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WWE Smackdown!


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OCC: This is just my TEW Game that i started and i wanted to do a diary so there isnt really a backstory, i'm not some kid who Vince hired to do the WWE Writing, im playing realism, the people backstage are in control. How i managed to get some of Raw's top talents? Well i did it the hard way and i signed them, if you have any questions regarding past happenings, let me know and i'd gladly fill you in. My next show, WWE Smackdown! will be up soon

Here is my Roster.

Main Event


Big Show


Kurt Angle

Randy Orton

Rob Van Dam


Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho(Fired By Raw)

Eddie Guerrero

The Undertaker(Neck Injury Returns September 12

Upper Midcard



Charlie Haas

Paul London

Rene Dupree


Chavo Guerrero Jnr

Hardcore Holly

Matt Morgan

Rhyno(Fired by Raw)

Shannon Moore

Tajiri(Fired by Raw)




Danny Basham

Doug Basham

Johnny Stamboli

Mark Jindrak

Tyson Tomko


Billy Gunn

Billy Kidman

Jamie Noble

Jeff Hardy


Rey Mysterio Jr

Scotty 2 Hotty

Tank Toland


Ultimo Dragon

Val Venis(Fired by Raw)

Lower Midcard




Spike Dudley



Luther Reigns


Torrie Wilson

Paul Heyman

Theodore Long


Dawn Marie


Vince McMahon (WWE Chairman)

Stephanie McMahon (General Manager)


Nick Patrick

Brian Hebner

Mike Chioda


Josh Matthews(Velocity)

Michael Cole(Smackdown)

Tony Chimel(Ring Announcer)

Bill DeMott(Velocity)

Theodore Long(Smackdown)

Backstage Interviewer

Marc Lloyd

Gene Okerland

Backstage Staff

Bruce Pritchard(WWE Writer)

Carl Demarco(WWE Canada)

Tom Pritchard(Talent Scout)

Arn Anderson(Road Agent)

Dave Hebner(Road Agent)

Dave Lagana(WWE Writer)

Dean Malenko(Road Agent)

Dominick Pagliaro(WWE Writer)

Mark Yeaton(Time Keeper)

Sgt Slaughter(Road Agent)

Shane McMahon(WWE Media)

Lance Storm(Trainer)

Marissa McMahon(Production)

Pat Patterson(Road Agent)

Droz(WWE.com Columnist)

Title History:

WWE Cruiserweight Title

Won: Nunzio From: Paul London Event: No Mercy Date: 21/10/2004 Where: Toronto

Won: Paul London From: Chavo Guerrero Jr Event: Smackdown Date: 14/07/2004 Where: Texas

Won: Chavo Guerrero From: Jackquliene Event: Smackdown Date: 07/04/2004 Where: New York

WWE Heavyweight Title

Won: Chris Jericho From: Edge Event: Smackdown Date: 07/10/2004 Where: Maine

Won: Edge From: Eddie Guerrero Event: SummerSlam Date: 24/08/2004 Where: New York

Won: Eddie Guerrero From: Brock Lesnar Event: No Way Out Date: 15/02/2004 Where: Los Angeleas

WWE Tag Team

Won: Rene Dupree/Charlie Haas From: Pulse(Tank Toland & Matt Morgan) Event: No Mercy Date: 21/10/2004 Where: Toronto

Won: Pulse(Tank Toland/Matt Morgan) From:Tyson Tomko & Dave Batista Event: SummerSlam Date: 24/08/2004 Where: New York

Won: Tyson Tomko & Dave Batista From: The Dudley Boyz(D-Von & Bubba) Event: Smackdown Date: 07/04/2004 Where: Texas

WWE United States

Won: Chris Benoit From: Randy Orton Event: Smackdown Date: 07/10/2004 Where: Maine

Won: Randy Orton(2) From: John Cena(2) Event: SummerSlam Date: 24/08/2004 Where: Michigan

Won: John Cena(2) From: Randy Orton Event: Smackdown Date: 08/07/2004 Where: Massachusetts

Won: Randy Orton From: John Cena Event: Great American Bash Date: 26/06/2004 Where: Oklahoma

Tag Teams

Bashm Brothers - Doug & Danny Basham

Haas & Dupree - Charlie Haas & Rene Dupree

Orton & Baitsta - Randy Orton & Baitsta

Pulse - Matt Morgan & Tank Toland

Pure Perfection - Johnny Stamboli & Mark Jindrak

The Big Tymers - Shannon Moore & Scotty Too Hotty

Tomko & Batista - Tyson Tomko & Dave Batista


Evolution - Randy Orton - Leader

Tyson Tomko

Dave Batista


Big Show Vs John Cena - 81.9%

Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn Vs Tomko & Batista - 69.9

Kurt Angle/Chris Jericho/Eddie Guerrero/Edge/Rey Mysterio/Rob Van Dam - 85.1

Randy Orton Vs Chris Benoit - 88.1

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On this weeks Smackdown! the question on everyone's mind is, Whats next for Jericho? He has done it all now that he is WWE Champion. Stephanie McMahon promised big things for Jericho if he signed over to Smackdown! and now that he has the big one, whats next? Tune into Smackdown! to find out.

Also on Smackdown! Edge is still furious to the fact that he has yet to recieve his rematch from October 7th from when he lost his WWE Title, will Steph grant Edge his title shot?

And on Smackdown! this week it looks as if Pulse will finally get a rematch for the titles they lost at No Mercy, Pulse will take one Rene Dupree & Charlie Haas for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Also The Big Show is still furious that John Cena continues to invade on his matches even after Cena was fired from Smackdown! after losing to The Big Show, will Cena make a suprise appearance again? And how will the big man react to his loss to Shannon Moore last week?

All this and More on Smackdown!

Confirmed Matches

Charlie Haas & Rene Dupree© Vs Pulse

Basham Brothers Vs Scotty & Spike

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Smackdown!The video package opens up and highlights the happenings of last week before we go to the Smackdown! Video. where then shown with a Limo arriving and waiting for it is Kurt Angle..

General Manager Kurt?

Kurt opens up the door for Stephanie and Stephanie walks out...

Stephanie McMahon: Thank you, Kurt..

Stephs phone rings..

Stephanie McMahon:Hello,...., What?,..., But i cant leave the show...?Ok ill be there soon.

Steph hangs up.

Stephanie McMahon: Kurt, i know this is of such short notice but theres an emergency back in Connecticut and i need to catch the next plane back, so would you mind controlling the show for the night? Since you do have experience..

Kurt Angle: Steph, it'd be my pleasure..

Stephanie McMahon: Thanks, Kurt.

Steph gets back in the limo and it drives off as we see Kurt standing there smirking, We then cut to the ring where we hear Whatever by Our Lady Peice play and out comes Chris Benoit.



Benoit walks out to the ring sorting a sling and of course his U.S Title. Benoit gets into the ring and grabs a mic.

Chris Benoit: As you might have noticed, I'm abit banged up after last weeks brutal assault by Evolution, but week in and week out, i may get my ass kicked when im out numbered 3 to 1 but i tell Evolution 1 thing. I'm still standing and you've yet to PROOVE ME WRONG! You see Orton, i have the one thing that you want and that one thing is this, the U.S Title, Orton, as long as i ha...

At that moment, Kurt Angle's theme hits and he walks out sporting his suit to Chants of "You Suck, You Suck". Kurt grabs a mic from the inside of his suit.

