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The RTCW Chronicles

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When you think of Alabama, white picket fences and two-story houses aren't usually the first things that come to mind. Unless you've been to Fairhope, that is. Located in the far-southern tip of Alabama, the town is home to around 13,000 people -- most of whom are extremely wealthy, white, and retired. The town is something out of the Stepford Wives with freshly-mowed yards and beautiful, white houses aligning every street. The eastern part of town, however, isn't just aligned with houses but mansions. Massive houses sit about 100 yards apart, sometimes more, with long and winding driveways leading up to them and massive gates to keep intruders out. In this neighborhood, you truly feel inadequate.

And that's the setting for our story. Fairhope, Alabama isn't exactly the biggest town in the world but it is the home to one of the richest men in the United States. Maxwell Bernard III is worth, according to the most recent reports, more than $75.5 billion dollars and it only seems to be growing. The story goes that in 1940, Bernard's grandfather -- Maxwell Bernard Sr. -- founded a construction company which continued through all three generations of the Bernard's and seemingly only got bigger through each. By the time it had reached Bernard's grandson, it was the biggest construction company in North America and most of Africa. Of course, Maxwell Bernard III was sitting atop an empire worth more than he could've ever imagined.

But while Bernard was a very successful businessman -- even with a degree from Harvard -- he still had one passion that had always escaped him: professional wrestling. Bernard has always dreamed of becoming a pro-wrestler, but when he turned 25, immediately took over the family business due to his father's untimely death. Because of this, his dream was crushed before it could ever get started. But as time went on and Bernard went into semi-retirement at the age of 55, he began to think of his old dream from time to time. Obviously, it was impossible to become a pro-wrestler but he could still aspire to be a wrestling promoter. To work alongside the likes of Vince McMahon? He knew he could be a wrestling promoter. So in the first quarter of 2004, Bernard put his dream into the works.

It was alot harder than Bernard imagined, but he successfully gathered everything he needed for a wrestling promotion. The ring, of course, all the production equipment, several 'qualified' wrestlers, and a writing team. That's where I came in. My father was one of Bernard's business associates and everybody in and out of the family knew of my wrestling dreams. I'd even trained at the WWE TRAX Center in Stanford but a back injury had ended my hopes of becoming a wrestler prematurely. Even so, I continued to stay involved in the business and booked for NWA: Alabama for several months. Bernard also knew of my ventures in the wrestling business and gave me a call one day, asking if I would be interested in working for his new promotion as a writer and booker. Of course, I immediately accepted and we got together on continuing his idea.

By late October, we had already signed several wrestlers from the surrounding idea. While Bernard was extremely rich, he didn't want to put much money into the company until he was sure it was a success. So we were on the same level as say, a backyard promotion -- except that we ran out of small buildings and had a real ring. By the time November had rolled around, we were about ready to run our first show except for several small problems that could be quickly straightened out. We discussed names for the promotion from inside the venue we'd pick to run our first show -- a smelly old Middle School gym -- and it immediately came to me. RagTag Championship Wrestling.

And so begins the story of RTCW. How will it go from here?

<hr>The RTCW Roster

'The Punisher' Dominique Johnson - Face, 13 Over, Gangsta - One of our best wrestlers, physically. Fresh off of graduation, Johnson was brought into the promotion after Bernard's son put in a few good words for him. While he has the talent to succeed, his attitude and need to 'gangbang' in real life is a huge drawback and one of the reason he's not going to be one of our starting stars.

Greg 'Machine' Bernard - Heel, 25 Over, Arrogant - A total brat and asshole, if you ask me. Greg's had everything handed to him on a silver platter and was always Mr. Popular throughout high school. Even started as the schools' quarterback thanks to his dad's friendship with the coach. Will play the biggest role in RTCW and is decent in the ring, but has a piss-poor attitude.

Hammerton - Heel, 8 Over, Redneck - We found this 7'1" monster working in Maxwell's wife's garden behind their house. He's a quiet type of guy but is still extremely scary and will play a redneck heel as Robert D. Lee's bodyguard and muscle for The Confederacy.

Kingpin - Face, 11 Over, Old School Face - While he'll begin as a face, Kingpin should make a transition to a heel sometime soon. He's currently being billed as a New York crime boss and it's going to stick, but we've got a feeling that it will work better if he's a heel. May have an allie or two if we can afford to bring someone in for him.

LuNaR - Heel, 16 Over, Gothic - A very odd guy here. His gimmick isn't just a gimmick, but his lifestyle as he calls it. I've tried to stay away from this guy as much as possible and I've already discussed releasing him with Maxwell. We'll keep him for now, but I really don't like this guy and how he acts.

Milkshake - Face, 10 Over, Sidekick - A very charismatic man, which lead us to put him at a manager's position for now. He will manage Dominique Johnson, who's only weakness is his charisma. The odd thing about this is that they're really cousins, but are extremly close in real life. Could become a wrestler later on, if we can get him enough training.

Miss Rebel - Heel, 11 Over, Rebel - Will manage The Confederacy. We found Miss Rebel, who's real name is Nicole, at the local skating rink. Basically, she's here because she has charisma and sex appeal. She'll hopefully keep the boys in the back happy as well, if you know what I mean.

Robert D. Lee - Heel, 10 Over, Racist - Our oldest competitor on the entire roster at 43, Lee won't be in competition as much as his allie Hammerton will but we'll still see him in action sometimes. The leader and creator of The Confederacy, Lee claims to be the great nephew of Robert E. Lee, though he's never shown any proof of this.

Steve Fuller - Face, 5 Over, No Gimmick Needed - Middle of the road wrestler. He'll be job fodder for now, but we could revamp his character later on if he shows us some determination and become a much bigger name. As for now though, he'll try to break Goldberg's streak with losses.

The Masked Destroyer - Tweener, 16 Over, Mysterious - We had to bring in someone to play The Masked Destroyer, due to Maxwell's love for old-school wrestling. We actually got a decent wrestler to portray the Destoyer and he's got a future in RTCW due to Bernard's love for old school wrestling.

Tommy Gunn - Face, 14 Over, Martial Arts - Maxwell stole the name from his favorite movie, Rocky. An average wrestler, Gunn won't play a huge role in RTCW but will be a mainstay. He's not really that experienced in martial arts, but we've taught him to stick with side kicks and chops so the fans should buy it as long as he doesn't screw anything up too bad.

<hr>The RTCW Staff

Beulah Bernard - Medical - Maxwell's lovely wife will stand by with a First-Aid kit incase we need her to put some band-aid's on or something. Let's just hope nobody breaks anything or else we're screwed.

Jeff Mitchell - Referee - We needed a referee, so I gave my cousin in North Carolina a call. After just being busted for having about a pound of meth on him, he needed a solid job and I could provide him with one. He's hopefully clean now and he had better be, because we need him to count three in our matches!

Mark Garland - Referee - Our other referee, Garland is one of Maxwell's friends who was out of a job. We had a referee spot open and Garland was quick to jump on it.

Nana - Road Agent - My grandma. She's not the wrestling type, but we'll have her around at the events to make sure no disputes break out.

Papa - Road Agent - My grandpa. If there is a dispute, he'll be sure to settle it.

Sean Bernard - Production - Maxwell's other son, Sean is the total opposite of Greg. He's not the popular type and would take a computer over a football anyday. Stays inside most of the time and is a loner, but he was more than happy to help me with the production setup. Alot different from Greg and in a good way. He's actually nice to people, unlike his asshole of a brother.

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With a bank balance of just $200,000 dollars, we've got to be extremely careful with our spending. While this may seem like alot, it's pennies for running a wrestling promotion. With the payroll of both wrestlers and staff alike, we have barely any money left over to spend on promotional affairs. Still, we managed to find an old copy of Adobe Photodeluxe 2.0 laying around in Sean's room and printed out about 50 fliers promotiong our first show. I paid a couple of potheads $20 out of my own pocket if they'd put the fliers up so I'm hoping our ticket sales will be decent. Here's how the fliers turned out:

<center>user posted image</center>

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RTCW Genesis

Date: Friday, December 17th, 2004

Venue: Fairhope Middle School Gymnasium - Fairhope, AL.

Attendance: 13 people

- Steve Fuller vs. Dominique Johnson: Johnson receives a decent response to his rap music and enters in full gangster-wear. Removing his doo-rag and handing it to Milkshake, who is on crutches for some odd reason, Johnson prepares for his match with Fuller. To start, Johnson basically runs circles around Fuller and hits him with clothesline and suplexes. Fuller tries for a clothesline himself, but Johnson counters with an amazing Northern Lights Suplex for two. Fuller slowly stands right into a dropkick and as Johnson plays off to the crowd, he calls for the end. Fuller manages to escape an Ankle Lock and floors Johnson with a headbutt. This is about the only offense Fuller gets though, as Johnson counters a Crossbody into a bodyslam and then ends the match with a Moonsault. Afterwards, he calls Milkshake into the ring only to be floored from behind by Robert D. Lee and Hammerton! (*½ -- 41/16/66)

- Milkshake attempts to hit Lee and Hammerton with his crutches, but is quickly floored and rolls out of the ring in pain. Johnson then tries to fight the two men off and nearly succeeds with a clothesline on Lee, but steps right into a Chokeslam from the massive Hammerton. As Lee stands, he begins brutally bashing Johnson across the face before retreaving the house microphone and pointing out at the crowd. He tells us that as an American, he must protect the people from these sub-humans and their ways. This gets alot of heat for Lee, but he continues as Hammerton holds the rebel flag in the background. Lee says that this is just the beginning and by the time he's finished with the RTCW, it will have been throughily cleansed. (66)

- Hammerton vs. Kingpin: Kingpin shows us that his strength cannot be matched in the RTCW as he brings Hammerton to his knees with a bearhug. But the massive man stops Kingpin in his tracks with a headbutt and then floors him with a Big Boot. Hammerton attempts an early Chokeslam but Kingpin manages to kick him in the gut and then connects with a devastating DDT. Miss Rebel attempts to distract Kingpin, but he simply pushes her off of the apron only to step right into a lariat from Hammerton. This appears to be the end but Kingpin somehow kicks out of the pin as Robert D. Lee enters the ring while Miss Rebel distracts the referee. He swings the flag at Kingpin, but Dominique Johnson appears and levels him with a dropkick before he can even get close to him! Johnson then hits a Northern Lights Suplex on Hammerton, allowing Kingpin to connect with The End -- a FameAsser/Pedigree type maneuver before hooking the leg for the win. Afterwards, Kingpin and Johnson eye each other before shaking hands. (**, 46/17/76)

- Hardcore Free-For-All: The Masked Destroyer vs. LuNaR: Several chairs, tables, trash cans, and even a row of barbed-wire have been layed out on the ring. Tables are set up all around the ring and the fans are ready for this match. Destroyer gets things going with a fist to LuNaR's head and then throws him into the corner where he connects with several chops. LuNaR manages to escape his grasp though and sends the Destroyer into the corner with a spear. He tries for another spear, but Destroyer manages to move and then drops LuNaR with a kick to the ribs. Destroyer throws LuNaR over the ropes and to the outside, where he then attempts to slam him through a table. LuNaR escapes though and instead slams Destroyer head first into the turnbuckle post. Back in the ring, LuNaR picks up the barbed-wire and throws it at Destroyer, who manages to catch it. But this was seemingly part of LuNaR's plans as he nails him with a dropkick and sends the barbed-wire right into his face! LuNaR sets up a table inside the ring and then tries to suplex the Destroyer through it, but he counters and instead drops LuNaR through one of the tables on the outside! Back inside the ring, Destroyed hits a brutal Powerslam on LuNaR and makes the cover to win the match. Things aren't done yet though, as the two men continue to fight into the backstage area! (**½, 52/24/81)

- Once the ring has been cleared, Greg Bernard enters the ring to a mixed reaction. He's obviously well known at the school and points to a picture on the wall of the 2000 8th Grade Middle School Football team, which went 8-0 and became County Champions. He was the starting Quarterback. Bernard retreaves the house mic and silences the crowd, telling them to let a hero speak. Bernards tells us that his nickname is very much true -- he is a Machine and he won't stop until the RTCW knows that. He informs us that it starts tonight with a win over Tommy Gunn and ends when he becomes the Heavyweight Champion. (70)

- Greg Bernard vs. Tommy Gunn: Gunn charges the ring and pounces on Bernard as the two begin rolling around and exchanging fists. Gunn wins out on the fist contest and pulls Bernard to his feet, throwing him into the corner. Gunn the charges Bernard with another spear and hits him with a series of punches to the face. This enrages Bernard, who shoves him back and then hits an extremely stiff clothesline. A pin follows, but it's only good for two. Both men are up to their feet fast and lock up, only for Gunn to win out and bring Bernard down into a headlock. He then shoves Gunn into the ropes and hits a Drop Toe Hold as he returns, before diving on him for a submission attempt. Gunn is up fast though and rams Bernard backwards into the corner, forcing him to let go. They turn to each other and have a short staredown before locking up again. The match continues at this fast pace for several minutes including several nearfalls, until Gunn tries for a Superplex off the top rope. The move connects, but Bernard rolls through into a schoolboy and hooks his tights for the cheap victory! Afterwards, Bernards takes off out of the ring with his arms raised high and the crowd booing as he heads for the locker rooms to end the night. (**½, 56/34/79)

Show Quality: 55%

Ticket Sales: $130

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RagTag Championship Wrestling presents


Friday‚ January 21st‚ 2005

Live from the FMS Gymnasium in Fairhope‚ AL.

