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Anyone heard of him?

I know he did some work with Trent Reznor on Broken.

I'm still confused as to whether Suck is a song written by Pigface, and Reznor just covered it, but that's another thread.

Anyways, I'm listening to one of Pigface's songs called Tapeworm, and I think it's awesome, but it's basically nothing but distorted screams. I guess that's industrial for you, eh? It also has Ogre of Skinny Puppy on lead 'vocals' on Tapeworm.

I'm thinking about picking up Gub, actually. They say if you like Tapeworm you'll like the rest of the album, so what the fuck, eh? :P

Anyways, anyone ever heard of Pigface?

this thread does not apply to Squancho =P

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