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  1. Hey Everyone I have a question I know PT is gone but can someone make Nova Pro Wrestling in EWR
  2. I think it could be easy putting the wrestlers in each promotion but I'm new to making scenarios so I think I need help
  3. I was thinking if the NWA Domination is re made and its with current era wrestling
  4. wish I could get the stats for the following wrestlers Maxwell Jacob Friedman Rayo SHLAK Dan o' Hare Faye Jackson Penelope Ford Nick Iggy Kerry Awful
  5. hey guys I have a question, where's the August EWR Update
  6. it is. that show made me have a huge crush on Hayley Kiyoko more
  7. I just watched HBO's Dramedy "Insecure" it's so funny and not only that it had my Crush Hayley Kiyoko (CSI Cyber)
  8. I have a bright idea how about a current Era of IDomination? it'll be a cool scenario for Extreme Warfare Revenge
  9. can I have stats for Rayo Frankie Pickard Kerry Awful Nick Iggy Ray Lyn
  10. I need the stats for the following wrestlers Rayo Maxwell Jacob Feinstein G-Raver Stockade Faye Jackson Penelope Ford CCK (Chris Brookes and Kid Lykos) Storm Of Entrails (Dan o' Hare & SHLAK)
  11. can I have stats for the following wrestlers Faye Jackson Maxwell Jacob Feinstein G-Raver and Stockade

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