The first RTCW Heavyweight Champion will be crowned in an eight-man tournament on January 21st‚ 2004 at Chase for the Championship. Four matches will take place in the first round which will then be followed by two semi-final matches to determine who will go on to the finals. The match for the Championship itself will bare the stipulation of being a ladder match‚ in which the object is to climbe a ladder and grab the title which is hanging above the ring. The card for Chase for the Championship is as follows:

Round 1‚ Chase for the Championship Tournament

‘The Punisher’ Dominique Johnson vs. Hammerton

Round 1‚Chase for the Championship Tournament

LuNaR vs. Tommy Gunn

Round 1‚ Chase for the Championship Tournament

‘Machine’ Greg Bernard vs. The Masked Destroyer

Round 1‚ Chase for the Championship Tournament

Robert D. Lee vs. Kingpin

Round 2‚ Chase for the Championship Tournament

Match 1 Winner vs. Match 3 Winner

Round 2‚ Chase for the Championship Tournament

Match 2 Winner vs. Match 4 Winner

Finals‚ Chase for the Championship Tournament

Ladder Match

Match 5 Winner vs. Match 6 Winner

Tickets for the event are $5 at the door and $10 for advanced sale. Front row seats will sell for $10‚ both at the door and during advanced sale. General seating is just $5 so be sure to show up and see the hard-hitting action of RTCW!

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A slightly more in-depth look at our second event, but not a huge writeup. I've done those before and found myself burnt out with a diary after just one or two shows, so these results won't usually be too long. Instead, I'll just give you a general writeup of the match and focus more on the overall aspect of the diary.

RTCW Chase for the Championship

Date: Friday, January 21st, 2005

Venue: Fairhope Middle School Gymnasium - Fairhope, AL.

Attendance: 13 people

The show opened at exactly 7:00 PM with the head referee Jeff Mitchell making his way down to the ring with the RTCW Heavyweight title in hand and entering. He retreaved a house microphone and told the crowd that the RTCW thanked them for coming and then held up the title before informing the crowd that these eight men would all be fighting tonight for this belt. At that point, The Confederacy's music hit and Hammerton headed for the ring.

Chase for the Championship: Dominique Johnson vs Hammerton

The match began with Johnson taking the advantage over Hammerton by keeping himself low and working on Hammerton's legs to keep him down. Hammerton attempted to shut Johnson down early on with a Pump Handle Slam but Johnson used his agility and size disadvantage to escape his graps and instead hit a vicious Superkick right to Hammerton's jaw! The big man stumbled back, but came at Johnson with a strong lariat before going for the pin. No leg was hooked though and The Punisher escaped before rolling away and rising to his feet. Hammerton came at him with a Big Boot, but all Johnson had to do was duck. Twisting around behind the larger man, Johnson maraciously hit a perfect German Suplex on Hammerton as both men crashed to the canvas. Rising to his feet, Johnson went to the top rope for a Moonsault but Robert D. Lee, sensing danger for Hammerton, hopped onto the apron and shoved Johnson off! The referee was distracted by Miss Rebel, however, and did not see the interference. Afterwards, Hammerton had easy pickings with Johnson and simply lifted him up for a brutal Chokeslam before covering and this time hooking the leg for the victory. Afterwards, Hammerton celebrated with the rest of The Confederacy.

Result: Hammerton def. Johnson, (50/21/79, **½)

Chase for the Championship: LuNaR vs Tommy Gunn

Gunn obviously wanted the victory here to move on into the semifinals as he leaped on LuNaR as soon as he entered and began pummeling him across the face with vicious blows. LuNaR somehow escaped though and dumped Gunn out of the ring before going after him. On the outside the two men exchange fists until Gunn won out and threw LuNaR right into the makeshift guard rail, giving the fans a closeup view of LuNaR. Gunn attempted a bodyslam on the outside, but LuNaR managed to slip off his shoulder and instead rammed Gunn forwards into the ring post. Back in the ring finally, LuNaR hit a series of elbows to Gunn's sternum and then went for the cover which earned him a close two count. LuNaR began showboating to the crowd earning some boo's whilst allowing Gunn to regain his composure. Turning, he stepped right into a Belly-to-Belly Suplex from Gunn who then called for the end. Getting down into a football position, Gunn waited for LuNaR to stand and then hit him with a big tackle much like The Pounce and covered him for the victory. Afterwards, Gunn celebrated and pointed to his waist before looking up at the RTCW Title which was hanging above the ring.

Result: Gunn def. LuNaR, (51/27/75, **)

Once the ring has been cleared, Dominique Johnson makes his way down to the ring and calls for a microphone. He tells us that he's extremely angry about his loss earlier tonight and goes over what Robert D. Lee said last month about cleansing the RTCW. Johnson then says that he'll give Lee an opportunity to 'cleanse' him in a match next month. At this point, Lee appears with Miss Rebel and tells Johnson that he's making a huge mistake but accepts his challenge. Johnson then calls Lee down to the ring for a pre-match brawl, but as Lee reaches the ring, he stops and smirks. Hammerton then appears out of nowhere and destroys Johnson with a lariat from behind! Lee then joins in on the beatdown and orders Hammerton to lay The Punisher out with a Chokeslam. Afterwards, the three Confederacy members pose as Hammerton waves the rebel flag.

Chase for the Championship: The Masked Destroyer vs Greg Bernard

The match starts out slow and The Masked Destroyer keeping the match at a steady, but neutral pace. He attempts a backdrop on Bernard, but the Machine gets a sunset flip instead for the close two. Destroyer rises to his feet fast and kicks Bernard, who is just now rising, right back down to the canvas and then drives an elbow into his chest. Bernard rolls out of the ring and takes a quick breather before climbing back in and locking up with Destroyer. He brings the smaller Bernard down into a headlock and then throws him into the ropes for a clothesline on the return. He tries for the pin, but Bernard escapes at two and then kicks Destroyer down to the canvas with a heel kick. Machine slows the match down even more and locks the Masked Destroyer into a chokehold, trying to wear him down for a cover or submission, possibly. But as the Destroyer fell to a knee, he managed to throw Bernard out of the ring which forced him to let go. On the outside, Destroyer attempted to use a chair on Bernard but the referee pulled it away and ordered them back into the ring. Bernard took advantage back inside and hit a sloppy DDT before hooking the leg for the pin. It wasn't enough though and now the Masked Destroyer took over with a knee to Bernard's head. The end of the match finally came with the Destroyer attempted a Powerbomb, only for Bernard to slip out of it and hit a Cradle Piledriver for the win.

Result: Bernard def. Masked Destroyer, (50/30/71, **)

Chase for the Championship: Kingpin vs Robert D. Lee

Lee had Hammerton with him for this match, most likely to make sure that Dominique Johnson did not interfere. Even so, Lee had more than he could handle with Kingpin as he was manhandled early on by the larger opponent. Lee managed to even things up with a lowblow while Miss Rebel had the referee's attention, but this only seemed to enrage Kingpin who caught Lee with a Rockbottom-type maneuver and then went for the pin. It was worth only two though, as Lee managed to kick out just before the three. Rising to his feet, Kingpin continued his domination of Lee but was stopped in his tracks by yet another lowblow. Lee then took it to the fallen Kingpin with kicks and stomps, even throwing him to the outside and letting Hammerton have a go at him while Lee distracted the referee. But the crowd suddenly went wild as Dominique Johnson appeared from the back and blindsided Hammerton with a chair shot, laying him out. Inside, Lee was distracted by Johnson momentarily as Kingpin returned to the ring. Turning around, Lee walked right into The End which gave Kingpin the victory. Afterwards, Johnson shook hands with Kingpin before flooring Lee with a chairshot.

Result: Kingpin def. Lee, (48/25/72, **)

Chase for the Championship: Hammerton vs Greg Bernard

Hammerton was still layed out at ringside when Greg Bernard headed for the ring, dragging a referee with him. Pulling Hammerton up, Bernard threw him into the squared circle and began beating him across the head profusely. Bernard then hit a sick-looking Cradle Piledriver and went for the pin, but Hammerton somehow kicked out before the three! Looking shocked, Bernard caught Hammerton with a swinging neckbreaker and then went for another pin but again he kicked out. Hammerton stood to his knees by now and tried to fight Bernard off, but eventually fell victim to another Cradle Piledriver. However, Bernard didn't think this was enough, and so, he hit another Piledriver before finally pinning him for the victory! Bernard is moving on to the finals.

Result: Bernard def. Hammerton, (46/12/80, **)

Chase for the Championship: Kingpin vs Tommy Gunn

Kingpin was at an obvious disadvantage, having only a short break after his match against Robert D. Lee. Still, he showed his amazing skills here as he fought Gunn to the very end. Gunn used his size and martial-arts background to work Kingpin over early on, driving him back into the corner and then hitting several strong heel kicks to weaken Kingpin. Still, the mafia boss caught one of Gunn's kicks and took him down to the canvas before locking on a Sharpshooter! Gunn managed to get the ropes, but the damage had been done to Gunn's knees. Kingpin continued to work over Gunn's knees, trying to keep him from performing his lethal kicks and martial-arts maneuvers. But finally, the tide turned with a stiff kick from Gunn to Kingpin's jaw. A pin followed but it was only good for two. Kingpin fought back and almost got the victory with a rollup but Gunn was out just in time, continuing the match. On the outside, the two exchanged fists before fighting back into the ring to wind up the match. Gunn floored Kingpin with a lariat and called for the tackle, but Kingpin managed to counter into a Modified Chickenwing which he calls the Black Out and choked Gunn out for the win! Afterwards, Gunn stood and offered his hand to Kingpin, who accepted as the fans cheered for both men.

Result: Kingpin def. Gunn, (49/23/75, **½)

Ladder match, RTCW Heavweight Title: Greg Bernard vs Kingpin

In what was certainly the match of the night, Bernard and Kingpin brought the house down. The match had both fast and slow paced action and numerous ladder spots, including a sick dive from Kingpin to the gymnasium floor! The contest began with both men eyeing each other before locking up and struggling for the advantage. Bernard brought Kingpin down into a headlock, but Kingpin surprised everyone with a Back Suplex on Bernard! Standing, the Machine has his eyebrows raised but shook it off and again locked up. This time he went Kingpin into the ropes and went for a lariat, only for him to duck and hit Bernard with a DDT instead! The match continued at a steady pace until Bernard floored Kingpin with a huge Brainbuster and then brought the ladder into the ring, adding more fun to the match. Bernard attempted to grab the title early on, but Kingpin tipped the ladder over and Bernard was forced to leap, landing on the canvas. Kingpin now sat the ladder up in the corner and whipped the Machine into it, before rushing in to meet him with a Stinger Splash! Both men were worn out at this point, but continued to fight for the title. Bernard went for a lariat on Kingpin, but was countered into a German Suplex right onto the ladder in a very sick moment for the crowd. Afterwards, Kingpin made his own attempt at getting the title but Bernard was there to tip the ladder over, sending him to the outside on the unforgiving floor of the gymnasium! Barely able to stand, Bernard sat the ladder up and began to climb. Kingpin showed no signs of movement but as the Machine began to get closer and closer, he shot to his feet and raced in. Barely in time, he pushed the ladder over and Bernard went crashing to the canvas while the ladder went flying right into the referee! With all three men now down, Tommy Gunn suddenly appeared out of nowhere and began to size up Bernard. He got down for a tackle and rushed forth as he stood, but Bernard managed to move and Gunn hit Kingpin instead! Afterwards, the Machine hit Gunn with a brutal Piledriver and then sat the ladder up before climbing to the top and retreaving the belt to become the first RTCW Heavyweight Champion!

