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WWE 2005 and beyond


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* Happy day for me since I was finally able to fix my computer in order to play TEW. I have had the game since it was released, but my crappy PC couldnt handle it. *

- It was a dreadful night. December 31st 2004 was more than another New Year's Eve for the McMahon family. After the abysmal Armageddon PPV, both, in terms of quality and buyrate, Vince McMahon was finally starting to break. The man with the biggest grapefruits in the business was depressed. He was feeling the pressure of years and years of work without stopping. His vision was no longer in touch with the fans. He didnt knew what they want.

Everybody knew this for a long time. Everybody knew how the product was going down and it was all because of Vince. But no man had the guts to tell him so. After all, he is Vincent Kennedy McMahon and his trademark is "YOU ARE FIRED".

But nobody had to. Vince knew what was going on. He knew they where saying yes to his ideas, he knew they where playing along because of who he was and not because of his creativity or leadership. The only man that had stepped foward and said something was Gerald Briscoe and he was fired for it. Then it was Paul Heyman and he was punished and taken out of the creative team. Vince himself didnt made the decisions, he was pushed to do so by Stephanie McMahon and the rest of her supporters. But just now, at this very moment, when they where about to congratulate everybody for the new year, just at this moment he realised what was going on.

Slowly, his influence was being replaced. His daughter and his son in law where gaining more supporters and he was blinded by Daddy's Little Girl. But not anymore. He was not ready to leave his chair in the company. He was not ready to surrender the power.

He remembered what happened to his Dad. The way he took the company from him and now the same thing was happening to him. But not directly. Steph was smart and cunning, just like him. She was not trying to replace him directly, but instead, she was trying to make him think what she tought and believe what she believed. She was gaining influence backstage and using that influence to control things. Smart girl, just like Daddy. But not anymore. Things needed to change and they will. Vince was going to hold on to that chair for as long as he could. Nobody would replace him until he decided to be replaced.

As Steph came for her usual new year's hug, precisely at 12:01 am of January the 1st 2005, Vince grinned.

Steph: "Happy new year daddy"

Vince: "Happy new year sweetheart. 2005 is going to be a great year, Oh Yes. In 2005, it all begins again"

Steph: "Of course Daddy, of course"

Steph looked at Vince in a different way. A look Vince had never seen. That look made Vince stronger and more decided to change things. A big shakeup was coming.

Part 2 up soon

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- The very next morning Vince woke up really early and head to the offices. He didnt even bother waking up Linda or telling her where he was going. The sun was still down and Vince was already busy. He arrived to his office and grabbed the phone like an old man grabbing his last hope of survival and made some calls.

Vince: "Hey there son. Listen, I know it is very early and we where partying up late last night, but we need to talk. This is important. It's about what you told me was going to happen. I am so sorry I didnt believe you at first, but I was blind. I need you here son. Things are going to change in a big way.""

Vince: "Hello Paul. Before you start cursing, let me tell you that I am deeply sorry for making your life miserable over the past years. I need you Paul, I need you here as soon as possible. Things are going to change again and I need you to be a big part of that change."

Vince: "Jerry...It's me, Vinnie Mac. Listen, I am sorry. I just called cause I am really sorry that I hurt one of my best friends. So many things we did togheter, so many memories and I threw everything down the toilet because we disagreed in something. I know why you disagreed, I finally realized what is going on. I need you back Jerry, I need your help to take back what is mine before it is too late."

Those three men where going to be Vince's new right hands. He didnt trust anybody else in the office, because maybe they knew what was going on and where willing to take part in it. Afterall, Vince didnt knew who was in Stepth side and who was not.

Part III: The meeting up next

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Sitting in a room are Vince McMahon and his three guests, Shane McMahon, Gerald Briscoe and Paul Heyman

Vince: " I suppose you know why I called you here. First of all, Shane, my son, I want you to explain to Paul and Jerry what you told me seven long months ago and I refused to believe."

