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Tokyo Gaming Show

MalaCloudy Black

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I need some help finding information about a game that was present at the Tokyo Game Show.

The game was one of those mech games and it went like this: You and your opponent start out as Mech Pilots and you have to rush to the nearest Mechs of your choice, climb in, and start blowing each other away. And, if you're "daring enough" you can climb out of your Mech in combat and try to 'Mech-Jack' the opponent.

Any idea where I can find some info on the game, and what it was called? All I remember is that the subtitle was "Lone Wolf".

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play asia has an arcticly up somewere, it was on the front page some days ago can´t find it now but it must be somewere, they even had the 2004 report still in the article list, they gave very good feedback on the sony handheld (almost ps2 qualety gfx, great lineup) and raved about the hot asian chicks being on every expositional area.

found it


tons of pics, will take a while to load

and yes i wrote all of this without reading the topic, just shut up and be happy having this even if no one asked for it, i hate you :crying:

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