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Welcome to 2000: Return to WWF


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January 2nd 2000

Welcome to the new year here in the WWE=F! First of all, some big news regarding the booking team. A new head of the team has been announced. Chris Wiseman who has previously worked for ECW had joined the team. Chris is well regarded for his talent, and is expected to get the fans in. He has brought some new workers already here to the WWF. Watch WWFTV for their debuts!

Sunday Night HeAT Preview

Since the McMahon Helmsley era came into force 2 weeks ago, many wrestlers have been unhappy under the regime. Mick Foley was froced out last week - what will happen this week? But first, we have Sunday Night HeAT coming round the corner.

One person who has been vehemently been against the new regime is Chris Jericho. Tonight, he must defend his co-title against Billy Gunn of the New Age Outlaws. Will Jericho keep his and Chyna's title safe, or will DX gain another title?

Also, the Hardy Boys will team with Essa Rios to fight the Mean Street Posse, Rodney, Pete Gas & Joey Abs. But that's not the only thing at stake during the match - if the Hardy's and Essa win, all 3 receive a title shot at whatever they title they choose!

Finally, Sho Funaki must fight Prince Albert. Will Fuanki be able to stand up against the monster? Who knows!

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Sunday Night HeAT

Prince Albert def. Sho Funaki

The show opened this week with Prince Albert making a hole in the floor with Sho Funaki. Funaki tried to get the advantage at the start, dropkicking Albert from behind while Taka distracted him. Albert was unphased though, and nailed Sho with a massive clothesline. Taka tried to help Sho throughout the match, but ended up being thrown head first into the guard barrier. Albert ended the annihaltion of Kaientai with a Baldo Bomb, leaving both members down and out. Referee’s had to be called down to help Sho out of the ring, as Albert stared from the ramp.

Angle: DX Hype Video

Interview: Chris Jericho

Y2J talked about how he would beat Billy Gunn tonight, and then beat Chyna soon to make the title his only. Chyna then walked in, and said that even though she’s going to keep the title, she’ll have Jericho back if DX interefere.

Essa Rios & The Hardy Boys def. Mean Street Posse

The Highflying combo of the Hardy’s & Rios were more than a match for the Posse. The Posse never really had control of the match, apart from one moment where British Bulldog ran down. Bulldog was able to knock down both Hardy’s, but when he was distracted by Terri, Essa’s manager Lita nailed a hurricarana from the top rope, more than enough to get rid of Bulldog. In the end it was a Swanton Bomb from Jeff Hardy after a Twist of Fate onto Rodney. Thanks to their victory, the Hardy's and Rios all won title shots for whichever title they wanted on RAW tommorow night

Angle: Steph makes Big Show V HHH for the World Title on Raw is War tomorrow night.

Interview: Essa Rios, Lita, Hardy Boys & Terri

Essa & The Hardy’s were backstage discussing what titles they would be going for. After a moment or two, they had all decided. Matt Hardy would challenge Val Venis for the European Title, Jeff Hardy would fight Gillberg for the Lightweight Title and Essa would challenge either Chyna, Jericho or Gunn for the IC Title.

Chris Jericho def. Billy Gun via DQ to retain his Co-Intercontinental Title

HeAT’s main event saw Jericho defend his and Chyna’s IC Title against Billy Gunn. And it looked all set for Jericho to retain, when Road Dogg ran out. The referee kept the Dogg at bay outside the ring though, as Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho. All of a sudden though, a fan jumped the barrier and climbed to the top rope. A security guard tried to grab him, but the fan kicked him. He then jumped off the turnbuckle and kicked Jericho square in the chest with a perfect Missile Dropkick. It soon became clear this wasn’t a fan. It was soon revealed who it was though, as the cap hiding their face fell off – it was former ECW star ROB VAN DAM! Van Dam rushed over to Jericho, and started to attack him. The referee turned away just at the wrong time for Van Dam though. Spotting him attacking Jericho, he called for the DQ. Van Dam and Road Dogg didn’t care though, attacking Jericho after the match. It was only when Chyna ran in for the save did they scarper, as Chyna checked on her partner.

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It's a night of title matches on RAW tonight. Last night on Heat, it was announced, along with other matches, by Stephanie McMahon that Big Show would have to defend his World title against Triple H. Can HHH wrench the title from the hands of the 500 Pound Monster? And what part will DX play in this match?

Speaking of DX, it seems they have a new member. In the Main Event of Heat last night, we saw Rob Van Dam of former ECW fame rush into the ring and attack Chris Jericho. Although it caused the DQ win for Jericho keeping his title, Van Dam has got a shot at taking it out on Jericho tonight. However, it's going to be a triple threat match also, as Essa Rios gets his shot for the IC Title, which he earned alongside the Hardy's last night. Will it be a dream night for Rios, or will it be Van Dam's excellent debut? And what will happen with Chyna?

Both the Hardy's have title shots too. Matt Hardy has a match against Val Venis for the European title, and Jeff Hardy takes on the returning Gillberg for his Lightheavyweight title!

And finally, Stephanie & HHH have started the process of entering people into the Royal Rumble. Already set for tonight is a tag team qualifying match, between the New Age Outlwas and The Headbangers, with the winners being the first 2 entered into the Rumble!

All this and plenty more most likely tonight on Raw Is War!

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The WWF have released the following people from their contracts:


British Bulldog

Fabulous Moolah


Harvey Wippleman


Mae Young

Mark Henry

Naked Mideon

Pete Gas

Prince Albert




We wish all of the above good luck in their future endeavours.


RAW IS WAR Results for 3/01/00


The show opened up with JR and King running down the card. They also state that the World Title match between HHH and Big Show is now a Cage Match.

