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World Wrestling Federation - 2002


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World Wrestling Federation : Draft Afterwards

The first ever WWF 'Draft' took place at Monday Night 'RAW' in the date of March 25th, 2002 one week after Wrestlemania 18.

Co-Owners Ric Flair and Vince McMahon both controlled both of brands, Ric Flair on RAW and Vince McMahon on SmackDown! CEO Linda McMahon decided they'll be the owners of the brands, and they'll control how they want it. One man wasn't selected in this draft his name was "Stone Cold" Steve Austin who finally need to decide which brand he wants to compete in.

April 1st, this is the date for the first Monday Night 'RAW' after the Draft.

Some rules of the 'Draft', Women's Champion and WWF Undisputed Heavyweight Champion are capable to fight at both brands, CEO rules. Champs are, Triple H (Undisputed Champ) and Jazz (Women's Champ). How the 'Draft' can be effect on the fans, staff, wresters, and even on the WWF? That's the biggest question of all.

RAW Brand Roster:

Big Show [F]

Booker T [H]

Bossman [H]

Bradshaw [F]

Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman [H]

Bubba Ray Dudley [F]

Crash Holly [F]

D'Lo Brown [F]

Godfather [F]

Goldust [H]

Jacqueline [F]

Jeff Hardy [F]

Justin Credible [H]

Kane [F]

Kevin Nash [H]

Matt Hardy [F]

Molly Holly [H]

Mr. Perfect [H]

Planet Stasiak [F]

Raven [H]

Ric Flair [F] - Owner of RAW

Rob Van Dam [F]

Scott Hall [H]

Spike Dudley [F]

Steven Richards [H]

Tommy Dreamer [F]

Trish Stratus [F]

Undertaker [H]

William Regal [H]

X-Pac [H

SmackDown! Brand Roster:

Al Snow [F]

Albert [F]

Billy [H]

Billy Kidman [F]

Chavo Guerrero Jnr. [H]

Chris Jericho [H]

Christian [H]

Chuck [H]

Diamond Dallas Page [F]

D-Von [H]

Edge [F]

Faarooq [F]

Funaki [F]

Hardcore Holly [H]

'Hollywood' Hulk Hogan [F]

Hurricane [F]

Kurt Angle [H]

Lance Storm [H]

Mark Henry [F]

Maven [F]

Rico [H]

Rikishi [F]

Scotty 2 Hotty [F]

Stacy Keibler [H]

Tajiri [H]

Test [H]

The Rock [F]

Torrie Wilson [F]

Val Venis [F]

Vince McMahon [H] - SmackDown! Owner

Inactive List:


Chris Benoit

Shane McMahon

Stephanie McMahon

Shawn Michaels

Well, the deal is to survive, can the WWF will survive with this draft? Will just wait and see, alright?

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April 1st, 2002

Announcers: 'JR' Jim Ross & 'The King' Jerry Lawler

- Steven Richards vs. Planet Stasiak - Solid start to RAW, I hope that won't be the main event of next week's heat but hey, it really fit for Heat. Hell it even wasn't solid. Stasiak went for the forarm but Richards ducked while Stasiak turns when he get planted with a jawbreaker. Stasiak gets up turning to Richards who takes Stasiak's head to under Richard's shoulder, welcome to RTC suplex! Richards hits the suplex but Stasiak doesn't give up when he kicks out from the pin. The weirdo from the so called "PLANET STASIAK" on his feet but Richards uses his finisher, the RICHARDS RTC SUPER KICK to take down Stasiak. 3 fall with the pin as Richards wins. It's too blurry for me that Richards wins on RAW, very blurry.

Winner: Steven Richards

(57, 53, 62)

- CAN YOU DIG IT, Champ? - Booker T walked out to some huge jeers, how surprisingly was that, eh? Booker asked for the microphone, told fans that they don't appreciate the former 5 time WCW champion, how many times did he said since he came to the WWF? About a million times, plus? Booker asked for Triple H for a title shot tonight against him. After some mic time by Booker 'The Game' hits when all fans raised up like soldiers. Triple H walks out with the two belts over the shoulders, damn it look good. HHH talks, saying some crap, saying that saying this and accepts, hey we got some main event for tonight! And Booker in it! The two went with the 'The Game' hits to leave Booker happy.


Triple H lost overness.

WWF Hardcore Championship

- Raven © vs. Crash Holly - That wasn't surprise that Crash will be book to an hardcore match. Really, he's like 50 time hardcore champion and he doesn't got sick and tired already? I would've. Crash used the road sign to hit Raven but Raven blocked took the road sign and just smashed it over the head of Crash. Poor Crash, I feel sorry for him. Raven takes the kendo stick and it's WHIPPING TIME! Raven uses the kendo stick over Crash's back and you can hear the screams of Crash to North America. Suddenly, Justin Credible comes with his own kendo stick trying to hit Raven but he ducks as he hits Crash after getting up. Raven takes Credible and he planted him with the Evenflow DDT. Raven now puts the some road sign as he DDT's Crash onto it. Raven gets the pin and he gets the victory, Raven retains his title. Not so easy to be a hardcore champ at the WWF.

Winner and still Hardcore Champion: Raven

(61, 62, 62)

Hardcore title gains image.

- WELLLL His a DEADMAN! - The Big Show asked for some microphone time backstage, and guess who with him? THE COACH! Big Show told us that he's pissed at one man that doing whatever he wants, when he wants to some poor people, so? Big Show did it at 1999 all the time, what's the subject here? Show mentioned The Undertaker's name, the new evil face of pro wrestling. Show talked about Taker as his new target, and Show threat Taker, if he touch at more poor guys, Show will start acting as the monster he is. Taker wasn't around so he couldn't shake from scared. Then Coach didn't ask much because Show left early, some strong words.


- Hardcore Hunt! - Raven walked with the Hardcore title over his waist to the locker room but then from nowhere came Tommy Dreamer with his own Singapore cane to attack the Hardcore champ. Dreamer uses the cane couple of times, but as Dreamer calls the referee Raven takes some trash can that stands near him and he hits the trash can on Dreamer's head followed by DDT. Raven quickly ran from the scene, what happened to Dreamer? HUGE CHANCE to become a champ here at the WWF, hell Dreamer, it isn't ECW so don't bother.


Tommy Dreamer gains overness.

Non Title Match

- Rob Van Dam © vs. Mr. Perfect - Perfect get a chance here, and if he wins he may be in the Intercontinental title hunt on RVD, Perfect and IC title? Sounds familiar, eh? RVD with a spinning wheel kick to Perfect followed by a quick ROLLING THUNDER! I like it when JR screams it, never mind. Perfect slowly trying to get up as RVD try for super kick but Perfect ducks RVD already turns and Perfect planted RVD after caught him with a quick powerslam. Some good offense by the veteran Mr. Perfect, who now stands tall but he gets the jeers, some stupid fans don't respect a veteran. Perfect went for the PERFECTPLEX but RVD blocks as he drops down Perfect with the snap suplex. RVD now jumps over Perfect to the top rope hitting the SPLIT LEGGED MOONSAULT! Athletic move, no doubt and I surprise he got the 3 count to win. Afterwards, RVD celebrates as RHYNO returns and he hits the GORE GORE GORE on RVD after turning around. EC-DUB! Crazy me, Rhyno returns with some power to be.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

(76, 78, 72)

- Scott Hall & X-Pac vs. The Hardy Boys w/Lita - Where was 'Big Sexy' Nash? I miss that guy, not to his injures though. Oh well. The Hardy Boys I guess made some mistake being here, they messing with the trouble makers, the nWo. They're mean damnit, they're mean. Hall with a body slam on Jeff Hardy, as Matt jumps from behind he levels Hall some clubbing blows to the back. X-Pac comes for the rescue to Hall as he gives the good ol' LIGHTING KICK to Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy. Lita trying to help Jeff & Matt by cheering them but without success, Hall now takes up Jeff Hardy as he hits him with the Fallaway Slam. X-Pac hits the X-Factor on Matt Hardy, since when it's a tornado tag match? Hall hits the Outsiders Edge and finishes the match with pinfall. nWo victorious as awalys, like DUH!

Winners: Scott Hall & X-Pac

(73, 73, 74)

- BIG BAD SHOW gets PUNK'D! - We went backstage, like always, Show left the locker room all of a sudden the DEADMAN who uses his evil power, saying it like he's some supernatural or something and attacks Big Show from behind. Taker uses the chair, he hits Show 5 or 6 times on the back and hits once over the head. Taker then picks up Show grabbing him by the head throwing him into the walls, left and right. Show starts to bleed as some officials came to separate. Taker left with smirking over the face, boo Taker, you're bad Big Evil. Undertaker must be happy, well I do, or not.


Undertaker gains overness, Show gains overness.

WWF Undisputed Championship

- 'The Game' Triple H © vs. Booker T - This one was a good fight between those two, I doubt they ever met OH WAIT they did. Couple of times, or one time, I guess. Triple H used his old technique, and Booker T used the big brawl moves that uses every time. Triple H sends Booker to the ropes he just bouncing his way back and HHH caught him with the ARN ANDERSON SPINEBUSTER! This hurts, very bad. Booker trying to get up but HHH helps him, 'The Game' sends again Booker to the ropes but somehow everything went wrong in HHH's game court when he wasn't ready and Booker hits the big side kick to the head of HHH. Booker ready for the scissors kick when Triple H gets up and the head is right in position and he HIT IT! Booker hits the scissors kick over Triple H and we can have a new champ, it would be wrong though. Booker pins but Trips kicks out after two. Booker ready for the scissors kick again but this time Triple H goes to the other side he turns Booker T and he hits the PADIGREE! Booker T is out cold and Triple H gets the pin and the win, how good it is. Triple H retains, and he celebrates.