Result: Bernard def. Kingpin, (63/49/78, **¾)

Quality: 53%

Ticket Sales: $130

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As the ring was being taken apart and loaded into our U-Haul truck that I'd purchased from the local dealership for $1000, I shook my head as Maxwell appeared with a cigar in his mouth and his son at his side. He told me that he was glad that I had sided with him on where the title should go and that we should just sit back and watch the RTCW get bigger and bigger with Greg at the reigns. You see, the original plan was for the title to go to Kingpin, but those plans were changed as soon as Greg and his father learned of my intentions. Maxwell told me that his son was the biggest star RTCW had and should be the first Champion to lead the company. I tried to argue with them, but at the risk of losing my job, the plans were changed and I informed Kingpin. He took it well and luckily, I managed to get the Gunn run-in okayed by Maxwell so Kingpin's namesake wasn't completely destroyed.

Overall, Chase for the Championship was a solid show. The main event was match of the night and when you've got your biggest title involved in the match, that's always a plus. Our bank balance is currently around $400,000 so we're slowly making money. Once Maxwell decides to put more money into the company, which I'm sure he will, we'll be able to promote the promotion more and get our name out to a larger fanbase. But for right now I'm going to focus on our upcoming show, which Maxwell himself named -- 'The Greatest Show on Earth.' Nice, huh? I haven't finalized the card yet, but the RTCW Title will be involved somehow along with the continuation of the Lee/Johnson fued.

Bernard was nice enough to hire a personal assistant for me. Her name, I believe, is Sophie. I've only talked to her once, but she seems intelligent so I'm hoping she can help me out with alot of the organizing that needs to be done within the RTCW. Lets just hope Bernard's baby goes as planned.

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RagTag Championship Wrestling presents


Friday‚ February 18th‚ 2005

Live from the FHS Gymnasium in Fairhope‚ AL.

On the 18th of February‚ RTCW will present the Greatest Show on Earth. It will leave anyone who views the event breathless and seniors over 60 are advised to not show up if they suffer from heart problems or take certain medications. With a Heavyweight champion finally crowned‚ the RTCW is ready to show the fans of Fairhope that we mean business.

#1 Contendership for the RTCW Heavyweight Title

Kingpin vs Tommy Gunn

Special ‘Warm-Up’ Bout

Heavyweight Champion 'Machine' Greg Bernard vs Steve Fuller

Alabama Chain Match

‘The Punisher’ Dominique Johnson vs Robert D. Lee

Rematch from 12/17

The Masked Destroyer vs LuNaR

Tickets for the event are $5 at the door and $10 for advanced sale. Front row seats will sell for $10‚ both at the door and during advanced sale. General seating is just $5 so be sure to show up and see the hard-hitting action of RTCW!

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RTCW The Greatest Show on Earth

Date: Friday, February 18th, 2005

Venue: Fairhope High School Gymnasium - Fairhope, AL.

Attendance: 11 people

At 7:00 exactly, the lights above the school gymnasium dimmed as a medium-built man made his way down to the ring and entered. Adorned in a pair of blue jeans and a button down blue shirt, the man introduced himself as Steve Hanahou and informed the crowd that he would call the RTCW action tonight at ringside. Hanahou then took his seat at a makeshift table and thanked everyone for coming as the first contest of the night got underway.

Rematch from 12/17: LuNaR vs The Masked Destroyer

As always, this match began slow with Destroyer working LuNaR over in the corner with stiff chops and fists. Destroyer hit a Suplex off the middle rope and then went for the cover but it only got a two count. Both men were up quickly but LuNaR launched his own attack, hitting the Destroyer with a flying forearm followed by a series of fists to the Destroyer's visage. Afterwards, LuNaR hit a surprising suplex on the much-larger man and then made the cover for a close two count. Destroyer exited the ring at this point to take a quick breather, but LuNaR dove through the middle ropes with a tope sending both men to the floor! Finally back inside, Destroyer regained the advantage and went for the Powerslam but LuNaR managed to slip off his shoulder and got the rollup! At two, LuNaR grabbed Destroyer's tights and held him for the three count and the cheap victory. Afterwards, he exited the ring quickly and celebrated into the back.

Winner: LuNaR, (55/28/82, **½)

Prematch words from The Punisher.

As the Destroyer sulked his way to the back, the familiar sounds of "Let's Go" by Trick Daddy filled the arena and Dominique Johnson appeared with Milkshake. Making his way down to the ring, Johnson entered quickly and retreaved a microphone. Quieting the crowd, The Punisher spoke as Milkshake taunted the crowd.

Johnson: Last month, I challenged Robert D. Lee to a match, giving him an opportunity to begin his 'cleansing' of the RTCW. Lee, you're a cheater and I'm not expecting this to be a fair match but once I'm done with you, it's gonna be O-V. Over! So Lee… Hammerton… and your little Confederate ho' too I guess, get down here so I can show you how a real gangsta gets down!

Overall: 57

Alabama Chain match: Robert D. Lee vs Dominique Johnson

Lee made his entrance with Hammerton at his side and a massive chain in hand. Once inside, Lee assaulted Johnson from behind as the referee was putting the chain on him and began choking him with it! The referee managed to push Lee away and called for the bell, but the damage had been done. Lee continued his brutal assault by choking Johnson with the chain once more, but the Punisher managed to throw him outside and then yanked him right back in thanks to the steel chain! Johnson was obviously enraged by Lee's prematch attack and began beating him across the head with the chain wrapped around his fist before pulling him up and hitting a bodyslam. Johnson tried for a leg drop off the middle ropes, but Lee managed to yank him off with the chain and then hit a DDT for two. Lee then called for the Rebel Yell, a modified DVD but Johnson countered with a neckbreaker and signaled his own finisher, the Moonsault!

Hanahou: Johnson is going for the Moonsault here to finish Lee off, but can he do it with the refines of that steel chain? Is it gonna give him enough leverage to hit it? We'll about to find out!

Johnson perched himself on the top rope and turned around for the Moonsault, but as he did so Hammerton appeared on the apron and pushed him off! Both men were now layed out on the canvas but it was Lee who finally made the cover for the oh-so-close two count. Milkshake began screaming Johnson's name as did some of the fans until he finally stood. Lee wasn't too far behind though and quickly tried to jerk the Punisher at him. Johnson, being the much younger and stronger athlete, did not let Lee do this and instead yanked The Confederacy-leader to him for a Northern Lights Suplex! Calling for the end, Johnson headed to the top rope as Hammerton came at him to try and stop him. But out of nowhere, Milkshake blindsided Hammerton with a chair shot which allowed Johnson to hit the Moonsault and then cover Lee for the victory! Afterwards, Johnson and Milkshake celebrated as Hammerton and Miss Rebel carried Lee to the back.

Winner: Dominique Johnson, (50/30/71, **)

Warm-Up Match: Greg Bernard vs Steve Fuller

The RTCW Heavyweight champion made his way down to the ring cockily and pointed at his title before rolling inside and waiting on his opponent. Fuller entered to a mild response and immediately tried to rush Bernard, only to fall victim to a kick right to the jaw. Falling back and rolling around in pain, Fuller was scraped up quickly as Bernard hit a nice snap suplex and then began to mercilessly drill him with fists. Bernard smirked and pulled Fuller up slowly, obviously taking his time with him. The Machine slapped Fuller around abit and then threw him to the outside before flexing for the crowd. Obviously well known at the high school, he actually received several cheers as he took it to Fuller on the outside. Whipping him into the ring apron, Bernard finally brought Fuller back into the ring and wrapped things up with a Snake Eyes into the corner and a lariat off the ropes. Afterwards, Bernard held his title up and smirked as Fuller was helped to the back in pain.

Winner: Greg Bernard, (51/31/72, **)

Hanahou: And an easy win for Bernard, who's calling this a warmup match for next month when he'll face the #1 Contender -- who is about to be determined in our next match -- for the RTCW Title! And wait a minute, now Bernard's got a microphone. I wonder what he's got to say.

Bernard offers Gunn and Kingpin some advice

Calling for a microphone, Bernard threw the title across his shoulder and wiped the little sweat he had off his brow before speaking.

Bernard: Did you just see that? I single-handedly destroyed who some consider the top star of RTCW, Steve Fuller which just goes to show you why I am the Champion. Now, I know you two guys -- Tommy Gunn and Kingpin -- are watching this from the back and let me just tell you right now. I don't care who wins your little match because it don't matter, you're gonna get beat next month. Kingpin, I beat you last month. Tommy Gunn, I beat you in RTCW's first show and I'll do it again to either one of you! So why don't you just take my advice and quit now?

Bernard pauses as the crowd boos and then continues.

Bernard: Go home, you'll get payed, and we'll call it even. But if you want to get beat by me next month, then come on down. I've got a front row seat to the match so lets get this thing going alright?

Bernard exits the ring and takes a seat with Hanahou as the familiar sounds of Kingpin's music fills the arena.

Quality: 72

#1 Contendership: Tommy Gunn vs Kingpin

Kingpin was eager to get some revenge on Tommy Gunn, who cost him the Heavyweight title last month. Gunn attempted to use kicks against Kingpin, but he simply fought Gunn to the ground and forced him to brawl all throughout the match which took him off his gameplan. Instead of the usual submission holds, Kingpin just brawled with Gunn for 5-minutes straight! Gunn managed to hit Kingpin with a stiff kick after getting loose and standing to his feet but Kingpin countered another kick-attempt with a takedown and then punched him hard right in the jaw! With a busted lip and bruised eye, Gunn was furious and began to fight back in his own brawling style. Both men beat the hell out of each other for a good 10 minutes with Bernard looking on and occasionally making comments to Hanahou.

Bernard: Look at these two idiots! They're beating the hell out of each other when they already know I'll beat either of them next month.

Hanahou: But Kingpin could have defeated you last month had it not been for Tommy Gunn's interference.

Bernard: Please, Gunn just wanted his name involved in the RTCW Heavyweight title picture. I would've beat Kingpin without Gunn's little runin, which may I add, was directed at ME!

On the outside, Kingpin and Gunn fought right in front of Bernard. Laying Gunn out with a right hand, Kingpin pointed at Bernard and told him that the title would be his next month before laying into Gunn with several more slugs. Back inside the ring, Kingpin called for The End -- literally -- and hooked Gunn's arms for his lethal finisher. But out of nowhere, Bernard appeared and leveled him from behind with the RTCW Title before drilling Gunn across the back of the head with it as well! As a result, the referee called for the bell and ruled the match a no contest. Still, Bernard continued his assault on both men and by the time he had finished, both men were layed out and bleeding. Bernard then turned to the fans and posed with his title as the show ended.

Winner: No Contest, (51/27/75, **)

Show Quality: 55%

Ticket Sales: $110

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The Greatest Show on Earth was a mild success, which is basically what I call anything above a failure. Attendance went down to a whopping 11 people, but when you're relying on word-of-mouth and not much else, it's not too surprising. Even so we managed to again make money and Maxwell has already assured me that if Welcome to the Jungle is a success as well, the RTCW will receive $1,000,000. With that being said, I'm looking alongside Sophie furiously to make the show a success. With an extra million in our account, I'd have enough to actually promote the RTCW and make Bernard more money. For now though I have to rely on keeping the title on his son to keep him happy.