Jeff Hardy def. Gillberg to win the Lightweight Title

Gillberg returned to the WWF for the first time in what seemed like an age, to defend his Lightweight title against the highflying Jeff Hardy. Gillberg attempted to attack Hardy before the bell, but Hardy easily countered Gillberg's attack, sending him shoulder first into the guard rail instead. Jeff then rolled Gillberg into the ring, before nailing him with vicious stomps. Gillberg was never able to mount any offense, or defense for that matter. After a few more minutes, Jeff nailed a neckbreaker, before climbing to the top rope, and delivering his Swanton Bomb. He then covered Gillberg to win the Lightweight title, his first ever singles title. After the match his brother Matt ran down, as well as Essa Rios & Lita. The four celebrated, before going backstage. Matt stayed in the ring though, as his match was next.


However, before the match began the camera went backstage where HHH was being interviewed by Jonathan Coachman. HHH talked about how tonight he would defeat the Big Show, and win back the World Title so it could be worn around the best wrestler's waist. SMH then walked up, and said that she had news about the Main Event. In order for the Big Show to now win, he must escape over the top of the cage and couldn't win any other way. HHH though could escape over the top or through the door, could pin Show or make him submit. HHH said that it was only fair the champ has it harder, and that he'll show that only he should be the champ.


Val Venis def. Matt Hardy to retain the European Title

Val came out to a large amount of boo's, as Hardy kept his eyes solely on the European title. Looking to make it a great night for the Hardy's, Hardy immediately took it to Venis. Val struggled to match Hardy's fast pace at the start, but was able to change all this with a swift low blow while the referee wasn't looking. Val then started to work on the back of Hardy, delivering backbreakers and suplexes causing some damage. Hardy didn't give up though, and came back with all the power he had. Val once again cheated to get the advantage back though, this time with a poke to the eye. Val ended up knocking Matt down, and climbing to the top. He jumped off for the Money Shot - but Matt rolled out of the way! Hardy then set up for the Twist of Fate, but Val rolled him up, and as the referee counted, he grabbed Hardy's trousers for the extra leverage. The ref counted the 3, and Val picked up his title. He then jumped over the guard rail, and exited the ring area through the crowd.


When we came back from commercial, JR said that Chyna had been knocked out during the break. Cut to backstage, where Chyna was lying unconscious. EMT's were around her, trying to get her awake. Chris Jericho walked up, and shook his head. He then bent down, and picked up a large black feather. Jericho looked at it closely, then put it in his pocket, before walking away.


New Age Outlaws def. Headbangers to earn places in the Royal Rumble

The first 2 places in the Royal Rumble were about to be given away, as the Tag Team Champion the New Age Outlaws fought the Headbangers. The Headbangers, desperate for a win to get themselves possible World Title shots surprised the Outlaws in the early going, who had obviously under estimated their opponents. Finding themselves at the end of numerous 2 counts, the Outlaws were forced to regroup and think up a new strategy on the outisde. This "meeting" was broken up though when Mosh threw Thrasher onto both of them from inside the ring. Just escaping being counted out, the Outlaws were angry now, having had enough of the Headbangers attacks. The Headbanger's had no idea what hit them, as Dogg and Gunn used some vicious moves. The end of the match came as Gunn fought Thrasher on the outside. Dogg set Mosh up for the Dogg Pound, which he hit. He covered Mosh, and gained some extra leverage as Gunn lifted his legs up on the outside. With the 3 counted, Dogg and Gunn celebrated on the ramp, while Mosh and Thrasher were left down and dismayed.


Kevin Kelly was with Chris Jericho backstage. Kelly asked Jericho did he know who attacked Chyna, and Jericho said that he did know. Kelly then asked Jericho who it was, but Jericho refused to comment. Jericho then walked off, as JR and King speculated whether it was Jericho who attacked Chyna.

Rob Van Dam def. Chris Jericho & Essa Rios to win the Intercontinental Title

Van Dam was first out, receiving a large amount of boos from the crowd. It was noticeable though that Van Dam wasn't wearing any DX clothes, leaving JR & King wondering whether HeAT had been a one off with DX. Rios was out next, as well as Lita. Jericho was last out, holding the black feather from earlier. Rios had the advantage at first, as Jericho and Van Dam just attacked each other. It was only after Rios nearly won the match by pinning Jericho did they start to attack Rios. Towards the end, Essa was knocked out on the outside. The referee went down after Van Dam was whipped into him by accident. Jericho then went to get a chair. He took Howard Finkel's, but as he turned around was sprayed by a Fire Extinguisher from under the ring! Through the spray, a figure got up holding the extinguisher. Jericho turned round to be nailed between the eyes by the extinguisher. The figure then became visisble - it was RAVEN! Raven dropped his weapon, and rolled Jericho into his former ECW co-star. He woke up the referee, as Van Dam covered Jericho. Slowly, the referee counted the 3, and Van Dam won the IC Title! Raven entered the ring, and placed a black feather onto Jericho's chest. The two men then celebrated, while Jericho was left laid out.

After a short celebration, the two men walked to the top of the ramp. Raven then pulled out a michrophone. He said that ECW has once again invaded the WWF, and this time they were here to stay. Raven then introduced the mastermind of the plan, as out from the apron came PAUL HEYMAN! Heyman came out, and raised the hands of the two wrestlers.