Shane: "Of course. Seven months ago, I was invited to Steph's house with Marizza to have a private dinner with my sister and brother in law. At first I didnt know what it was about, I was curious. We rarely get togheter without mom or dad around. After dinner, Jean and Marizza stayed at the table since my sister wanted to have a private conversation with me. I was overly worried that it might be something bad, maybe a health issue. As it turned out, it where her plans for our future. Our futute of course, involved removing dad from the company. She had a very detailed plan on how she and Jean where going to earn dad's trust and make him make the decisions they felt where better for the company. She was going to win over the rest of the writing team and sleaze her way into the top booker spot. She wanted me to help her, since she had heard rumors that the booking team was going to be splitted in two. It was clear to her that she would be the top booker for Smackdown and figured that I would be the top booker for Raw, as a way for dad to get me ready. Steph figured that the company would belong to me in the end and I was going to be named Raw head booker as a way for dad to get me ready for when he stepped down..."

Vince: "Which where my intentions since the day I decided to make such a split."

Shane: "But Steph wanted more and she wanted it now. No more waiting. No more sitting around until Dad decides is time to step down. Her plan was to affect Dad's mind. She knew Dad was starting to be out of touch with the fans and the product and she planned to play along to this, to help Dad destroy his own company and then blame it all on him, so he would be forced to step down. She knew that dad was a strong man, but if you hurt his feelings, he was going to be easy pickings. Basically she wanted us to form an alliance, which I promptly rejected and left with Marizza. The next day I told dad everything, but he was already under the influence of Steph and it was too late. I didnt want to be here to see dad break, so I refused the top spot as booker of Raw and left the business altogheter."

Gerald: "I knew it. That little tramp. That's why she made sure Jean was given a spot in the raw booking team, that's why she made sure no other wrestler attended the meetings. Not even Mark Calloway..."

Heyman: "and that most be why she never took my ideas and was always in a bad mood whenever I made a suggestion."

Vince: "But things will change gentlemen. I need to take Steph's influence away. I dont know who is with her and who is not, I need your help finding that out. But for now, I have a couple of requests"

Shane: "Sure dad."

Vince: "Shane, Jerry...I need you to accept a position within the company. I want you to share the head booker spot in Raw, 50-50. Everything still goes trough me, but at least Jean wont have as much influence with you there."

Shane: "OK, I will. No problem."

Gerald: "I dont have a problem either, as long as you keep that asshole Jean Paul Levesque away from me."

Vince: "Paul, I need you to share the head booker spot in Smackdown with Steph. This is the most important thing. I cant just outright remove my own daughter from the team, she does have influence afterall, but you can keep things under control. You can tell me anything if it goes wrong. Every decision goes trough me, so dont worry about being screwed. I am the only one that does the screwing around here, like it has always been."

They share a laugh. Things have really started to change, but the war has just begun.

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Armageddon results New Year's Revolution Card WWE NEWS

Armageddon results:

-JBL d. Undertaker & Eddie Guerrero & Booker T to retain the WWE Championship.

- Funaki d. Spike Dudley to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

- RVD & Rey Mysterio d. Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship

- John Cena d. Jesus/with Carlito to retain the WWE United States Title

- Dawn Marie d. Miss Jackie.  Charlie Haas was the special referee

- The Bashams(JBL's Head of Security) d. Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas

- Kurt Angle d. Santa Claus in 38 seconds

- Big Show d. Kurt Angle & Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns

WWE New Year's Revolution Card

World's Heavyweight Championship: Elimination Chamber

Chris Benoit vs Edge vs Batista vs Triple H vs Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho

WWE Intercontinental Championship:

Shelton Benjamin© vs Christian vs Tyson Tomko

WWE Women's Title: Hardcore Match:

Lita© vs Trish Stratus

WWE Tag Team Titles:

Eugene & William Reagal vs Maven & Mistery Partner

#1 Contenders match at the WWE Tag Team Titles:

Rhyno & Tajiri vs La Ressistance vs The Hurricane & Rosey vs Simon Dean & "The Masterpiece"

WWE News:

- Gail Kim is apparently on her way back into the WWE. After a meeting between Vince and the new booking staff, they decided to bring her back since they need depth in the women's division.