Even without much promotion, we've got several hardcore fans -- who virtually make up the entire crowd for our shows. With that in mind, the majority of our wrestlers have managed to get over with these fans and that's always a great thing. To begin with, Greg was our most over wrestler and that was only because he was Mr. Popular in school and had the Bernard namesake. Now, he's still the most over guy in the promotion, but barely. Dominique Johnson and Kingpin are probably the next two over guys in the company and I'm certainly glad, because they're two men I'd love to build the company around now that Johnson has leered away from his previous gangster lifestyle. And with an extra million, I can hopefully keep these men with the RTCW instead of moving onto a bigger promotion.

Roster Update

'The Punisher' Dominique Johnson - Face, 32 Over, Gangsta - Made a huge jump in overness since the RTCW's opening. His gangster gimmick really appeals with our younger fans and he's even toned it down at my request while still managing to seem cool and hip. Even better, Johnson has shyed away from his actual gangster lifestyle and seems to focus more on working out and improving himself for wrestling. What more can you ask for?

'Machine' Greg Bernard - Heel, 45 Over, Arrogant - While I do dislike Greg, his overness has risen alot since our first show and I credit that to the ladder match last month mostly. Luckily, Bernard isn't looking to move on to another promotion and sees this like he sees football -- he's on one team for good. I suppose that's a good outlook but I still can't stand him and his piss-poor attitude. Maxwell on the other hand, couldn't be anymore happier with him.

Hammerton - Heel, 20 Over, Redneck - More over than he was when he started, so I'm happy with the big man. Right now he's playing second fiddle to Robert Lee, but I want him to break out on his own later when we can afford a good manager for him. But for now, The Confederacy will continue.

Kingpin - Face, 34 Over, Old School Face - One of the guys I want to build the promotion around. For now though, it starts with Greg and ends with Bernard. I love the whole Kingpin/Bernard/Gunn fued for the title, even if Maxwell doesn't want his son to drop the title, and I'm hoping that I can work around that to keep Kingpin and Gunn over. Even so, this man continues to impress me and my thoughts of turning him heel have been temporarily cancelled.

LuNaR - Heel, 28 Over, Gothic - Even though I don't like the guy, he's managed to get over. I've really got nothing for him right now, other than filler matches with Masked Destroyer and I'm pondering turning it into a fued. Still, he's partially over but I can't stand his lifestyle and I won't build the promotion around him.

Milkshake - Face, 11 Over, Sidekick - Not much of a chance for The Punisher's manager, but that's not a surprise when he was out for two months with an ankle injury right after the opening of RTCW. Is at 100% health now though and should serve as a great sidekick to Johnson. Like I said before, he could become a wrestler with some proper training.

Miss Rebel - Heel, 12 Over, Rebel - Nearly the same as when we signed her, but her sex appeal is a plus for our fans. She'll never play a big role in the RTCW in my opinion, but she's great for alittle T&A for the boys in the back and in the crowd. Hasn't developed much into her own character and I doubt she will for awhile, but The Confederacy needs a manager and that's why she is here.

Robert D. Lee - Heel, 17 Over, Rebel - I've decided that Lee will move to a more redneck gimmick instead of a pure-out racist, since it didn't seem to go over with the crowd very well. Regardless, Lee and Johnson are pretty good friends in the back and joke with each other as Lee calls Johnson a cracker and Johnson calls Lee a nigga. Funny, I guess. Solid wrestler for his age and his overness has rosen a bit. I like the fued he's got going with Johnson.

Steve Fuller - Face, 11 Over, No Gimmick Needed - Not much to say here. Like I said, he's only here to make others look good and surprisingly, he has no problem with it. Fuller views this as a weekend job and doesn't care what we do as long as he makes his $1000.

The Masked Destroyer - Tweener, 23 Over, Mysterious - The same with LuNaR -- I've got nothing for him. He's already had two matches with Mr. Gothika, so I'll probably have it develop out into a full-blown fued. He's gotten partially over with the crowd, but I can't expect much from this slow-paced wrestler. The fans want fast-paced and bloody brawls. If this was 1980, Destroyer would be our top draw.

Tommy Gunn - Face, 28 Over, Martial Arts - He isn't one of the guys I want to build the promotion around but for now, he's one of our biggest draws. Serves more as a main event fodder than anything else, but he isn't entirely a jobber. Could be alot better with some work but he'll have to do for now, until we can hire more workers.

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RagTag Championship Wrestling presents


Thursday‚ March 17th‚ 2005

Live from the FMS Gymnasium in Fairhope‚ AL.

Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and games. That’s the slogan for RTCW’s fourth show as we head into March with a huge main event pitting Greg Bernard in a fatal three-way match in which he will defend the RTCW Heavyweight Championship against both Kingpin and Tommy Gunn! This could be the biggest show in the RTCW’s short history and it will all come to the head on March 17th as we present Welcome to the Jungle‚ live from the FMS Gymnasium!

Fatal Three-Way, RTCW Heavyweight Title

‘Machine’ Greg Bernard © vs Kingpin vs Tommy Gunn

Heart of Dixie Tables Match

Hammerton vs ‘The Punisher’ Dominique Johnson

To Settle It All -- Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match

The Masked Destroyer vs LuNaR

Showcase Match

El Luchadora vs Steve Fuller

Tickets for the event are $5 at the door and $10 for advanced sale. Front row seats will sell for $10‚ both at the door and during advanced sale. General seating is just $5 so be sure to show up and see the hard-hitting action of RTCW!

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RTCW Welcome to the Jungle

Date: Thursday, March 17th, 2005

Venue: Fairhope Middle School Gymnasium - Fairhope, AL.

Attendance: 15 people

With Welcome to the Jungle playing over the stereo system, Steve Hanahou entered the ring and welcomed everyone to the show before running down the card and hyping up every match. Finally taking his seat at ringside, the first two competitors were introduced to begin the RTCW's biggest show to date at 7:00 PM.

Showcase match: El Luchadora vs Steve Fuller

The newest addition to the roster, Luchadora certainly left something to be desired as he and Fuller bored the crowd to begin the show. Fuller dominated early on with a series of headlocks and restholds, before hitting a Crossbody that took both men out of the ring. Afterwards, Luchadora attempted a Plancha off the ropes to the outside but Fuller caught him and then rammed him into the apron before taking him back inside for a close two. Fuller then hit a swinging Neckbreaker on Luchadora and went for a DDT for another two count. Luchadora managed to counter another DDT-attempt into a sloppy Suplex and then hit a Plancha off the ropes for two. Luchadora called for the end and attempted a Brainbuster only for it to be reversed into a Full Nelson Slam from Fuller for his first official RTCW victory. Afterwards, Fuller celebrated as if he'd just won the Olympics before heading to the back.

Winner: Steve Fuller, (31/14/48, DUD)

To Settle It All: The Masked Destroyer vs LuNaR

Before the match Hanahou informed the crowd that this match would be a Best 2 out of 3 Falls with a 30 minute time limit and no holds would be barred. LuNaR got things started with a series of blows to the Destroyer's visage before whipping him into the ropes for a lariat on the return. LuNaR continued his domination of Destroyer with a Backbreaker, but Destroyer managed to catch him with a jawbuster before drilling him with a fist right to LuNaR's face. Destroyer then slowed things down with a chokehold and began repeatedly drilling LuNaR with fists before whipping him into the ropes and hitting a flying forearm on the return. Heading to the outside, Destroyer returned with a chair and attempted to whack LuNaR with it but he somehow ducked and then kicked Destroyer in the abdomen. Picking the chair up that Destroyer had dropped, LuNaR drilled him across the back with it before rolling him over for the close two. Laying the chair on the canvas, LuNaR managed to connect with a Tombstone Piledriver onto the chair and then covered Destroyer to earn the first fall.

Hanahou: And Lunar has earned himself the first pinfall thanks to that steel chair! You knew coming into this match that it wasn't going to be a technical contest and these two men are really starting to lay into each other! Lunar now has the obvious advantage but don't count Destroyer out yet!

LuNaR attempted another chair shot as the Masked Destroyer stood, but the larger man succeeded in blocking the shot and then drilling him square in the face with a fist. Stumbling back, LuNaR came rushing at Destroyer only to fall victim to a boot to the gut from Destroyer who then layed him out with a DDT onto the chair. Destroyer then went for the cover but LuNaR somehow kicked out at two! Pulling him to his feet, Destroyer took it to his opponent in the corner before trying a hip toss off an irish whip. Luckily, LuNaR managed to counter with a rollup for the extremely close two. Both men rose fast but Destroyer got up first somehow and caught LuNaR with a big clothesline. Afterwards, he hit a running Powerslam and made the cover to even things up.

Hanahou: And things are certainly even now! The Masked Destroyer hit that devastating Powerslam and LuNaR was done for. We're now tired at one fall apiece and this next one will settle this once and for all!

Both men were obviously tired at this point but continued fighting. Destroyer earned a nearfall off of a DDT but LuNaR managed to kick out just before the three. The two men winded up brawling to the outside where they exchanged chair shots with both refusing to go down from the brutal shots! Finally, LuNaR reered back and smacked Destroyer as hard as he could and he finally went down. But LuNaR was unable to pull Destroyer back into the ring and the two men continued brawling around ringside, heading for the backstage area. Destroyer attempted a clothesline on LuNaR, but LuNaR hit one of his own and both men went down. Finally, the referee had no other choice but to rule this a draw!

Winner: TIE (58/33/83, **¾)

Hanahou: Both men are down and the referee has ruled this match a tie! This was supposed to settle everything but all I think it did was fuel the fire for these two men. It's a tie, folks! LuNaR had the first fall and Destroyer had the second, but neither man could get the third and final fall and instead focused on beating the hell out of each other until they couldn't stand. Folks, this is not over!

Heart of Dixie Tables match: Hammerton vs Dominique Johnson

Hammerton was without Robert D. Lee tonight but still had Miss Rebel at his side. Johnson, of course, was accompanied by Milkshake and eagerly got things underway with a dropkick as Hammeton entered the ring. Tossing the big man into the corner, the much smaller Johnson took it to him with fists and hard chops before being thrown backwards by Hammerton. Up quickly, Johnson rushed forth but stopped as Hammerton ducked out of the ring and then hit a tope to the outside, sending Hammerton to the floor mats! Back into the ring, Johnson continued to take it to Hammerton but a huge Walking Sideslam ended the Punisher's domination prematurely. Hammerton began tossing Johnson around like a ragdoll and beating him without mercy. Still, Johnson managed to fight back and connected with a Hurricane from the top rope sending the big man down. Hammerton rose slowly and fell victim to a stiff Side Kick, laying him out in the center of the ring. Johnson then called for the end and went to the rope, but Miss Rebel attempted to shove him off only to have Milkshake yank her off the apron! Regaining his balance, Johnson hit a huge Moonsault off the top which was right on target to earn the victory over Hammerton. Afterwards, he began celebrating with Milkshake but was floored from behind by a chair shot from Robert D. Lee!

Winner: Dominique Johnson, (56/33/80, **½)

The Confederacy has something to say

As Lee continued his beatdown of Johnson, he called for a microphone while instructing Hammerton. The big man took Johnson into the air and dropped him with a huge chokeslam as Lee laughed before telling the crowd to shut up so he could speak.

Lee: I'll give it to you, Johnson. You beat me last month and now you beat Hammerton. But those two wins were staged. We LET you beat us, just so you could get your hopes up. And now, we're going to destroy you. Next month, the RTCW shifts into Overdrive and The Confederacy will be the ones shifting those gears! So it's only fair that Hammerton and I truly show you what The Confederacy is capable off. You get yourself a partner -- anyone you want -- and face us next month at Overdrive. That is, if you're man enough! Hahaha.

With that, Lee gives a final stomp to Johnson's abdomen before tossing the mic aside and exiting the ring along with Hammerton and Miss Rebel as Milkshake checks on the fallen Dominique Johnson.

Overall: 66

Bernard gives Kingpin and Gunn a final chance

As the ring was being cleared, Greg Bernard's music hit and the RTCW Champion made his way down to the ring to boo's. Entering, Bernard held the title into the air and then retreaved a microphone before speaking.