HHH def. Big Show to win the World Title

HHH was first out, looking slightly nervous. Show was out next, holding his belt across his chest, looking nervous also. The two went at it straight away, both giving it their all to end the night as World Champion. Show was able to bust HHH open when he threw him into the cage. Show controlled the start and most of the middle of the match, until HHH was able to get back into the match, knocking the big man down after 3 running knee lifts in a row. HHH then went to escape through the door, but found it jammed. He tried to kick it down, but was unsuccesful. The New Age Outlaws ran down all of a sudden with bolt clippers, and broked open the door. Show was up though by the time this had happened, and stopped HHH at the last second. The Outlaws tried to get in the cage, but ended up on the receiving end of a massive big boot. While this happened, HHH was hurrying up the side of the cage. Show grabbed HHH though as he neared the top, and climbed to the top turnbuckle himself. Show then wrapped his massive hand around HHH's throat, then jumped off to deliver the Showstopper from the top of the cage! The fan went crazy, as Show got to his feet. He climbed to the top of the cage, and was about to go over the top when Stephanie came out. She said that she mean to say Show could only win by going through the door, not over the top. Show was forced to climb back down, and go to the door. But as he was half way out, Billy Gunn smashed the door into Show's head. The champ staggered back, into a kick from a risen HHH. HHH nailed the Pedigree, and covered Show. He got the 3, and the Outlaws rushed into the ring. HHH grabbed the World Title, as X-Pac ran down. The cage was brough up, as the Outlaws put HHH on their shoulders. Stephanie got into the ring, and the DX celebration began. JR shouted in anger, as balloons fell from the roof when....


Flames shot up from the turnbuckles and the ramp, as Kane came out with none other than Paul Bearer! Bearer looked at Kane, then pointed at DX. Kane then walked to the ring. As he neared the apron, X-Pac got out of the ring, and went to attack his former partner. Kane didn't let this happen, as he just grabbed Pac by the throat, lifted him up and chokeslammed him onto the steel steps! Kane then got up onto the apron, where Road Dogg went to punch him off. Kane simply grabbed Dogg's arm, then went on to Chokeslam him out of the ring and to the floor! Billy Gunn tried to knock Kane off, but he too was grabbed by the throat. Kane then dragged Gunn to the turnbuckle, where he brought him to the top rope. Kane then chokeslammed Gunn from the top to the outside. SMH suddenly ran off through the crowd, leaving her husband on his own in the ring. Kane entered the ring, only to be nailed by a running title shot to the head by HHH. The new champ thought Kane was out - but Kane sat right up! Kane then kicked HHH in the gut, before delivering the Tombstone Piledriver onto the title! RAW went off the air as Kane stood in the middle of the ring, looking at the fallen members of DX.

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WWF Fires 3 More

- It was announced minutes after RAW that Faarooq & Bradshaw, the A.P.A have been released from their contracts, and also Gillberg which makes a total of 17 firings on Monday. However, the WWF are planning on bringing people from OVW up soon, as well as the hiring of talented Independant Star AJ Styles to a Development Contract.

Ratings for Raw & HeAT

HeAT got 1.93, which is extremely good for it's timeslot. The ratings showed the worst segment was the Hardy's/Rios match vs the Mean Street Posse (probable reason for the firing of Pete Gas, and the demoting to OVW of Rodney & Joey Abs), and the best segmetn Jericho's interview.

Raw received 6.9, beating WCW's Nitro which received 5.7. The worst segment was the Hardy/Gillberg match (again likely reason for Gillberg's firing), and the best segment being the Raven/RVD/Heyman segment.

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On Raw, we saw HHH win the World Title from Big Show with a little help from the New Age Outlaws. But after the match, DX's celebration was spoilt by the Big Red Machine, Kane. Chokeslamming X-Pac and the Outlaws, he went on to deliver a Tombstone Piledriver onto the Title belt on HHH. Stephanie McMahon Helmsley has therefore made the match Kane V The New Age Outlaws, where if Kane loses he is fired from the WWF, much like Mick Foley. Will it be the end of the Machine, or will the Outlaws get sent to hell?

Also on RAW, we saw the second invasion of the WWF by ECW, as Paul Heyman, Raven & the new Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam stood on the ramp, looking at an injured Chris Jericho. Jericho and Chyna have used their return match clauses though, and therefore this week we will see RVD V Jericho V Chyna, with the winner being the IC champion. Will it be a short reign for RVD? Will the former co champs team up or fight each other?

7 more people will join the Outlaws in the Royal Rumble, as 3 more qualifying matches happen on Smackdown. Kurt Angle will square off against D'Lo Brown, Edge and Christian fight Too Cool, as well as The Hardy's fighting not just the Dudley Boys but also Kai En Tai, with only the losing team are out of the Rumble. Who will go through? Watch Smackdown to find out!


Kane vs New Age Outlaws

RVD vs Chyna vs Chris Jericho - Intercontinental Title

Kurt Angle vs D'Lo Brown - Rumble Qualifying Match

E&C vs Too Cool - Rumble Qualifying Match

Hardy's vs Dudleys vs Kai En Tai - Rumble Qualifying Match

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Smackdown Results for 6/01/00

Look Who's Back!

E&C def. Too Cool to earn places in the Royal Rumble

Smackdown opened up with the cocky Edge and Christian fighting Too Cool, Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay. E&C, determined to get themselves places in the Rumble cheated all through the match, but it didn't work all the time as they nearly got disqualified after the referee caught sight of Edge lowblowing Scotty, but was talked out of the DQ. Too Cool made E&C work hard though, determined to win also. The end of the match came as the referee got knocked out. Christian threw two chairs in the ring, as Edge speared Grand Master out of the ring. Edge and Christian then waited for Scotty to stand up, before smashing his head in with a Con-Chair-To! Edge then covered Scotty as Christian woke the ref up. He counted the 3, and E&C celebrated on the ramp as Grand Master checked on his partner.


All of a sudden, Mankind's music hit! The fans went wild, but all they got was a video. It showed pictures of his career, including Cactus Jack and Dude Love. The fans went wild at the end though when a message came up - "I'll be back."

[Commercial Break]

Kurt Angle def. D'Lo Brown to earn a place in the Royal Rumble

The ever cocky Olympic Hero was up next against D'Lo Brown. Angle got on the mic before the match, talking about his 3 "I"'s, and saying how D'Lo had none of them, and that was why he would win the match and go on to win the Royal Rumble. D'Lo would have no more of this though, running in during Angle's speech. Angle was less than amused, and started to attack D'Lo with stiff left and right hands. D'Lo wasn't going to let Angle get away with this, making a quick comeback. The match was even throughout, neither men really having any advantage. It was only when Angle was able to expose a turnbuckle and send D'Lo into it did the match really turn about. After this cheating tactic, Angle delivered the Angle Slam, followed by locking in the Ankle Lock. D'Lo tapped, but Angle held the hold in a little longer after the match.