Kurt Angle: Well... Well... Well... if it isnt The Crippler Chris Benoit, who mind you is currently Crippled himself,(laughs) Well, Chris week in and week out you talk about how your gonna cripple this person and your gonna cripple that person but this week your crippled, i find that ironic that The Crippler has indeed been crippled...

Chris Beniot: Even though i'm crippled Kurt, i bet i could still kick your ass

Crowd Pops

Kurt Angle: Is that so? Well how about since i have the power we wrestle right now..

Angle drops his mic, takes off his jacket and begins walking towards the ring but he stops and walks back to the mic, he picks it up and raises it to his mouth...

Kurt Angle: Actually, i have a better idea, since tonight you are in no condition to Wrestle, im gonna put you in a HANDICAP match against, DAVE BATISTA and TYSON TOMKO!

Crowd Boo's

Kurt Angle: Kid's watching at home, this is what happens when you run your mouth!

Angle leaves to his music as we fade to a commercial break.



We come back from the commercial break and we see the returning Basham Brothers making there way to the ring.

Basham Brothers Vs Spike & Scotty

The match begins with typical Chain wrestling from Scotty and Danny, Danny then uses his power to corner Scotty in the Bashams end of the ring. Scotty is held back by Doug as Danny chops him and the ref gets to 5. Danny tags in Doug and the match continues to play in favor of the Bashams, Doug and Danny hit a Double Flapjack on Scotty before Doug is tagged in making him the legal man. Doug stops a Scotty Kick but Scotty then hits an Enziguri and gets the tag to Spike, Spike runs in like he is going to damage but Doug grabs Spike in the Spinebuster position and then in comes Danny who runs off the ropes and grabs the head of Spike and he and Doug hit a Spinebuster/Neckbreaker combination, Cole says they call that one Brain Damage. Doug makes the cover and The Bashams pick up there first Victory since returning to Smackdown from injurys. The Bashams celebrate there victory as they walk backstage

Winners: The Basham Brothers.


After the match ends the music of The Big Show hits...

Big Show Wants Cena

Show walks out to the ring and notices Spike and Scotty getting up, Show gets in and delivers a HUGE Chokeslam to Spike and then he hits one on Scotty. Both men are down and out as Show kicks then out of the ring. Show grabs a mic.

Big Show: You know something people. I'm not a happy man at the moment and when you make me mad, your making a GIANT mad. As you all know last week, i lost to Shannon Moore because of John Cena who was forced to leave Smackdown because i beat him at No Mercy and now he wants to interfear in my matches, well i'm just not having any of it! Cena i know your around, so if you got the balls like you say you do, you'll come out here right now!

All of a sudden Kurt Angle's music hits and out comes Kurt.

Kurt Angle: Now Show, i know your angry due to the fact that John Cena cost you your match against Shannon Moore but you cant get him tonight due to the fact that there is no way in hell he is getting into this arena as i have security EVERYWHERE. So instead of taking John Cena tonight, im going to give you a rematch against Shannon Moore and if ANYONE decides to interfere they will be fired on the spot.

Big Show: Kurt, i'm just going to let you know right now, that you just dug Shannon Moore's grave.

Show laughs as Kurt then says

Kurt Angle: Oh by the way, that match is NOW!

Kurt leaves as the music of Shannon Moore hits, Moore with taped up ribs walks to the ring holding them


Shannon Moore Vs The Big Show

The match began as soon as Moore got in, Show began kicking Moore in the taped up ribs. Show picked up Moore several times and through him into the turnbuckle. Show ran into Moore countless times and continued to beat on Moore's ribs. Big Show through Moore into the turnbuckle and Moore accidentally knocked the ref down in the process, Moore rebounded off the ropes and then Show picked him up for a Powerbomb. Show spun around several times and then out of nowhere came someone from the crowd wearing a Ultimo Dragon mask, The man clipped the knees of The Big Show and Show dropped flat on his back with Moore ontop of him, the ref made the count as he woke up and Moore got the 3 count! The man dragged Moore out of the ring and then escaped through the crowd, As the man went up the stairs he threw up his hands forming the Double Horns of Cena and then the man took off his mask revealing John Cena! The crowd popped as Show was angered.

Winner: Shannon Moore


Main Event Made

We go backstage where we see Kurt sitting at Stephs desk and then a knock is heard and in comes WWE Champion, Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho: What do you want Angle?

Kurt Angle: What do i want? What i want Chris, is that title belt around your shoulder and i dont see why i dont just strip you of it right here and right now but you know me Chris, im a good sport. So tonight i've decided that its not gonna be about me. oh No Chris, tonight is about whats good for Smackdown, usually i woulda just booked my self in a match against you for the title with all odds stacked against you but tonight it's different. So Chris Jericho, here infront of me are 4 Eligible wrestlers who want your title.

Chris looks and infront of him are Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Edge & Rob Van Dam.

Kurt Angle: Now Chris, right here we have 2 Former WWE Champions, A Midget and Mr Thursday Night! And out of all 4 of these guys, you'd think Eddie deserves the title shot. WRONG! Because Jericho not only are you not going to wrestle Eddie Guerrero tonight, your also not going to wrestle Rey Mysterio Jr tonight! Because Rey Mysterio is already scheduled to face Nunzio, so Rey get out of my face before i fire you!

Rey leaves and is soon followed by Eddie.

Kurt Angle: Chris, tonight your going to wrestle that same man who was screwed out of his world title on October 7th, that man is Edge! Chris, tonight in the main event, your going to wrestle Edge, in the same match you took his title in. Tonight, Chris... It's going to be Chris Jericho Vs Edge in a CAGE MATCH!

The crowd pops..

Chris Jericho: You done blabbing your mouth you sactamonial son of a bitch? You see Kurt i've defeated Edge for this title before and i sure as hell am willing to do it again, I'm going to defeat Edge just like i defeated you on October 21 at No Mercy!

Before Jericho leaves..

Kurt Angle: Oh, Jericho i hope your right about you defeating Edge tonight, well seeing as your so confident about it happening, then if you Lose tonight, Your FIRED!



We cut back to the arena where we see Rey Mysterio making his entrance, Rey throws his shirt to the fans and then out comes Nunzio who gets a huge pop and seems to be very over with the fans now.

Rey Mysterio Vs Nunzio©

WWE Cruiserweight Title

The two shake hands and the match begins. Abit of Chain Wrestling to start things off as Rey launches Nunzio into the ropes Nunzio sunset flips over Rey and gets a 2 count, Rey reverses into a pin of his own 2 count, Nunzio reverses 2 count, this goes on for about a minute before Rey rolls backwards and the dropkicks Nunzio to the face! Crowd pops for that, Rey covers but only a 2. Rey controls the match for the next 3 minutes using countless holds to keep Nunzio out. Nunzio pushes Rey into the Ropes but Rey comes off with a springboard Moonsault but Nunzio manages to catch Rey, Nunzio hits a Michinoku Driver but only gets a 2 count off the pinfall! Nunzio gets up and so does Rey, Nunzio runs off the ropes then lands on Rey and hits a DDT! Nunzio covers but only gets a 2 count. Nunzio picks up Rey and goes to send him into the ropes but Rey drop toe holds Nunzio into the middle rope! Rey calls for it and hits the 6-1-9 Rey calls for the West Coast Pop but RVD runs out and grabs Mysterio dropping him face first onto the Apron, RVD Rolls Rey back in and then Nunzio hits the Arivaderci onto Rey and then covers! Nunzio pick up the victory! RVD rolls back into the ring and begins beating Rey and pounding into his ribs as he beats him up, out runs Eddie Guerrero who slides into the ring and clotheslines RVD over the top rope. Eddie celebrates and dances as RVD backs up the ramp looking pissed off.