Bernard: Last month, I showed both Kingpin and Tommy Gunn that they could not beat me. Hell, in a way, I made this match a challenge for myself because instead of just facing one man -- I'll have to face two and with my RTCW Championship on the line, too. But Kingpin, Gunn. I'm going to give you two ONE more chance to come out here and withdraw from the match. I'll give you one more chance to admit to yourselves and everyone else that Greg Bernard is unbeatable. So, come on out here and give up so this doesn't have to get any harder than it already is.

Bernard lowers the mic and awaits the two men to make their entrance. But no one comes and after pacing back and forth, Bernard continues in anger.

Bernard: Alright. You want to face me? You want to try and get this belt right here? Kingpin, do you? How about Tommy Gunn? You think you can take this title away from The Machine? Well, come down here and try it then! BOTH OF YOU! Come on, right now damnit.

With that, Bernard tosses the mic aside and it's time for the main event.

Overall: 77

RTCW Heavyweight Title match: Greg Bernard © vs Tommy Gunn vs Kingpin

Kingpin was the first man out and immediately began brawling with Bernard as Tommy Gunn made his entrance. Gunn and Kingpin doubleteamed the Champion for a good 5 minutes, leaving him layed out following a huge Electric Chair Drop. However as both men went to make the pin, Kingpin and Gunn began brawling! Bernard saw this and rolled out of the ring to allow his two opponents to go at it for a while as he took a breather. Kingpin hit a huge clothesline from the top rope and went for the cover but Bernard was in to break it up before the three. Afterwards, Bernard attempted a Brainbuster on Kingpin, only for it to be reversed into a Snap Suplex across Gunn's gut. Kingpin then hit a dropkick as Bernard stood and took it to Gunn with some chops in the corner only for Bernard to hit him from behind with a forearm. Bernard then dropped Kingpin with a back suplex but was too late to stop Gunn, who hit him with a huge Spear! Gunn then made the cover and it looked to be over but Kingpin somehow broke it up just before the three count. Kingpin then threw Gunn out of the ring and sat Bernard up for The End, but Gunn stopped him with a stiff kick right to the jaw as he returned back into the ring. All three men were now down, but Bernard managed to rise first and rolled outside, retreaving his belt. Back inside, Bernard got down behind Gunn and motioned for him to rise as he reered the title up. But the referee suddenly snatched the title out of his hand, enraging Bernard -- who shoved him to the canvas in anger. With the referee now out, Gunn came out of nowhere and hit the Spear on Bernard, only to turn right into The End from Kingpin who then made the cover! But with no referee, the count couldn't be made and the match continued. Kingpin rushed over to the referee and attempted to wake him as Bernard and Gunn recovered. Bernard retreaved the title and hid it in his grasps as Gunn pulled him up, before decking him across the head with it. Then, as Kingpin came at him, he smacked him across the head with the belt and layed him out! Tossing the title aside, Bernard made the cover and the referee slowly made the three count.

Winner: Still Champion, Greg Bernard, (63/44/82, **¾)

Hanahou: I can't believe it! Greg Bernard has retained his title thanks to his dasterdly tactics and both Kingpin and Tommy Gunn have been layed out. What a night! Fans, join us next month, for RTCW Overdrive!

Quality: 59%

Ticket Sales: $150

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Welcome to the Jungle was our most successful show to date and as promised, we had an extra $1,000,000 in the RTCW account the next day. While RTCW is certainly blooming, a new Champion is needed soon but Maxwell doesn't seem to want any changes. I've told him numerous times that the title would go right back to his son, but still he refused as did Greg, who told me straight up that he wouldn't lose to any of our workers anytime soon. So basically, we're stuck with Greg as our Champion for the time being.

We've come up with a great idea for our June show that should go down if the city gives us permission. I'm not going to give out any exact details to the show, but it won't occur in a ring and it won't be in a Gymnasium. For now, though, we're going to focus on our upcoming show, Overdrive. I'm really excited about the show because it will be our first with any type of promotion other than several posters stapled around town. So I'm expecting and hoping for a surge in attendance.

Sophie's really helping out and pulling her weight in the RTCW. She's taking care of all the bookings and whatever else I can't do. Hopefully she'll stick around because without her, I can't focus entirely on my booking. Which isn't that much, since all I have to do is put Greg over everyone else. Urgh.

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RagTag Championship Wrestling presents


Friday‚ April 15th‚ 2005

Live from the FMS Gymnasium in Fairhope‚ AL.

Cage match for the RTCW Heavyweight Title

Greg Bernard © vs Tommy Gunn

Grudge Match

The Confederacy w/ Miss Rebel vs. Dominique Johnson & Mystery Partner

Spider's Web Death Match

LuNaR vs The Masked Destroyer

Showcase Match

Steve Fuller vs Texas Kidd

Tickets for the event are $10 at the door and $15 for advanced sale. Front row seats will sell for $15‚ both at the door and during advanced sale. General seating is just $5 so be sure to show up and see the hard-hitting action of RTCW!

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  • 2 weeks later...

RTCW Overdrive

Date: Friday, April 15th, 2005

Venue: Fairhope Middle School Gymnasium - Fairhope, AL.

Attendance: 31 people

A noticeable rise in attendance for the first promoted show in their short history, the RTCW certainly put on an entertaining show that included a disturbing death match and an exciting title match between Greg Bernard and Tommy Gunn. To get things going, Steve Hanahou made his way down to the ring and welcomed everyone to the show before running down the card and hyping it up. Finally, the show was underway with a showcase match.

Showcase match: Steve Fuller vs Texas Kidd

Making his debut, Kidd did anything but impress the fans. Fuller got things underway with a back chop as Kidd entered the ring, intent on getting his second win in RTCW history but Kidd had other plans and quickly hit a backdrop followed by an elbow to the jaw on Fuller. A pin followed but it was only good for two. Kidd attempted to dump Fuller out of the ring, but he held onto the ropes and landed on the apron. Stumbling away and turning, Kidd stepped right into a Plancha Dropkick from Fuller who then went for the cover. Again though it only got two and a frustrated Fuller attempted a Inverted DDT afterwards. Instead though, Kidd escaped and hit a Running Bulldog out of nowhere for the cover and victory at 5:02. Afterwards, Kidd celebrated his successful debut here in the RTCW.

Winner: Texas Kidd, (27/15/47, DUD)

Kingpin starts things with a bang

After the first match of the night, the sounds of “The Man Comes Around” by Johnny Cash hit and Kingpin made his entrance to cheers. Entering the ring with a smug look on his face, Kingpin took a microphone and quickly called for the music to be cut off before speaking.

Kingpin: You know, I don't really care that I'm not receiving a shot at the RTCW Title tonight but to not even be on the show is an insult. It's one thing for the RTCW Board of Directors to place Tommy Gunn, a man both I and Greg Bernard have beaten several times, in a match for the title instead of me but you can at least give me a match. So I don't really care who it is, but somebody needs to get out here so I can have a match! This is a chance for all you guys back there so whoever it is, come on down.

Kingpin then tosses the mic aside and pulls his shirt off, getting down into a ready position as he awaits his opponent. Soon enough, some unfamiliar music starts up and his request is answered.

Overall: 74

Kingpin vs Billy Morrison

New to the RTCW scene, Morrison entered quickly to a small reaction and called for the bell, eager to get things going. Kingpin took it to the smaller man early on and easily dominated the rookie with a series of powerslams and suplexes. Morrison was no putover though and took it right back to Kingpin, surprisingly, with a flying forearm. Kingpin attempted a lariat but Morrison managed to duck and then hit a Back Drop for the close two. Morrison was up fast and bounced off the ropes, connecting with a basement kick to Kingpin's knees taking him off his feet yet again. Afterwards, Morrison went to the air for a Phoenix Splash but Kingpin managed to get out of the way just in time. The tide turned quick and Kingpin dominated Morrison in the corner with chops and kicks before calling for The End. But Morrison managed to counter by pulling Kingpin's legs out from under him and locking on a Boston Crab! Kingpin was obviously in alot of pain but refused to tap out, instead pushing out of the move and catching Morrison with a boot as he stood. Finally, Kingpin hit The End for the victory at 10:13. Afterwards, Kingpin stared down Morrison before shaking his hand and raising his arm into the air.

Winner: Kingpin, (38/29/58, *)

Grudge match: The Confederacy vs Dominique Johnson & T.R. Miller

Before the match, Johnson introduced his partner -- T.R. Miller, who was apparently one of his homies. The match was underway fast with Miller and Johnson taking it to Hammerton and Lee and sending them to the outside before the match could even get officially underway. The referee finally managed to seperate the two teams and called for the bell as Johnson and Hammerton started things off. Johnson teased giving Miller a tag to let everyone see what he could do, but instead locked up with Hammerton and brought him down into a headlock. Using his power though, Hammerton managed to lift Johnson up for a back drop but the Punisher escaped and hit him with a powerful lariat instead! Afterwards, Johnson stepped into his corner and made the tag to T.R. Miller, who hit the ring on fire. Lee came in to make the save for Hammerton, but fell victim to a clothesline from Johnson while Miller dropped Hammerton with a Plancha from the middle ropes. Afterwards, Miller went to the top as Hammerton stood and went for a Bulldog, but Hammerton caught him into a Chokeslam! Meanwhile, Lee caught Johnson with a lowblow and then floored him with a DDT as Hammerton covered Miller for the victory at 12:05.

Winners: The Confederacy, (48/29/80, **½)

The Confederacy send a message to Johnson

Afterwards, Lee and Hammerton stood as Miss Rebel entered the ring to celebrate. Looking on with a smirk, Lee called for a microphone as the beatdown continued thanks to Hammerton. Pulling T.R. Miller to his feet, Hammerton held him by his throat and looked into his eyes with a rage before horrifyingly chokeslaming him over the ropes and onto the floor outside! Johnson was up and came at Hammerton with a series of fists, only to be dropped and tossed out of the ring by Robert E. Lee who then began to speak over the booing fans.

Lee: You see that? I told all of you last month that we would beat Dominique Johnson tonight and as I promised, we most certainly did. You see, even with a mystery partner that kept up on our feet and didn't give us a clear gameplan, we still managed to beat him! And as of tonight, the RTCW's cleansing has completed. Say goodbye to The Punisher because this is the last time you'll ever see him in a RTCW ring. Woo, baby!

With that, Lee began to celebrate with Hammerton and Miss Rebel as they waved the rebel flag and played to the booing crowd. Finally, the three exited the ring and headed to the back as officials checked on Johnson and Miller who were both bloodied by his point. Afterwards, Johnson headed to the back with Miller with a sullen look on his face.

Overall: 74

Hanahou: And we've certainly had an exciting show tonight but with only two matches left, these two are what the crowd came to see. Not only will we see the RTCW Title on the line, but we're also gonna see what is going to be the bloodiest match in our short history! A Spyder Web Death match in which a scaffold will be elevated up in the ring with a net or web of barbed-wire strapped to the ring post that will hang over the ring. The object of the match is to knock your opponent off the scaffold and onto the barbed-wire and if he cannot return within 20 seconds via the ladder, the match will be over. So here we go!

A 15 minute pause in the action is taken to set up the barbed-wire net above the ring for the next match of the evening. With that, our death match is underway.

Spyder Web Death Match: LuNaR vs The Masked Destroyer

Both men made their way down to the ring and climbed up onto the scaffold, only being seperated by the referee who quickly climbed off of the wooden board as soon as the match had started. The two men began to exchange fists quickly and teased falling but never did. Destroyer hit a huge Powerslam on LuNaR and it seemed as if the scaffold was about to break upon impact. LuNaR made the comeback with a kick to the crotch and then attempted to throw Destroyer off. He held on though and the two men continued to tease it for the entire match. Halfway through the match, LuNaR caught Destroyer with a forearm and DDT combination to lay him out and then climbed off of the scaffold, retreaving a steel chair and bag. Back on the scaffold, he pulled a tank out of the bag and poured its contents all over the chair before pulling out a lighter and holding it to the chair. Immediately, the chair's seat burst into flames and the crowd went nuts as LuNaR picked it, stalking the recovering Destroyer. LuNaR quickly swung as Destroyer stood, but he managed to duck and hit LuNaR with a boot to the gut. Dropping the chair, LuNaR fell to his knees as Destroyer picked the flaming chair up and slammed it down across his back! Flames shot out everywhere as the crowd exploded in cheers at the first huge bump in the match. Destroyer teased throwing LuNaR off, but continued beating him until he was a bloody mess. Still, LuNaR fought back and hit Destroyer with the chair before tossing it off onto the barbed-wire net. The end finally came at 15:18 when LuNaR was stalking Destroyer and fell victim to a lowblow, causing him to stumble back to the edge of the scaffold. He attempted to regain his balance and clearly could've, but Destroyer appeared and pushed him off, sending him 15 feet down onto the barbed-wire as the crowd gasped in horror!

