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  1. Assuming their 1998 product was like they are now, Traditional is probably the best option.
  2. I disagree. While bits might need a clean-up, EWR has an existing update from this month. The last TEW 05 update according to the HoPW archive is of June 2014 - around three and a half years ago. This might play in to the "People don't play 05" point, as it seems EWR's continued popularity comes in part from the regular data updates for it. I support the idea of a new TEW 05 stat update, be it a one-off or a regular feature, and would definitely download one should it materialise.
  3. I'd hold out on this. Word is that it might be a phonetic spelling of her real name (Saraya).
  4. If anyone does Logos/banners... Can I get one for my company "Darkside Xtreme Wrestling" (DXW). Preferably gothic design overall
  5. I remember before that I had a banner/logo pack that was quite in-depth that I downloaded from somewhere. It had a few defunct/not-in-updates promotions as well as a few alternatives for some companies. Does anyone have anything similar to this? I play a lot of BY2G games and the collection of banners/logos was very useful.
  6. add her to WWE Bit premature don't you think. Has the WWE actually confirmed yet or are we still running on rumours? - However I can confirm she did her last WAW (company run by her parents) show a few weeks ago when her departure "To the United States" was announced, so at least there is some truth to the story. Also, if she's appearing for SHIMMER in early October, doesn't that mean she should still also be contracted there if the contract is added to WWE?
  7. For those reading, the above is a Chikara Spoiler. Kustimonia - It helps if you mention above the spoiler the promotion/event, that way people that watch specific ones can tell if they need to aviod it.
  8. Team experience recognition each time two workers are paired together, regardless of if an official team. Often I have two guys work as a team before making them officially into a pairing, so the matches before they are made a team don't count towards their experience in EWR. Something that remembers that worker A and worker B have teamed 15 times (for example) but are not officially a team would be useful. Alongside this you could impliment something that after so many matches says "A and B have teamed this many times, would you like to make them a team?" With a yes/no option that automatically takes you to team creation for them if you pick yes.
  9. Even though it is possibly common knowledge by now, a source could be added just in case the reasons why affect other prtions of his character i.e behavior/attitude. It's on the TNA website/Facebook, but they don't actually list a reason. They just say he was "already suspended and has been released", so no official word from TNA for the reason (although I think we can all guess why)
  10. To the best of my knowledge the Zak Zodiac character has no plans to be used in the near future. He is currently wrestling under the name "Hooligan Bex" (often just known as "Bex"). Shorthand - Change Zak Zodiac to Hooligan Bex. Fun Drunk, Fun Babyface or Comedy Character would probably be the best character description.
  11. Looking for a split from the time CM Punk was in ECW.
  12. Also... With the other guys from the X-Division series being added... Shouldn't Austin Aries be under TNA contract? (This might have been mentioned but my net is playing up so I can't check without waiting a while)
  13. There are gimmicks you can say "He is this" to, but as Phenomenal Red said: "He combined too many gimmicks in the game to not be considered unique".
  14. To me it's not a case of "too good", more a case of his character actually being reasonably unique (willing to be proved otherwise though). Thus I second this.
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