Winner: Nunzio

OSR: 75.9

We go backstage and we see Haas & Dupree walking to the ring as we fade to a commercial break.


Charlie Haas & Rene Dupree© w/ Paul Heyman Vs Pulse(Matt Morgan & Tank Toland)

Tag Titles

We come back from the commercial break and we see Morgan & Toland slowly approaching the ring. We then heard the music of Dupree & Haas go on the PA and they walk out to boo's from the crowd Paul Heyman slowly follows his Soldiers to the ring. Haas starts the match off against Toland, Morgan & Toland former tag champs manage to take control early on. Toland uses his power to send Haas to the corner but Haas manages to use his speed to his advantage as he moves out of the way when Toland charges at him, Toland comes off the turnbuckle hurting and is then taken down with a Clothesline. The match went back and fourth up until Dupree tagged in and Morgan tagged in. Dupree came and Morgan took him down with a huge boot to his face, Haas charged at Morgan but Morgan lifted him up into a Military Press and tossed him over the ring. Dupree came from behind and hit Morgan with a low blow behind the refs back. Rene then sent Morgan to the ropes and Morgan came back and Dupree then lifted him into the French Tickler(Spinning Sitout Spinebuster) and then covered Morgan for the win. Dupree and Haas took their titles and walked backstage and raised their arms with Heyman on the stage. Morgan & Toland looked dissapointed as we faded backstage where we see Jericho pacing up and down.

Winners: Haas/Dupree


Jericho Speaks

As Jericho paces up and down his lockeroom a knock on the door is heard and in walks the Crippler Chris Benoit.

Chris Jericho: What the hell do you want?

Chris Benoit: Listen Jericho, dont think for one second that you have it hard tonight, just like you i managed to cop it from G.M Kurt as you can see my arms in a sling until next week and he puts me in a match tonight against 2 men double the size of me, but do you see me complaining? Chris, you have Edge tonight, you need to realise that you've beat him before and you can do it again. You have nothing to worry about, the only thing you should worry about is that you got 5 other crazed Lunatics wanting your title and your just lucky im not one of it, but Chris just to let you know, tonight, I've got your back.

Chris Jericho: I appreciate your help Chris but i dont need it, as you can see tonight, its every man for himself. I know there are 5 men who want my title but each and everyone of those 5 men have felt the wrath of Chris Jericho and tonight will be no different because i am Chris Jericho. Thanks anyways.

Jericho taps Benoit on his shuolder and then leaves. BENOIT VS TOMKO & BATISTA IS NEXT!!


--Commercial Break--

Chris Benoit Vs Dave Batista & Tyson Tomko w/ Randy Orton

Benoit walks out to a huge crowd reaction. Chris walks to the ring but then out from behind come Batista & Tomko who attack Benoit from behind. Batista grabs Benoit and rams his shoulder right into the steel steps! Benoit is down in pain as Tomko grabs Benoit wraps his arm around the steel poll and begins to bend it back as Benoit screams in agony. Orton stands and watches as Batista rams Benoit into the steel steps again, Batista rolls Benoit back into the ring and then gets in and picks up Benoit but Benoit out of no where manages to dish out a huuuuuuuuge clothesline to Batista which knocks him over the top rope and Batista flys right into the crowd. Tomko then gets in and goes for a clothesline but Benoit manages to lock in the Crippler Crossface! Tomko is stretching for the ropes and Orton just sits and watches as Tomko taps out and Chris Benoit wins!

Winner: Chris Benoit


Evolution Is The Solution

After the match Randy Orton steps into the ring and grabs Benoit and takes him down with an RKO! Batista comes into the ring and picks up Benoit and throws him straight into the turnbuckle post Shoulder first and then Benoit turns and walks into a huge Powerbomb from Tomko! but the crowd pops when the see Luther Reigns run out to the ring and scare off Evolution with his chair, Luther picks up Benoit and helps him up. As Benoit walks around and shakes off himself he turns and Luther Reigns is standing there and justs cracks the chair over his Skull! Benoit is knocked out cold and is just laying there as blood is pouring out of his head like no tomorrow! Batista/Tomko & Orton get into the ring and start shaking hands with Luther and it seems as if Luther has joined Evolution. Orton grabs the mic..

Randy Orton: See Benoit, i told you when you came to Smackdown! that the only Solution would be Evolution and now it seems that Evolution has just passed you by!

The four of them begin to lay into Benoit when out from the back come Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn, the two run out with chairs and slide into the ring, Orton/Tomko & Batista leave as Luther just stands there and lays ito Benoit. Luther gets up turns and is smacked across the head with a steel chair but he shakes it off but is then hit again which he feels and then Holly smashes the chair into his head again! and Luther is pulled out by Evolution and is being held back as Holly & Gunn tend to Benoit. EMT's run out to help Benoit as we fade to our last commercial break.



Chris Jericho© Vs Edge

WWE Title

Cage Match

We see Edge come down to the ring and he walks around the cage before entering and is then followed by Chris Jericho. Jericho gets into the ring and Edge knees him straight to the head. The match begins with Edge in control and he throws Jericho around abit and then into the cage a few timnes before rubbing Jericho's face into the cage. Edge continues to do this for a while before the tables turn and its Edge's turn to be thrown into the cage. Jericho tosses Edge into the corner and goes for a Shoulder block but Edge moves and Jericho flys right into the turnbuckle post. Edge is in control once again and the match goes back and fourth for 5 minutes with Edge and Jericho having their fare share before Edge his his Edge-O-Cutioner! Edge then begins climbing the cage but Jericho maanages to get up intime, Jericho climbs up and gets Edge onto his shoulders and hits an electric chair drop! both men are down and out! Jericho gets up before Edge and begins climbing and it seems as iff Edge is seriously knocked out. Jericho continues to climb and is almost out but Kurt Angle is seen running down to the ring, Jericho is almost out but Angle climbs up and grabs Jericho by the hair and pushes him straight back into the ring! Edge is out cold and the ref calls for the bell and out come the trainers as it seems that neither man can move and this seems to be serious. Angle drops down into the ring and Jericho is slightly moving. The cage is taken up as Jericho is being beat up by Angle but Jericho fights back and manages to knock Angle out of the ring. After this Rey & Eddie run out to help Jericho but Jericho knocks both men down and it seems like Jericho has lost it! Jericho gets out of the ring and grabs a chair, Eddie and Rey are up and trying to clam him down but SMACK! Jericho hits Eddie with the chair and then he hits Rey. Angle is affraid to enter the ring but see's RVD running down, RVD is then hit in the head with a chair! Kurt Angle calls down security to stop Jericho and security runs down but Jericho smacks them all in the head with the chair. There are caracas's laying everywhere as Jericho continues to hit people with the chair. Smackdown goes off the air with Jericho sitting in the corner laughing!

Winner: No Contest


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By Daryl Philips

Smackdown Rating

This weeks Smackdown drew a 3.9 Rating according to Neilson Media research which is up from last weeks show which drew in a 3.7, WWE is very happy with the recent numbers Smackdown has been recieving.