Winner: Triple H

(77, 84, 61)

WWF Undisputed Title lost image.

- The Rattlesnake's Decision Is? - Ric Flair and Vince McMahon were both standing in the ring with two contracts one of RAW, one of SmackDown! But then THE GLASS SHATTERED when the crowd went nuts, like every single time. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin came, talked, maybe decided, but still again talked. Vince & Flair talked too, they talked CRAP from what I heard. I suggest Austin goes to Heat, better brand. Austin then takes the SMACKDOWN contract and he hits the STUNNER on Vince, there goes Vinnie Mac. Austin takes the RAW contract and signs it. Flair goes nuts, the crowd as well. Then the unexpected came as Austin hits the STUNNER on Flair too, dear god. Well that was unexpected… NOT! Austin taunts all over, drinking beer, and make everyone happy and we GOING OFF AIR and RAW ends.


Flair gains overness.

TV Rating: 6.43

Overall Rating: 77%

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WWF SmackDown!

April 4th, 2002

Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

- No Chance! - Vince McMahon starts the show by making his way to the ring. Vince looks like Donald duck in his walk, really he does. Anyhow, Mr. McMahon not Vince it's Mister, walks to the ring approaches to ask for the microphone. Vince says that he does don't care of Austin and even Flair, but that's RAW we're on SmackDown. Vince says he welcomes us to the best brand in WWF today, SMACKDOWN! Vince also announces the main event for tonight The Rock teams up with the WWF Undisputed Champ, Triple H to take on Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho, some match here. Vince leaves and we're happy.


WWE Cruiserweight Championship

- Tajiri © w/Torrie Wilson vs. Billy Kidman vs. The Hurricane - Tajiri treats Torrie not nicely, he made her to put the Japanese clothing of the women, I don't know how to call it. The match was very good, athletic cruiserweight contest like we see every time, and to notice it Smackdown is the place to watch cruiserweights, all over. Kidman hits the perfect text book dropkick on Tajiri. Hurricane now waits to Kidman when he turns Hurricane hits the jumping lag lariat to the face of Kidman. Suddenly, Torrie gets up on the ramp, Tajiri sees it when he gets upset he turns as he get grabbed by Hurricane for the Chokeslam the referee trying to tell Torrie to get down from the ramp, while he does that Tajiri spits the green mist to the face of Hurricane, who's eyes is are shown from the mask. Tajiri then turns again but he gets planted in the Sky High kind of move which followed by the SHOOTING STAR PRESS from the top rope to pin Tajiri and win the Cruiserweight championship.

Winner and WWF Cruiserweight Champion: Billy Kidman

(62, 55, 84)

WWF Cruiserweight title gained image.

- Lance Storm vs. Maven - Maven gets air time on the show? WOOO! I'm happy because this kid is talented and he could do well for Smackdown, I guess. Match pretty much off and on, solid one. Lance Storm used the technique he learned at Canada while Maven used the technique he learned at Tough Enough. Maven sends Storm to the ropes he bounces back and get flying in the air to hit a back body drop, Maven hit it so. Storm gets back but Maven again drops him down with a spinning heel kick. Maven goes outside, climbing up, can it be the end with the FLYING CROSS BODY but he misses after Storm moves away. Maven turns after getting hit by the mat and gets SUPER KICKED to the chin! What a shot! Storm gets the pinfall to win this one, OUCH!

Winner: Lance Storm

(63, 68, 72)

- THE LIVING LEGEND...NOT! - Chris Jericho was standing near Kevin Kelly, who held the microphone, I call him "The Man of the Microphone", stupid name. Kelly asked, Jericho answered, whatever. Jericho said that he's still upset of what happened at 'Wrestlemania 18' at the Skydome when he was stole from the WWF Undisputed Championship by Triple H. Wait did HHH stole Jericho's belts? That's odd, very odd. Jericho said he wants revenge, payback something to hurt Triple H with and he will, soon. Jericho leaves with a smirk saying "It ain't over until THE LIVING LEGEND say so", cool.


Jericho gains overness.

- NEVER GONNA STOP the Test? - AGAIN BACKSTAGE! I love backstage scenes, so sexy, kidding. Test walked by Edge who was set for action in a few moments, Test "accidentally" tackled Edge, Test started to stare down at Edge, the two exchanged words, as Edge left on his way while Test looked on pissed off, so? That's all? I expected for some blood, fight, and officials separations.


Edge lost overness.

- Edge vs. Hardcore Holly - Pretty bad match, from what I saw, and no, I'm not misjudging Edge or even the so called 'Best Dropkicker in WWE history' Hardcore Holly, which he's not but this one wasn't that good. Edge stormed with a few clotheslines to take down the pretty hard knock Hardcore Holly. Holly reversed the irish whip after Edge was trying and then DROPKICK! DROPKICK! DROPKICK by Hardcore Holly on Edge when he bounced back, I was going nuts of his dropkick. Hardcore picked up Edge went for the Alabama Slam but Edge escaped from behind rolling Holly in the sunset flip but only 2. Holly sees that Edge was up he just hit another hard clothesline, he again sent Edge to the ropes but when Hardcore went for clothesline Edge ducks Hardcore turns and Edge hits the SPEAR!!! Edge covers and wins, I thought he'd use the Edgeacution but not. Afterwards, Test ran behind Edge when he turned Test planted Edge down with the huge BIG BOOT and finished him with the Pumphandle Slam. Test made his mark on Edge, good job, I guess.

Winner: Edge

(59, 65, 68)

- 'Hollywood' Hulk Hogan vs. Christian - Christian is here? WOOO! GO CHRISTIAN GO CHRISTIAN GO! But here we go. It's Hogan how can Christian be a level up ahead, eh? Hogan didn't look like always, but it doesn't make any difference, because he never looked different from now. He just returned to the WWF, so? I don't see any place in the roster for Hogan, yes I tell the truth. Christian goes for the reverse DDT from behind as he hits it. Christian pins but only two then kick out. Christian stomps on the fallen Hogan, hey this is cool 'Hogan and Fallen', no. Hogan still was down and Christian just picks him up setting him for the Unprettier but Hogan shoves Christian blocks him as Christian bounce back and Hogan just hits the BOOT FROM DOOM! Hogan followed by the LEGDROP FROM DOOM on Christian. Hogan pinned with the 1 2 3! How surprisingly, eh?

Winner: 'Hollywood' Hulk Hogan

(65, 83, 50)

- Just Bring It, CRYBABY! - The Rock looked pumped then ever, looking sharp for the main event which was next then stood in the other way, Kurt Angle, who looked at Rocky walking the two looked at each other, The Rock just told Angle this "JUST BRING IT". Angle smiled and Rock kept on walking.


- The Rock & Triple H vs. Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho – When we thought we can watch a good, quiet, original tag team main event match we're totally wrong. How can this match be pretty bad? Now I need to argue with some people what was bad in Smackdown tonight the Edge/Holly match or this main event, that's wrong. Jericho hits a perfectly face crusher on The Rock setting for the Lionsault but just after Jericho jumps from the middle rope he misses and getting hit in his stomach by the mat as Rock moves, Rock quickly goes to his corner to tag 'The Game'. Triple H back body drops both Angle and Jericho, not at the same time of course. HHH hits the "Harley Race Knee Attack", that's what people called that. The Rock came for the save by hitting THE ROCK BOTTOM on Kurt Angle, that's leaves Triple H and Jericho while The Rock kept on brawling with Angle in the outside, Trips turned for a second and the referee just looked over at Angle & Rock as Jericho hits a low blow on Triple H. Jericho rolls HHH with the tights as he gets the quick 3 count for the victory, Rock quickly enters in while Jericho takes Angle and two celebrates, damn cheap shots, ouch. And that's how Smackdown GOES OFF AIR with Jericho and Angle's faces all smiling up.

Winners: Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle

(67, 77, 71)

TV Rating: 5.72

Overall Rating: 69%

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WWF Jakked

April 6th, 2002

Announcers: Michael Cole & Kevin Kelly

- D-Von Dudley d. Val Venis - Nice start to Jakked, I shocked that D-Von came with a new attitude and new gimmick Reverend gimmick, ouch. Val Venis came as regular Porn Star, well we know Val as porn star, so? D-Von defeated Venis after hitting the Super Neckbreaker to win the match.

(71, 67, 75)

- Test Attacks and Tackles Edge, from Smackdown! - We've got some recap from Smackdown that shows Test tackling Edge, "accidentally" and it leads to stare down and even some exchanging words, after that Edge was shown victorious over Hardcore Holly and then Test came to hit a massive big boot to Edge. What will happen between those two next Thursday night?


- IT'S NOT A BAD THING, IT'S A GOOD THING! - The master of smiles, Diamond Dallas Page, stood next Marissa Mazzola the new interview of WWF. She asked if he's ready to face, the shinning sun of Billy & Chuck's team, Rico. DDP he's ready to take on Rico, and more stuff, then he finished the promo with the smile and "It's not a bad thing, It's a good thing!".


- Scotty 2 Hotty d. Chavo Guerrero Jr. - Solid cruiserweight match here on Jakked, and we enjoy cruiserweights from Smackdown here on Jakked. Chavo was shown as a good entertainer, but Scotty was more, the match finished after Scotty defeated Chavo after hitting the flying bulldog which followed with the W-O-R-M that entertained the crowd totally.