We quickly went backstage to see ECW (Heyman, Van Dam & Raven) backstage. Raven was stroking one of the large black feathers he threw on Jericho and Chyna the week before. Van Dam was polishing his Intercontinental title. Heyman was on the phone meanwhile, having a heated conversation by the sounds of it. He then hung up, and told Van Dam that "it's set", before the scene left the locker room.


After a WWF Rewind video of Kane attacking DX after the Cage Match on RAW, we went to DX's locker room. HHH told the New Age Outlaws that they would have to win the Main Event, otherwise they'd be on the receiving end of some punishment. The Outlaws told HHH that no matter what happened, they would make sure Kane would be leaving the WWF whatever by the end of the night. They also told HHH to watch the upcoming Tag Match very carefully. HHH then said to X-Pac that he had been automatically entered into the Royal Rumble, meaning all 3 wrestling members of DX would be in the Rumble.

[Commercial Break]

Hardy Boys & Kai En Tai def. The Dudley Boys to earn themselves places in the Royal Rumble

Kai En Tai had recovered enough since their demolition to the recently released Prince Albert on Heat to compete in this Rumble Qualifying match. JR & King speculated over why the Outlaws had told HHH to watch the match carefully. The Hardy's and Dudley’s worked over Kai En Tai through the match, taking breaks to fight each other. Taka ended up at the wrong end of a 3D from the Dudley's, while the Hardy's delivered their Omega Drop (Swanton & Leg Drop). With Kai En Tai out, it just meant either the Hardy’s or Dudley’s would have to cover them to win. But when both tried at the same time, that lead to a fight between the two of them. The Dudley’s took control, and looked set to deliver a 3D to Matt Hardy when the Outlaws appeared on stage. The Dudley’s were distracted long enough for the Hardy’s to recover, as Matt rolled up D-Von and Jeff threw Bubba from the ring. Matt got the 3 on D-Von, meaning that the Dudley’s were out, and the Hardy’s and Kai En Tai were through!


As the Hardy’s exited the ring and Kai En Tai were rolled out, the Outlaws charged down into the ring, both producing chairs from behind their backs. Billy Gunn nailed D-Von with a shot to the ribs, followed by Road Dogg smashing his chair over D-Von’s back. The Outlaws then mimicked the Dudley’s, Road Dogg telling Billy Gunn to “Get the tables”. They then put D-Von through a table, before turning their attention to Bubba. They did the exact same to Bubba, leaving both Dudley’s down in the ring. Some referee’s ran down to check on them as the Outlaws left.

[Commercial Break]

Rob Van Dam def. Chris Jericho & Chyna to retain the Intercontinental Title

RVD was flanked by Paul Heyman at the start of the match, both looking quite confident. Jericho was next out, and immediately attacked Van Dam before Chyna had got to the ring! Chyna ran down soon after, and went after both men. Van Dam soon realised that his best plan at the time was to let Jericho and Chyna fight each other. The former champs weren't about to let the Whole Damn Show get away with this though, attacking him. However, when Raven ran down and attacked Chyan while Heyman distracted the ref. But the ref wasn't having any of it, ordering Raven and Heyman to the back. Jericho meanwhile was about to lock in the Walls Of Jericho - when SABU hit him with a chair! Sabu then quickly rolled out of the ring, as his cousin covered Jericho. The referee was oblivious to Sabu's intereference, and counted the 3! The now 4 Man ECW celebrated on the ramp as Jericho looked at them, with lots of anger in his eyes.


Kane def. New Age Outlaws

The Main Event was hear, as Kane's WWF career was on the line. The Outlaws, fresh from their attack on the Dudley's also had the threat of HHH's wrath over their heads if they were to lose the match. Kane was accompanied by Paul Bearer, who to many people's surprise was holding an Urn resembling the Undertaker's, who had not been seen since September of 1999. Kane overpowered the Outlaws at the start of the match, but fell foul of their double teaming, allowing them to weaken him enough to get several near falls. Kane fought back though, until he was distracted by HHH appearing on the titantron. HHH was watching on a small TV, and waved to Kane from it. The Outlaws then nailed Kane with several more double team moves, but Kane once again fought back. The match went on for a good 15-20 minutes before Road Dogg was able to help Billy Gunn set up the Fameasser - but Kane just sat up! Kane then gave the Outlaws a double chokeslam, the pinned them to win the match!


Backstage, HHH was fuming. He threw the TV off the crate it was on, when a crashing noise was heard from off screen. HHH turned round - only to be nailed with a Garbage Can! HHH staggered around, only to be hit with....SOCKO! The fans went wild as the camera revelaed it was Mankind attacking HHH! Smackdown went off the air as HHH was left down and hurt on the floor, with Mankind standing over him.

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Thanks for the Feedback

Sunday Night HeAT Preview

HeAT's Main Event is gonna be a big one, as we see the in-ring debuts of both Raven and Sabu here in the WWF, as they team up with Rob Van Dam to fight The Highflyer's, Matt & Jeff Hardy and Essa Rios. Will ECW impress on their full debut, or will the Highflyer's steal the show?

Two more Royal Rumble Qualifying matches, as Big Bossman fights Rikishi, and Val Venis fights Crash Holly. Who will join the 10-man strong list?

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Sunday Night HeAT Results for 9/01/00

Rikishi def. Big Bossman to earn a place in the Royal Rumble

HeAT opened up tonight with a Royal Rumble qualifying match between the Fat Man Rikishi and the Hardcore Champion Big Bossman. Bossman's 24/7 title was not on the line, so he could breathe easy about that. Bossman fought the best he could against a man about 100 pounds heavier than him, but it was obvious who the winner would be after the first few minutes of the match. Rikishi ended the match with a Rikishi Driver, and then gave Bossman a Stinkface for good measure. After the match, Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay ran down and danced with their teammate.


