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Chipped PS2s

Guest Downloading_Man

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Guest Downloading_Man

Nearly all Playstations (PS1) were chipped. Piracy was rampant. But not many people had DVD recorders when the PS2 came out, so there was much less piracy.

Now I know a lot of people get chips purely to play imported games, as I will soon be doing, but how many people use DVD recorders to make 'backups' of there games :shifty: .

Oh, and to those dispicable people who use pirated games, or 'know someone who does', are the games reliable, do PS2 games have codes on the disc to make them harder to duplicate, that kind of thing.

Also how much is a decent chip in shop/place near you, and are there any that should be avoided.

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There's a site I go to, an educational site full of educating materials... Super... something, I dunno. But it is quite educational and has many educating materials. It often links to sites that do minor electrical repair work on Playstations and X-Boxes. I cannot vouch for them as my systems have never needed repair, but they seem reputable.

You can find a link on this Nova whatever site on Scott Keith's livejournal. And Scott Keith is a very reputable gentlemen, as well as a scholar, poet, and noted political activist. He would never condone anything illegal.


Your entirely trustworthy friend,

Sean D. Man, the first


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Yes. It has a very entertaining disclaimer. Please read it carefully, and whatever you do, do not fold the website.

It is critical to the survival of the internet. Every website must be perfectly straight, and even the slightest bend can be catastrophic.

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