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  1. You must be the sorest of sore losers I've ever seen. I'm gonna see if I can webcam our next game, if there ever is one - to prove you are a liar because I got a message saying this - "Your opponent has been kicked for excessive grieving" http://www.maddentip...and-Other-Items I didn't nanoblitz, I didn't control my linebackers on any blitz packages and one play I did without realizing it I just got switched to Matthews, I switched players and the computer controlled the play. ...I didn't do anything fucking wrong in this game that you can ever claim to without being a liar. Why in god's green earth would I get you kicked from a game that I'M WINNING anyway? By two touchdowns? Are you out of your mind? And you were "scoring"? You were in the redzone and I was actually expecting you to throw a pick very soon because you get far too antsy near the redzone and said drive had slowed down considerably once you got there. How is it my fault that you played like the drizzling shits? You threw four interceptions in one quarter in the second game ... and somehow that's something I did? Somehow I magically put Sam Shields in place to make those interceptions... seriously? I wasn't even controlling Sam Shields - or any of the players making plays on defense for that matter - on every pick besides one. How is it that you quit a game - openly admit it - have no merit behind anything you are saying and somehow it's my fault? Seriously? Man up already for christ sakes. You just quit a game you were losing after conspicuously getting kicked for either something illegal or your lag. Either way, this is bullshit.
  2. You were losing, you quit (twice) and you call me a cheat all season long? Yeah, puts things in perspective. Get out of here and sim Dragsy because that's ridiculous.
  3. Okay. I'm calling complete bullshit on this. Kicked for excessive grieving when it's 21 to 7 at the start of the second. Losses connection at the start of the second when it's 28 to 0 and I'm in the redzone about to score again. Seriously?
  4. You were kicked for excessive grieving? What the fuck?
  5. Are you free at all tonight? I've got some time now.
  6. I'm not free on Wednesday, but I'm free tomorrow afternoon and I'm free later this week.
  7. I've played about two games this season against users where someone didn't pull bullshit on me. This is the first game of any game I've acted out in and done anything rude in. And no two wrongs don't make a right, but this isn't fair to have it happen on the other end to me in almost every game I've played. I haven't complained or caused a ruckus, I keep to myself and play my game to a tee, and the strategy is basically the same every time. And it's not okay to have it pulled on me in every game just because I'm ahead in them, real coaches don't play the way anyone has played against me from behind. That doesn't make it right to pull bullshit and it's not okay for me to do it either, but after an entire season of people complaining because I've played a good game it becomes damn frustrating. I played a game earlier this season where someone onside kicked almost every time and went for it on fourth down every time with ridiculous streak patterns and play choices, and tried to pull their stats up an incredible amount when it was way over and refused to let the game end even though I was up by 50. They weren't even trying to score at the end, they were just trying to get their receiver as many yards as possible. The very first game I played in this league against a user - the person quit after the first quarter because they were down by 2 or 3 touchdowns and openly said it after I patiently waited to get to the game, and they just openly exited it because they were down early. You can't make a game competitive when the score is 48 to 14 at half-time and you throw a pick-six to open the second half either. Certainly not with Jake Locker at QB, no offense intended to myst but Locker fucking sucks. I have a franchise with the Titans offline and Locker's just awful. And I didn't run up the score in the second half. I only scored two touchdowns in the second half outside of the pick-6 in the opening of it, only one of them a real drive (which consisted mostly of running plays) with the other one because of a turnover that put me way down in his side of the field. Myst wasn't the worst offender of people I played with so he just got the brunt of my frustration so I do apologize to him. But there needs to be some kind of rules or some kind of understanding of sportsmanship in this league when you play people. Against repetitious play choices, against continued onside kicks and crazy fourth down decisions including fake punts when you're 15 yards away, and against running up stats even when the game is out of reach that all both parties should want is for it to be over. Real coaches in real games wouldn't just do sweeps over and over and over again. And it's made almost every game I've played this season frustrating and unenjoyable, and turns every game into a pissing match of who can get more yards or points before it's over. And when you want a game to end and it to be over, you stop trying to run up stats as quickly as you physically possibly can and run plays that will lead to it being over. Not try to prolong the game as long as possible and no-huddle crazily to get as many yards and points that you can.
  8. I tried to run the ball in the fourth then you decided to incessantly keep trying to score yourself when the game was so clearly out of reach that you were just trying to make the game look closer, or pad your own stats. And any passes I did throw until the very end were mostly short passes in-bounds to keep my drives going and the clock moving with crosses, slants, and zigs. I was very tame in the second half until you, at the very end, wouldn't just run down the clock - and when you did run the ball, it wasn't to "run out clock" or bring the game to a close - it was the bs sweep around Chris Johnson can do and score 7 to 15 yards every down because of his inflated speed that's virtually undefendable. The only reason Chris Johnson even got hurt is because you kept no-huddling and not trying to run out said clock - you had the opportunity to run out the clock on your last drive and you didn't, you decided to keep trying to score and get Johnson's stats up with as many runs as you could with no huddle. I did three pass plays and got 50 yards with them, and I didn't try to score a touchdown otherwise I could've just sent everyone on streaks which I didn't. I shouldn't of used time-outs during my frenzy and I'm sorry for that, but it's a two way street. I was showing you what you had been trying to do for four minutes straight and what you had done, and would've continued to do if you hadn't thrown a bad interception in my endzone.
  9. I should be here. Don't see you on now. Reply back if you are ready. Ready.
  10. I should be good early on Friday and early tomorrow.
  11. By a lot less, you'd better mean "zero." And I didn't deserve to win that game at all, I'm surprised I actually won. I wasn't paying attention, I was on the phone with my brother for almost the entire game. The interceptions seemed spot on though - almost every time we threw it into the hands of the defenders, they actually caught it. I'd say at least the linebackers weren't as easily picking things off as they once were. And my defense is in shambles right now; I've lost my entire linebacking core and Williams, but they'll all be back in time for the playoffs. And Jennings will be back next week too.
  12. This episode felt like a prelude to the chaos that should ensue for the finale and especially next weeks 90 minute episode.

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