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  1. yes thanks, only one i could find was old lol
  2. Looking for a scenario starting Dec 97, looking to work wcw with Bret Harts debut, looked around couldnt find one
  3. anyone have a more current Anna Jay cut on kyky? (without tophat)
  4. should probably add Aalyah Mysterio as a non-worker, shes been on tv for awhile now
  5. small thing, but Zoe Lucas who is in game as a 20 year old according to her wiki is 28
  6. Looking for a scenario of just after MITB when Punk "left" WWE for EWR... anyone have one from around that time?
  7. anyone with a good/full Data for EWR around mid 02 when orton/cena/lesnar were freshly debuting? I had one but it was incomplete and kept finding annoying issues with it
  8. Hey, anyone have a good Data of right around when Orton/Cena/Lesnar had debuted in WWE? Like Mid 02, I found one elsewhere but was lacking a lot
  9. for those looking for sliders i suggest looking here https://forums.operationsports.com/forums/ea-sports-nhl-sliders/ few sets to choose from for exactly what ur looking for personally i use Altito's
  10. could i get these on kyky http://www.wwe.com/f/styles/wwe_1_1_460__composite/public/all/2017/07/Billie_Kay_pro--06e795e2afe370924374ae208fcd5797.png http://www.wwe.com/f/styles/wwe_1_1_460__composite/public/2016/02/Mandy_Rose_pro--4794f927a68684db59ea96fa6290b068.png http://www.wwe.com/f/styles/wwe_1_1_460__composite/public/2016/05/Liv_Morgan_pro--09af058c8243a43d4b3b72b17e86a184.png http://www.wwe.com/f/styles/wwe_1_1_460__composite/public/all/2017/06/Peyton_Royce_pro--5a4c12fa4fc547de168353301c5fe45f.png http://www.wwe.com/f/styles/wwe_1_1_460__composite/publi
  11. i would change Jinder's gimmick... he is not "anti USA" he is just "Pro India" maybe like evil foreigner or something
  12. love seeing people work together, wish i could help but the knowledge i have is pretty much already covered lol just curious if theres any estimate for when itll be ready? plan on starting a long term game soon but dont wanna start it if this will be done quick lol
  13. so if anyone is looking for a psn friend on ps4 feel free to add me (PSN ID: WeirdViper) recently busted my headset so at the moment no mic... games i currently got going... last of us, rocket league, payday 2, nhl 17, madden 17,7days to die, and obviously wwe 2k17 when its out if u wanna add me just send the request but let me know ur from here
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