Both Nunzio & Akio are set to be pushed in the right directions as Nunzio has already got the the Cruiserweight Title, but he is set to be pushed heavily maybe even into the Upper Midcard scene where he may feud with Benoit for the U.S Title.

Akio is also looking to be pushed as he will indeed be feuding with Nunzio which may begin on this weeks Velocity as he is scheduled in a #1 Contenders Match.

Contract Negotiations

Rumor has it that Kurt Angle's contract is coming to an end in Febuary and that Vince and Kurt have begun speaking about renewing for a year, the loss of Kurt Angle wouldnt be as crucial to Smackdown! anymore due to them having more top stars but they still couldnt risk losing Kurt, Kurt says he has a few more years in him and whether he wants to do it in the WWE is upto him. WWE has tossed plans around about trading him over to Raw for someone of his calibur, there has been plans to bring Shawn Michaels over to Smackdown! but since then, those plans have been scrapped.

Lance Storm is also negotiating a new contract with the WWE and we've been told that the deal is almost sealed.

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i remember your old diary at e2-o as well but you may have forgotten my username. It's good to see you back in diaries too bad it wasn't the one over at e2-o because i know plenty of people here would of loved it but im looking forward to what you have in store for the folk here.

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Velocity opens up with the usual WWE Video then where shown the Velocity video before going to the ring.

Paul London Vs Akio Yang

Akio came out and was introduced as Akio Yang from Korea which seemed to be weird. He came out sporting a suit and glasses. Akio entred the ring and took off his suit and his suit pants to reveal his wrestling gear. Paul London was then introduced and out he came to a chorus of boo's London seemed to be on a losing streak since losing his Cruiserweight Title. The match was kept rather short and Akio Yang hit some nice moves, London also hit a few nice moves like the 450 but the ending came not long after London hit his 450. London thought he had the match one when he got a near 3 count but Yang had just kicked out and Paul London was shocked as he got up looking mad, he walked upto the ref and got up in his face! As London turned he walked into Akio's Superkick! Akio then went uptop and hit the Yangtime! Akio covered and got the 3 count and left the ring. London then began throwing a tantrum by kicking the ropes. The ref tried calming him down but London just hit the ref with a Northern Lights Suplex and then left. We fade into a Smackdown! Recap

Winner: Akio Yang

OSR: 67.6

Smackdown! Recap #1

After the match Randy Orton steps into the ring and grabs Benoit and takes him down with an RKO! Batista comes into the ring and picks up Benoit and throws him straight into the turnbuckle post Shoulder first and then Benoit turns and walks into a huge Powerbomb from Tomko! but the crowd pops when the see Luther Reigns run out to the ring and scare off Evolution with his chair, Luther picks up Benoit and helps him up. As Benoit walks around and shakes off himself he turns and Luther Reigns is standing there and justs cracks the chair over his Skull! Benoit is knocked out cold and is just laying there as blood is pouring out of his head like no tomorrow! Batista/Tomko & Orton get into the ring and start shaking hands with Luther and it seems as if Luther has joined Evolution. Orton grabs the mic..

Randy Orton: See Benoit, i told you when you came to Smackdown! that the only Solution would be Evolution and now it seems that Evolution has just passed you by!

We cut to ringside where we see Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott

Josh: Brutality on the Smackdown! part right their.

Bill: Well Josh, i told you once and ill tell you again, Evolution is a huge force here on Smackdown!

Josh: Well Folks, We've been told that Benoit is stable and that he will be at Smackdown! next week.

Bill: Well, i guess thats better then being dead.

Josh: Folks, i caught up with Evolution after Smackdown! And we'll look at that after the commercial break



Evolution interview

We see Evolution walking towards the arena exit when...

Josh: Randy,Randy!

Evolution stops.

Josh: Randy, can i get a few words with you about your actions earlier tonight.

Randy Orton: You want a few words? Even a million words wont describe what we done to Chris Benoit tonight. You see Josh, i told Benoit time and time again that Evolution will be his Solution and tonight, the Problem was solved. You see Josh, Luther right here is THE Problem Solver. You know what Benoit is Josh?

Josh: Uhh... No?

Randy Orton: Chris Benoit is like that Itch in your back that you cant get to, he is like that Rooster in the morning that always wakes you up when your enjoying your sleep, he is nothing but a problem and at Survivor Series the problem will be solved!

Josh: We...

Luther snatches the mic off Josh

Luther:Hey Benoit! I know your listning to this, so im gonna say this once LOUD and clear. Next week on Smackdown! If your up for it and that is a Big IF, I'm going to challenge you to a 1 on 1 match, NEXT week on Smackdown! Me Vs You! whether your 100% or not, if your man enough you'll accept this challenge.

Randy takes the mic again.

Randy Orton: Oh and also, two those Has Beens, oh wait, i mean to those Never Was's Billy Gunn & Hardcore Holly, if you wanna stick your head into our business then your just another problem added to the Solution and the Solution has yet to be solved, so next week on Smackdown! how about it will be Softcore Holly & The Zero Billy Gunn to a match against my men, Batista & Tyson Tomko? IF you're up for it, We'll see you next week on Smackdown!

We fade back to Josh & Bill DeMott

Josh: Big words right their from Evolution who seem to be The Solution to every problem.

Bill: Evolution will only get bigger from this day on and eventually they will own the wrestling world.

Josh: Well, you have apoint their, from Day 1 on Raw they ruled Raw and they at one stage had every Raw Title.

Bill: And now on Smackdown! their picking off each and everyone 1 by 1, Well it wont be to long before we even see Evolution holding the Cruiserweight Title!

Josh: I doubt that, Anyways folks after Smackdown! i caught up with Chris Benoit who was in critical condition and he had this to say.

OSR: 75.4

He's Alive

We see Josh backstage looking through rooms when he finally opens a door and see's Benoit sitting in a wheel chair being tended by EMT's, Benoit is all bloody and is a mess.

Josh: Chris, Can i get a word with you?

Benoit gives a blank stare

Josh: Chris, im pretty sure you saw what Evolution had to say to you, well my question is, what do you have to say to them?

Chis benoit: Josh, i may have been beaten down tonight but Evolution, if they did something wrong tonight, it was keeping me alive! Because as of next week, the War is on and Evolution is going down. I'm going to strike each one, one by one and it all starts with there Problem Solver Luther Reigns. I dont care how big they are and how many there is.

Josh: So that means you accept Luther Reigns challenge?

Chris Benoit: DO i ever say no?

We fade back to the announcers desk.

Josh: Those are indeed big words coming from Chris Benoit.

Bill: I couldnt agree anymore, keeping Benoit alive was the biggest Mistake Evolution made last week and it seems as if Benoit is hell bent on Revenge.

Josh: Still on the Evolution topic. Where gonna take a look at how Billy Gunn & Hardcore Holly saved Chris Benoit before we head off to Batista Vs Billy Gunn, After the commercial break

OSR: 71.5


Smackdown Recap #2

The four of them begin to lay into Benoit when out from the back come Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn, the two run out with chairs and slide into the ring, Orton/Tomko & Batista leave as Luther just stands there and lays ito Benoit. Luther gets up turns and is smacked across the head with a steel chair but he shakes it off but is then hit again which he feels and then Holly smashes the chair into his head again! and Luther is pulled out by Evolution and is being held back as Holly & Gunn tend to Benoit. EMT's run out to help Benoit.