- The booking team has been re-tooled, with Gerald Briscoe signing a new deal to return to the WWE and sharing the top booking spot in the Raw team with Shane McMahon, who will incorporate into the WWE office for the first time in over six months. Paul Heyman has surprisingly being named top booker of Smackdown alongside Stephanie McMahon, which is going to lead to confrontations according to those in the know.  Everything will still go trough Vince.

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Recap of the last Raw of 2004 and the last Smackdown of 2004


Last Raw of 2004

- Eric Bischoff comes out and says he will announce his decision at the end of the show. He books Randy Orton vs Edge, Chris Jericho vs Batista and Chris Benoit vs Triple H for tonight.

- WWE Women's Champion Lita d. Molly Holly. After the match, Trish Stratus assaults Lita with a Trash Can Lid.

- Video for Kane's return.

- Gene Snitsky d. Val Venis. Snitsky then says that if Kane is coming back, he wants a piece of him. He says he will treat Kane like a baby.

- Triple H and Batista have an argument backstage about last week's chairshot. This leads to Ric Flair getting involved and preventing a fight. Flair gives a speech to both guys and they shake hands.

- Batista d. Chris Jericho with the Demon Bomb. Bischoff was looking at the match and shakes his head.

- Backstage, Maven is talking to someone. When the camera approaches, he closes the door.

- Maven d. William Reagal with a roll-up by using the tights. Maven then challenges Reagal and Eugene for the tag team titles at New Year's Revolution. He says that he will have a mistery partner that will shock the world. Reagal and Eugene accept.

- Randy Orton d. Edge with the RKO. Bischoff again shakes his head.

- Backstage, Bischoff informs The Hurricane and Rosey, La Resistance and Rhyno and Tajiri that they will wrestle at New Year's Revolution and the winner will be the #1 contenders at the tag team titles. Simon Dean walks in and demands to talk to Bischoff in private. Simon gives Bischoff his contract and says that since he has issues with Hurricane and Rosey, he wants to be signed into the match at New Year's Revolution. Bischoff says that Simon will need a partner and Simon says that much like his Simon Sistem, it will be a masterpiece.

- Backstage, Christian and Tyson Tomko walk into Shelton Benjamin's locker room. Christian taunts Shelton and says that he is too afraid to give him a rematch. Shelton says that he will give Christian said match, so Christian hands him a contract and Shelton signs without reading it. Christian then laughs and says that the contract is for a 3 way dance match at New Year's Revolution between Shelton, Christian and Tyson Tomko. Shelton says it doesnt matter because at the end of it all, it's all about the benjamin.

- As Bischoff sits down to watch the main event, Lita interrupts him. She says that Trish had the guts to assault her with a Trash Can Lid and now Lita wants a match...a Hardcore Match at New Year's Revolution. Bischoff grants her the match and sits down.

- Chris Benoit vs Triple H went to a no contest after 4 minutes. Edge ran out and attacked both men, Randy Orton ran out and took Edge out, Batista ran out and killed Randy and then Jericho runs in for the save. Big brawl and the heels are dumped as the faces stand in the ring. Bischoff comes out and says that neither Benoit, Edge or Triple H proved anything to him tonight. He says that Edge lost to Orton and that makes Orton equally deserving of being champion. He says that Benoit and HHH couldnt even wrestle because of Edge, Jericho, Batista and Orton. The only solution is to book them all for New Year's Revoulution in an Elimination Chamber match to crown the new champion.