Winner: The Masked Destroyer, (52/37/80, **½)

As the match ended and Destroyer climbed off the scaffold to celebrate, officials quickly rushed out to help LuNaR who was all tangled up in the barbed-wire. Finally, they managed to get him loose as a pair of EMTs, actually El Luchadora and Steve Fuller, appeared to help the bloody remaints of LuNaR to the back.

Hanahou: Good god, what a match! LuNaR and Destroyer were both put through hell, but it was the Masked Destroyer who managed to earn the victory in the end. Even so, I am more worried about LuNaR's condition than celebrating his victory and hopefully, he'll be alright but what a match that was! Even so, we have one match remaining and it is the most important -- the RTCW Title match. Greg Bernard and Tommy Gunn. It's time.

Some prematch words from Bernard… and a new face?

As the ring was cleared and the net was removed, Greg Bernard's music began and the RTCW Heavyweight champion made his way down to the ring with a smirk on his face. Entering, Bernard took a microphone from ringside and held the title in the air before draping it across his shoulder and speaking.

Bernard: Thank you, thank you - for that warm introduction. Now, we all just saw that brutal match between LuNaR and the Masked Destroyer but it is going to be nothing compared to what I'll do to Tommy Gunn! You see, Kingpin was right. I have beaten Tommy Gunn! Hell, I've done it more than once and frankly, if the RTCW wants to keep throwing the same opponents at me then bring them on because there's nobody here that can beat me! So Gunn, come on down and get ready to lose.

Indeed, music began and the crowd rose but it wasn't Tommy Gunn who entered. Instead, a young woman in a business top and miniskirt much like the WWF's Debra would wear, made her way down to the ring and entered to a mixed reaction. Retreaving her own microphone, the woman called for the music to be cut off and immediately began to speak.

Woman: Hello, Mr. Bernard. Allow me to introduce myself; I am Veronica Mathers and I AM the RTCW Commisioner! You see, the RTCW Board has sat back and watched all these wrongs be committed -- whether it was by you, Greg Bernard, or anyone else on the RTCW's roster and could not do a single thing about it. But the Board has brought me in as a oh, how shall we put it? A enforcer of the rules! And Mr. Bernard, Greg.. is that alright if I call you Greg? I WILL make your life a living hell if you don't play by my rules. So here's the deal for tonight: no cheating on your part and defiantly no interference. I've seen how you work and you have no right to brag about your wins and it had better not happen tonight or I'll strip your title on the spot. Let's get this match underway!

Overall: 54

RTCW Heavyweight Title: Greg Bernard © vs Tommy Gunn

Bernard, obviously shocked, was taken off of his gameplan by both the announcement of a commissioner and a determed Gunn who took it to the Champion early on. Gunn rushed Bernard upon entering the ring and began to work him over in the corner, even hitting a huge German off the middle ropes and into the center of the ring. Gunn worked the mat for several minutes, focusing on Bernard's right arm with armbars and leglocks. Bernard was able to counter a suplex into his own and then went for the pin but it only earned him the two. Gunn fought back and both men struggled with each other to the outside, where they fought right in front of Veronica Mathers. At one point, Bernard was about to DDT Gunn onto the cement but Mathers threatened to disqualify him and the match was quickly taken back inside. Gunn mounted a comeback with a flying forearm and was about to finish Bernard off when Kingpin appeared at ringside and stared him down. This distracted Gunn, who began mouthing off at Kingpin before turning into a Cradle Piledriver from Bernard. He quickly covered and as Mathers was forcing Kingpin to the back, the referee made the three and awarded the match to Bernard. Afterwards, Mathers stared Bernard down as the show ended.

Winner: Still Champion, Greg Bernard, (61/55/82, ***)

Hanahou: A New Commissioner? Greg Bernard's continued path of destruction as the RTCW Champion? What is going on here in the RTCW? Ladies and gentlemen, Overdrive is over but next month… May 20th, RTCW Full Throttle. Live from the FHS Gymnasium.. folks, it's going to be a great show. Good night!

Show Quality: 54%

Ticket Sales: $465

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Overdrive was a mild success‚ bringing in our biggest attendance so far. The show was mainly used to bring in an authority figure for the RTCW but the deathmatch wasn't too bad either. Gunn has been effectively destroyed in the eyes of our fans thanks to Maxwell and Greg‚ who are both only interested in their own gain and not the promotion's. I’m getting really sick and tired of Greg’s ways but pleading for a new champion with Maxwell is going nowhere. Because of this our morale has dropped dramatically and not just in our uppercard ranks‚ either. Mostly everyone feels that they can’t really do anything in the RTCW to get themselves more over with the fans because they’re just setting themselves up for an eventual job to Greg. But alas‚ I hope Maxwell will change his mind and allow me to get the title off Greg if only for a little while.

Full Throttle isn’t going to be anything special as it’s coming off our first promoted show and leading into our biggest show to date. The city of Fairhope has approved the RTCW for the use of public property in June so Backstreet Battle‚ which is pretty self-explanatory‚ will go down. I love the idea though and I’m glad that it’s being allowed by the city. However‚ Full Throttle will basically be used to hype up Backstreet Battle and the promotion for the show has already begun with several local radio ads and whatnot. Hopefully‚ they’ll be a boost in attendance.

Ugh. Greg and Maxwell want to talk to me now about Backstreet Battle -- I need a damn Tylenol. I'll be back later.

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RagTag Championship Wrestling presents


Friday‚ May 20th‚ 2005

Live from the FHS Gymnasium in Fairhope‚ AL.

#1 Contendership Match, RTCW Heavyweight Title

Kingpin vs The Masked Destroyer

Revenge for The Punisher

Robert D. Lee vs Milkshake w/ T.R. Miller

5 Minute Challenge Match

'Machine' Greg Bernard vs Billy Morrison

Showcase Match

El Luchadora vs Texas Kidd

Tickets for the event are $10 at the door and $15 for advanced sale. Front row seats will sell for $15‚ both at the door and during advanced sale. General seating is just $10 so be sure to show up and see the hard-hitting action of RTCW!

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RTCW Full Throttle

Date: Friday, May 20th, 2005

Venue: Fairhope High School Gymnasium - Fairhope, AL.

Attendance: 38 people

In what was no more than a hype show for Backstreet Battle, Full Throttle brought in the RTCW's highest recorded crowd since its debut back in December. The show featured a #1 Contendership match and also a pure grudge match in which The Confederacy battled it out with one of Dominique Johnson's partners. The show began at exactly 7 PM, with Steve Hanahou making his way to the commentating table at ringside and welcoming everyone to the show. Finally, we were underway.

Veronica Mathers opens the show with a huge announcement

The show was underway with the new RTCW Commissioner, Veronica Mathers heading down to the ring. Entering quickly, it was obvious that Mathers was all business tonight. Retreaving a microphone, she called for the halt of her music and then brought the mike to her lips and spoke. The crowd listened intently.

Mathers: Last month, Greg Bernard retained his RTCW Heavyweight title thanks in part to Kingpin. And don't think I shouldn't suspend you on the spot Kingpin but luckily, you managed to retain yourself from any physical interference which would've given you a nice 3-month vacation from the RTCW. In any case, I have made a match tonight to determine a new Number 1 Contender. Kingpin, who is obviously the most deserving despite what occured last month, will face The Masked Destroyer -- who earned this shot thanks to his brutal match last month with LuNaR. So ladies and gentlemen, get ready for tonight because the winner of our main event will take on Greg Bernard for the RTCW Title next month at Backstreet Battle!

With that, Mathers' music started up once again and she exited the ring quickly before heading for the back. The crowd cheered at the announcement but as Hanahou discussed the announcement, our first match of the night was about to be started.

Overall: 56

Showcase match: El Luchadora vs Texas Kidd

The crowd was in no way interested in this match, which featured two up-and-coming RTCW stars. Underway quickly, the match saw a lot of twists and turns as both men struggled for the advantage the whole way through. Luchadora earned the nearfall early on with a almost-perfect Headscissors on Kidd. But Luchadora's opponent was no pushover as he quickly countered a Crossbody attempt into a backbreaker followed by the close two. Kidd hit the Smoking Gun - a modified Tornado DDT - from the middle ropes and the match appeared to be over until Luchadora's shoulder shot up at two. The attack on Luchadora continued with a lariat, but he managed to counter Kidd's Pancake attempt into a Hurricana. Luchadora then called for the end and attempted a Plancha off the ropes, but Kidd caught him and ended the match at 7:18 with a Sideslam. Afterwards, he celebrated into the back as Luchadora grogily stumbled towards the curtains behind him.

Winner: Texas Kidd, (18/0/43, DUD)

Hanahou: And Texas Kidd picks up the victory here with a Sideslam in our showcase match. These two guys gave it there all and I'm sure we'll be hearing alot more from these two in the near future. But in any case, our next match of the night will feature the RTCW Heavyweight champion Greg Bernard taking on a newcomer to the RTCW who gave Kingpin a run for his money last month at Overdrive in Billy Morrison. And here comes the Champ now!

The Champ wishes luck to Kingpin and his opponent

Stepping out into the gym was one Greg Bernard, who pointed at the title around his waist with a smirk. The crowd booed him without remorse as he strutted down to the ring and hopped up onto the apron, rolling in. Pausing to taunt the fans from the corner of the ring. Bernard pulled himself up onto the middle ropes and raised the title into the air before stepping off and retreaving a microphone. Again, the Champ paused to place the title across his shoulder as his music died down and the crowd's boos and hisses eventually ceased. Finally, he spoke.

Bernard: Well thank you very much for that warm reaction. You know, despite the fact that I'm the RTCW Heavyweight Champion, I don't get any damn respect around here. But that's not why I'm out here. You see, I'm out here to wish luck to Kingpin. Because if he wants to face me next month at Backstreet Battle, then he better step it up tonight and beat the Masked Destroyer. If he wants another shot at this here title, he had better step it up and earn it tonight. Because I showed everyone that I am a dominating Champion when I single-handedly defeated Tommy Gunn last month and ran his ass out of the RTCW!

Bernard pauses with a smirk as the crowd boos his comments. Finally, the Champion pushes the title further up across his shoulder and continues on.

Bernard: I'd also like to wish Billy Morrison luck tonight because by God, he'll need it when he's facing me! Billy, you might've almost beaten Kingpin last month but almost don't cut it around here and you're not gonna get by with anything tonight because the Champ's at 100% and on top, baby. So come on out here and let the Machine do his thing!

With that, Bernard handed the microphone and his title to the attendant before removing his tee and awaiting his opponent.

Overall: 68

5 Minute Challenge: Billy Morrison vs Greg Bernard

Hanahou stated as Morrison was making his entrance that if he could last more than 5 minutes with Greg Bernard, he would be added to the RTCW Title match next month along with the winner of tonight's main event, making it a triple threat match! Once inside, Morrison was immediately attacked by Bernard as a timer appeared on the gym's projection screen. Morrison was thrown around like a ragdoll for the first minute or so, hit with a series of chops and fists in the corner. Finally he managed to clock Bernard across the head with a forearm and then dropped him with a DDT. The Champ rolled out but looked at the clock growing closer to the 5 minute mark and immediately returned to the ring where Morrison pounced on him! Bernard was hit with a Heel Kick off an irish whip but managed to counter Morrison's chokehold into a jaw buster and a huge lariat. Bernard then made the pin at the 3 minute mark, but Morrison kicked out! Pulling Morrison up, Bernard whipped him into the corner but he reversed it and the Champion crashed into the corner! Stumbling out, Bernard fell into a Body to Body from Morrison but he managed to push the challenger away and then kicked him like a punter right between the legs! Bernard went for the pin but it only got two. Finally, he simply threw Morrison outside of the ring following a vicious Brutal Piledriver and forced the referee to make the 10 count, awarding him the match at 4:51. Afterwards, Bernard began to beat Morrison across the head with fists but Kingpin appeared from the back and chased the Champion off before checking on Morrison!

