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  1. cool cant wait to see what you've got
  2. hi rocky just wondering if there are any updates yet cheers
  3. Found this wiki site thought it might help with the beef up of the database https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Marvel_Database
  4. cheers #celtinigma yeah so far so good been trying to help rocky with ideas and the like its got a firm start from what ive seen so far
  5. rocky champ champ made me aware of scenario/mod which was comic book based and had marvel dc pitted against one another using characters from comic books as workers and staff just wondering if any one has a copy of this as would love to give it a go TIA
  6. Face pack wise I have this ATM its not brilliant but I'm only using paint and paint 3D also used drawn and live action think the drawn ones are far superior but working away slowly at getting the others also there are some in there that aren't on the database thought it would help with the beefing up changed the title screen and simplified the background and attempted to buttonize the banners but struggling due to limited programs http://www.mediafire.com/folder/j88qii80n0x7f/EWR take a look and see what u think and hit me up look forward to any advice u can give me
  7. creative criticism always welcome mate will take a look through your gear and take on board what u have said and see what I can come up with as love this type of stuff just not brilliant at it as u can see lol ahhhhh with it being called MCU I Figured u Would be going with MCU Facepack but now ive seen the others I understand y not they do make it more comic book and think it will give it a better look overall Thanks again matey
  8. these are what I have atm http://www.mediafire.com/folder/gdtixjt9sy88w/GFX just uploaded the gfx file for easiness hope u enjoy (must say they not professional but do the job)
  9. got some pics for you to check out but for some reason cant upload them its a new loding screen title screen and news banners also a different background which makes reading the info easier
  10. oooooo will have to look out for that one but as I say if u need anything let me now atm having a go at sorting a facepack for this mcu ony one got a few done atm is there anything u would like me to do for u buddy
  11. your than welcome mate had a blast with what's there so far like I say think the staff just needs filling out another idea I had was to maybe add the dceu or arrow verse to it as competition if ur interested but think its probably better to concentrate on getting the MCU right first anything u need just hit me up buddy
  12. hey love this concept❤️, had a look at it and looks cool but staff options defo need fleshing out, could maybe use some of megacity1ideas for this and/or look into some of the other characters used within the MCU IE armin zola, Baron Zemo, peggy Carter Betty/Thaddeus Ross. I came up with a basic banner and logo not brill but do seem to fit the bill added them for your perusing if I can help in any way let me know as really like the look of this and would love to help
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