-Last Smackdown of 2004:

- Funaki d. Akio to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Title

- JBL comes out with his cabinet(minus the blonde bimbo) and shares his toughts on Armageddon. Blah blah, I am the best etc. Heindenreich comes out and JBL names him his "secret weapon". He is the best champion in the history of the WWE, blah blah blah.

- Backstage, Kurt Angle is furious at Jindrak and Reigns. He said that they couldnt beat the Big Show. He says that they better win some gold tonight.

- RVD and Rey d. Jindrak and Reigns to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles. Kenzo and Rene come out and enforce their rematch clause for the first Smackdown of 2005.

- Angle invitational. He kills another jobber in 20 seconds.

- Big Show demands a one on one match with Angle for the first Smackdown of 2005, and Theodore Long signs it.

- John Cena d. Kenzo Suzuki to retain the US Title. Carlito and Jesus come out. Carlito says that it is a shame he is injured, otherwise, Cena wouldnt be the US Champion. Carlito tries to spit apple in the face of Cena, but he attacks him. Jesus clobbers Cena from behind and holds him for Carlito to spit apple on him. Carlito then takes the cast off!!! He nails Cena with the cast several times and then leaves with Jesus. Carlito is not really injured!!

- Backstage, The Dudleys assault Funaki until RVD and Rey make the save. Funaki vs Spike for the belt has been signed for the first Smackdown of 2005.

- Backstage, Eddie and Booker are arguing over Armageddon, but The Bashams attack them. JBL then delivers the clothesline from hell to both guys.

Main event: JBL & The Bashams d. The Undertaker

Eddie and Booker where supposed to be with UT, but they where taken out before the match. Heindenreich interferes as UT had Danny Basham ready for a chokeslam and this leads to JBL stealing the win over UT by using mace on UT (that Heindenreich brought).

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WWE Velocity

Paul London d. Akio(10 minutes)

London and Akio had a very solid cruiserweight match like only Velocity can deliver. Leads where constantly exchanged, usually after missed high flying maneuvers. London caught Akio in a Huracarana and then went up top, delivering a SHOOTING STAR PRESS to Akio and getting the win. Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott put this over as London not forgetting what happened with Kidman and making sure to send a message. DeMott said that Kidman would be in action later tonight. (62.3%)

- A short video airs promoting the singles match between The Big Show and Kurt Angle that Theodore Long signed for Smackdown this week.(87.5%)(3 minutes)

-Billy Kidman d. Nunzio (8 minutes)

Chavo Guerrero Jr and Paul London where shown watching this match backstage in separate monitors. The match was very well done with Kidman doing the high impact stuff and Nunzio working Kidman in the mat. Kidman got the BK Bomb (Kid Krusher) and then a Shooting Star Press to win the match. Nunzio then sold the move like it was botched and hurt his ribs, which put a grin on Kidman's face and had both, Chavo and London furious backstage. (69.4%)

- Another video airs to promote the WWE Tag Team Title Match between Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio vs Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree.(62.1%)(3 minutes)

- Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki d. Hardcore Holly & Scotty 2 Hotty( 9 minutes)

This looks like Holly's punishment for his actions aganist Dupree and will have to put him over here. Holly looked uncoperative for most of the match and the heels had to work Scotty over in an extended heat segment to compensate. However, the Holly was forced to do the job when Dupree caught him in a modified Death Valley Driver("modified" as in botched due to Holly's lack of coperation) and the heels win.(59.8%)

- Video is shown about the events between John Cena, Jesus and Carlito Caribbean Cool at the final Smackdown of 2004.(58.1%) (3 minutes) (Carlito is getting poor reactions due to his gimmnick)

-Jesus/with Carlito d. Chavo Guerrero Jr(7 minutes)

Chavo used his veteranship to dominate early on as he escaped several moves and looked to be in full control. Carlito pulled his leg during a whip and this allowed Jesus to take over. It didnt last long as Chavo outsmarted Jesus yet again, but Carlito caused another distraction by spitting apple in his face. This allows Jesus to use a chain(not Cena's, but similiar looking) and knock Chavo out from behind for the win. The heels continued the assault, but Cena makes a Velocity apperance by clearing the ring and make the save.(57.7%)

