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The Sims Dilemma


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I was in town this morning wasting time before my lecture and HMV are having a big sale (see list below). I've never owned The Sims but have enjoyed what little I've played of them, plus my brother is a big fan of them so the money isn't wasted. So you have to help me choose which expansion pack is the best choice as they're selling them 2 for £30 and I'm not very familiar with any of them.

The Sims: Deluxe Edition (Sims & Livin' It Up)

The Sims: On Holiday

The Sims: Unleashed

The Sims: Makin' Magic

I'm obviously getting the top one, but I need to choose one of the other 3 to buy with it. There was also The Sims: Superstar but that was (the only sims game) in the 3 for £20 category which is gay.

So which is the best add-on? Quick help would be great, I'm only here for the next hour and a half.

EDIT: Orrrrrrrrr, should I not bother with any of those and get The Sims 2 instead?

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Nope Hot Date wasn't there, only the ones I listed.

I just found The Sims: Deluxe Edition on Sainsbury's website for £8.49. Surely that can't be right :blink: If so, I may get two expansions and order that from the website.

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Yeah I've just been looking at the Triple Deluxe. It's more or less the same price I'd be paying in the sale except it's all in one box. I may just get that... or none at all. Hmph, I'm such a fussy shopper.

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Well, if you get Triple Deluxe you get Sims Creator too, which lets you create your own sim skins, clothes, faces etc. You can take pictures with a digicam, or off the Net to put on your Sim too. It's quite cool.

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Guest y2gudge

I would probably advise you to buy The Sims 2 because it's a vast improvement on The Sims in graphics and gameplay, with it only being a few quid more than the "2 for £30" deal then it might be in your interests to buy that now.


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Guest Red Devil

This is slightly related to the topic, i've never played the Sims and wanted to know, to play it do you need "The Sims" or "The Sims 2" with the expansion packs or are the releases such as "Hot Date" a totally diffrent game? It's too confusing for me and i just wanted to know how you go about getting the best out of them because there's so much expansion packs and i think (i may be wrong) that you need the Original "Sims" to play them all with?

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The original game is "The Sims" which has also been repackaged in the Double and Triple Deluxe box-sets with some expansions and add-ons. This is the base that you MUST have.

There are many expansion packs including Livin' It Up, House Party, Hot Date, Unleashed, On Holiday/Vacation, Superstar, Makin' Magic. All of these require the original game but don't require each other.

"The Sims 2" is a brand new game, so I'm assuming none of the old expansions will work with it, only future expansions will. The amount of money you'd have to be spending to get them all is outrageous. Bad for us, good for the creators.

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