We then fade back to the arena where we hear "Assman" hits and out from the back comes Billy Gunn. Gunn walked out to a huge pop but the pop was killed off when Evolution by Motorhead hit and out came Batista acompanied by Tyson Tomko. Billy Gunn looked abit worried until... "How Do You Like Me Now!" hit and out came Hardcore Holly.

OSR: 74.2

Batista w/ Tyson Tomko Vs Billy Gunn w/ Hardcore Holly

The match was kept rather short and was really dull and just a way to add spice to the feud between Evolution and Benoit/Gunn & Holly. Billy Gunn showed absoloutley no offense at all untill he managed to get a kick into Batista's gut and then went on to hit a very nice looking clothesline but Tomko grabbed Gunn and pulled his leg dropping him face first to the mat. Holly saw this and ran around the ring and then grabbed him and through Tomko into the ring post. Holly then began laying into Tomko. Gunn was watching this and when he turned he walked into a Spinebuster! from Batista. Batista covered and got the 3 count. Holly heard the bell ring and left Tomko bleeding on the mat. Holly got into the ring and started a brawl with Batista but Batista took offense and then Tomko slowly dying slid into the ring. Tomko hit Holly with a forearm to the back and then Batista picked him up and togethor Tomko & Batista hit the Spike Sitout Powerbomb! Batista & Tomko held their arms up in the air and left leaving Gunn & Holly a message before next week

Winner: Batista

OSR: 76.3


SmackDown Recap #3

We come back from the break and where treated to the whole Bashams/Spike & Scotty match from last week.

"The match begins with typical Chain wrestling from Scotty and Danny, Danny then uses his power to corner Scotty in the Bashams end of the ring. Scotty is held back by Doug as Danny chops him and the ref gets to 5. Danny tags in Doug and the match continues to play in favor of the Bashams, Doug and Danny hit a Double Flapjack on Scotty before Doug is tagged in making him the legal man. Doug stops a Scotty Kick but Scotty then hits an Enziguri and gets the tag to Spike, Spike runs in like he is going to damage but Doug grabs Spike in the Spinebuster position and then in comes Danny who runs off the ropes and grabs the head of Spike and he and Doug hit a Spinebuster/Neckbreaker combination, Cole says they call that one Brain Damage. Doug makes the cover and The Bashams pick up there first Victory since returning to Smackdown from injurys. The Bashams celebrate there victory as they walk backstage"

We then fade out to see Taz & Rhyno make their entrance.


Basham Brothers Vs Taz/Rhyno

This match was nothing but a brawl and it looks like Taz & Rhyno have become a permanant tag team. The match began with Doug and Taz slugging it out, Fists where flying everywhere and the ref had no control whatsoever so he let it fly. The match went on for about 8 minutes and for the first 3 Doug and Taz where brawling until Taz tagged in Rhyno. Rhyno worked Doug for abit til Danny came in and we where treated to another major slugfest. In the end we saw Rhyno go for the Gore! but somehow Danny managed to pick up Rhyno and Doug gets up and togethor they hit the Brain Damage! Danny covers as Doug slides out and holds Taz down and the ref makes the 3 count! Danny & Doug retreated up the ramp and began celebrating their win as Velocity came to an end.

Winners: Bashams

OSR: 69.3

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Smackdown Preview

Smackdown! this week is coming to you from Denver, Colorado and it promises to be one of the biggest Smackdown!'s of 2004.

As we steer closer to Survivor Series, Evolution continue to get ontop of Chris Benoit and this week he is set to take on Evolution's newest recruit Luther Reigns. Benoit has beaten the biggest and baddest but can he defeat Luther Reigns?

Billy Gunn & Hardcore Holly also continue to have their fair share of problems with Evolution as Tyson Tomko & Batista sent them a message on Velocity that they want to fight and the time to fight is on this weeks Smackdown! Can Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn get victory?

Chris Jericho truly snapped on Smackdown! last week and everyone is asking whats on his mind, Chris Jericho will speak and say whats on his mind and will announce his opponent for Survivor Series since Stephanie McMahon has guaranteed to let him do it.

Also The Big Show is now 0-2 with Shannon Moore and thanks to John Cena Shannon Moore holds 2 victories against The Big Show whats next for him? Also what punishment will Stephanie have for Kurt Angle after she left him in charge and he made Smackdown! in his favor and him not being fair? Also Randy Orton in action for the first time since No Mercy. All this and much more on Smackdown!

Confirmed Matches

Chris Benoit Vs Luther Reigns

Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn Vs Dave Batista & Tyson Tomko

Randy Orton Vs Jeff Hardy

Jamie Noble Vs Nunzio

Charlie Haas & Rene Dupree Vs Ultimo Dragon & Chavo Guerrero - WWE Tag Titles

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WWE Smackdown!

The show opened up with a video package highlighting last weeks main event happenings and how Jericho snapped, where then shown shots of Evolution beating down Chris Benoit. The video then fades to the Smackdown! Video before we head to the arena where the pyro's go off and where shown shots of the fans. Tonight Smackdown! is coming to you from New York City!

Jamie Noble Vs Nunzio©

WWE Cruiserweight Title

We cut to the ring where Tony Chimel announces the first match of the night and we see Jamie Noble making his entrance to the ring and he comes out sporting new tights and seems to have moved away from his Secret Services Gimmick. Noble waits in the ring for his opponent Nunzio he enters to a huge pop. The two stare at eachother before shaking hands, Cole says that this Saturday on Velocity there will be a one night Tournament to determine the new #1 Contender for the Cruiser Title. The match begins with abit of mat work from the two but Noble hits a wicked sounding chop the start things off, Nunzio then returns the favor. Nunzio sends Noble to the ropes and Noble comes back with a Clothesline which Nunzio ducks and then Back Body Drops Noble. The match goes for 5 minutes of back and fourth wrestling before Noble gets major offense and hits Nunzio with the Southern DDT! Noble then picks up Nunzio and goes for his Tiger Driver but as he picks Nunzio up, Nunzio manages to get over his head and then turn him around and hit the Ariverdercii! Nunzio then covers and gets the 3 count! As Nunzio gets up and celebrates, Jamie Noble gets up and turns Nunzio around looking fierce. Jamie Noble extends his hand out and Nunzio accepts it. As the two celebrate out from behind comes the Korean Movie Star Akio Yang. Yang enters the ring and Nunzio dosnt know he is there, Akio grabs Nunzio from behind and drops him down with a DDT! Noble trys to save Nunzio but is taken out with a Jumping Roundhouse Kick. Akio Yang picks up the Cruiserweight Title and wraps it around his waist and then lays it ontop of Nunzio before walking off.

Winner: Nunzio

OSR: 85.3

Stephanie Makes A Decission

We fade backstage where we see Stephanie holding a clip board and she seems to be walking out to the ring. "All Grown Up" hits and out comes General Manager of Smackdown! Stephanie walks to the ring with her clip board and a mic, she enters the ring.

Stephanie McMahon: Ladies & Gentlemen, As you know. Their seems to be a problem with the current World Title Situation, we all know everyone wants it but currently 5 people have been giving me a good impression and i personally think each one of these 5 men deserve a title shot but it seems that i', having a hardtime making the decission. So i've decided to get this load off my shoulders and i've deiced that the current Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho can decided who he thinks should wrestle him at Survivor Series, but he wont decide just like that, each of the 5 men will plea why they should get the title shot and then Jericho will make his decission. But thats for later tonight. Also this Saturday on Velocity i have set up to crown a new Cruiserweight Title #1 Contender. This saturday, Akio Yang will face Paul London and Jamie Noble will take on Chavo Guerrero and the winners of their respective match will face off in the main event of Velocity and the winner of that match will face Nunzio at Survivor Series!