(72, 60, 85)

- Y2J isn't HAPPY! - Jericho was shown at Smackdown this past Thursday talking on Triple H that stole his Undisputed Heavyweight Championship at 'Wrestlemania 18' in Skydome Toronto, Canada. Jericho and Triple H then was shown at the main event with there partner, Jericho with Kurt Angle and HHH with The Rock. The match was pretty nice, I think. Jericho won for his team after hitting a low blow when referee's back was turned. Jericho rolled HHH for the win with the tights, some cheap shot there. I guess Triple H won't be so happy next week at Smackdown from what happened we'll just need to find out.


- Diamond Dallas Page d. Rico - I think it was Rico's first match here at the WWF, and a pretty nice one, he very athletic but he couldn't get on the veteran DDP, and it didn't sound that good. Diamond Dallas Page won the match after he hit the Diamond Cutter. Billy & Chuck ran then to attack DDP, the trio took on DDP but then Maven & Al Snow ran to help DDP, they sacred the trio off as they helped DDP up, and Jakked went OFF AIR!

(71, 70, 72)

TV Rating: 1.59

Overall Rating: 64

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April 7th, 2002

Announcers: Jonathan Coachman & 'Hardcore Champion' Raven

Bradshaw d. Bossman - Nice start to HeAt and it's nice to Bossman handles a nice match and it's against Bradshaw, who could ever thought. Bossman went for the Sidewalk Slam but no Bradshaw hit first his CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! Bradshaw won the match, good one.

(59, 60, 73)

Big Show and Undertaker, VIDEO! - Show was shown first at this clip, talking about Undertaker is being a man who hurts everybody who comes in his face. Show then was brutally attacked later at the show, RAW of course, The Undertaker brutally attacked Show leaving his mark, Show looks for revenge this Monday night when he and Rob Van Dam taking on Rhyno & The Undertaker.


Tommy Dreamer d. Justin Credible - If some ECW fans, remember, this match one were main events in some ECW PPV's. Credible isn't looks that good like he were when he came to the WWF, when he was with X-Factor along with Albert & X-Pac. Anyhow, Tommy Dreamer defeated Credible after hitting him with the DREAMER DDT! Dreamer wins, and it isn't an ECW event.

(54, 55, 67)

Booker and Triple H from PAST MONDAY! - One week ago at 'RAW', Booker challenged the Undisputed Champion Triple H to a singles match for the Undisputed Championship, HHH accepts and we went for this match at the main event. Triple H of course defeated Booker T, but Booker T wasn't that happy aftermath, what will happen with Booker this Monday Night on 'RAW'.


EC-DUB EC-DUB EC-DUB from 'RAW'! - It shown from this past Monday on 'RAW' that RVD retained his WWF Intercontinental Championship against the veteran Mr. Perfect but afterwards, Rhyno ran and returned to 'RAW' with a full impact after hitting the GORE in full strength into the Intercontinental Champion, Rob Van Dam. This Monday it's going to be Taker & Rhyno versus RVD & Show, what will happen there.


RVD lost overness, Rhyno lost overness.

Goldust d. Spike Dudley - The little brother of the big brothers, Spike Dudley faced the most bizarre character on 'RAW', Goldust. Anyhow, nice back and fourth match, maybe, I didn't so much but there was some solid types of moves, but anyhow, Spike went for Dudley Dogg couldn't hit it as Goldust reversed it into the CURTAIN CALL to finish Spike off.

(58, 64, 66)

OH HELL YEAH! - It shown from this past Monday at 'RAW' that Vince McMahon the owner of SD! And 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair the owner of RAW, stood next each other as 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin was there also, he was about to sign the SD! Contract but he didn't and he stunned McMahon with the stunner, he signed the 'RAW' contract and then stunned Ric Flair with the stunner, now Austin is a 'RAW' member of the roster but what will be happening at 'RAW' this Monday?


'The Next Big Thing' Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman d. Crash Holly - Crash Holly came as the underdog here, the crowd gave him pretty solid pop there as they boo the crap out of Lesnar and Heyman together. Pretty good match for a squash one, yes it was Crash try and try to took down Lesanr but he couldn't do the job right and Lesnar won the match after hitting the super F-5 move that he calls on Crash. Lesnar and Heyman celebrate, and HeAt GOES OFF AIR!

(63, 64, 76)

TV Rating: 1.18

Overall Rating: 63%

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April 8th, 2002

Announcers: 'JR' Jim Ross & 'The King' Jerry Lawler

'Nature Boy' Is In Da House!

Flair walks out getting some huge applauds which mix with awesome ovation by the crowd, COOL. Flair gets the ring asks for the microphone, first Flair talks on Austin. 'The Nature Boy' warns Austin If he touches him one more time he'll be SUSPENDED! OUCH! Austin might be not happy with this decision. 'Nature Boy' then moves to 'BACKLASH' news and announced that Rob Van Dam defends the Intercontinental Championship against Rhyno, and another match between The Big Show and 'Big Evil' The Undertaker. Two huge matches, Flair leaves, huge ovation.


Booker T vs. Spike Dudley

Booker didn't had any mercy on the guy, I meant Spike Dudley, who can have mercy on Spike? Find me one heel that can't get closer to beat the crap out of Spike, eh? Even his own brothers, now that's a joke that can't works. Anyway, Spike with some dose of punches that might be working on the veteran Booker T as Spike kicks and kept on punching Booker in the corner. Spike try to send Booker to the other corner, without success, Booker reverse it as Spike bounce back he planted him with the Spinebuster from hell, well I call it anyway. Booker slowly looked at his hand but instead of doing his trademark the 'Spinaronnie' he went for the scissors kick but Spike moves away and Booker turns as Spike going for the DUDLEY DOGG but he can't hit it as Booker reverse it with the BOOK END! Booker covered the fallen Spike, to get the pinfall and win.

Winner: Booker T

(71, 69, 73)


Booker throws out Spike Dudley from the ring then he grabs the microphone, Booker asked from the crowd to 'SHUT UP!', yep like this, the brutality of this man with his words, that's not NICE. Booker now explained that he got ripped then BLAH BLAH BLAH all over the mic time, we really didn't care, so Booker then explained that he's a great superstar and he deserves better then Austin, the hell? SUDDENLY THE GLASS SHATTERES! The crowd went nuts, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin walks out and Booker drops the microphone. Austin runs the two starting to brawl as Booker went for the BOOK END but Austin blocks, Booker turns, then THE STUNNER FROM HELL on Booker T! Austin asks for some beers, he gets them of course and drinking like it is 2002! Suddenly, again suddenly, Ric Flair comes out announcing that if Austin really wants a fight he'll battle the man he just STUNNED, Booker T at 'BACKLASH', huge match from my point of view, they had a feud at December 2001 but never had a chance to wrestle at PPV.


Steve Austin lost overness.

WWF European Championship

William Regal © vs. Jeff Hardy w/Lita

Regal was a European champion once right? Who was the man in the writing team to give him the Euro belt again? He lost at WM 18 the Intercontinental title so this is a remorse prize, huh? This is stupid, anyway, Jeff Hardy can his first European title in history, but the target is William Regal who is hard to beat, ask Edge, he lost to him. Jeff Hardy try to do something with the leg but Regal catch his leg, Hardy uses the other one to hit some kind of enziguri. Hardy takes the legs of Regal opens them as he jumps onto his guts, sounds hurt, with his legs, even more. Hardy picked up Regal setting him for some move, oh wait he sets him for the Twist of Fate Regal blocks the attempt as he reverse it with the backdrop suplex move. Regal now was shown with something on his fingers, OH DAMN it's the brass knuckles! Regal try to hit the POWER OF THE PUNCH right in the eyes of referee, but referee stops him as he takes the brass knuckles from his fingers, Hardy gets up and gets knocked from the other hand with other BRASS KNUCKLES! Regal covers Hardy, gets the three, and victorious to retain the European championship.

Winner and still WWF European Champion: William Regal

(75, 70, 81)

WWF European title gained image.

nWo Got Some Message!

'nWo' mixed sounds and music hits, they're coming together, Pac, Hall and Nash are all out coming to a HUGE jeers from the crowd. The trio asks for the microphone, and Nash got it first. Nash say that they can't sit around no more without getting some air time, or even matches, or title matches, that's ruin the image of the New World Order. Nash then told everyone that they don't believers in the group, but the trio found one Nash said and he said that's a good time to bring him out. 'nWo' music hit again as JUSTIN CREDIBLE walked out with jeers from the fans. Justin Credible had a black 'nWo' shirt as he did the wolfpac sign and touched the wolfpac sign with all members, Pac, Nash and Hall. Now they're four, can someone stop them?


Nash lost overness, Justin gained overness.

Yo Dude, R...V...D is here!

The coolest dude around, the Intercontinental Champ, Rob Van Dam was backstage holding the IC title, near him was 'The Coach' with the microphone. RVD was asked that how he feel about tonight, RVD answered that he's cool then ever, he looks good, act good, and good to kick Rhyno's ass tonight. RVD said comes 'BACKLASH' this Sunday, he wouldn't stretch much because he'll know that he'll beat 'The Man Beast' Rhyno, and history lesson here, RVD never beat Rhyno, yep. RVD left looking like the original 'Rob Van Dam'.


