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Death From Above


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Anyone heard of this truly awesome band? I heard about them three months ago along with !!! and the Liars and dance-punk has been blaring in my speakers ever since.

Basically the premise of the band is have a drummer who sings and a bassist cranked up to the max. Than you have them jam out some of the catchiest and best punk song to ever come out of Canada. They recently had to add the 1979 to Death From Above because of a law suit.

Even with the law-suit and rumors of their new album being shitty [haven't heard it yet], I still love these guys. Plus they have a weird obsession with things Asian. Sushi, ninja bandanas and weird intro to songs with foreign languages.

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If you are talking about the same guys I saw play at a club (if you are in London never, EVER go to FROG on a Friday. Only good thing is that Whiskey and Coke is a quid fifty...), then I don't know what to say apart from: You must be mad :| They were horrible live, all I could hear was noise and that is it. Then I left after two songs.

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It pretty much got shelved to the second page. I just thought it was interesting no-one responds and all of the sudden the indie scene loves Death From Above 1979.

And to Hardcore Canuck, I have heard that numerous times. They are defintely an acquired taste.

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