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New Age Championship Wrestling

Guest DiamondDust

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Guest DiamondDust

Bret Hart is sitting, watching old wrestling tapes. A match of him versus Steve Austin is showing. Bret turns it off, reminsing of times when he could wrestle. He gets a phone call.


"Hey Bret, its Teddy."

"Hey Teddy, whats happening?"

"Not alot, Just thought I'd call, see whats up"

"Not much, I was just watching some old tapes"

"That's cool, I got a match against Al Snow tonight, I'm stoked!"

"That's great Teddy, really cool. I gotta run, Talk to you later."

"Bye Bret"

"Goodbye Teddy"

Bret hangs up the phone, and picks it back up. He dials a number.

"Steve, it's Bret, we gotta talk."

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Guest DiamondDust

Steve Austin was just drinking a beer when he got a phone call

"Steve, it's Bret, we gotta talk."

"Sure Bret, whats on your mind?"

"I was just thinking about starting a business venture"

"What kind of venture?"

"The new age of wrestling"

"What the hell is the new age of wrestling?"

"It's gonna be our promotion. With or without you, I'm starting it. I've got the bussiness in my blood, and so do you if you like it or not. You love the bussiness and so do I. We can't wrestle, but we can sure as hell run a fed better then Jerry Jarret or Vince McMahon. We can push good workers, we can hire good wrestlers."

"Dammit Bret, it's crazy as hell, but I'm in"

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Guest DiamondDust

Steve Williams flew out to Calgary to meet with Bret Hart. They met at a Tim Hortons to meet over coffee. They went over a few specs for the fed. They decided to based the promotion out of Calgary, and buy the Stampede Wrestling promotion and use it as a devolpment camp. They would use The Hart Dungeon as a training camp.

"So, Bret what should we call the fed?"

"I don't know, Championship Wrestling?"

"I've been thinking about what you said "new age of wrestling" we should do something with that.

"How about New Age Wrestling"

"No, thats too short, every fed has 3 intials. Lets be diffrent."

"Hmm, how about New Age Championship Wrestling?"

"Dammit Bret, now you got the brain going, thats a damn good name!"

"So were decided on NACW?"

"Yup, now lets get the roster ready"

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Guest DiamondDust

Steve Williams and Bret Hart are sitting in a rented office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. On the wall were two lists of wrestlers. One side had workers who were hired, and the other was worker who could be signed. The list of signed workers read



Open Contract

Main Event

Ken Shamrock

Lex Luger

Scott Steiner



Upper Midcard

AJ Styles

Christopher Daniels

Dreamweaver (Goldust/Dustin Rhodes)

Frank Shamrock

Rockabilly (Billy Gunn)


The Sandman

Tonga (Rikishi)


Big Vito


Brian Lawler

Chris Candido

Chris Harris

Chris Kanyon

Chris Sabin

CM Punk

James Storm

Jerry Lynn

Jupiter (Perry Saturn)

Kid Kash


Rico "The Cobra" Constantino

Samoa Joe

Steve Blackman

Sean Waltman (Syxx-Pac)

The Amazing Red

Lower Midcard


Alex Shelley

Austin Aries

Colt Cabana

Elix Skipper

Frankie Kazarian

Johnny Kashmere

Micheal Shane

Petey Williams

Trent Acid


Stampede Wrestling

Acero Dorado

Alex Shelley

Austin Aries

Bruce Hart

Chris Harris

Chris Sabin

Colt Cabana

Elix Skipper

Frankie Kazarian

Jack Evans

James Storm

James Yun

Jay Briscoe

Jerrelle Clark

Jerry Lynn

Jimmy Jacobs

Jimmy Snuka Jr.

Joel Maximo

Jonny Storm

Johnny Swinger

Jose Maximo

Kid Kash

L.A. Par-K

Mark Briscoe

Micheal Hart

Oman Turtoga

Paul Burchill

Petey Williams


Roderick Strong

Shane Ballard

Shannon Ballard

Shark Boy

Sonny Siaki

Super Dragon


Bobby Heenan

Jim Cornette

Tag Teams

A to X

Auglia and Xavier

Amercia's Most Wanted

Chris Harris and James Storm

Backsteat Boyz

Trent Acid and Johnny Kashmere

Blackman and Kanyon

Steve Blackman and Chris Kanyon

Stellar Storm

Blizzard and Jupiter


Sinister Youth

Alex Shelley

Austin Aries

Jimmy Jacobs

Bret and Steve were in agreement that there were a few main event names they really didn't want to have on the roster, but they needed to be noticed. They were getting the titles ready when they got a call


Hello, Bret it Lex.