Kane vs. X-Pac w/Justin Credible

Kane returned after not being in 'RAW' last week, that's really pissed me off because I like the big dude, he's freaky, he's cool and he GOT A MASK! X-Pac fought his former friend and partner, Kane, if you remember correctly they were WWF Tag Team champions few years back at the 'Attitude' era, before the nWo were in the WWF and even before Justin Credible who was in Pac's corner were in the WWF, anyhow, Kane went for a massive clothesline but Pac ducks as Kane turns he gets hit by the Lighting Kick from Pac followed by some marital arts kicks, Kane didn't fall any once but X-Pac try, let's say he try. X-Pac then puts Kane in the corner via his kicks, X-Pac kicks 3 times at Kane then he jumps with the kick then Kane falls to the canvas. X-Pac set for the Bronco Buster but when he went for it Kane was ready to hit the BOOT to the face of X-Pac to let him fall. Credible got up on the ramp but Kane swing the right hand to let him fall, too. X-Pac gets up as he got grabbed by Kane and got lifted up and DROPPED on the back by the vicious CHOKESLAM by Kane, who hooks the leg of X-Pac to get the victory. Afterwards, Credible went for the Super-Kick behind Kane but Kane grabbed the leg of Credible after he turned as Kane grabbed him too as he hits him with the CHOKESLAM! Scott Hall runs in try to help, but already Kane leaves in a sneak quick run. Kane's music hits and gets huge pop.

Winner: Kane

(71, 72, 71)

DEAD MAN Walkin'!

The Undertaker was backstage again 'The Coach' was handling the interview, as usual. 'The Coach' asked Taker about being matched with The Big Show at 'BACKLSAH', Taker response was evil he said that Show wants to make him guilty by being attacker of every man in the roster of the WWF, he said that's fine by him but he'll pay the price at 'BACKLASH' by being one man VICTIM of 'Big Evil'. Taker smirked as he left. Damn it was a short promo, not even promo.


Rob Van Dam & The Big Show vs. 'The Man Beast' Rhyno & The Undertaker

When you can think about a big tag team match for main event and brutally one, you can put all this guys in one, right? It's just cool when you think about this kind of main event. Rhyno last week returned and just like that right away he enters to the main event slot at 'RAW', that's nice push to Rhyno, and even team up with 'Big Evil' The Undertaker. Show and RVD had no remorse on both and to think the heels don't have the remorse on the poor faces, and I say "poor faces", yes. Rhyno went for some kick on RVD but RVD held Rhyno's leg to spin with a vicious kick to the head of Rhyno. RVD just looked at the crowd taunting with the thumbs 'R V D', I like it. RVD jumps over the fallen body of Rhyno as he hits the SPLIT LEGGED MOONSAULT on Rhyno to gain a cover too, but only two. RVD tagged in Big Show, and the crowd gave it a pop, big pop to say for the record. Show just with his huge hands held Rhyno in the air putting him like a doll at the turnbuckle corner, Show took his HUGE HAND and he chopped over the chest of Rhyno, crowd just WOOOO answered like that to Show. Show took Rhyno as he whipped to the other corner at the ring and Show went for a splash but Rhyno moved quickly but not being a fly in a second as Show turned Rhyno countered with a BIG GORE into the ribs of Show, he just took him down! Rhyno slowly reached to his partner aid and tagged him. The Undertaker picked up Show sending him to the ropes, he got success at this. Show just got dropped down with the big boot by Taker, after Show bounced back. Show was down and Taker was ready for the Chokeslam but got interfered by RVD but Rhyno took care of him, the two took it outside to brawl, while Taker look the referee looking at RVD & Rhyno, Taker reached for the chair right near the guard rail. Taker enters the ring with the chair, he didn't notice that the referee turned as Taker took Show throat into the chair and he dropped the chair down viciously to hurt Show's throat. The referee, Nick Patrick saw that to call for the DQ. Taker hits the big boot on him too, afterwards the match of course. RVD enters as he gets hit too by the chair, but for some reason Rhyno didn't got hit by the chair after he entered in. Rhyno and Taker both smiled to each other, some evil plan there, and that's how RAW GOES OFF AIR!

Winners: Rob Van Dam & The Big Show via DQ

(76, 81, 67)

TV Rating: 6.48

Overall Rating: 76%

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user posted image


- This past monday, 'RAW' return to be a favorite show on TV after the ratings went up with 6.48 are now happy at the company.

- BACKLASH is set to take place April 14th, early date without many matches booked but there's card with booked matches already, the card this :

RAW Brand:

- The Undertaker vs. The Big Show

- Intercontinental Championship, Rob Van Dam © vs. Rhyno

- 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin vs. Booker T

*Card is subject to change

- The following men have signed a development deal with the WWF : BJ Whitmer, Lance Cade and 'Hotstuff' Hernandez.

- Eddy Guerrero is close to sign a new contract with the WWF, rumours say that Eddy is clear of drugs and ready to be back in full strength to his old job at the World Wrestling Federation. Eddy have been wrestled at Mexico, WWA, Ring of Honor, and more independant promotions at the last year when he was out of contract with the WWF, more on that soon.

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Doo and MDC back... an angel just got it's wings...

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*holds up hands*

Of course, of course, I was just expressing some shock...

Doo you continue to amaze me. Considering how bad you were way back when, you have never really stopped improving. Your writing has become completely competent, now, if I may make a suggestion, if you want to have a good diary, or a great diary, you really need to focus on story... just booking a fed isn't really enough with the bizzare hybrid novel/diaries like BVS around. A good place to start is to possibly blur the line between kayfabe and reality... angles spilling over into the locker room, say.

But Big Doo 2004 > Big Doo 2002/3 easily, it's not even close. You've worked really hard to get your writing to where it is, don't stop now.

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WWF SmackDown!

April 11th, 2002

Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz

It's Time to Play THE Y2J!

'The Game' hits at the arena as the crowd going nuts, not only nuts, crazy, anyhow 'The Game' walks out with the newest WWF Undisputed single championship, there is no more two titles. Triple H gets in the ring and gets the microphone, HHH starts by attacking straight at Y2J. 'The Game' saying that if Jericho wants to complain so he he'll do it. Trips then tells that he would be defending his Undisputed Championship against Chris Jericho at 'BACKLASH' after going to Vince's office there aren't friends, so why he would entered his office? OH RIGHT! Vince is the owner of Smackdown owner. Jericho's music hits, Jericho comes, Jericho talks, saying that he would be more respecting champion as he was for 3 months before Triple H came and STOLE his Undisputed Championship. Triple H ends the scene after saying 'IT'S THE TIME TO PLAY THE GAME and Jericho at 'BACKLASH' YOU'RE GAME IS OVER!' some quote there, eh?


Vince & Hogan - PART II

'Hollywood' Hulk Hogan walking around the backstage, not seeing that he's ready to fight anyone tonight but suddenly he meets with his owner, Vincent Kennedy McMaon, I like this name. Vinnie Mac smiles at Hogan while Hogan looking really not happy by meeting Vince at the corridor. Hogan says 'GOOD LUCK' as he just walks by Vince who smirk his smile he does that every time, so? The scene feds as Vince looks at Hogan walking.


Rikishi vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

FAT ASS IS HERE! I miss Rikishi's STINK FACE, come on fans chant with me 'STINK FACE! STINK FACE!', I like that one, I really do. Chavo was the victim of the FAT ASS tonight but from what I saw Chavo can really handle some big boys like Kish. Chavo hits a right for arm to the face of Rikishi that followed by a reverse DDT that really succeed on Rikishi. Chavo takes the chance and pins, but only two. Rikishi try to get up but Chavo bounce the ropes takes Rikishi down with the baseball slide dropkick to Kish's face. Chavo now does the impossible thing that ever cruiserweight didn't succeed to do, to set up Rikishi for a suplex and hit it now he does setting him for the Brainbuster I guess but without success because Rikishi blocks it and hits a perfectly huge body slam on Chavo. Chavo slowly gets up but he gets connected by the super kick from Rikishi. Kish takes slowly Chavo to the corner as Rikishi gets up he looks at the crowd and hits the RUMP SHAKER onto Chavo's body, the bonzai drop at English. Rikishi pins, quick 3 count and win.

Winner: Rikishi

(65, 62, 68)

Maven, Al Snow & Diamond Dallas Page vs. Billy, Chuck & Rico

The rainbow connection are here, as Billy, Chuck & Rico are tagging each other for the first time against some two of the veterans in pro wrestling in one rookie, DDP & Snow are the veterans and Maven is the rookie, for all you knowledge people. Billy is a veteran here on WWF, but he's playing gay, not that good to be a veteran now. Rico with the spinning kick attempt on Snow but Snow ducks as he goes for the backdrop suplex on Rico after lifting him up. Rico is down and Snow goes slowly to his corner, tagging Maven, the young rookie is all ready. Maven jumps in punching every member of the Rainbow Connection, original eh? Maven went outside to the ramp, climbing up the ropes to hit a FLYING CROSS BODY on Rico but when he hit it Rico rolls him with his feet on the ropes but Maven somehow kicks out. Rico gets upset as he tags in Billy, who starts to stomp on Maven. Billy takes Maven sending him to the ropes Maven bounce back as Billy hits a lariat, strong one. Billy went for the cover but Maven kicks out again, lucky man. Billy signaled for the Fame-Ass-Er but when Billy starts to run Maven hits a perfectly hit DROPKICK! Billy and Maven are both down as the two goes to there corner, DDP get tagged by Maven and Chuck by Billy. DDP hits a right hand on Chuck, on Billy, and on the lovely Rico. DDP takes up Chuck he body slams him and DDP gets on the ropes and hits a flying leg drop. Maven gets up when Billy sets for attack but he hits the MISSLE DROPKICK onto Billy, while Snow clotheslines Rico to the outside. Chuck gets the crowd chants 'DDP' all over and a DIAMOND CUTTER got hit on Chuck! DDP pins Chuck to gain the 3 count and the victory.