- A video is shown that recaps the 3 on 1 beating to Undertaker at the last Smackdown.(85.6%)

- Eddie Guerrero d. Orlando Jordan/with JBL(8 minutes)

Similiar to the last match, Eddie dominated OJ for most of it, with OJ using JBL's distractions to get some offense in. Eddie recovered control and looked to finish with the Frog Splash, but JBL was ready to trip him. Once he climbed on the apron, The Undertaker's GONG sounded and this distracted JBL. When he turned his attention back to the match, it was too late since Eddie had nailed the Frog Splash and pinned OJ. (77.8%)

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WWE News and Notes

- Simon Dean's mistery partner that he referred to as "The Masterpiece" is expected to be OVW developmental talent Chris Mordetzky, better known as "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters. He is expected to fit in a new stable based around the Simon System. OVW Valet Passion has recently been called up to the main roster and she is expected to work as a valet for the group.

- It is rumored that not even the WWE knows who is going to be Maven's mistery partner yet.

- Also, it is rumored that not even the WWE knows who will win the Elimination Chamber.

- Alexis Laree is expected to debut in the Raw brand following the New Year's Revolution PPV. Gail Kim is expected back in the company around that same time.

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WWE Headquaters: Sunday January 02 2004, 10:52am.

As Vince and company are doing the final edits for the Heat show that will air tonight, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H walk into the office, interrupting Vince, Shane and Gerald Briscoe.

Stephanie: "Hello daddy". (Kiss on the cheek)

Triple H: "How is it going Vince" (shakes Vince's hand).

Vince: "Nice to see my daughter and son in law working on a Sunday...but, can I ask you what is the purpose of your visit?"

Stephanie finally realizes that Shane and Gerald are in the office with Vince.

Stephanie: "Jerry, nice to see you back. I knew that couldnt do this without you."

Briscoe: (Sarcastic smile) "It's nice to see you too Steph. You too Jean."

Triple H frowns, but shakes his hand. He then proceeds to shake Shane's hand, as Steph goes over and hugs her brother.

Stephanie: (during the hug, she whispers on Shane's ear) "Glad you accepted the job. Finally I can have someone I can trust more than Gerwitz. We need to talk as soon as possible"

Vince noticed the extremely long hug that Steph gave Shane and proceeded to look at Gerald and nod, as a sign that he understood something was going on. Triple H noticed Vince's reaction and gently pulled Steph.

Triple H: "Now come on, I am going to get jealous" (Looks at Vince and smiles)

Stephanie: "Well daddy, I need to talk to you in private about a personal thing, but I suppose that can wait. For now, I want to inform you that everything is ready for Matt Morgan to come into Smackdown and win the title from JBL on his way to a match with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. I have not finaliced the deal to bring Brock back, but you know he is dying to...I just making him wait."

Vince looks at Shane and Gerald, realizing that his plan sucks and Stephanie is just playing along to further hurt the company.

Vince: "Well..I have had a change of heart. I believe that bringing Brock back is going to hurt morale in the locker room, and Matt Morgan is not the guy who can replace him in the main events, at least for now. I was thinking of John Cena, he has the charisma and the fan support to become a huge star."

Triple H: "Frankly Vince, I think he is a second rate circus act, the rapper thing is not going to last forever and when that is done, so will his credibility. I am telling ya, Matt Morgan is the future of this company."

Vince: "Well said, the future. Cena is the present. I cant live thinking of the future when the present is so unstable and with the ratings going down, If I dont live in the present, the future wont exist."

Triple H and Steph seem surprised by this comment. HHH looks at Brisoce, thinking he has something to do with it.