"Hey Lex, whats up?

"Not a helluva of a lot, I was just wondering, what do you have in mind for me?"

"Well, Steve and me were thinking that we would have you and Vader go against each other for the NACW Heavyweight Title"

"Thanks for the insight Bret, I'll talk to you soon"

Bret hung up the phone, and he and Steve continued to plan for there first show.

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Its not bad, but most of those in your development camp should be on the roster (Shelley, Aries, Cabana etc). For the most part, the roster is a nice enough mix.

Anyway, the concept is mostly reasonablygood, but you could add a bit more detail. It just seems a bit wooden if that makes sense, and generic - no real character or sense of. Plus, its rushed, and just seems a bit twee........ It reads like a script for a kids TV show.

So yeah, more detail, and stuff like I've mentioned.

And its Michael Shane, not Micheal. And plan their first show, not there.

EDIT - Just picking on one scene - it has no detail, and i'll try and explain the kids TV comment (I know what I want to say, I just can't say it):

"So, Bret what should we call the fed?"

just seems a bit generic, and a bit weird. Dunno why

"I don't know, Championship Wrestling?"

"How about New Championship Wrestling?"

"No, New Age Championship Wrestling"

"Sounds good Bret, I like it"

Can imagine Austin saying this with a massive over the top grin, thumbs up with cheesey upbeat music - Like that off 'The Happy Little Elves' plays in the background

"Okay Steve, lets get the roster ready"


It just seems to me like an old-school kids show where all the characters speak generic lines, agree on everything right away, and sing, dance, smile a lot and have lovely picnics on a bright summers day.

I am really sorry if that sounds at all harsh. Im trying to be constructive. Its decent concept and a decent roster, and i'll read the first show.

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Guest DiamondDust

Bret Hart was on the phone with a producer at CBC

"What do you mean, you don't show wrestling?"

"What I said sir, it's against our policy."

"Just a minute, my partner wants to talk to you"

Bret Hand the phone to Steve

"Hello, this is Steve Williams, who are you?"

"I'm a producer at CBC."

"And what problems are you having with my partner?"

"Well, sir he wants to get a shown on our network, but we don't promote violence"


On the other end of the line, the man almost soils his pants. He puts Willams on hold, and runs off to get his boss


"Hello sir, I'm Steve Williams and I represent New Age Championship Wrestling. We were hoping that we could secure a TV show on your network. You are our first choice, and we don't want to have to move to a diffrent network. We would like a four week trial with your network, and if we manage to acheive a sustainable neilson rating, we coul re-negoate."

"Okay sir, why don't you and your partner fly out next week?"

Next week Steve and Bret are meeting with several CBC excutives

"So, we are going to try out a TV show for one month?"

"Yes mister Hart. We will need a name for the show."

"I don't know, you guys have a writing team, don't you?"

"Yes mister Williams, and they have throw around a few names. They finals names are

  • Revolution
  • Canadian Thunder
  • New Age TV
We will allow you to choose from the list, or you can come up with your own."

Steve and Bret leave the room, trying to decide a name

*This is where you guys come in, you help decied what the show should be called. Post your selection*

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Guest DiamondDust

user posted image

Vader vs Lex Luger vs Scott Steiner vs Ken Shamrock

NACW Heavyweght title four corners match

Dreamweaver vs The Sandman

King of the night match

Jupiter vs Steve Blackman

Auglia and Xaiver vs The Backseat Boys

NACW Tag titles

*Please post predictions*

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NACW Heavyweght Title

Four Corners Match

Vader vs Lex Luger vs Scott Steiner vs Ken Shamrock

King Of The Night Match

Dreamweaver vs The Sandman

NACW Tag Titles

Auglia and Xaiver vs The Backseat Boys

Jupiter vs Steve Blackman

Isn't Steve Blackman retired?

