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Band of Brothers


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Some people must have seen the series or read this book. It is amazing, I don't know why I didn't watch it sooner, it is by far the best WWII film to date, I am a huge WWII buff and always want to know what happened, and this film is so accurate and the way they develop the characters through the film is spot on, at first it is a bit like Black Hawk Down as you don't really know who's who but then you do and you feel a connection with the characters, the thing is, they aren't really characters, they are real people, and when they die you aren't mourning the characters, you are mourning the people. It brought tears to my eyes in places, it is an amazing series, anyone who hasn't seen it should really go out and buy this. Easy Company are heroes.

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My favourite episodes were the Battle of the Bulge ones in Bastogne. They were awesome, one of them was all about Doc Roe and what he had to do in those kinds of situations.

Doc Roe and Cpt. Winters are actually played by English people too, I didn't know it at the time, they sounded so convincing as Americans. There are a lots of other British people in it too.

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I reccomended it in my blog yesturday, best movies ever although I never got through them. I'm not that excited that they find a concentration camp... I never knew that. Came someone PM me the details of what they see there?

My favorite episode would have to be number two, where they see their first action. Although i'll miss David Schwimmer's character.

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