Winners: Al Snow, Maven & DDP

(69, 69, 70)

The Crybaby, talks!

Kurt Angle was backstage, when Kevin Kelly was the one to interview him. Kelly asks why Angle asked for this time, Angle told Kelly that he got something on his mind. And that thing was The Rock 'The Peoples Champion'. Angle said that he's sick and tired of the pop that every time Rock gets, the ultimate power The Rock have, the merchandise, the fans, the ladies, everything but Angle said Rock won't have nothing in his life, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL! WOOOO! Angle said he can't stand Rocky, and he wants to face him at 'BACKLASH'. All of a sudden The Rock was behind Angle saying in low deep voice 'JUST BRING IT', crowd went nuts and Angle turned to Rocky as he smiled to Rocky saying 'You'll Submit because you got no chance, WOOOO!', Angle left leaving The Rock raising his eyebrow.



Edge was busting into Vince McMahon's office, telling him that he's totally pissed at what Test did to him last week. Vince told Edge that he won't let Edge do whatever he wants, including busting his office like that. Edge smirked and then he asked Test to 'BACKLASH' one on one, Vince smiles and booked it while Edge just leave McMahon which was totally upset.


The Hurricane vs. Tajiri w/Torrie Wilson

Again, Tajiri treat Torrie Wilson like the asshole he is but you can't blame the guy for having good reflexes, right? Torrie looked good anyhow, without or with the robe of the Japan society. Hurricane was weird look always, with his taunts, moves and stuff. Hurricane went for the shinning wizard but Tajiri was ready with a high kick to the head. Hurricane went down as Tajiri looked evil with his smile, Tajiri picked up Hurricane dropping him on his back with the devastating Michinkou Driver, but he didn't went for the pin he climbed up on the top turnbuckle to follow the move with a MOONSAULT but he gets hit by the mat after Hurricane moves away. Hurricane and Tajiri got up at the same time, the two exchanged right hands when Hurricane then took control when he sent Tajiri to the ropes Tajiri bounce back and get hit by a perfectly hit SHINNING WIZERD! I just give Hurricane two thumbs up by using The Great Muta's old finisher. Tajiri got knocked hardly, but when it came the time for the Chokeslam as Hurricane waited and Tajiri got up, the grab to the throat by Hurricane as he sets for the Chokeslam but somehow Tajiri try to spit the GREEN MIST at Hurricane like he did last week but Hurricane ducked, he might saw it coming and got behind Tajir and hitting him with the 'EYE OF THE HURRICANE' to go with the cover but only two. Tajiri suddenly gets up, he screams something at Torrie as Torrie gets on the ramp and Hurricane went once again but Tajiri spits another GREEN MIST, where he buys that mists eh? Torrie interfered by talking to the referee while the referee didn't saw the happenings. Hurricane went on one knee while Tajiri hits the KICK OF DEATH to the head of Hurricane, Tajiri pins and gets the victory after the 3.

Winner: Tajiri

(79, 62, 97)

Hurricane lost overness, Tajiri gained overness.

Pass That Test, alright?

Test was backstage, standing near Kevin Kelly 'The Angry Microphone Man', well I call him that but he never was angry with anyone. Test talked about Edge, being the punk that he is. Test mention that in the 'Alliance' time, few months back Edge was a joke to Test but then 'Survivor Series' came and he defeated him for both WCW U.S Championship and WWF Intercontinental Championship, that's why Test wants some revenge at the poor Edge. Test left Kelly by saying 'Edge, you need to past the TEST'.


Test & Christian vs. Edge & Val Venis

The team of Christian and Test is informed once again here on Smackdown, they're tag team road begin before 2002, at December if I remember right they faced together against Scotty & Albert at Vengeance. Now, Edge and Venis never teamed together, from what I know, from my sources at least. Edge hits some right hands on his brother, Christian now he sends him to the ropes Christian bounce back and Edge connects with the dropkick. Christian gets up but gets knocked down with a clothesline, 2 clotheslines, 3 clotheslines, I need to get to 4 but he stopped. Christian then quickly rushes to his corner tags in Test. Test enters as the crowd response with the jeers, and Edge smiles. Edge and Test begin to exchange right hands, the two then brawled all over the ring but then Test had Edge in the headlock Edge used his strength to push Test to the ropes Test bounce back but when they tackle each other Test tackles down Edge. Test starts to laugh at Edge as Edge gets up and stormed on Test to hold him a mount position and starts to punch him. Edge carried Test up by grabbing his hair, Edge tags in Venis who got nice pop too. Venis puts Test at the corner starting to punch Test as he kicks down Test to the canvas, Venis runs at the ropes but then he hits some short of a knee attack at Test and the crowd response that by giving him another pop. Christian storms to the ring but Venis back body drops him. Venis takes Christian and he just hit him with the backdrop suplex into a sunset cover but he couldn't get the pin because Christian wasn't the legal man. Venis got up when Test was ready and he hit him with the big boot. Test is still slowly trying to reach to Christian but Venis gets more succeed by tagging Edge as Christian gets in. Christian throws Venis out of the way but Edge starts with the right hands then Edge gets behind Christian picking him up as he takes him down with the ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP. Test is taking on Venis in the outside by throwing him at the steel stairs, while Christian gets up and gets SPEARED by Edge! Edge goes for the cover, but where's the referee? Test suddenly from behind attacks Edge and he lifts him up to take him down the PUMPHANDLE SLAM! Edge is out and Test puts Christian over Edge for the cover, referee turns, does the job and counts a 3. Christian & Test are victorious, thanks to Test.

Winners: Christian & Test

(72, 69, 76)

The Rock vs. 'Y2J' Chris Jericho

OH OLD NEWS! That's main event was at the Royal Rumble, this match was at No Mercy, this match was at Vengeance, how many times can those men fight each other? WHATEVER! Jericho won many times I think against Rock in all there battles, I only predict. Jericho with the dropkick on The Rock the crowd begun to jeer Jericho by being cocky then ever at the ring with his taunts. Jericho stomps and kicks at The Rock like he's some doll or something. Jericho picks up The Rock setting him for a vertical suplex but The Rock blocks it and hits a vertical suplex of his own on 'Y2J'. Jericho trying to get up, but The Rock is already on his feet. The Rock starts to give some right hands to Jericho now the two got into the corner, The Rock kept with his traditional right hands and the RIGHT HAND FROM HELL to Jericho! Jericho is down on the canvas, then Rocky drags Jericho's legs to the middle when he locks him with the Sharpshooter and Jericho screams at pain but he doesn't give up, The Rock open his mouth when he screams too, he does that always when he locks the Sharpshooter. Jericho finally made it to the ropes, touching them as The Rock breaks off the lock. WAIT! Kurt Angle, what he doing here? Angle walks and trying to interfere by distracting the referee, but The Rock notice and screams at Angle like the referee as Jericho hits a low blow, like he hit on Triple H last week. The Rock is hurt now and Jericho gets The Rock up from behind and drops him down with the backdrop suplex and Jericho puts his leg on The Rock's chest for a disrespecting pin but only two. Kurt Angle stayed in ringside, just watching the match, yeah right. Jericho ran then and went for the LIONSAULT but Rock moves as Jericho just lands on his feet then The Rock gets up and takes down The Rock by the legs to going for the WALLS OF JERICHO but The Rock just blocks the attempt as Jericho get turned around. Now Jericho sitting at the corner and he holds his knee like it hurts, wait a second the referee looks at Jericho and he calls for help while Kurt Angle comes with a chair behind Rocky and HIT IT HARD on the back of Rocky, good god. Jericho looks fine now when he hits a LIONSAULT by running on the ropes to get the easy 3 count and win. Angle & Jericho had some plan here the two celebrate as they start to attack The Rock. SUDDENLY Triple H runs as he hits the right hand on Angle and Jericho then Triple H kicked at Jericho attempting the Padigree but somehow Angle grabbed Jericho's legs and sliding him down. The two left together smiling as HHH checked on Rocky. Smackdown GOES OFF AIR with HHH screaming at them.

Winner: 'Y2J' Chris Jericho

(93, 97, 84)

TV Rating: 5.54

Overall Rating: 78%

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Good start man. I like shorter results myself, so this is a good move on your part. SMackdown looks to have the better brand, but who knows, it all depends on how you use Raw I guess.

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WWF Jakked

April 13th, 2002

Announcers: Michael Cole & Kevin Kelly

Albert d. 'Reverend' D-Von

The reverend is here on JAKKED, how good to be a REVEREND. The match was slow, not that pretty good by Albert because of his selling. Albert defeated D-Von after hitting a big Baldo Bomb to win.

(63, 64, 62)


A video shown of eyes of someone and on the upper screen was writing "The Return Is Near", who that might be?


Hardcore Holly d. Faarooq

Solid match to two of Smackdown's good brawler, I went on Faarooq the bad ass of this brand against 'The Dropkick Master' Hardcore Holly, I don't like Holly's attitude. Holly won after rolling up Faarooq with his feet on the ropes, cheap win.

(65, 59, 72)

Holly gains overness.

Can Edge Pass The Test?

