Russo shot that down quickly saying he’s not the number one contender either. Instead they will go one on one at Victory Road with the winner being the number one contender. Sinn and Slash are not allowed to appear during the match or they will be fired. He also annouces that Jeff Jarretts opponent for Victory Road has not been decided and if no one steps up to the plate and shows something, his opponent will be drawn from a hat. Yes folks, if you’re the lucky guy who’s name is on the hat you could win yourself a shot at the world champion. At Victory Road The Naturals or Shark Boy and D-Ray 3000 will take on either Americas Most Wanted or The New Church. Who knows when we will find out. Maybe they will draw one of their names out of a hat?

After: The TNA girls come out and I go get a beer. How many commercial breaks does this show get?

Another Attack?

During: Sinn and Slash are in the back fighting Shark Boy, they throw him threw a table set up in the back. Shark Boy was busted open, and it made his mask look funny :D. This TNA, its comedy gold.

After: Tenay and West run down the card for Victory Road. So far we have Nigel McGuinness vs. Pat Kenney, Christopher Daniels vs. Keiji Mutoh, Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams for the X-Division Title and NWA World and World Tag Team titles will be on line. Doesn’t sound to bad, of corse everyone could just order WWE Pay Per Views.

D-Ray 3000 vs. The Naturals

Before: They come down to the ring, they were pink. Are they gay?

During: Wow is anybody hear? You could literally hear a guy sneeze way up in the nose bleed seats. No Crowd reaction at all. If it wasn’t for alright wrestling, this match would have a zero rating. It couldn’t get much worse. No one cared about Shark Boy not being there because they new there was no way for them to win anyways. Easy victory for the Naturals.

After: They hugged and celebrated, like they won the superbowl. I think I answered my own question..


Before: Jeff Jarrett strolls in with his little guitar. I wonder if he even knows how to play it? He grabs the mic from the great Jeremy Borash. Speaking of Borash what is his deal? Does he even want to work for TNA anymore? If you don’t know what I’m talking about read his TNA Reports..

During: Jarrett makes an open challenge to anyone in the back. He doesn’t care if its Shark Boy, Aj Styles, Jeff Hardy, his father or Vince Russo. Jarrett just wants to fight. He says he’s going to beat anyone he has to fight at Victory Road. I believe him, I mean the man’s father does run the company. Anything he says goes. Some unfamiliar music hits and The Red Rooster comes out to take the challenge.

Red Rooster vs. Jeff Jarrett

The highest fan reaction of the night, I would have to say Above Average for this one and the wrestling wasn’t to bad either considering who was involved. I guess they just kind of clicked. I interviewed an old man during the match and asked why he was cheering for this match and not the others. He said he actually heard of the wrestlers involved in this one. Taylor wasn’t impressive but he wasn’t to bad either. He did a few slams and elbow drops, punches and chops. Jarrett won the match with the stroke. Taylor sold it well. I miss the days when wrestlers actually new how to sell moves.

After: Jarrett left and Taylor got on the mic. He thanked everyone for coming out and wished them a safe trip home.

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt


News and Notes

- A Big signing has taken place here at TNA, although management has told us to keep locked lips on the situation. The Wrestler wrestled in ECW during the late 90's. Look for him to debut soon.

- TNA has signed another sponsership deal with a nationwide company. That company being 20th Century Fox. Look for TNA and 20th Century Fox to colaborate soon.

- Tons of new wrestlers have signed with TNA, and been sent to the asylum, along with some old TNA Wrestlers. They will join Koko Mansour and Kenny The Basterd who signed earlier this month. The official Academy @ The Asylum roster is as follows:


Chris Vaugn


Eric Young

James Tighe

Jason Cross

Joey Matthews

Johnny Devine

Kenny The Bastard

Koko Mansour


Professor Adib Mansour

Sonjay Dutt


Troy Lords


-With the departures of Raven and Larry Zbyszko the Academy had 2 spots open for trainers, those spots were filled this week by Jeff Jarrett and Christopher Daniels.

- Monty Brown left the company, due to his contract expiring. Brown and TNA are still on good terms, and this may lead to an eventual come back.

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Kool diary. I've been lookin 4 an up 2 date TNA diary 4 ages. Ravens leavin has 2 b a huge blow 2 ur TNA. And how coms BG James always leaves 2 bcom IWA:MS Head Booker, hapenned in my games as well, not just 1. And I can guess who ur 'Big Signing' is. I won't spoil it but does it begin with S? Anyway, Cya. Keep it up.

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