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Ok I am going to start to do album reviews starting with Sum 41's new album Chuck


1. Intro

2. No Reason

3. We're All to Blame

4. Angels With Dirty Faces

5. Some Say

6. The Bitter End

7. Open Your Eyes

8. Slipping Away

9. I'm Not the One

10. Welcome to Hell

11. Pieces

12. There's No Solution

13. 88

"Sum 41 Named there new album Chuck after a guy who saves there life"

This album is pretty good, I heard We're all to blame on the radio and didn't like it that much but I liked Sum 41 last album All Killer No Filler so i decided to pick up this album. It was worth it if you like Sum 41 and the punk-pop genre. This album is alot more punk then All Killer No Filler, with In Too Deep and Still Waiting not being as punk but more pop, you don't find much songs on this CD like In Too Deep, but a bit more like Fat Lip. Only a bit though like it. I would recommend getting this album if you are into Punk and or Sum 41.

TMG's Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Next Album Review: Green Day - American Idiot

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