We've watched a clip from Smackdown that saw Test teaming with Christian to face Val Venis & Edge the two teams are so close to victory in very good semi main event of Smackdown. Test was shown hurting Venis, while referee check on him and in the ring Test hit Edge with the Pumphandle Slam while he put Christian on Edge to get the victory for the team.


Edge lost overness.

Can It Be His Time Again?

A video shown from Smackdown once again and it shows that Jericho faced The Rock in the main event. Kurt Angle was coming to the aid of Jericho, he just came to watch the match at ringside, yeah and I am the son of Earl Hebner, might be. Jericho now looks like "HE HURT HIS KNEE" but it was plan that Angle came with the chair to attack Rock from behind. The Rock was down and Jericho won the match via Lionsault. Angle & Jericho was shown attacking Rock afterwards, then Triple H ran to help The Rock, what will happen at 'BACKLASH'?


Lance Storm d. Scotty 2 Hotty

Lance Storm really proving that Jakked is the hottest show on TV, like RAW & Smackdown, better then Heat. Anyhow, Storm and Scotty had excellent showcase, cruiserweight moves, technical basics, but that was Storm's time when he defeated Scotty after locking him in HALF BOSTN CRAB as Scotty tap out. Storm won, but he didn't finished he stomped on the poor 'WORM Master' but then Albert came for the save but Storm quickly left.

(76, 67, 85)

TV Rating: 1.64

Overall Rating: 62

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RAW and Smackdown! & Castrol GTX Presents : WWF 'BACKLASH', live from The Kemper Arena In Kansas City, Missouri!


- WWF Undisputed Championship Match

'The Game' Triple H © vs. 'Y2J' Chris Jericho

The Undertaker vs. The Big Show

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin vs. Booker T

- WWF Intercontinental Championship Match

Rob Van Dam © vs. 'The Man Beast' Rhyno

Edge vs. Test

- WWF Tag Team Championships Match

Billy & Chuck © vs. Maven & Al Snow vs. Scotty 2 Hotty & Albert

- HeAt! Main Event

New World Order (Credible, X-Pac & Hall w/Nash) vs. Kane & The Hardyz w/Lita

*Final Card

Predictions are can begin, only if you wanna ;)

Edited by BigD00
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April 14th, 2002

Announcers: 'JR' Jim Ross & Jerry 'The King' Lawler - Michael Cole & Tazz

HEAT Main Event

Scott Hall, X-Pac & Justin Credible (nWo) vs. Kane & The Hardy Boys w/Lita

Kane starts off with Credible and Credible fakes a lock up when he goes to hold Kane's stomach from behind. Credible starts for some reason to hit clubby blows to the back of Kane, but all of a sudden 'The Big Red Machine' turns to Credible without getting any hurt as he grabs Credible by the throat throwing him to the other side of the ring. Credible runs into Kane after getting up but he gets knocked by a huge big boot that took him down once again. Credible cruel to his corner, X-Pac tags himself in by slapping Credible's back. X-Pac take matters to his own hand by starting to hit Kane with some kicks and rights but like Credible he gets grabbed in the throat by Kane and puts him on the turnbuckle pad. Kane tags Jeff Hardy in, the ladies starts to scream as usual. Hardy gets X-Pac now starts to punch him and kicking him right in the lower gut, Jeff looks at Kane tells him something. Kane gets right near the corner and he gets on four, what the hell? Hardy gets backed away real far as he runs and jumps over Kane to hit the kick to the face of X-Pac via the jump. Crowd gave it a huge pop, loudly, as Jeff drags Pac to the cover but gets the 2. Jeff picks up Pac sending him to the corner as he caught Pac after he bounced back with the powerslam followed by the pin. Pac kicked out in the 2, Jeff upset. Jeff all of a sudden takes Pac's legs opens them as he jumps into Pac's NUTS with the legs, I really like this move. Jeff tags in Matt who climbs on the turnbuckle to hit a Flying Legdrop, his trademark on Pac. The match have been quickly controlled by the Anti-nWo, now Matt takes up Pac after getting 2 count after pinning Pac. Matt takes him up sending him to the ropes but when Matt went for the clothesline Pac avoids it as Matt turns Pac connects with the Lighting Kick to the head of Matt. Pac slowly reaches to his corner and Hall gets the tag by X-Pac. Hall starts to hit some right hands on the fallen Matt Hardy, who slowly got on one knee. Matt stands up now but Hall gets him with more right hands, Hall sends Matt as Matt bounce back but he jumps right into Hall's arms as Hall hits the Fallaway Slam! Hall went for the pin but when the referee got to the 2 count Jeff Hardy kicks on Hall's back to stop the count. Suddenly, Justin Credible try to interfere also but Jeff Hardy gets him by a clothesline Matt was near his corner, and he tags Kane! Pac takes out now Matt Hardy with some stomps, the four men in the outside brawling like it 2002! Scott Hall starts to hit some right hands on Kane but Kane grabs his one fist as he hurts him and Hall gets on one knee, slowly Hall gets up but gets knocked by a big boot. Suddenly, Nash runs to the ramp he gets up but gets knocked with a right hand of Kane. Hall gets up after getting big boot in the face and gets grabbed by Kane's hand and gets CHOKESLAMMED straight to hell! Kane covers, 1, 2, 3! The Hardyz & Kane have won this match. Afterwards, Nash trying to hit Kane but Kane hits the Chokeslam on Nash too, this Kane is a powerhouse. Kane and The Hardyz leave along with Lita, the crowd went wild.

Winners: The Hardy Boys & Kane

(71, 70, 73)

WWF Tag Team Titles Match

Billy & Chuck © w/Rico vs. Scotty 2 Hotty & Albert vs. Tough Enough (Snow & Maven)

Maven starts off with Scotty with a lock up, Maven locks the headlock right away as Scotty shoves Maven to the ropes and Maven bounce tackling Scotty down. Maven bounce the ropes jumps on Scotty and Maven again bouncing as Scotty jumps over Maven and Maven bounces again for the 3rd time I think but he gets knocks by a right hand from Scotty, the crowd pleased with that. Chuck somehow reached to Scotty as he slapped his back to tag in. Chuck starts to stomp over Maven who still down, Maven slowly try to get up and Chuck sends him to the ropes but quickly as Maven bounce back Chuck hits an hard clothesline move on Maven. Chuck goes for the cover but Snow stops at via a kick on the back. Billy interferes now by trying to attack Snow but Snow just back body drops him he back body drops Chuck too. Albert enters in with Scotty as the two hits a perfectly double clothesline on Billy, Chuck gets knocked with a super kick by Al Snow, that's clears that. Snow gets out and Scotty too, that's leaves with Albert & Maven. Albert takes Maven puts him in the corner, Albert starts to hit some right hands on Maven then he sending him to the corner but when Albert went for a SPLASH on Maven in the corner Maven was ready to block with a kick to Albert. Albert now is dizzy something like that but Maven gets up on the turnbuckle, Albert turning around as Maven jumps on him from the top rope with the FLYING CROSS BODY! Maven gets the pin but only two, Maven tags in Al Snow who gets some nice pop. Snow starts to kick onto Albert's stomach sending him to the corner and you don't believe it Snow just caught Albert with a POWERSLAM! Snow with a quick cover, the pin ended when Billy stop that count with a kick. Snow gets up as he tags now Billy, who just went back to his corner, he know gets out. Billy picks up Albert sending him to the ropes and Billy kicks Albert in the gut when he bounce back and Billy bouncing himself with the ropes to end this with a Fame Ass Er but Albert avoids it as Billy turns and gets planted by a BALDO BOMB! Crowd make some good pop there, Albert went for the pin as he gets 2 only. Scotty sees that Chuck wants to enter but he stops him with some right hands, the two starting to brawl and now Scotty & Snow gets into it too with some brawling. Suddenly, Rico enters in as he hits a perfectly SPINNING KICK to the head of Albert. Rico then interferes with the brawl to fight with Scotty & Snow, as Billy slowly gets up and he hits on Albert the FAME ASS ER! Billy quickly covers with none to see and getting the quick 3 count! Billy & Chuck retain the WWF Tag Team belts with the help of Rico. Afterwards, Scotty enters to check on his fallen partner, while Maven & Snow leaves the scene after Billy, Chuck & Rico left all together.

Winners and still WWF Tag Team Champions: Billy & Chuck

(69, 70, 70)

WWF Tag Team belts gained image.