Winner: Greg Bernard, (45/43/60, **½)

Hanahou: And Greg Bernard picks up the victory thanks to a countout but he never pinned Billy Morrison! The young man from Birmingham managed to kick out of every pin attempt from Bernard and came so close, keeping the match going for 4 minutes and 51 seconds! What a thriller, but it appears that next month's RTCW Title match will simply be a one-on-one matchup. In any case, the next match of the night has boiled up for several months now. Last month, The Confederacy embarrased Dominique Johnson, who is now out with a back injury thanks to their brutal attack, and now -- Johnson's manage, Milkshake, will attempt to claim revenge on them. Can he do it?

Revenge for the Punisher: Milkshake vs Robert D. Lee

Milkshake was accompanied to the ring by T.R. Miller, who was on crutches thanks to last month's attack at the hands of The Confederacy and despite this being his first official match in the RTCW, Milkshake wasted no time. Rushing Lee as he entered, Milkshake forced him into the corner with clubs to the head and with a vicious forearm before whipping him into the opposite corner. Rushing in, Milkshake connected with a Splash and then hit a Bulldog on the recovering Lee before going for the cover. The crowd went wild but it only received a two count as Milkshake quickly stood and then put Lee in a headlock. Milkshake held the hold for a good minute until Lee eventually stood and pushed him off into the ropes, hitting a hard shoulderblock as he returned. Lee then began taking it to Milkshake, driving him back first into the corner and then hitting a vicious DDT off the ropes. Lee removed the padding from the top turnbuckle and attempted to bash Milkshake's head into it, but he countered and instead hit Lee with a headbutt! Milkshake continued the fight on the outside, where he whipped Lee into the turnbuckle post and then attacked Hammerton from behind and left the big man layed out. Back inside, Lee attempted to whip Milkshake into the bare turnbuckle but he reversed and Lee went back first into it before dropping to the canvas! At this point, Hammerton entered the ring and attempted to take Milkshake's head off with a lariat but he ducked as T.R. Miller came in and floored Hammerton with a crutch shot! Miller then drilled Lee across the head with his crutch as the referee called for the disqualification at 14:19. Miller and Milkshake continued to beat down The Confederacy but Miss Rebel attempted to stop them by beating Milkshake across the head! This had no effect on him though and instead, Milkshake threw her over his shoulder and took off into the back with Miller as Lee and Hammerton attempted to give chase.

Winner: No Contest, (34/27/50, DUD)

Hanahou: And Milkshake has kidnapped Miss Rebel! By gosh, what a match that was. After months and months of humilation, Milkshake and T.R. Miller have extracted some revenge for them and Dominique Johnson, who is sitting at home right now nursing a back injury. Whoa, what a night we've had but folks it's not over yet because we've still got a Number 1 Contender's match and here we go!

#1 Contendership: Kingpin vs The Masked Destroyer

Coming off a brutal death match last month, Destroyer was still banged up but that didn't stop him from performing at the top of his game with a title shot on the line. The match got underway slowly with a headlock from the Destroyer but Kingpin whipped the larger man into the ropes and connected with a leaping clothesline on the return. With Destroyer down, Kingpin began to stomp his ribcage before pulling the large man up and tossing him into the corner. Taking it to him with chops, Kingpin finally whipped him into the opposite side but it was reversed and instead he went flying into the corner! Destroyer then came at him with a massive splash, before pushing him to canvas and actually walking across him. Rolling to the outside, Kingpin grabbed Destroyer's legs and took him down before yanking him out of the ring and hitting several stiff fists to his visage. Leaning him up against the apron, Kingpin backed up and rammed Destroyer back first into the apron with a loud thud before taking the fight back inside. From there, he managed to lift Destroyer above him a la Goldberg and then took a step forth and dropped Destroyer with a Gorilla Press Slam before hooking the leg! It was only good for two though as the fight continued. Still, Destroyer fought back and earned a nearfall before falling victim to a Crossbody off the top rope. Calling for it, Kingpin lifted Destroyer for The End but the big man shoved Kingpin away and he collided with the referee! Almost immediately, Tommy Gunn rushed down to the ring with a chair in hand and entered behind Kingpin. Spinning him around, Gunn whacked Kingpin across the head with the steel chair and then nailed a Fireman's Carry onto the chair before rolling out as Destroyer dragged the referee over and made the pin for the three count at 17:51.

Winner: The Masked Destroyer, (52/41/75, **½)

Hanahou: Tommy Gunn has cost Kingpin the match! Tommy Gunn has cost Kingpin the Number 1 Contender's spot! Damnit, Kingpin had the match won but then Gunn appeared with the chair and gave Destroyer the victory. What a bunch of bull, somebody needs to do something about this!

Soon after, Veronica Mathers' music started up and the young lady appeared from the back with a microphone in hand. Entering the ring and calling for Tommy Gunn, who was now beating on Kingpin on the outside, to enter, she began to speak in an angry voice.

Mathers: Tommy Gunn! Yeah, you! Get your ass in this ring right now and listen to me! Gunn, I told everybody else and I'll tell you now -- I don't take this crap. What you did tonight was wrong and I'm not gonna except it. Gunn, you want to run in on matches that you're not involved in and stick your nose where it doesn't belong? Well Tommy, you can stick your damn nose all the way back to your home because for the next 5 months, your ass is gone from the RTCW! Now get the hell out of my ring.

Gunn began to beg Mathers to change her decision, but she simply walked past him and exited the ring as Kingpin appeared and hit a boot to Gunn's gut followed by The End! Kingpin then began celebrating before being jerked around by The Masked Destroyer, who he began exchanging fists with. Seeing this, Veronica stopped and took her microphone again to continue talking.

Mathers: Oh, and as for next month, the RTCW Heavyweight title match will feature Greg Bernard taking on Masked Destroyer… AND KINGPIN!!

The crowd cheered this decision as Kingpin hit The End on Destroyer and continued celebrating to end the show.

Show Quality: 46%

Ticket Sales: $570

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RagTag Championship Wrestling presents


Thursday‚ June 23rd‚ 2005

Live from the streets of Fairhope‚ AL.

RTCW Heavyweight Title -- Street Fight

Greg Bernard vs Kingpin vs The Masked Destroyer

Grudge Match -- Collision Course

T.R. Miller vs Hammerton vs Robert D. Lee vs Milkshake

Singles Match

Billy Morrison vs LuNaR

Showcase Match

El Luchadora vs Steve Fuller

Tickets for the event are $10 on hand and $15 for advanced sale. Front row seats will sell for $15‚ both at the show and during advanced sale. General attendance is just $10 so be sure to show up and see the hard-hitting action of RTCW!

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Backstreet Battle is nearly upon us and I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. I had a long talk with Maxwell and Greg this morning and though I won't say who or how, a new Champion will walk out on the 23rd. The triangle match opened up a lot of possibilities for me and Greg seemed to be more open to discussing dropping the belt as long as it wasn't him being pinned. Even so, I couldn't be more happy that I finally found a way to get the belt off of Greg, if only for a while. I swear, I was seriously thinking about leaving because Maxwell and Greg didn't want to do what was best for the company.

Sophie thinks that we need to focus on lowercard fueds more and I agree with her, but to do that we've got to hire a handful of workers because all we have is three workers to work with right now -- Fuller, El Luchadora, and Texas Kidd. You could also say Billy Morrison, but we've got big plans for him right now. I'm not expecting Gunn to stick around much longer after what happened with Bernard, so I need someone to take over for him and Morrison is just the guy to do so. For now though, I'm going to hold off on getting him into the title scene because it would be a waste to build him up just for Greg to squash him.

Maxwell is using his 'pull' within the county to set us up with a slot in the county fair, which runs in October. This would be a giant step for us as the RTCW would get more local coverage and we could expose ourselves to more people. The good kind of exposure though, not the illegal kind. That'd be wrong. Anyway, right now I've got to focus on Backstreet Battle, finding a couple lowercard workers to sign, and hoping Greg doesn't change his mind about dropping the belt.

Ugh, where's my Jack Daniels?

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Guest mroniimusha

A new champion? As long as the belt isn't on Bernard, I'll be happy. Is there anyway you can 'accidentally' put him in Ladder matches and have him take sick bumps until he gets injured?

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RTCW Backstreet Battle

Date: Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

Venue: The Mean Streets - Fairhope, AL.

Attendance: 108 people

The biggest show in RTCW's short history and I guess, a first for wrestling history as Backstreet Battle was held in, well, the backstreets. Basically, the show was held on a massive backstreet with about 20 cars with their lights on making a circular ring like this was some cheap illegal fighting movie. A crowd of 100 or so had gathered around the cars to see this unique event go down. Finally, Steve Hanahou appeared and climbed up a ladder onto a massive platform where he would commentate for the night. At 7:01 PM, the show was underway with the showcase match.

Showcase match: Steve Fuller vs El Luchadora

The match began with Fuller and Luchadora surveying their surroundings before locking up. Luchadora brought Fuller down into a headlock and then kneed him in the gut and threw him onto the hood of the car. Luchadora attempted a splash onto Fuller, but he moved and Luchadora crashed onto the hood. Fuller then grabbed him and yanked him off before throwing him onto the ground. Fuller began to kick Luchadora repeatedly, until he grabbed Fuller's leg and flipped him down onto the street! Luchadora then climbed onto one of the car's hood and leaped off with a big splash for the two. Fuller was up quick and managed to counter a crossbody attempt with a Sidewalk Slam onto the car! Fuller tried to kick Luchadora's teeth in but Luchadora hit him with a step-over sidekick and rammed him face first into the car. Luchadora went for the Plancha off the car but Fuller caught him for a Powerslam. Flopping around like a fish, Luchadora slowly stood into a lariat from Fuller but as he went to finish things off, Luchadora countered a DDT into the MEXICAN MADNESS~! for the victory.

Winner: El Luchadora, (30/13/48, DUD)

Hanahou: And El Luchadora picks up the victory in a hard-fought and brutal match! Ladies and gentlemen, as you saw, everything will play a part in tonight's contests -- from the cars to the street and whatever lays in between! But we're not done yet so let's keep things going with our second match of the night.

Billy Morrison vs LuNaR

LuNaR made his return following the death match against Masked Destroyer two months ago to face the up-and-coming Billy Morrison. Morrison kept LuNaR on his toes the entire match with some flashy maneuvers, but LuNaR was no pushover himself. The match was underway with Morrison leaping onto LuNaR and sending him down to the street with fists. LuNaR managed to throw him off and then hit a strong kick to Morrison's gut before tossing him into a nearby car. Neither man was used to fighting in these surroundings and it obviously showed as they could never seem to mantain a clear advantage. Morrison managed to sloppily T-Bone LuNaR onto the hood of a car and nearly breaking his neck in the process before driving rapid fists into his visage. Morrison attempted a suplex onto the unforgiving street but LuNaR hit him with a knee to the gut and then ran him back into the side of a nearby building. Picking up a trash can, LuNaR slammed it down across Morrison and then kicked him in his ribs as he yelled insults at the young man. This seemed to enrage Morrison, who came at LuNaR with a spear and then grabbed the lid of that same trash can before repeatedly slamming it into LuNaR's head and busting him open. Morrison attempted to whip him into a car, but LuNaR reversed and then rushed Morrison for a spear of his own. Morrison instead moved out of the way and LuNaR collided with the car's front! As he stood, Morrison grabbed LuNaR's arm for an irish whip but as he sent him towards the wall he whipped him back into his direction with a huge Riki Lariat before making the pin for the three count! Afterwards, Morrison celebrated as he favored his ribs while officials checked on LuNaR.