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Guest DiamondDust

* I'm sorry this isn't the show*

Bret Hart was reading the PWI news letter, and he saw several important articles

"Hey, Steve get over here"

"What Bret, whats up?"

"Vince fired a few guy, that I think we may be intersted in"

"Who do you want to hire?"

"Al Snow should be hired on a written contract, Jimmy Snuka Jr. and James Yun should be hired as devolpment deals"

Bret and Steve review some tapes, and come to the descion to hire James Yun to a written contract in a devolpment deal, as he is in big demand, Jimmy Snuka Jr. to a devlopmental open contract, and Al Snow to a written contract, in a midcard postion, to team with Jupiter, as Blizzard in the team Stellar Storm. They also came across tapes of Jonny Storm, and decided to sign him to a devlopment deal

Suspect the following changes to the card

Steller Storm vs Steve Blackman and a partner TBA

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Guest DiamondDust

user posted image

Location-Calgary, Alberta



Announcers- Joey Styles and Mike Johnson

Lex Luger Interview

Lex Luger is backstage with a microphone-

"Vader, I don't know how you got into this federation, but I'm determined put you out of wrestling for life. You stand no chance tonight. I'm going to destroy you and win the NACW title for myself! Compared to me, your nothing but a 400 pound sack of pig shit. I'm taking the wrestling world into my own hands, and taking you out of it!"


*Lex Luger gained one point of overness*

Auglia and Xaiver vs The Backseat Boys

NACW Tag titles

A high flying spectical, Auglia got a bad reaction due to his gimmick, but the crowd still enjoyed the match. Kashmere put Auglia up for a powerbomb, but Auglia rolled him up, and used the ropes for leverage! The ref missed this, and counted the 3. After the match, confetti fell and Auglia and Xaiver were presented with the NACW Tag titles

Winners-Auglia and Xaiver




*The NACW titles have gained image*

Welterweight title match

Bret Hart is standing with the NACW Welterweight title. Beside him stands Syxx-Pac

"Tonight, my friend Syxx-Pac will be facing CM Punk for the NACW Welterweight title. This match will happen next!"


*Bret Hart lost two points of overness*

Vader and Luger confrontation

Lex Luger is backstage, when Vader walks up to him and starts staring at him. Luger steps forward and they stare at other. The rest of the locker room gathers around as they get ready to pull them apart. Luger then turn around and walks away. Vader walks away, and the camera fades out.


CM Punk vs Syxx-Pac

NACW Welterweight title

The crowd had fun with this match, calling Syxx pornstar, and making fun of him. CM Punk did a great job carrying the veteran here. Punk hits the pepsi plunge after Syxx gets distracted by a crowd member. Afterwards Syxx went crazy attacking the crowd members with anti Pac signs.

Winner-CM Punk




*The NACW Welterweight title has ganed image*

Dreamweaver vs The Sandman

King of the night match

The lights in the arena were put out, and small lights were placed in the corners, and one light hung down from the roof except for that is was pitch dark. The loser of this match will be forced to be called a diffrent name in NACW from now on. The crowd were happy with the idea of this match, and like the wrestling aspect, even though the match was a little worse than previous matches on the card. Dreamweaver won after hitting the Lights Out (180 sitout facebuster) and went for the cover. The ref counted the 3 and Dreamweaver was decleared King of the night.





Stellar Storm vs Blackman and Kanyon

Blizzard and Jupiter got a great crowd response even though Blizzard was lagging throughout with this exceptionl, these men put on a great match. The match ended when Blizzard nailed a low blow on Kanyon and covered for the 3 count. After all decisions were final Blackman and Kanyon went to town on Stellar Storm using various forms of martial arts.