Al Snow def. Big Bossman to win the Hardcore Title

After Too Cool had left the ring, Bossman slowly got to his feet. All of a sudden, Al Snow came charging down to the ring with Head in his hand. Bossman turned around to get nailed right between the eyes with Head. Al then jumped on top of Bossman for the pin, and won the Hardcore Title! Al then ran threw the crowd and away from anyone else wanting his new title

[Commercial Break]

Interview: ECW

Heyman talked about how in the Main Event, ECW would prove that no-one should mess with them. Raven and Sabu then said abit, before Van Dam got on the mic and told Chris Jericho that he should learn his lesson and not mess with ECW.


Val Venis def. Crash Holly to earn a place in the Royal Rumble

The European Champion was on good form in this match, as he fought Crash Holly for a place in the Royal Rumble. Crash fought to the best of his ability, but Val had the advantage numerous times in the match. However, Crash wasn't about to lie down and let Val walk all over him, nailing Val with a big Tornado DDT! But it wasn't enough to keep Val down, and Val ended up nailing the Money Shot for the 1-2-3, and a place in the Rumble. After the match though came some entertainment, as Crash started having a tantrum, but ended up falling out of the ring and knocking himself out, before getting up, looking stupider than before.

Angle: Stephanie makes HHH & The Outlaws V Kane & Mankind, where if Kane and Foley won, Kane would get a World Title shot at the Rumble and Mankind would be re-instated full time.

Interview: Chris Jericho

Y2J wasn't about to go 2 shows in a row without having an interview. He briefly talked about how he wasn't bothered abou the theats ECW made, and announced that he had been granted a Number One Contender's Match on RAW against X-Pac for the IC Title.

[Commercial Break]

ECW def. The Highflyers

The highly anticipated in-ring debuts of Sabu and Raven were finally about to happen as the Main Event rolled by. The Highflyers, looking for another win on HeAT after last week's success were ready to go, and took it to ECW in the first part of the match. Paul Heyman grabbed his hat numerous times during the match as the Highflyers gained numerous pinfalls on all 3 members of his team. However, thanks to some dodgy work by Raven and a concealed steel pipe, ECW were able to dominate the rest of the match. The end came as Essa and Jeff were on the outside, and Raven nailed his Evenflow DDT on Matt. RVD then finished Matt off with a Five Star Frog Splash to gain the pinfall. HeAT went off the air as ECW celebrated in the ring.

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RAW Preview + Great New Fan Competition!

New Fan Competition Announced, Winner Choose Wrestler to get World Title Shot!

New Booker Chris Wiseman recently decided that in order to get fan participation to a new high, a competition will be held where the winner gets to choose ANY wrestler on the WWF Roster get a Heavyweight Title shot. Here are the rules:


Tonight on RAW, we will see X-Pac fight Chris Jericho in a Number 1 Contender's Match. You must message the account "Katsuya" with the following form filled out

Winner of Match:

How: (Pin,Submission,DQ)

Interference: (If Yes, state who)

Why you should be the winner: (20 Word MAX)


The person who has guessed the most correctly will win, and the match will be made for Smackdown.

RAW Is WAR Preview

Tonight's Main Event promises to be a classic, as HHH and The New Age Outlaws fight Kane and Mankind in a handicap match. But that's not all - if Kane and Mankind win, then Kane gets a World Title match against HHH at the Royal Rumble, while Mankind is fully re-instated. Will it be a great night for Kane and Mankind, or will DX rid themselves of two thorns in their side - and what part will the Dudley Boys play?

Chris Jericho and X-Pac go one on one in a Number One Contender's match, with the winner getting an Intercontinental Title match against Rob Van Dam at the Royal Rumble. X-Pac already is enetred in the Rumble, but can he capture the IC title on the same night, or will Jericho finally get his one on one with Van Dam?

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  • 2 weeks later...


RAW opened up with two men talking to SMH. They were revealed to be Tiger Ali Singh and Derrashi Khaliq, or as they called themselves the "Asian Nation". SMH thanked them for joining the WWF, and was going to give them a chance to enter the Royal Rumble. All they had to do was defeat the still not 100% Dudley Boys to win, and the match was next!


Dudley Boys def. Asian Nation to earn places in the Royal Rumble

Asian Nation quickly made their way out to the ring, where they got on the mic. Tiger talked about how him and Derrashi would easily defeat the Dudley Boys, and show the world why Asian's are the best nationality. Tiger was going to continue, when the Dudley's ran down! The Asian Nation were caught by surprise, as D-Von and Bubba unleashed their anger on them. D-Von threw Derrashi out of the ring quickly, and the Dudley's set up Tiger for a 3D. However, Road Dogg jumped out of the crod and distracted the ref, as Billy Gunn ran down the ramp, chair in hand! He went to hit D-Von, but he dodged and Billy nailed Tiger with the chair! Bubba then threw Gunn into Road Dogg, sending both men crashing to the floor on the outside. The Dudley's then hit the 3D on Tiger, earning themselves places in the Rumble! The Dudley's then stared down the Outlaws on the outside as we go to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

HHH was backstage, and talked about the Main Event. He said that he didn't know who let Mankind into the arena on Smackdown, but he intended to find out. HHH then said that even if Kane and Mankind were to somehow win the match, Kane wouln't stand a chance in hell of beating him at the Royal Rumble - and that was a promise. And as for Mankind? He'd have to face the music sooner or later.


