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JMarushin    51

Hello community,

So I've wanted to take @Mancuerda's AMAZING 1998 mod and convert (in a sense) to a 2001 mod; essentially I want to use the workers file from it advanced 3 years into the game so that the workers naturally develop or decay (depending on their age) and then changes the rosters to fit an idea I have for a 1st quarter of 2001 mod.

Does that make sense? Would the 3 years of change accurately represent most wrestlers change in ability?

Would anyone like to help me?


I will email you a game file and you would play 3 years into the future with any promotion without using a Development Territory and with no promotions using a Training Camp. Zoom through 3 years, note the WRESTLERS that retire (so I can add them back in if it makes sense) and then email the file back so I can work with it in the 2001 mod?


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Rocky    1,871

That is not hard to do. but it won't accurately represent the type of changes you're looking for. Some stats may go up and down but not enough to replicate a workers rise in that time frame.
Shoot me the data, I'll skip through 3 years and get it back to you in a few hours (give or take)



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