Winners-Stellar Storm

Match- 75%

Crowd- 60%

Overall- 65%

Vader vs. Lex Luger vs. Ken Shamrock vs. Scott Steiner

NACW Championship match

Vader starts the match quickly firing off some hard rights to Shamrock, but by the third shot Vader hits nothing but air and is nailed with an armbar, on the other side of the ring Luger nails a hard clothesline and is pounding away at Steiner like a red headed step-child the ref. finally pulls Lex off and misses the rope break over on the otherside of the squared circle. As the ref. calls for the rope break his back is conveniently turned for a low-blow on Luger by big poppa pump. Lex is heaved over the ropes and Steiner turns around straight into a DDT by Shamrock. After recovering from an intense armbar Vader is on his way around the ring after Luger who is still down and out, after reaching his target Vader fires his burly opponent into the stairs. Shamrock tries to lock in the single legged boston crab on Steiner but gets a hard boot to the head instead. Ken slips out of a gorilla press and shoves Scott off the ropes nailing a german suplex on the rebound. After throwing his half uncouncious enemy into the ring Vader can only get the two because of a pesky Shamrock who after breaking up the pin locks in the figure four leglock, after about fifteen seconds of the maneuver Vader manages to flip Ken over reversing the pressure causing Shamrock to release the hold, all four men are down and Steiner and Luger are the first up. Lex delivers blow after blow to a lagging Steiner who finally hits the floor. Luger raises his lifeless foe and locks in the torture rack, just as Steiner is about to tap Lex is brought to his knees buy a now rejuvenated Vader. Vader nails a suplex, then a clothesline and then a DDT on an exhausted Luger who is held down for only a two once again because of Shamrock. With the other two men out of the ring Vader and Ken begin exchanging hard rights, Vader finally bests his Shamrock and nails a suplex, he then raises his next victim and hits a vicous Vader Bomb for the 1...2...3!

Match- 73%

Crowd- 82%

Overall- 79%

*The NACW Heavywieght Title has gained image*

Quick Results

Interview With Lex Luger-89%

Auglia and Xaiver over the Backseat Boys-75%

Bret makes Welterweight tile match-74%

Vader/Luger staredown-74%

CM Punk over Syxx-Pac-77%

Dreamweaver over The Sandman-77%

Stellar Storm over Blackman and Kanyon-67%

Vader wins a four corners match-79%

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Guest DiamondDust

Bret Hart was reading the PWI news letter. He saw a very important article.

Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling has been having a declining audience as of late. This is belived to be in relation to them recently falling in public, following several poor shows. TNA is said to be losing money, and putting on horrible shows latley. This is belived to be a big chance for NACW to take the number two spot in wrestling.

Bret was thrilled to see this, and he quickly forwareded this to the entire roster.

Later in the day, Steve got calls from several wrestlers regarding the first show

"Hey, Steve its Dustin, I was just wondering whats next for me? I beat James in the king of the night match, but what now?"

"Well, seeing as your Dusty's boy, we-"

Dustin cuts Steve off

"Steve, I don't want to be here because I'm Dusty's boy, I want to prove my self as a wrestler. If you can't provide me this, I may have to go to another promotion."

"Wow, you really seem to want to make this work. I can see you going far here. How about this, I'll put you in a match against Kipp this week, and see how you do. I think you've had some matches before, right?"

"Ya, thanks a lot Steve, I've gotta get going, and I'll call Kip in a bit, cool?"

"Ok, I'll talk to you later Dustin"

No sooner had Steve hung the phone up, he got a call from a man named Benny Cuntapy

"Hello, who may I ask is calling?"

"Hello sir, my name is Benny Cuntapy, and I'm intersted in joining your federation with my tag team partner."

"I don't know who you are, do you have a wrestling name?"

"Ya, I got by the name B-Boy, and my partner is Homocide"

"Oh, your that Team Friday, I've seen your work and it looks good. I hear you know a few guy in the fed, do you think they'd vouch for ya?"

"I don't know sir, Christopher Daniels trained me, is that helpful?"

"It's pretty good, I'll go ahead and talk to my partner"

Steve and Bret talk for a few hours, and finally go ahead and sign Team Friday as a devlopmental team. Upon hearing this, many wrestlers call and mail Steve and Bret, thanking them for hiring the team.

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I have two major problems with this diary so far. First of all you made a big deal about CBC not wanting to promote violence and being a moral company and then Lex Luger turns around and says "shit" on live television. That would never fly here in Canada, especially on a network as up tight as CBC.

My second issue is the lack of detail in the shows. People have already complained about your lack of detail and you had promised to add more and then you turn out a show that looks like it was written in about 15 minutes. You need to up the realism and the effort before I keep reading this diary.

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