E&C and the Hardy Boys went to a No Contest

The next match was eagerly anticipated, as the cocky E&C went up against their rivals the Hardy Boys. Memories of their ladder match at No Mercy were recalled as both teams used numerous high flying moves against the other. Even fter 10 Minutes of solid fighting, neither team had a clear advantage. At one point, Christian left the ring and tried to steal Jeff Hardy's Lightweight Title off of Lilian Garcia, but failed when Hardy nailed him a moonsault from the top rope! With their teammates down, Edge and Matt Hardy both went at it. Hardy nearly nailed his Twist of Fate, but Edge blocked it and went for a Spear, which Hardy dodged. The two then started to brawl on the outside, as Jeff and Christian joined them. The referee then ended up coutning both teams out, and ruled the match a No Contest. That didn't stop the two teams though, as they broke out the ladder! The Hardy's both nailed Edge in the face with the ladder, but Christian jumped on them from the top! With all 4 men down, numerous referee's and staff came down to help them up and keep them away from each other.


Paul Heyman and the rest of ECW were backstage, trying to find Stephanie McMahon. When they eventually found her, they asked her about their participation in the Royal Rumble. Stephanie said that since they hadn't done any harm to DX, that RVD, Raven & Sabu were all entered in the Rumble match, bringing the amount of contestants upto 17! Stephanie also decides to announce the fact that three of the spots had been took by surprise contestants, only to be revealed at the Rumble match!

[Commercial Break]

Big Show def. Hardcore Holly to earn a place in the Royal Rumble

What happens when you have a very pissed off 500 pound giant who's just lost his World Title, and give him a shot at getting the man who took that title off him at Wrestlemania? You get a demolition of Hardcore Holly. Holly wasn't even able to get out of the starting blocks, as Show walked all over him. Show nailed Hardcore with vicious clotheslines, suplexes and choke throws, before setting him up for a Showstopper. However, Show didn't pin Hardcore just yet - he nailed another Showstopper on the defenseless Hardcore, before pinning him. Show then stood on Hardcore's chest before walking over him, then delivering a thrid Showstopper. Blood started to trickle out of Hardcore's mouth, as Show laughed. He then shouted out "Your Next HHH!", before leaving the ring as EMT's went to Hardcore's aid.

[Commercial Break]

Chris Jericho def. X-Pac to earn an IC Title Match at the Royal Rumble

With Hardcore out of the ring, the eagerly anticipated match between Chris Jericho and X-Pac began. Jericho was in it for the shot at Van Dam, while X-Pac wanted another title for DX and himself. Both men used spectacular kicks and moves, as the crowd got behind Jericho. X-Pac was able to block the Walls of Jericho early on, and was able to take control of the match for a while, before Jericho was able to fight back much to the fan's delight. X-Pac nearly stole the match though when he rolled Jericho up with his feet on the ropes, but Jericho kicked out. X-Pac was unable to block the Walls of Jericho the second time, but was able to get to the ropes after lots of fighting. Pac started to fight back, but when he delivered the Bronco Buster to the steel post, Jericho was able to once again take control of the match. After a running bulldog, Jericho just bounced off the ropes to nail his Lionsault, and then pin X-Pac. Jericho celebrated in the ring for a moment, only to be attacked from behind by RVD! RVD nailed Jericho with a chair, before delivering a Five Star Frogsplash. RVD then left the ring smiling, as Jericho pushed himself up to look at his opponent at the Rumble.


Mankind then gave an interview backstage with Michael Cole. Mankind said that HHH and the Outlaws would pay for everything they have done since coming into power. He also said that he would come back, and he would win the World Title at Wrestlemania, because he revealed another stipulation in the match. If him and Kane won, Mankind would be enetred into the Rumble also! Mankind then walked off to make his way to the ring.

[Commercial Break]

Mankind & Kane def. DX

The Main Event rolled by as Mankind and Kane fought for their jobs and a title shot respectively. Both men got excellent reactions from the crowd, all of them wanting them to beat DX’s asses. DX got booed all the way down to the ring, and also at every move they hit. The 3 on 2 aspect of the match quickly took it’s toll on Kane and Mankind, as DX constantly cheated and triple teamed the faces. However, Kane and Mankind fought back, and at one point just missed getting the 3 on HHH himself! But their comeback was short lived, as the numbers once again took their toll on Mankind and Kane. All of a sudden, Kane's pyro went off - but it wasn't fire, it was a weird purple smoke. The ref was distracted by this, as Paul Bearer passed Kane the urn. Nailing both of the Outlaws with the Urn, HHH turned around to see both Mankind and Kane standing tall. Kane grabbed HHH by the throat, as Mankind got out Socko! Kane had to let go of the choke at the 5 count, but Mankind immediately locked in Socko! HHH tried to pull Socko out of his mouth, but was forced to the floor. The ref checked on him to see if he was unconscious, but Kane suddenly grabbed HHH by the throat again. Literally dragging HHH up by the throat, Kane lifted HHH up and slammed him back to the ground with his Chokeslam! Kane then let Mankind take the pin, as the crowd went wild!


The celebration was short lived though, as the Outlaws smacked Kane across the back with 3 chairshots. They then nailed Mankind in the head with the chair, before helping HHH to his feet. They then grabbed Mankind and held his arms behind his back. HHH then nailed a defenseless Mankind with numerous punches to the head. The Outlaws then pulled Mankind up to a standing position, as HHH kicked him in the gut. Setting him up for a Pedigree, HHH posed for a second when....


I Think I'm cute

I know i'm sexy"

The crowd went nuts as "HBK" SHAWN MICHAELS ran down to the ring. DX stood in shock as their former leader slid in the ring, and nailed HHH with a Sweet Chin Music! He then ran and clotheslined both of the Outlaws, before grabbing Mankind's hand. He pulled him up, and the crowd once again went wild. Mankind climbed to the top rope, as Michaels backed into the opposite corner, his arm raises in victory. Mankind climbed off the turnbuckle, and turned round - only for Michaels to superkick him! The cheers suddenly changed into boos, as Michaels stomped on Mankind. DX suddenly got up, and started to laugh with Michaels. They all raised hands, as the crowd started to throw rubbish into the ring. Michaels put on a DX shirt, as Raw went off the air.