As she announces that where interupted by a Video on the screen.

Voice: Ah... WWE Smackdown! and General Manager Stephanie McMahon, how are you?

Stephanie McMahon: Uhh.. Who are you?

Voice: Stephanie, IT DOSNT MATTER WHO I AM! Its all about you and your show. And i'm here to stay. Week in and Week out, ill return to this exact same screen and i'll drop off a little message but until then, your going to have to wait and see who i am.

The screen fades to black as we fade to commercials.

OSR: 80.8



We return backstage and we see Eddie & Rey talking amongst themselfes.

Rey Mystero: Eddie, did you hear Stephanie's announcement. Tonight, I get my chance to ask for a Heavyweight Title shot.

Eddie Guerrero: Orale esse, she didnt even say out your name... so how do you know you have a chance for it?

Rey Mysterio: I got this envelope from my lockeroom and it read that i'm one of the 5 who has been impressing her lately and that tonight i can plea my case.

Eddie Guerrero: Huh? I didnt get one of them holmes...

Suddenly out of no where appears Edge

Edge: How the hell did she manage to get one to you? Your not even a heavyweight, your a midget!

Rey Mysterio: Ey bro, size dosnt matter.

Edge: In this business it does.

Rey goes to throw a punch at the face of Edge and Rey connects it. Eddie holds Rey back.

Edge: Wow, im suprised you could reach that high.

Edge then walks away leaving Eddie & Rey.

OSR: 83.5


We then move to the arena entrance and a black car pulls up and out of it walks Chris Jericho who has his Title around his shuolder and his bags. Jericho walks into the arena and walks past Rey & Eddie, Jericho then gives Eddie an envelope and continues to walk. Eddie opens his envelope and seem's to be happy as we cut back to the arena where we hear, Evolution by Motorhead.

OSR: 86.9

Orpocolypse Is Here!

Randy Orton walks out sport very ugly Gold Trunks and the new Evolution Is Your Solution T-Shirt. Orton gets into the ring and grabs a mic.

Randy Orton: Ladies, Perfection Is Here!

Orton notices a guy looking at him as if he where gay.

Randy Orton: Hey you, take a picture it'll last longer. As you all know, tonight is my official return to the ring, first time since Survivor Series and i'd just like to let you all know one thing before i wrestle my match, The Orpocalypse is here and Benoit your day of reckoning is over! Benoit,Gunn,Holly and my opponent tonight will all fall victim to the Orpocalypse and your Judgment Day Is Coming!

Orton then drops the mic and Jeff Hardy's music hits and out comes Jeff Hardy to a semi-pop, Hardy slides into the ring.

OSR: 83.2

Randy Orton Vs Jeff Hardy

Jeff comes at Orton like a ton of bricks but Orton quickly takes Jeff Hardy and hits a huge clothesline onto him. Hardy goes down like a dummy. Orton grabs Hardy and begins laying into him in the corner. Orton hits several punches and then Sendes Hardy into the other corner and jumps at him with a Huge Splash. Orton then grabs Hardy and hits him with an RKO, Orton picks Hardy up and hits another RKO! and then makes the cover for the 3 count. Orton wins and then leaves the ring goes under it and grabs a chair and throws out a pair of handcuffs. Orton then slides in, Orton cuffs Hardy to the ropes by both arms and then grabs goes back outside the ring and picks up a rope from under the ring, he then re enters and ties up Hardy's feet. Hardy is now defenseless, Orton grabs the chair and smacks Hardy in the head! Orton then does it again and again and again and now Hardy is a bloody pulp. Orton hits Hardy in the rips and then smacks the chair accross his head again! Hardy is not moving anymore, Orton laughs as EMT's run out to the ring to help Hardy but Orton hits Hardy one more time before leaving to major heat.

Winner: Randy Orton

OSR: 75.9


Big Problem?

"Wellll Its The Big Show" hits and out comes the Big Show who looks really frustrated. Big Show enters the ring and snatches the mic off Chimel.

Big Show: Cena! I know your in this arena so gets your ass out into this ring. Because quite frankly i'm not leaving this ring until your ass is out here.

Show grabs a chair and sits on it. When "All Grown Up" hits and Stephanie comes out to the stage.

Stephanie McMahon: Now, Big Show. I know your quite frustrated but if i remember correctly about 1 month ago at No Mercy your the one who defeated John Cena and had me fire him because the stipulation was Loser Leaves Town! Now unless you want me to sign him back to Smackdown! their is no way in hell your going to get a peice of John Cena.

Big Show: Stephanie i really dont care what you have to do just get me John Cena!

Stephanie McMahon: Ok then, it's settled. John get out here.

Basic Thuganomics hits and out from the back comes Shannon Moore dressed like John Cena, Moore throws up the horns and Big Show is even more Frustrated.

Stephanie McMahon: Big Show Vs John Cena and that match is NOW!

OSR: 72.4

Big Show Vs Shannon Moore

Moore hits the ring and walks straight into a huge clothesline from the Big Show, Show grabs Moore and hammers him with forearm shots to his back. Big Show is beating on Moore, Show sends Moore into the corner and Moore rebounds off like a ball. Show picks up Moore in a Military Press position and then Drops him onto his chest. Show then begins to kick into the helpless Shannon Moore. Show looks to finish it and grabs Shannon Moore and hits a MASSIVE POWERBOMB! Moore pretty much was snapped in Half when all of a sudden, Basic Thuganomics hits again and Show looks towards the entrance way but Cena no shows again. Big Show then turns around and grabs Shannon Moore and hits him with a HUGE CHOKESLAM! And again Basic Thuganomics hits and this time Show turns around to see Cena on the stage. Cena laughs at the Big Show and Show smiles as Cena walks towards the ring, he walks slowly when from behind Show is kicked in the balls! Show Jumps around and then Moore comes off the top rope with the Moore-Gasm! Moore covers and gets the 3 count! His 3 and 0 With the Big Show! Cena then slides into the ring and holds up Shannon Moore! Cena then drops Moore and slides out of the ring and grabs a breif case. Show gets up and Cena smacks Show over the head with the Breif Case! Cena opens the breif case and in the breif case are 2 pairs of clippers. Moore takes on and Cena takes one and the two then begin to shave Show's hair off! The hair is shaved off completely leaving Show with a Bald Hairdo. Show and Moore take a photo with Show as we fade to another commercial break.

Winner: Shannon Moore

OSR: 78.8


Charlie Haas& Rene Dupree w/ Paul Heyman Vs Taz & Rhyno

We come back from the break and the match is already underway with Haas & Tazz going at it. The match continued on with some back and fourth action from HaaS & Taz but Haas took the advantage and hit a nice looking dropkick to Taz which knocked him out of the ring. Dupree then jumped off the apron and began laying into Taz as the ref stopped Rhyno. Dupree then sent Taz back in and Haas grabbed onto Taz looking to hit a German Suplex but Taz moved out and taggeed in Rhyno, Dupree then entered the ring and Rhyno ran at Haas for the Gore but Haas moved and Rhyno got Dupree! Dupree rolled out of the ring but Rhyno turned around and ducked Haas's Clothesline attempt then got Haas with the Gore! Rhyno covered and got the 3 count! After that victory it's guarantee'd Rhyno & Taz a shot at the title at Survivor Series! We fade out to a video.