Edge vs. Test

Edge and Test looks at each other, they got this stare down that might be killing me, seriously. Test and Edge locked it up, and Test had the headlock with smirk smile on his face but Edge then shoves Test to the ropes and Edge clotheslines somehow Test after bouncing back. Test gets down as Edge backs away by referee orders, Test then screams at the referee tells that Edge did something, huh? Edge just clotheslines Test he didn't do more then that. Test gets up trying to attack Edge but Edge avoids as Edge turns to Test and he starts to hit him with some good right hands, Edge sends Test again to the ropes as Test bounce back Edge back body drops Test to the other side, Test again runs to Test after that but he gets arm dragged by Edge. Edge arm drags Test more then 1 time, he did 3 times, the crowd just kept on giving Edge some pop, big pop to say. Edge locks the arm of Test when he arm dragged him for the last time, Edge kept on the arm lock as Test slowly gets up with still Edge locking the arm but then Test gave the thumb to the eye of Edge which made him unlock the arm of Test. Test takes Edge as he sends him to the corner and followed by a clothesline into Edge who was at the corner, hard clothesline and Edge quickly got dropped into the canvas. Test then puts his huge boot on the face of Edge who still was at the canvas as he smashed Edge's face on the canvas, ouch I don't want to be Edge at this moment. Test picks up Edge and he now sending him to the other corner, Test went again for a splash or clothesline but Edge moved away to let Test hit the turnbuckle after he misses the target. Test turned and Edge went for a SPEAR early in the match but Test moved as Edge got into the ring post as he hurt his shoulder, he might be. Edge turned to Test who lifted him up as he just slammed him with a running powerslam. Test hooks Edge's leg for the pin but only a two count he got there. Edge was still down as Test again picked him up took his hand under the leg and hit a perfectly hit PUMPHANDLE SLAM! Edge was knocked from what we saw, Test just went outside to climb on the top turnbuckle as he set up himself and went for a huge ELBOW DROP and he hits it perfectly! Test covers Edge but only two when Edge shocks everyone with a kick out. Test got up when he was ready for a the BIG BOOT but when Edge got up Test went for the BIG BOOT but Edge ducks it really quickly he avoids it when Test turns he gets planted by Edge with the SPEAR!!! A huge one, my god! Edge with the cover but TEST KICKS OUT! Dear god what a match! Edge was ready for another Spear, but when Test slowly got up he moved away when Edge went for the Spear, Test went now for the Big Boot but again Edge avoids it somehow as Test turns and Edge kicks at Test to hit the viciously EDGEOCUTION! Edge pins Test to get the 1, 2, 3! Over, done, and Edge wins. Afterwards, Edge celebrates while Test was pissed as hell.

Winner: Edge

(71, 74, 67)


Triple H stood next by Kevin Kelly, the man of the hour. Triple H was looking ready to me.

Kelly: Triple H, tonight it's the rematch between you against the former WWF Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho, you're thoughts of tonight's match up?

HHH: Kevin, Jericho isn't a stranger to me, we fought couple of times in our careers here at WWF, and we fought of course at WM 18 the biggest stage of them all, I won face it Jericho, you crappy stories about me stealing your Undisputed Championship is a crap, believe me, it's just a joke! You trying to turning me as the bad guy here, eh? Well you can't, because the fans are loyal as I am to them not like you Jericho. Chris, I respect your work, you're wrestling skills, and more then that I respect the prize that you won at Vengeance last December, the WWF Undisputed Championship, but I don't respect you're ATTITUDE! So face it Jericho, tonight there's no escape for you.

Kelly: And...

HHH: This interview is over, sorry.

Triple H looks tense, and ready to kick Jericho's ass, it'll be one for the ages, I guess.


Why Those Two Don't Aren't Booked?

"IF YOU SMELLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING" hits in the arena and The Rock walks out to a huge ovation. Rocky walks on the isle, The Rock then poses on the turnbuckles and still he gets huge pop from the fans. Rocky then gets chill as he asks for the microphone and as usual the fans chant "Rocky, Rocky, Rocky" all over the arena.


Crowd went wild with that quote, as usual.

The Rock: Tonight I took the night off from wrestle because if you see my hand isn't in the best shape, my hand is all bruised up, well The Rock had a little accident but I'll be in shape in 2 weeks, or less. The Rock says he heard 'Olympic Gold Crybaby' Kurt Angle talking last week about The Rock at Smackdown. Now, Kurt, if you really have a problem with the 'People's Champion' so JUST BRING IT!

The crowd did cheer for that one.

The Rock: The Rock says he doesn't got any problem with you, but costing my match with Jericho last week that was stupid Angle, I mean that The Rock will NEVER and The Rock MEANS EVER will forget it. The Rock says that the MILLIONS and (crowd joins) MILLIONS of the Rock fans want to see me kicking you're CRYBABY CANDY ASS!

Crowd chant for that as all of a sudden Angle's music hits and the "U SUCK" chants begin. Angle walks out with his wrestling gear, but why is he with the wrestling gear? Anyhow, the crowd chants the "U Suck" chants and Angle doesn't look happy, Angle enters the ring gets the microphone and it's time for the BACKLASH DEBATE!

Kurt Angle: Rock, I need to get the respect that I deserve, I see the fans don't give it to me, you're not giving me the respect I deserve, so who will? Rocky, I'm an OLYMP...


The crowd went wild and they start to chant Rocky's name.

The Rock: The Rock says this, I respect of what you archived in your career, but your ego is too big and what you did to THE PEOPLES CHAMP at Smackdown was mistake, so Angle are we are me, you, ring, JUST BRING IT...BITCH!

Angle and Rock stare at each other Angle turns his head as he gives Rocky a sucker punch. The Rock gets as Angle takes control by start to stomp on Rock as he sends him to the ropes Angle went for the clothesline but The Rock ducks as Angle turns The Rock levels him with the running clothesline. The Rock waits for Angle to get up as he sets him up then for the ROCK BOTTOM but then Angle blocks it follows by a LOW BLOW! Angle then gets Rock from behind lifted him up to slams him with the ANGLE SLAM! Rock is down when Kurt Angle went outside to take a chair, Angle enters with the chair as The Rock gets up and Angle just blasted him with the chair to the head. The crowd gave a huge jeers to Angle as he just locked the ankle of Rock and he locks the ANGLE LOCK! The Rock starts to taps out and he screams at pain then some officials and referees comes out to separate the mess. Angle leaves with his music and he gets huge jeers from the fans.


Kurt Angle gains overness.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Match

Rob Van Dam © vs. 'The Man Beast' Rhyno

Rob Van Dam starts with Rhyno as Rhyno fakes a lockup and he give his knee at RVD's ribs, hurt. Rhyno gets the headlock and he just takedowns RVD and still locks the headlock. RVD puts the scissors legs on Rhyno's head to break it off and they did. Two gets up as RVD now gets the headlock on Rhyno, RVD takedowns Rhyno but Rhyno now does the same as RVD did minute ago, he puts his legs in scissors style and the two again break it off. RVD gets up when Rhyno busts into RVD with a hard clothesline. RVD is down when Rhyno going maybe for GORE early in the match but when RVD quick turns Rhyno gets knocked by RVD with a pump kick, some counter there. RVD gets behind Rhyno who is down as RVD hits the ground moonsault onto Rhyno's body. RVD with the pin but he gets a quick 2 count. Rhyno slowly gets up RVD helps him by grabbing his hair now RVD sends him to the ropes RVD then hits the spinning wheel kick which followed by the SPLIT LEGGED MOONSAULT! RVD with the pin over Rhyno but Rhyno kicks out at 2. RVD is frustrated now, RVD climbs now on the top turnbuckle signals for the 5 STAR FROG SPLASH but when he jumps he MISSES it when Rhyno just moves away, OUCH! RVD now holds his stomach after getting hit by the mat and Rhyno already is up and he tackles the hell of RVD after getting up, what a tackle good god. Rhyno picks up RVD as he lifts him up in some move position and he drops him with the diving powerbomb. Rhyno gets the quick pin but the two count only. Rhyno is pissed and he looks frustrated and he'll do anything to weak the Intercontinental Champion. Rhyno looks at the crowd he planning something as he takes RVD puts him under his guts as he puts him in a Piledriver and OH MY GOD! WICKED PILEDRIVER by Rhyno, he used that move to finish guys at ECW, with that move he won the ECW Championship, RVD is out cold. Rhyno signals to the crowd that's the end when he pins RVD, 1, 2, NO! MY GOD! RVD kicked out from this devastating move. Rhyno now walks to the corner, he looks ready for THE GORE once again but when RVD gets up he moves away but nothing happened to 'The Man Beast', Rhyno turns as he try to kick RVD somehow RVD holds Rhyno's leg and he spins to hit a awesome kick to the head of Rhyno which took him down. Rhyno & RVD are both down on the mat now, the crowd chant for RVD to cheer him up, will it help? Rhyno gets up first, RVD after him, the two exchanged right hands RVD finally handles it when he puts the fists on Rhyno, he sends Rhyno to the ropes, Rhyno bounce back as RVD hits another pump kick like earlier, RVD went up on the top turnbuckle as he jumps and hits the 5 STAR FROG SPLASH onto Rhyno! Crowd went wild as he went for the pin 1, 2, NO!!! RHYNO KICKED OUT! MY GOD! RVD gets up now, slowly, Rhyno got up without RVD notice it when RVD turns Rhyno hits a SICK LOW BLOW! That's disrespect by 'The Man Beast', Rhyno hits the GORE on RVD after the sick low blow, the referee called of course for the bell and RVD won via DQ. Rhyno leaves like hero, but gets boo out of the building.

Winner via DQ and still Intercontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam

(76, 74, 79)

Intercontinental Championship gains image.

