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THUG 2 help

Guest John Kerry's Evil Twin

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Guest John Kerry's Evil Twin

OK, I just recently got THUG 2 for PS2, and it's an awesome game. But I have a problem: How the f*** do you get the Temple Platforms gap in the Pro Skater level? The guide says to air between the kickers that are on the platform, but every single time I do that, it doesn't do shit! No gap, no bonus, no nothing. Has anybody here gotten that gap, and can tell me how they did it?

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Guest John Kerry's Evil Twin

Did you try reversing it? Are you always going from one side to the other? Try going from the other to where you were initally coming off earlier.

Otherwise, gaps in those games are fickle things... sometimes it'll only pop up if you land on the ramp, sometimes you've got to over shoot it.

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I don't know which level you're on but this GameFAQs guide does. So here you go. Problem solved.

The MONKEY LEVEL platforms are the ones you want.

There are two kickers on them, that face each other. Ollie the gap between

them. Sometimes this doesn't register, but my experiments are relatively

conclusive, and here's my theory: you need to be in the air before you cross

the edge of the first platform, so start your ollie just before the edge.

Hope that helps you.

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