Vince: "and.a...by the way, Jean, you have been removed from the booking team. It is unfair that a current wrestler has the right to book the promotion, it creates jealously and bad feelings in the other wrestlers. You can still attend the meetings, since starting tomorrow morning in the Raw meeting, all wrestlers will have aceess to the booking meetings and will have the right to voice their opinion and provide input, which will be taken into cosideration."

Triple H is about to explode and Steph cant believe her ears.

Steph: "Alright daddy, everything will be done as you said. I hope we can have our private meeting soon. But I think we better leave now, you look busy and Jean has some books to sign. C'mon Jean."

They leave as Vince cracks a smile.

Vince: "How was I?"

Shane: "Great Dad, great!!"

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*OK, I am trying a new method here for the shows, let's see if you like it better.*

Sunday Night Heat

Announcers: Al Snow & The Coach

From Texas, USA

The Hurricane vs Maven (11 minutes)

Plenty of back and forth action during this one, but the crowd was not into it at all, despite Maven doing an awesome job as a heel. He tricked Hurricane into a handshake to start only to cheapshot him and take control. Later on during the match, The Hurricane made a comeback, only for Maven to kick him low in plain view of the ref(getting a warning for it) and regaining control. He even made fun of Hurricane's poses!! Maven finishes with his new finisher, the Buffed Blockbuster that Al Snow called as simply The Blockbuster for the win. After the match, Maven went outside and stole the Hurricane mask that a kid was wearing in the front row and proceeded to rip it apart. Once Hurricane recovered, he looked down upon the ripped mask and looked confused and just stood there thinking.

Winner: Maven (53.2%)

Lita vs Trish in a Hardcore Match at New Year's Revolution!

A video plays of the events of the last Raw of 2004 where Trish attacked Lita with a trash can lid after her win over Molly Holly and then Bischoff granting Lita a Hardcore Match with Trish for the Women's Title at New Year's Revolution.(53.1%)

Ivory vs Molly Holly(10 minutes)

Snow and Coach sell the fact that this is Ivory's first match in a long time. This leads to Molly taking the advantage early on and schooling Ivory on the mat. Moilly actually used several submission moves like the Boston Crab and the Camel Clutch to wear down Ivory. Ivory made the comeback when Molly missed the Molly Go Round. She got a near fall out of a Reverse DDT. Molly then blocked a head scissors attempt by Ivory and took control of the match, finishing with the Molly Go Round. After the match she celebrated in the ring over the fallen body of Ivory.

Winner: Molly Holly (46.7%)

Snitsky vs Kane round 2?

A video is shown. Kane's return is hyped and then we cut to last Raw where Snitsky said that if Kane was coming back, he wanted a piece of him.(65.4%)

Rosey vs Gene Snitsky(5 minutes)

What a clusterfuck of a match. This is what HOSS shit is all about. Both men spent the initial minutes trying to bring each other down with neither man taking the advantage.After the usual shoulderblock exchange, they started clobbering each other with forearms and punches, and neither man backed down. They went back to the shoulderblock duel, then Snitsky caught Rosey off-guard with a big boot and a clothesline to bring him down. More clobbering ensues. Rosey makes the comeback and even gets a running splash on Snistky for two. Snistky makes the ANGRY BABYKILLER COMEBACK OF DOOM and finishes with the Coat Hanger (Pump-handle drop).

Winner: Gene Snistky (34.4%)

Hussan promo video.

We are shown another Muhammad Hussan promo video in which he rips the american soldiers in Iraq calling them infidels and nobodies. He then rips into President Bush and calls him an assasin, a man who enjoys torturing innocent people. (55.8%)

Tajiri vs Steven Richards(8 minutes)

When the crowd is more into a Steven Richards match than a Gene Snitsky match, then you know you have a problem. This was your typical comedy spot match. Tajiri working stiff on Richards and Richards running around and screaming like a little bitch every time Tajiri kicked him. Richards made a comeback after an eye gouge and actually went for the Stevie T, but Tajiri fought out and quickly nailed the Buzzaw Kick for the win.