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Just 3 days after he turned on the fans and Mankind, Shawn Michaels will return to the ring in the Main Event! It's gonna be Michaels and X-Pac against Mankind and a partner of his choice. However, Mankind cannot choose Kane as his partner, because the Big Red Machine has a Hardcore match against Billy Gunn! Who will be Mankind's Partner, now his biggest ally is gone? And will Kane be able to beat Gunn, or will DX take advantage of he no-DQ rule?

Also, HHH's opponent tonight was chosen by you the fans! And it's gonna be none other than Y2J Chris Jericho! Will Jericho be able to capture the World Title, and then go onto the Rumble to win the Intercontinental Title - or will ECW take the opportunity to weaken Jericho before the Rumble?

Also, Chyna will fight Tiger Ali Singh in a Rumble Qualifying Match. And we've got a Women's Title Match as The Kat defends her title against Tori!

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I read through this is pretty good so far, but there was one slightl thing, I know its a Fantasy Diary, however though E & C didnt become their Cocky Heel Surfer Charictors until after WM16, its just being that you are starting from The Rumble I thought that they would not have that Gimmick.

Anyways Im just picking bones its nothing massive, good job, really.

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We've got the TV Ratings for the past weeks shows here.

Smackdown scored 5.6, with the highest point being the DX Interview, and the lowest point was the Dudley Boys being beaten down by The New Age Outlaws

Heat got 1.89, with it's highest point being Chris Jericho's Interview and the lowest point being Al Snow pinning Bossman to win the Hardcore Title

Raw received 7.2, overwhelming the week's before 6.9. This is a good sign that wrestling's following is growing as well. The Highest point was Mankind's Interview, and the lowest point being the Dudley Boys against the Asian Nation.

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Ohio Valley Wrestling Show - Wednesday 12th January

AJ Styles def. Scott Vick

OG Ekmo, Viscera & Kimo def. Chad Collyer, Rodeny & Joey Abs

Joe E. Legend def. Koko B. Ware

OVW World Title Match - Dave Batista def. K-Krush, Tazz & Rob Conway © to win the World Title

Post-Show: Batista was celebrating, when The Undertaker made his return! He chokeslammed the new champion, before leaving the ring. Rob Van Dam also came to the ring, to help Tazz backstage.

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WWF Women’s Title Match: Tori def. The Kat to win the title

The Kat’s title was on the line in the first match on Smackdown this week. The champ didn’t put in a stellar performance, as Tori completely overwhelmed her. Kat got little if no offence in on Tori whatsoever and the crowd soon began to lose interest. In the end, Tori was able to pin Kat after delivering a vicious powerbomb, then following up with her trademark Tori Suplex. The crowd cheered as Tori walked away the victor and the new champion, and booed Kat as she got up and out of the ring.


Shawn Michaels was walking backstage, when Kevin Kelly ran upto him. He asked Michaels why he had turned his back on the fans, and joined DX. Michaels cut off Keven there, telling him that he didn't care what the fans thought, and that all that mattered was that he had finally reunited with HHH. He then said that DX would finally be able to be what it used to be, with HHH and HBK leading the way. Michaels then said that since he was part of the management, he had decided that he would enter himself into the Royal Rumble match. When asked about his match with X-Pac against Mankind and his mystery partner, Michaels said that it didn't matter whether Mankind had gotten the World's Strongest Man, he had already proven he had beaten Mankind years ago at Mind Games. HHH then walked upto Michaels and started talking to him as we go to commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

JR quickly announced that due to personal reasons, Jerry Lawler had left the commentary booth. Jim Cornette then walked out to cheers from the crowd, and sat next to JR. He said he had come to take King's place until he came back, and that during the break HHH had been attacked by someone. We went backstage, where X-Pac and Road Dogg were surrounding HHH, who had been busted open at the nose. He said that it was Kane who had attacked him from behind, and laid him out. Billy Gunn came into shot and told HHH that no matter what, he would defeat Kane in their match later in the night.


Chyna def. Tiger Ali Singh to earn a place in the Royal Rumble

The next match saw Chyna take on Asian Nation’s Tiger Ali Singh. Chyna, still angry from losing the Intercontinental Title thanks to Chris Jericho’s war with ECW took it straight to Singh, who had obviously underestimated his female opponent. However, Derrashi Khaliq soon played his part in the match, distracting the referee while Singh choked Chyna with his unravelled turban. The two men continued to use underhand tactics, until the referee had decided enough was enough and ejected Khaliq from ringside! While the two men argued with the referee, Chyna was able to get back to her feet and low blow Singh while the referee’s back was turned! With the sides now even, Chyna ended the match with a bulldog followed by a camel clutch that was more than enough to make Singh tap out. Chyna then celebrated, but was downed by a returning Khaliq! The two men nailed a few stomps on Chyna, before walking dejectedly from the ring.


A quick video played hyping the Billy Gunn V Kane match that was coming up after the commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Kane def. Billy Gunn

Kane was looking to put away Billy Gunn for a third consecutive match, having won matches including Gunn last Thursday and on RAW this week. Gunn was fighting not only for his own respect, but to avenge HHH after Kane had attacked him earlier on in the night. Gunn was quick on the offence, but his attacks seemed to have little effect on the Big Red Machine. Kane soon took control of the match, nailing Gunn with a big spinebuster, followed by a shoulder breaker. The last move had a lasting effect on the match, as Gunn's arm soon started to trouble him, causing him to have to rely more on kicks and less punches. But help was on the way for Gunn, as HHH ran down with Road Dogg. Dogg distracted the ref, as HHH slid in the ring with a steel chair. He raises it above his head, and went to crack it across Kane's skull, but Kane grabbed HHH by the throat! Throwing the chair to the floor, Kane lifted HHH up and chokeslammed him on the chair, immobilising the champ! But as Kane rose, Gunn suddenly charged at him and nailed a big Fameasser, before going for the pin. Kane still had power left in him though, and threw Gunn off him at 2 and a half. Gunn tried to capitalise on the rising Kane by nailing another Fameasser, but as he came back towards Kane, he felt Kane's hand wrapped around his throat! Kane then chokeslammed Gunn to hell and back, before covering him for the victory! Kane rolled out of the ring, as the three members of DX regrouped, the moral damage done.