Winners: Taz & Rhyno

OSR: 84.2


We fade to see various clips from Raw matches of people which include the lower carded guys like Rob Conway,Garrison Cade & Chuck Palumbo. Then a voice begins to speak.

Voice: You'd figure with talent like that, that Raw would give us a go? Well don't figure because all we get on Raw is the first couple of matches on Heat. Where's our title shots? All we asked for was a chance to shine and show what we had but all we done was lost to people like Kane over and over again. Well it's time for me to Shine, i'm coming to Smackdown! but when, you dont know, And when i show up, Everyone will then know my name

The video fades out with more match clips this time from people like Rodney Mack,Mark Henry & Al Snow


The Bashams Vs Pulse

This match was your basic filler match. Bashams took on Pulse. The match began with Doug & Tank Toland kicking things off Doug used his technical skill to take Toland to the mat. Doug then picked Toland up and for some reason Toland and Doug began to ensue in a huge Brawl! Doug and Tank where laying into eachother with closed fist shots and Doug punched Tank Toland right in the face and Tank absoloutley dropped to the floor. Morgan entered the ring but was taken out by Danny Basham. Doug made the cover on Tank and got the 3 count. EMT's and Road Agents ran to the ring to see that Tank Toland wasnt moving. Doug & Danny left leaving the EMT's to aid Tank. We then fade backstage

inners: The Bashams

OSR: 78.9

Gunn/Holly Vs Batista & Tomko Next!

We cut backstage to see a split screen of Holly & Gunn walking to the ring and then a screen of Batista & Tomko leaving their locker room because Gunn/Holly Vs Tomko & Batista is NEXT!

OSR: 72.4


Dave Batista & Tyson Tomko Vs Billy Gunn & Hardcore Holly

First out came Tomko & Batista and then followed by Gunn & Hardcore Holly. Holly started things off with Batista as Tomko & Gunn stood on the apron. The match began with Holly & Batista standing face to face and talking smack and then Holly is shoved by Tista but then Holly shoves Batista and Batista falls out of the ring. Holly goes out and then dives onto Batista and begins laying into him and Holly is on fire as he lays into Batista, Tomko comes out but Gunn then comes off the apron and takes down Tomko. Billy Gunn takes Tomko over the barrier as Holly puts Batista back into the ring. Holly gets back into the ring and grabs Batista and sends him to the ropes then hits him with a massive Clothesline! Batista is being taken out by Hardcore Holly. Holly then attempts a Spinebuster onto Batista but Batista gets down and Clothesline's Holly. Batista shakes off the cobwebs then picks up Holly and begins laying into him. Holly hit the mat hard. Batista picks him up and Tomko comes onto the apron and is tagged in and Tomko & Batista then hit Holly with a double Spinebuster. Tomko works on Holly's Lower back for the next couple of minutes but Holly manages to reverse a Clothesline attempt by Tomko then manages to hit Tomko with a massive Clothesline. Holly then tags in Billy Gunn! Gunn enters the ring and is on fire as he takes out Batista and Tomko. Gunn calls for the Fame Ass-er but Misses it on Tomko as Tomko turns Gunn around and gets him with a huge boot to the face. Gunn is down and Tomko tags in Batista and as Batista comes in Hardcore Holly takes Tomko to the outside with a clothesline as Batista is taken down by a dropkick from Gunn, Batista rebounds off the ropes and Gunn goes for a Complete Shot but Batista reverses it and drives Gunn to the mat with a HUGE Spinebuster! Batista makes the cover and gets 1....2...3! The ref makes the 3 count as Batista gets the victory for his team. After the match Hardcore Holly got back into the ring and took down Batista and began laying into him once again but this was short lived as Tyson Tomko slid into the ring and picked up Holly and then tossed Holly into the corner. Tomko began laying into Holly but Holly faught back and this saw Billy Gunn get up and the two double teamed on Tomko whilst Batista attempted to get up, when all of a sudden out from the back comes Randy Orton! Orton comes into the ring and turns Gunn around and hits the RKO! Orton then grabs Holly and hits him with the Orpocalypse!(Inverted Spinebuster) Orton,Batista & Tomko then began to lay into Holly & Gunn as they layed their defenseless. We faded to another commercial break.

Winners: Tyson Tomko & Dave Batista

OSR: 74.6


Who's Going To Survivor Series?

As we return from the commercial in the ring setup is a podium and 5 chairs in a row and then one chair a table opposite the rest of the chairs. Then Break Down The Walls hits and out comes Chris Jericho. Jericho walks out to a huge pop. Jericho gets on the mic.

Chris Jericho: Now tonight, there are 5 Warriors who want to fulfill their destiny of wrestling and winning the WWE Heavyweight Title but in their way is a Gladiator, An Icon who they must defeat in order to become the WWE Heavyweight Champion. Now as we all know that for Survivor Series their has yet to be an opponent named for your's truly but tonight, their will be an opponent named and tonight 5 men will speak and tell me why they deserve a title shot. So without further ado can those 5 people come to the ring.

Out from the back come Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Edge, Rob Van Dam & Kurt Angle. The 5 men enter the ring and take their seats.

Chris Jericho: Now firstly, theirs no doubt that each and everyone of you deserve a shot at my title but their can only be one, and this is why Rey Mysterio will step up to this podium first and he will tell me exactly why he should wrestle for my title.

Rey gets up and stands at the podium.

Rey Mysterio: Well Jericho, it's quite simple and you wanna know why i deserve a title shot? Well i think i deserve one because i want to proove to each and everyone in this business and especially those ignorant people like Kurt Angle who think Size Matters, weather im 120 Pounds or 500 Pounds i want to proove that i can wrestle and hang with the big boys. Regardless of my height and weight, in my mind i believe that i deserve to be WWE Champion.

Rey steps down as Jericho begins to clap.

Chris Jericho: Touching speech Rey and i believe that you should have a title shot against me at Survivor Series, i'll consider it. Alright then next is Edge, who seem's a little greedy as he has had many title shots but has yet to recapture the gold.

Edge approaches the podium.

Edge: It's quite simple Jericho, I deserve a title shot because on October 7th i was screwed out of my title by you and everyone knows it and you know that i am better then you and that i should be the WWE Heavyweight Champi...

Chris Jericho: Woah! Woah! Woah! Hold your horse's you sanctamonious son of a bitch. If you're better then me how come this title is around my waist and not your's?

Edge: Because i was screwed on October 7th 2004, after i faught so hard to make it to the top my dreams where shattered. It took me 5 and a half years to get my title shot and it ended after a mere 3 seconds on the mat.

Chris Jericho: You know what Edge, i think i'll consider giving you a title shot. Now next up is Mr. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie approaches the podium.

Eddie Guerrero: Orale holmes, Now you ask me why i deserve a title shot? Orale, you know exactly why i deserve a title shot, look at my last 5 matches esse and you'll see exactly why i deserve a title shot, i am the best thing on Smackdown! and not one of these 4 men deserve a title shot before me.

Chris Jericho: Eddie, if you where the biggest thing on Smackdown! you would have this title around your waist unfortunatly you dont. But i will indeed consider you as you have impressed me with your matches. Next person to tell me why they should be champion.

