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Burnt a new hole in me tracksuit today

Guest Angry Baboon

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Guest Angry Baboon

Smoking a soap bar witout an ashtray

Red hot nylon driping on me skin

I ripped the fucker off, and threw it in the bin

Soap bars cheap and so's my clothes

they gotta be cause of all the fucking holes

it tastes like shit and it makes you cough

and its the fucking rubber in it that gets you off

you ever smoked soap bar with lots of bits of plastic

i leaves mine in it cause it tastes fantastic

skunk cost too much i cant see the appeal

but smoking port rocky, soap bar or gold seal

smoke rocky in a bong, bucket or hot knifes

bake it in a cake ya mum as a suprise

a smoke screen and its gone in an instant

but soap bar last cause its fucking consistent

last night i went out driving in my car

i sparked up a fat spliff a fucking soap bar

a blim burnt burned right down to my dick

and while i was distracted i fucking crashed in to a brick...

wall, the car was fucking battered

the bonnet fliped up and the windscreen shattered

your better off smoking the green instead

cause it dont blim burn and its better for your head

most soap bar comes from fucking holland

they make it out of tyres, oil and pollen

diesel, mirimar, flat press too

these are types of soap bar available to you

the little bits of plastic you find inside

you can use those a quality guide to the standard of the smoke bar you are smoking

the more bits of plastic means the better the tokin

soap bar! sittin in a deap sweat thinking

i gotta get some rocky for the weekend

the sight of draw excites me

stick it in a bong light it up and chuck a fucking whitey

burning holes in me tracky

this shit always happens when im smoking fucking rocky

you've hered it on the news you've seen it on the telly

GLC > pewnrjhwss

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Guest Angry Baboon

People have already realised they're shit, they have juvenile comedy quality.

You hear my words but my message is hidden

Like Jeffrey Archer being bonked by the wardens in prison.

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I thought the whole point was that they were shit because they were just taking the piss out of guys like So Solid Crew...

The difference between them and the Darkness is that GLC are actually funny. And not 20 years too late. And not taken seriously by almost everyone.

Makes me laugh how people on Amazon talk about how the Darkness rival Queen.

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I like the Darkness :huh: But the last 2 singles (The Christmas one last year and the one after that) were utter shite.

I also dislike GLC, but for some reason "Your Mother has a penis" makes me laugh. Mainly just for the cheesy backing going on underneath the chorus.

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