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin vs. Booker T

Stone Cold starts the match with right hands on Booker without any talk or nothing before Stone Cold could pose on the ring posts he attacked Booker. Stone Cold sends Booker to the ropes while Booker bounce back Austin jumps on Booker with the lou thesz press followed with punches on Booker, Austin got up as he got this crowd pumping up, the crowd went wild as they chant "AUSTIN" chants all over. Booker goes slowly to the corner he gets up when Austin comes to him he starts to kick him down to put Booker down on the canvas, then Austin gives the fingers to Booker T as he puts the huge boot on Booker, good god what a revenge system by 'Stone Cold'. Austin now poses to the crowd by getting on the ring post but suddenly, Booker comes from behind he attacks Austin with the blows to the back. Booker gets Austin down as he stuck him in the corner, Booker slaps 2 times Austin around the face, the crowd boos him for that as Booker looks at his hand in a crazy look this is one hell of a crazy sucka. Booker now gives couple of chops to the chest of Austin which made his chest quickly turn to red after those vicious chops, my god. Austin is hurt a little bit but now Booker sends Austin to the other corner as Booker follows by a splash onto Austin in the corner after running to him. Booker now lifts Austin he puts him at the turnbuckle pad sitting on it as Booker slaps once again Austin's face, Booker gets up at the top rope as he set up for something then he hooks his hand over Austin and he hits the SUPERPLEX into the ring. Austin is hurt when Booker goes to 'Stone Cold' as he hooks the leg but Austin kicks out at two. Booker picks up Austin to the ropes as Austin bounce back Booker caught him with a SPINEBUSTER which made Austin's back hurt even more. Booker now gets up as he again looks at his hand and he gets on one knee, Booker T signals and the crowd just gave him hell of a jeers and he just does the SPINEARONNIE! Jerry Lawler at the broadcasting team goes crazy, now that's fun. Booker gets up as he gets leveled with a clothesline by Steve Austin after getting up, ouch that was unexpected. 'Stone Cold' starts to stomp on Booker, slowly Austin gives him leverage by getting up and Booker finally is up but Austin picks him up over the shoulder and he delivers the SPINEBUSTER too but in another position. Austin goes to the turnbuckle he jumps at Booker with the elbow drop, and that was hell of an elbow drop right into the head. Austin pins Booker but he gets the two, after Booker kicks out. Now the crowd chanting again Austin's name as Booker slowly gets up and Austin went for the Stunner but Booker grabs the leg as he spins Austin when Austin gets turned Booker caught him with the BOOK END! GOOD GOD! Booker pins Austin 1, 2, NO! The crowd is happy, I'm happy, I think I am. What a shock. Austin is down as Booker then went for the SCISSORS KICK but when Austin gets up he avoids quickly as Booker hit the air, Booker turn as he gets connected by the STONE COLD STUNNER! The crowd went crazy, Austin pinned Booker, 1, 2, 3! Crowd went nuts, totally nuts, and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin wins at BACKLASH! Afterwards, Booker isn't happy while Austin celebrates Booker attacks Austin from the back and he hits him with the BOOK END! Austin got up then but he got knocked with the SCISSORS KICK by Booker T, the 5 time WCW Champion to notice that. Booker smirks as he left the ring with a big smile, the crowd jeered Booker as Austin was taking care of by the referee, good match though.

Winner: 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

(85, 87, 81)

The Undertaker vs. The Big Show

The match started off on the isle with The Big Show waited for Taker, the two met on the isle as those two monsters brawled all over the isle. Big Show took the control by punching Taker more, he then took Taker's head and bumped his head onto the guard rail then Show went to send Taker to the steel stairs but Taker reversed as Taker sent him there and remember the bell didn't ring on yet. The referee called out those two monsters told them to get to the ring. Taker then grabbed Show by the head as he rolled him into the ring and Taker followed him inside, the referee then called for the ball and the match started. The Undertaker begin to stomp on the huge Big Show as Taker grabs the arm of Big Show as he locks it with the arm lock and the legs around the arm of The Big Show, the referee asks Show if he wants to tap but Show say he don't as he reached to the rope and he touched it which made Taker leave the arm. The Big Show is down grabbing his arm looks hurt yep Big Show is hurt who believed. Taker then stomp more on the fallen monster, Taker then went outside near the rope that Show touched as he grabbed both Show's legs between the ring post but then Show countered with Show pulling Taker into the ring post with his HUGE legs, Taker got hurt in his head while Show try to recover and getting up. The Undertaker is down then The Big Show is up but he going outside one more time, Show takes Taker's head and bumping it over the steel stairs, very painful. Show grabs Taker by the body rolling him to the ring Show following him. Show then picks up Taker as he body slams Taker onto the mat then Show hits the elbow drop from the mat into Taker, that's got to hurt. Show pins Taker but he gets the two count only. The Big Show still on his feet when Taker is down, turning point took place here, eh? The Big Show takes up Taker he sending him to the ropes as Taker bounce back Show lift him from the back stomach hitting him with the sidewalk slam. Show now ready with his huge hand for maybe the CHOKESLAM of the lifetime. Taker turns after getting up as he gets grabbed by the throat and Show was ready Chokeslamming Taker but somehow Taker hits the uppercut to the throat of Show and he reversed the decision. Taker then suddenly grabs Show's throat as he takes him down with the CHOKESLAM! How can it be? The Undertaker just chokeslammed The Big Show, HOLY SH*T! The Undertaker covered The Big Show but THE BIG SHOW KICKED OUT! MY GOD! Show still down when The Undertaker is pissed off as he drags Show's legs under the ropes, The Undertaker went outside as he took The Big Show outside with him. All of a sudden the referee started to count. The Undertaker send The Big Show straight into the guard rail from there into the steel stairs, The Big Show is totally out. Taker then takes the mat out and the floor is out to the fans, they chant "TAKER SUCKS" all over the arena when The Undertaker then grabs Show by the throat as he CHOKESLAMS Big Show to the floor, MY GOD! The referee reached to the count of 10 and it's DOUBLE COUNT OUT! Neither men lost, this was a hard brawl between those two, Taker raise his hands in the air. The Undertaker leaves the scene, when The Big Show trying to get up but he can't because he's still knocked out.


(79, 89, 59)

WWF Undisputed Heavyweight Championship

'The Game' Triple H © vs. 'Y2J' Chris Jericho

Here we are, the biggest main event of the night the rematch of 'Wrestlemania 18', will it be like Wrestlemania? Triple H looks at Jericho, Jericho exchanges looks with Triple H those two are intense like hell. The two men both locked it up in the elbow tie up Jericho gets the headlock on HHH as he gets near the ropes Triple H shoves Jericho right into the ropes and Jericho bounce back Triple H tackles Jericho down. Jericho stays down holds his back looks at Triple H. Y2J tells the referee that he hurt him, hell the referee don't care about it as Triple H just smiles to Jericho and the usual "HHH" chants begin. Triple H gets on the middle rope getting some huge pop, suddenly Jericho attacks from the back. Jericho takes down 'The Game' starting to kick his back and now he picks HHH up to send him right to the ropes, Triple H bounce back as he hits him with the flying for arm which followed by baseball slide dropkick to the back of Triple H. Jericho raises his hands up in the sky when the crowd gives him hell of a jeers, some cocky son of a gun Jericho is, eh? Well Jericho now takes the control by slapping HHH's back like is a doll. Triple H try to get up but Jericho gets him when he sends him to the corner, Jericho runs with Triple H and he just delivers the clothesline into Triple H. HHH fall to the canvas, Jericho holds him up again put one more time at the corner as he lifts him at the turnbuckle pad setting him up and he hits the perfectly hit SUPERPLEX on Triple H the men fall into the mat. Triple H's back might be hurt now. Jericho looks at HHH he looks at the ropes as he runs at the middle rope he try for the LIONSAULT and he doesn't hit it perfectly because Triple H's knees was in place to hit Jericho's ribs. Jericho holds his ribs now he might be hurt as Triple H slowly on his feet when HHH is up, Jericho too as Jericho turns Triple H hits the face of Jericho right into HHH's knee. Triple H then sends Jericho to the ropes after picking him up, Jericho bounce back and Triple H caught him with the MAIN EVENT SPINEBUSTER! Well it's done now, JERICHO IS OUT! Triple H hooks Jericho's leg, 1, 2, NO! MY GOD Jericho kicked out! Jericho is still down when Triple H ready for Jericho to get up, Jericho is up, Triple H kicks him right in the stomach setting him for the PEDIGRE but Jericho blocks it and slides out from the ring as he grabs both of HHH's legs to take him out. Jericho kicks Triple H in the stomach as he takes his head to bump it right into the guard rail. Jericho now takes Trips with the body slam set but he drops Triple H on the ribs into the guard rail. The referee counts, he reached to 5 already. Jericho slides to the ring but he gets to the outside quickly, smart move. Jericho now smiles to the crowd again raise his hands in the air to let the fans jeer him. Jericho takes Triple H sliding him into the ring as Jericho waits for something as Triple H standing up Jericho takes him from the back dropping him with the backdrop suplex. Jericho puts the leg on HHH's chest for the disrespected pin but Triple H kicks at two. Jericho suddenly locks the WALLS OF JERICHO! Full lock of the WALLS OF JERICHO on Triple H who try to get to the rope, but Jericho screams "TAP OUT SON OF A BITCH", lovely words by Chris Jericho. Triple H fights the pain and Jericho wants him to tap out, only that. Jericho holds Triple H already for 15 seconds, then Triple H reach the rope and he TOUCH IT! Triple H reached the rope as Jericho start to stomp at Triple H and then Jericho again sees that HHH is down he goes for the LIONSAULT one more time but he misses this time, well again I guess, after HHH moves away as Jericho gets up Triple H kicks him in the gut to drop him with the PEDIGREE!!! Triple H hooks the leg on Jericho, 1, 2, 3!!! OVER! Triple H retains his Undisputed Championship, music plays, huge ovation and Jericho is upset after Triple H left all happy with his Championship belt. THE SHOW IS OVER AND TRIPLE H STILL THE UNDISPUTED CHAMP!

Winner and still WWF Undisputed Champion: 'The Game' Triple H

(74, 80, 62)

Undisputed Championship lost image.

Buy Rate: 1.33

Overall Rating: 79%

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