Winner: Billy Morrison, (43/33/54, ½*)

Hanahou: And Billy Morrison picks up the huge victory here in a very brutal, but exciting matchup! Making his return after a brutal deathmatch two months ago, LuNaR has in my opinion lost his way here in the RTCW and he had better find it soon or he'll continue to fall within the ranks. Folks, we've had an exciting night so far but up next is a huge fatal four-way between The Confederacy and the Fair-Town Boyz, as they call themselves!

Lee wants Miss Rebel back!

The Confederacy, now made up of just Robert D. Lee and Hammerton, appeared into the circle of cars with Lee leading the way as Hammerton waved the rebel flag madly at the crowd. Retreaving a microphone, Lee cued for the crowd to quiet down as he spoke.

Lee: Last month, two sick bastards took Miss Rebel from us and now we want her back! Dominique Johnson, I know you're here and I know you had a part in what went down last month and I swear, if you put a hand on her.. I will kill you! I will put you 6 feet under and piss on your damn grave. We don't want no trouble, we just want Miss Rebel back and by god, you better bring her out here right now or I'll...

But Lee was suddenly cut off by one of the car's stereo system blaring "Oh No" as Dominique Johnson, along with T.R. Miller, Milkshake, and Miss Rebel appeared on top of the car. Rebel had been decked out in all new gear now looking more like Johnson than her old self but it was clear she didn't want to be with them as she struggled to get away from Milkshake. Finally, Johnson smirked and spoke into his microphone.

Johnson: Or you'll do what? BITCH, I'M DA PUNISHA! You ain't gonna do shit until you've got Miss Rebel back. Ain't that right, mane? Lee, I'll admit, you put me on the shelf for a little awhile but I'm back tonight and I want revenge. But I'll make you a deal. If you can win this four way match -- and that goes for both of you -- then you'll get this ho back. But I can't blame you for wantin' her back, she is a nice piece of ass!

With that, Milkshake and Miller leaped off the car towards Lee and Hammerton and began to brawl with the two as Johnson locked himself in one of the cars with Miss Rebel.

Overall: 63

Fatal Four-Way: Robert D. Lee vs Milkshake vs Hammerton vs T.R. Miller

Obviously, this was more like a tag match than anything but it added a nice twist to things. Miller and Milkshake had the element of surprise on their side and managed to grab the early advantage after coming out of nowhere. Milkshake went straight for Lee, while Miller worked over the big man with a series of stiff forearms to the head. Lee hit Milkshake with a cheap lowblow to the crotch, sending him down to the ground but Milkshake flew to his feet in a rage and speared Lee onto the hood of a nearby car before drilling him with fists repeatedly. Luckily, Hammerton was there to make the save as he grabbed Milkshake and threw him off to the side before falling victim to a Suicide Splash from Miller, which took all three men down! Now wielding a lead pipe, Milkshake reappeared and took out Hammerton with a shot to gut before turning to Lee, who begged for mercy. But then as Milkshake came at him, Lee managed to nail a lowblow before throwing Milkshake onto the ground and hitting him repeatedly with stomps. Miller made the late save as he attacked Lee with fists before whipping him into a recovering Hammerton, sending both men down. Milkshake and Miller continued to brawl with The Confederacy, but Hammerton disappeared momentarily before returning with a shovel in hand! Sneaking up behind Miller, Hammerton reached back to swing but out of nowhere, Dominique Johnson appeared and hit him with a Scorpion Death Drop! Johnson then snuck up on Lee and spun him around before connecting with a huge Facebuster. Miller then slammed Lee onto the windshield of a nearby car as Johnson began to climb the announce platform. Stopping near the top, Johnson yelled out to the crowd before leaping off with a huge Moonsault! Holy Shit moment at its best as glass went everywhere upon impact and the crowd gasped in horror. Miller was right there to make the cover as Milkshake beat down on Hammerton with a lead pipe. The match ended with Miller's pin as all three men headed towards the car Miss Rebel was locked in, grabbed her and took off as Hammerton crawled towards Lee to check on him.

Winner: T.R. Miller, (49/27/72, **)

Hanahou: Dear god! Dominique Johnson just hit a milkshake from 30 foot up! Lee is out! Lee is out! Hammerton is out! The entire Confederacy is out and the Fair-Town Boyz have taken off with Miss Rebel once again. What a match and what an ending. Jesus, how did Johnson manage such a move? He is truly The Punisher!

The Champ: Can he do it again?

Appearing through the cars, Greg Bernard came in tremendous fashion with the RTCW Title strapped around his waist and a smirk on his face. Retreaving a microphone, Bernard undid the title and raised it into the air before laying it across his shoulder and speaking.

Bernard: Two opponents. One title. I've done it before and baby, I'll do it again. In case you're not aware, this is not the first time I've been forced to defend my title against two other men. And just so you know, I won before and I'll win tonight too. You see, The Machine is unbeatable. You can't defeat a well oiled machine and if you don't believe me, just ask Kingpin! Hahaha. But seriously, place your bets now and make sure you put your money on me because I gurantee you I'll walk out of this show with the title. I'm unstoppable and I'm unbeatable, baby. Greg Bernard can't be beat and this title ain't going nowhere. Whether it's in the ring or on the streets, Bernard is the best! Oh yeah. Now let's get this thing going.

With that, Bernard handed his title to the official and tossed the microphone aside as he leaned against one of the cars and waited on his two opponents.

Overall: 75

RTCW Heavyweight Title: Greg Bernard © vs Kingpin vs The Masked Destroyer

Who should the belt go to? Who, oh who? Well, all Kingpin wanted for Christmas was the RTCW Title but you don't always get what you want. Especially when Santa is your opponent's father. Meanwhile, Masked Destroyer has earned a shot at the title with a series of wins over LuNaR and a hard fought battle with Kingpin. So who would the belt go to? Let's find out.

The match began as Kingpin made his way through the cars and immediately rushed Bernard, spearing him onto the hood of one of the already destroyed cars. Kingpin obviously held the advantage, coming from the mean streets of New York where he grew up fighting while Bernard was used to fighting inside a ring. The Masked Destroyer appeared very soon and joined in on the brawl, attacking Kingpin from behind and throwing him into the side of another car before leaping at Bernard and attacking him with ferocious fists! Kingpin came back into the mix with a forearm to Destroyer's neck and then threw him onto the hood of a car before going back after Bernard with fists. Bernard managed to rake Kingpin's eyes and then drove him head first into the grill of a car as Destroyer fell off the hood onto the ground. Bernard began drilling Kingpin with fists and even attempted a suplex onto the car, but Kingpin managed to counter the Champ by ramming him straight into the car. Stumbling away, Kingpin found a lead pipe from earlier and went after anything that was moving. Smacking Destroyer across the head, Kingpin turned to Bernard and attempted to whack him but the Champ moved and the pipe went flying into the windshield. Shrugging it off, Kingpin began to drill Bernard with fists until the Champ was busted open and then turned right into a lariat from Destroyer! All three men were now tired, but Destroyer came dangerously close to winning the match with a pin on Bernard, but Kingpin managed to break it up. The three men continued to fight, exchanging fists with each other until Kingpin gained the advantage and took both Destroyer and Bernard out with a trash can! Kingpin exchanged fists with Destroyer, but he couldn't really do anything with the big man and thus climbed onto the hood of the car for an ax-handle smash, only for Destroyer to catch him! Shaking his head in fear, Kingpin was lifted into the air and went crashing down onto the hood from a Chokeslam! Destroyer taunted the crowd but as he turned, stepped right into a boot from Bernard! Lifting him up, Bernard held him momentarily before dropping him right onto the unforgiving pavement with a cradle piledriver! Exhausted, Bernard simply fell backwards and failed to make the pin as all three men layed there. The crowd cheered them on and Bernard finally managed to make the cover and it appeared to be over. One … Two … Thr-!! But Kingpin broke it up with a Splash onto Bernard and then rolled him away before taking it to Bernard with fists. Destroyer attempted to kick Kingpin right in the face, but Kingpin grabbed his leg and instead yanked him down onto the ground. Standing, Kingpin ducked a clothesline from Bernard and threw him onto the hood of a nearby car before joining him up there. Bernard was now layed out across the windshield but Kingpin called for the end as the crowd began to cheer. Pulling him up, Kingpin went for The End but Bernard reversed and set him up for the Piledriver! He got him up but Kingpin used his weight to fall back down and then kneed Bernard and hit THE END!! A pinfall and three count later and the match was over. Rising to his feet and immediately retreaving the title, Kingpin brought it into the air as the crowd went wild. Bernard rolled away off of the hood and looked around in shock, not believing that he'd been beaten.

Winner: New Champion, Kingpin, (64/48/80, **¾)

Hanahou: Kingpin has done it! Kingpin has done it! After 6 long months, Kingpin is the RTCW Champion and Greg Bernard can't believe it! He fought through it all, from screwjobs to Bernard's cheating ways but finally, Kingpin is the Champion. Folks, what a night.. we fought on the streets and we've got a new Champion. Goodnight!

Show Quality: 55%

Ticket Sales: $2160

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Backstreet Battle was a success, both financially and logically. The obvious choice to go with was Kingpin and that's exactly what I did, because the fans wanted to see it and so did I. I just hope that it will last long enough to bring Kingpin into the limelight, but that will be hard to do when I'm forced into keeping Greg as our top star despite him not holding the strap. Still, we've basically got three main event stars for the time being: Greg, Kingpin, and Destroyer. Once I've finished up the fued between the Fair-Town Boyz and The Confederacy, I'll probably move Dominique Johnson into the main event scene but for now I'm focusing on building around Kingpin as much as I can.

Like I said before, we're also going to focus more on some lowercard fueds but to do that we had to hire several workers and following Backstreet Battle, I immediately got onto the phone and searched around the Gulf Coast area for any half decent wrestlers that needed or were interested in work. A week later and we had three new signees: Akira Misoui, Jason Extreme, and Martin Jennings. Misoui is a young man from overseas and we'll defiantly play up on that as foreign royalty. Extreme is actually from Alabama but has been working the New England circuit for a while now. I got in contact with him through an old friend and he'll be playing the role of the angry and arrogant young man hoping to make a name for himself.

Finally, Martin Jennings will take on a more comedic role as an angry journalist, who was fired from his previous job and has taken on wrestling to release his anger in a positive manner. Akira is probably the most talented of the three, but that's not saying much right now.. we'll just have to see where they go and if they last. They'll probably make their debuts at our upcoming July show, entitled "There Goes the Neighborhood." Hey, it beats seeing Steve Fuller vs El Luchadora over and over again, right?

Speaking of our lowercard workers, Texas Kidd has announced his retirement for next month. Although he's only 35, Kidd has told me that he wants to hang up the boots before his injuries set him back any further and it's a smart move in my opinion since he really seems to be going nowhere in wrestling when he's got a family back at home waiting on him. If he ever wants a staff job with us, I'll gladly set him up but for now, he just wants to go home.

We had several birthdays in June: Texas Kidd (35), El Luchadora (30), and Billy Morrison (25) so there you go. You see? RTCW keeps up with this stuff. Actually, Sophie sent me a note about it and I really couldn't care less. Anyway, that's all for now. There Goes the Neighborhood, here we come!

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RagTag Championship Wrestling presents

There Goes the Neighborhood

Friday‚ July 8th‚ 2005

Live from the Hot Wheels Skating Center in Daphne‚ AL.

RTCW Heavyweight Title, Ladder Match

Kingpin vs Winner of Bernard/Destroyer

Tag Team Turmoil - Winner Keeps Miss Rebel

Miss Rebel will be locked in a cage beside the ring!

The Confederacy vs Fair-Town BoyZ

Shot at the Title

'Machine' Greg Bernard vs The Masked Destroyer

Showcase Six-Man Tag

Akira Misoui, Steve Fuller, Billy Morrison vs Texas Kidd, El Luchadora, Martin Jennings

Tickets for the event are $10 on hand and $15 for advanced sale. Front row seats will sell for $15‚ both at the show and during advanced sale. General attendance is just $10 so be sure to show up and see the hard-hitting action of RTCW!

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