We went backstage where Michael Cole was with Mankind. Mankind said that Shawn Michaels could say whatever he wanted, but he would have the last laugh tonight and at the Royal Rumble. He announced he had gone to the WWF Board of Directors and had been granted a hardcore, falls count anywhere match against Michaels! The fans went crazy, as JR and Cornette started recalling the famous Mind Games match between Michaels and Mankind as we went to a commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

WWF World Title Match: Chris Jericho def. HHH via DQ, HHH retains the title

One of the most anticipated matches of the night had finally come around. The champion was first out, still looking hurt from the chokeslam onto the chair from Kane. Y2J was next out, and he wasted little time, running to the ring and sliding in. HHH was able to catch Jericho out though, and delivered his trademark running knee lift as Jericho got to his feet. HHH’s back obviously took damage from the move though, as he grimaced and clutched it immediately after the match. HHH was able to keep Jericho at bay for a while, but Y2J was able to fight back, and soon went after HHH’s back. He was nearly able to lock in the Walls Of Jericho at one point after he had nailed a big superplex, but HHH was able to wriggle his way out of it. It definitely seemed like it would be Jericho’s night though, as he kept on the offence throughout. The finish though left the fans booing like hell. It came about as Jericho backdropped HHH over the top rope and to the outside. It seemed as if HHH’s back had finally given up, as he seemed unable to stand up. He leant against the ring, only to for Jericho to give him a baseball slide. The referee’s count was at 7, and Jericho realised if HHH got counted out, he wouldn’t win the title. He quickly went outside, and grabbed HHH – only to be nailed right in the ribs with a chair! The referee quickly ordered the DQ, but HHH wasn’t finished. He smashed the chair over Jericho’s head, before throwing the chair in the ring. He then rolled Jericho in, before entering it himself. Grabbing Jericho by the hair, he dragged him to his feet and kicked him in the gut. Position Jericho over the chair, he then gave Jericho a sickening Pedigree right onto the chair! He then snatched his world title off the referee, before going backstage. But it wasn’t over for Jericho just yet, as Rob Van Dam ran down the aisle and into the ring. Turning Jericho over to reveal a bloody face, Van Dam hopped up to the top rope, and gave Jericho a Five Star Frog Splash. Van Dam smiled as referee’s ran down to help Jericho out of the ring.


All of a sudden, we go to the Parking Lot. Mankind came into view, and looked up the entrance ramp. A limo then came driving up, and Mankind nodded. He then left, as the limo door opened and---we cut to the ring!


Shawn Michaels & X-Pac def. Mankind & ????

The DX music blared throughout the arena, as Michaels and X-Pac stepped out from behind the apron. The fans booed as Michaels blew kisses to them, and X-Pac did the crotch chop. Michaels then posed on the ramp, as X-Pac jumped in the air and did the chop, starting the pyro’s. The two then cockily walked to the ring, and rolled in. They waited in the ring, as the familiar car crash sound hit the sound system when….


The fans went absolutely crazy as the Rock and Sock Connection stepped out from behind the apron! Michaels and X-Pac were going mad at the fact they now had to face two of the best wrestlers in the WWF, maybe even the world! The Rock, making his return after a short break was obviously the fan favourite, but Mankind was drawing as big a reaction. The match started with Mankind & X-Pac in the ring, but soon the "We want Rock" chants started. Mankind nearly immediately gave X-Pac a scoop slam, then tagged out to Rock drawing a big pop. Rock then nailed numerous right hands to X-Pac, before clotheslining Shawn Michaels with such force it nearly knocked him out of his boots! It seemed like X-Pac would never get a chance to nail a shot on Rock, as he spent most of the time on the ground thanks to Rock’s array of powerful moves. But Rock was finally stopped by X-Pac, as he poked him in the eye as Rock set up for the Rock Bottom. Both men collapsed to the floor, and both started to crawl towards their partners.

Rock reached Mankind first, and tagged him in. Michaels spotted this, and jumped off the apron before X-Pac could tag him! Mankind would have none of it though, and got out of the ring and started to chase Michaels! In the end, Michaels jumped up on the apron, only to bump into X-Pac and make him the legal man! He started to argue with the referee, but was stopped by Mankind and a big forearm to the back! Mankind then threw HBK into the ring, and jumped on top of him. Laying in a flurry of punches on a defenseless Michaels, Mankind then got up and produced Socko! But all of a sudden, X-Pac got back up and started to attack Mankind. The referee tried to get X-Pac out of the ring, when the New Age Outlaws ran down! They smashed a chair over Rock’s back, before grabbing Mankind and giving him chairshots as well. They cleared the ring, as Michaels got up. He turned Mankind onto his back, and climbed to the top rope where he delivered a big elbow drop. More than enough to put Mankind away, Michaels covered him and won the match for DX. The Outlaws then stormed the ring, and the four members of DX whaled on the Rock and Sock Connection when the Dudley’s ran down! Bubba and D-Von cleared house, throwing X-Pac and the Outlaws from the ring. They then gave Shawn Michaels a taste of the 3D, before helping Rock and Mankind up. Mankind gave Michaels a Double Arm DDT, and Rock went for the People’s Elbow, but DX pulled Michaels out of the ring before Rock could hit the move. The show ended with both sides staring down the other, as the fans cheered for the Dudley’s save.

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