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  1. Hi . Just wondering if the updated belt file would be up this month or with the update next month? Thanks and have a happy Valentine's Day 😁
  2. Do you know when you'll be able to upload the update by any chance ? I wasn't sure if this was going towards next month's or some time this month haha
  3. Same . It's not a big deal but then I end up having to turn a bunch of people as well and everything just gets overwhelming lol
  4. I usually just delete the old data file and replace it with the new one and the update turns out fine . Unless I've been doing it wrong this whole time ? I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong .
  5. I feel like I might be doing something wrong because the same thing happened again lol I'm basically doing the same thing I always do when I add the update but the same result happened like last time . I'm so sorry for being a pain in the ass lol I'm probably just gonna move things around instead because I feel bad now haha
  6. Is it just me or is it that every time I use the update the champions and the rosters are never really updated? Am I doing something wrong? Dream is still the North American champion, Street Profits are NXT Tag champions, Balor is IC champion, Gulak is Cruiserweight champion . Also, the latest draft hasn't seem to have taken place because the moves haven't changed in the update .
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