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  1. What skin are you using? The one I downloaded still lists the champions league as EC!
  2. Now, while I realise the aforementioned game is quite an old title (circa 2013), I recently went ahead and made this purchase mostly out of nostalgia for my childhood and the first two games of thIs legendary series. In truth, this was probably my first step away from the LucasArts point and click style of game and they were very fun, so I was delighted to this game be ported the Xbox One. While my recollection of the original isn’t great, the game seemed to maintain a style similar to what I was accustomed to and of course, it returned George Stoebart and Nico Collard (fun fact, there are quite a few attractive cosplayers who have portrayed Nico really well but the George cosplayers all seem to have the dodgiest or wigs). Anyway, I thought the game was pretty fun overall and it definitely reignited my love for the point and click genre. Sadly, with Macs abound and an Xbox, I don’t foresee me having that many point and clickers to play but it’s good to see that they still have a place in the game armamentarium. It actually also had a really catchy tune called “Jasmine” which has been stuck in my head for a few days now. I will add one thing though for those who might have played it. I find the *end* concerning Donna to be really unnecessary lol. I felt it was pretty mean spirited in fact. I thought she was lovely but perhaps I’m a soft touch... Have any of you guys/girls played it?
  3. Tell that to Ashley Cole when Mourinho arranged that infamous meet with him.
  4. This is interesting. I didn’t realise that he preferred to work this way. In which case, I think it is all the more imperative that we see the back of him. I know that there is the divide between the head coach and manager role in terms of what is more favourable but I prefer a manager that knows what he wants in terms of staff rather than passing on the responsibility.
  5. I’m still hoping that they do something amazing like hire Michael Ballack as Director of Football. I’m thinking more and more to be honest that Abramovich is bored.
  6. Frankly I struggled to enjoy the film after the dog scene in the first movie. I mean, I understand how it was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak but it was just too brutal.
  7. Has anyone watched “You”? I’m tempted to give it a go after GLOW but I haven’t decided yet. Bloodline was epic.
  8. I think I need to watch A Quiet Place again. The monsters were pretty cool but I honestly thought it was overhyped. And I found the whole pregnancy thing crazy!
  9. I was able to see the movie “First Man” this evening which starred Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong. I will admit I was actually quite apprehensive, mostly because I am quite the science nerd and I really wanted the director to be faithful to Neil and the man that he was. I was also quite wary that the director had taken certain liberties in terms of his vision of the story such as removing the US flag scene (which personally wasn’t a big deal for me - the fact that he landed on the moon was fine by me!) but I had heard that there were other things as well. ANYWAY, a few hours removed now and I’m still unsure how I felt about it. From all accounts, Neil Armstrong was a very deadpan serious kind of guy and in that regard I guess you could say that Ryan Gosling nailed it. It wasn’t a joyous film. Obviously a lot of people died in getting to the moon and his own family tragedy had to play a role but I didn’t end the film feeling like it was all worth it which is crazy as it was such an achievement. It just left me quite cold. What did you guys think about it?
  10. I didn’t see that design until recently and I can concur I am glad they didn’t use those.
  11. It’s funny you mention that site as I use it religiously these days.
  12. I definitely can see your point about the monsters. For example: That being said, I can’t fault the film too much. I also controversially thought A Quiet Place was slightly overrated. Sure, the movie was definitely tense and I thought the creatures were cool, the story was very primitive and I am still perplexed as to why anyone would get pregnant in that environment.
  13. So I got round this week to finally getting a chance to watch Birdbox on Netflix, mostly because I’m a Sarah Paulson fan but also because I quite like Sandy B and the trailer looked somewhat interesting. I was also intrigued in how it compared to “A Quiet Place” having seen a number of people make similar comparisons to it prior to me seeing it. All in all, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. First of all, I confess that one of the things with movies like this is that I’m always paranoid that I’m going to have to see an animal die. I realise that might seem weird that I’m worried about an animal getting harmed in a story where there are cataclysmic apocalyptic events happening but that is just how I roll. Luckily, I didn’t have to suffer any of that in this movie. Besides that, I thought the movie was good. The acting overall was really solid and I thought the story was quite compelling which at its very core was one of survival. Besides the main star, I think it is fair to say that the remaining cast were excellent with John Malkovich standing out for me personally. And sure, while this movie and A Quiet Place both were based in end of the world like scenarios, I think both were sufficiently different and entertaining in their own right. If you haven’t seen it already, I recommend you check it out.
  14. I know that Liverpool and Man City are doing exceptionally well and what have you but I do kind of feel like Sarri at Chelsea is very overrated all things considered. Not only does it look like he is going to let go of Hudson-Odoi, the way he manages the team seems to be quite peculiar. I am not a huge fan of Jorginho either despite some people waxing lyrical about him on his arrival. Is it just me? What do you guys think?
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