Rob Van Dam approaches the podium

Rob Van Dam: Dude, just look at me, i'm Mr Thursday Night and yet i havnt recieved a title shot, i've held the Tag Titles from both Raw & Smackdown! I've held the Intercontinental Title multiple ammount of time's, i'm a former Hardcore Champion and the longest ever ECW T.V Title champion. I'm Rob Van Dam! And you know as well as i know that i deserve to be the WWE Champion.

RVD drops off the podium as Angle approaches it before Jericho can comment.

Kurt Angle: Now despite what a Midget, A thug, A Wannabe and A Marijuana Addict say we all know that theirs no comparing any of them to Me, I'm an Olympic Gold Medalist, I'm a former 3 Time WWE Heavyweight Champion, A Former Intercontinental Champion in which i defeated Chris Jericho to capture, i along Chris Benoit was the first WWE Tag Team Champion and im a former Hardcore,European,World Tag Team & King Of The Ring Champion. You see right their Jericho that my career has been damn impressive and you even know that i am better then each and every one of the other contenders right here.

Chris Jericho: Well, i'll tell you flat out right now that you do have an impressive resume and it shows right their, but despite the fact that your not the only one of the 5 people that want a title shot that deserves it, infact all 5 of you deserve a title shot and if i could i'd wrestle you all at once but Stephanie sai...

At that time, All Grown Up hits on the P.A system and out from the back comes General Manager Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie McMahon: You know Chris, i was sitting backstage and i was watching you talk and infact you gave me an idea. I see 6 Incredible Athletes in the ring and i know all of you would make for a good Champion and that's why since Smackdown! have the main event spot at Survivor Series this Sunday, it's going to be Chris Jericho Vs Kurt Angle..

For a moment their Kurt Angle got happy and raised his arms in the air but then...

Stephanie McMahon: Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Edge Vs Eddie Guerrero Vs Rob Van Dam in a 6 Man Hell In A Cell Match!

At that time Chris Jericho looked on in shock as the other 5 men had their backs towards Stephanie. Jericho was shocked and then began scratching his head and started looking around, he grabbed a chair and then cracked it against the back of Eddie Guerrero's head! Eddie dropped out of the ring as Angle went to hit Jericho but was hit in the gut then he followed with a chairshot to the head of RVD, followed by one to Edge and then lastly Rey Mysterio. Jericho then began hitting the ring post's with the chair, Jericho then went to the outside and began ripping apart the ringside area as Security ran out and this time the grabbed him and cuffed him and took him to the back leaving a crazy smirk on the face of Jericho! We fade to the back where we see..

OSR: 86.4

Warming Up

We see Chris Benoit warming up and doing Push Up's as we then fade to seeing Luther Reigns walking towards the ringside area with Randy Orton,Dave Batista & Tyson Tomko. As we fade to the final commercial break of the night.

OSR: 82.2


Chris Benoit© Vs Luther Reigns

WWE United States Championship

Chris Benoit was first to enter and he came out sporting pink tights with wolverine slashes and was then Evolution by Motorhead hit and out from the back came Evolution and the stable walked down to the ring as Luther entered the ring, Benoit spoke to the ref and the ref then sent the rest of Evolution to the backstage area. Making it very clear that this was going to be a clean match(yeat right). The match began very slowly with Benoit in control locking in various holds that Luther Reigns wasnt familiar with. Reigns then got angry and pushes Benoit onto his Ass in which Benoit got up and then speared Luther to the floor and then began laying into him. Reigns then managed to pick Benoit and send him into the ropes and then attempted to hit a Side Slam but Benoit managed to get out and then turned Luther around and hit him with a Massive Clothesline. Luther reigns shakes off the cobwebs and gets up and knocks Benoit down with a clothesline of his own, Benoit is down as Luther picks him but Benoit manages to lock in the Crippler Crossface but Luther gets out of it and slides out of the ring. Luther slides back in and takes a Clothesline from Benoit and Luther gets up and goes for a clothesline of his own but Benoit ducks and takes Luther down with a German Suplex, Benoit then hits a second and then he hits a 3rd before going for a 4th and hitting it. Benoit covers and gets only a 2 count. Luther gets up and grapples with Benoit but Benoit reverses it and then Luther pokes Benoit in the eyes as he backs up and goes for a Clothesline to Benoit but Benoit ducks and Luther hits Brian Hebner with a huge Clothesline knocking Hebner out of his shoes. Luther slides out of the ring and gets a chair and tosses it into the ring and as Benoit gets back up to full position, Luther comes in and drives the Chair into the back of Benoit's Knee. Benoit is knocked down to the floor as Luther then smacks Benoit's knee with the chair again and then drops down and plays possum as Hebner gets up and shakes off the cobwebs and begins the 10 count, he gets to 6 as Benoit and Luther both begin to move. Luther then grabs Benoit and goes for the Roll OF The Dice but Benoit gets out of it and goes for a Clothesline but Luther manages to hit Benoit with the Snake Eyes! Luther covers Benoit and gets a near 3 count as Benoit kicks out. Luther goes crazy and then grabs the chair and attempts to hit Benoit with it but Hebner takes the chair. Luther argues with the ref but then turns and walks into a Crippler Crossface! Benoit locks it in and it is held in for a good 10 seconds before Luther taps out! As this happens the rest of Evolution runs out to the ring.

Winner: Benoit

OSR: 74.6

Survivor Series?

As Evolution runs into the ring Benoit is prepared as he begins brawling with Batista,Tomko & Orton all alone its a 3 on 1 but soon the sides are even as Gunn & Holly run out the 2 run out and slide into the ring and take down Batista & Tomko. Benoit knocks Orton over the top rope as Tomko & Batista slide out. the team then rejoins up and Luther joins them and the 4 of them re enter the ring and a wild brawl ensues with a 4 on 3 happening. Benoit and Orton brawl until Benoit sends Orton over the top rope but Luther then comes from behind and hits Benoit with the Snake Eyes! Suddenly "All Grown Up" hits and out comes General Manager Stephanie McMahon!

Stephanie McMahon: Stop! Stop The Chaos Right Now! I'm sick and tired of all this crap and this sick and bitter feud, so at Survivor Series where going Old School! It's going to be Randy Orton/Dave Batista/Tyson Tomko & Luther Reigns Vs Chris Benoit,Billy Gunn,Hardcore Holly & A Partner of Chris Benoit's choosing, i dont care who you choose just make sure that theirs 4 men on each side by Survivor Series!

Smackdown! Fades out to the end as we see in the ring everyone starring down at eachother.

OSR: 73.7

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Velocity Preview

This weeks episode of Velocity is completely dedicated to the Cruiserweights as this week we will determine a new #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Title at Survivor Series. We will see who will face Nunzio as Akio takes on Paul London and Jamie Noble takes on Chavo Guerrero, Everybody in the tournament is a former Cruiserweight Champion except Akio. Can Akio capture the #1 Contender spot this week on Velocity? or will Noble,London or Chavo have a chance to become a 2 time Cruiserweight Champion? Tune in to Velocity to see what happens.

Confirmed Matches

Chavo Guerrero Vs Jamie Noble - Cruiser Tourny Semi-Final

Paul London Vs Akio Yang - Cruiser Tourny Semi-Final

??? ??? Vs ??? ??? - Cruiser Tourny Finals

Edited by Emad
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