Winner: Tajiri (61.2%)

The Elimination Chamber

A video airs of the short history of the Elimination Chamber. It then cuts to the controversial ending to the World Title match between Edge, Triple H and Benoit, as well as the events of the last Raw where Bischoff made the announcement. It then cuts to small shots of each of the six participants doing their finishers on one another (Triple H with the Pedigree on Benoit, Benoit with the Crossface on Edge, Edge spearing Jericho, Jericho with the walls on Batista, Batista with the Demon Bomb on Jericho and Orton with the RKO on Triple H). The video ends with "ONE BIG GOLD TITLE, SIX MEN THAT WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO GET THAT TITLE...TWO THOUSAND POUNDS OF STEEL....ONE WINNER." (86.6%)

Randy Orton vs Rubierre Conway(8 minutes)

Plenty of RKO chants in this one. Whoever said that the push was not working is nuts. Conway pretty much got squashed as he got very little offense in this match. Mostly cheating and taunting. Orton wins this one with the RKO. After the match he makes title motions, which get the crowd really on his side.

Winner: Randy Orton(70.5%)

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WWE Raw Booking meeting.

Monday January 03 2004 in the WWE Central Offices in Connecticut. Raw goes live from Connecticut tonight

Sitting in a desk are Vince McMahon, lead bookers Shane McMahon and Gerald Briscoe, assistant booker Brian Gerwitz and the rest of the booking staff. John Laureantis(Johnny Ace) the president of talent relations and the vice president of talent relations Jim Ross are also at the desk. One seat is still empty.

Triple H walks in and heads for the chair.

Vince:" What are you doing Hunter?"

HHH: "Sitting down...?"

Vince: "I am sorry but that chair is not for you. Now stand up and sit in the corner like the rest of the wrestlers."

Triple H gets up on a bad mood and heads to the corner of the room, where the rest of the wrestlers are located. He grabs a chair and sits down, right next to Steven Richards and The Hurricane. Ricky Steamboat walks in and sits down on the last empty chair.

Steamboat: "Sorry if I am late."

He winks at McMahon and this looks to have been a set up to play Triple H like a fool in front of the roster.

Vince: "You are excused. Gentlemen, Ricky Steamboat, the new Head Road Agent of Raw. For those wondering, Pat Patterson has been named head road agent of the Smackdown brand at the pettition of Co-Head Booker Paul Heyman. With that out of the way, let's get this thing started."

Gerald: "Right. Since this is the final Raw before New Year's Revolution, I think we need to establish the main players. I have designed short 2 and 3 minute segments with the competitors in such a way that they will get the chance to express the importance of the Elimination Chamber match from their own unique character views. The scripts have been handed out to them and all of them approved. Rehearsals are going to be run two hours prior to the show to see each guy's unique delivery and to correct anything that seems out of place."

Shane: "Plus, the main event has been set as a 6 man tag team match: Jericho, Benoit and Orton aganist HHH, Edge and Batista. The finish of the match is scheduled to be Jericho going over HHH after a mistake by Batista to further their storyline."

HHH: "Excuse me. Not that I have a problem or anything...but why Jericho? Aint I supposed to be feuding with Orton? He is the one that should go over. Or in any case, I should go over. That way things will be set for my title win on Sunday"

Vince: "I think you are thinking way ahead. The decision to put Jericho over is because he is the one considered an underdog in the Elimination Chamber and the idea is to make people believe everyone stands a chance to win that title. As for Sunday...I am not sure if you are walking out the champ."

HHH: "But I am suppose to job the belt to Orton at Wrestlemania!!"

Vince: "Not necessarily. Orton can win the Elimination Chamber and then defend aganist anybody else at Wrestlemania. I was thinking of having John Cena win the Rumble and go on aganist JBL at Wrestlemania. Orton can feud with anyone, including Jericho or HBK after a heel turn. He can headline the show aganist any of them. You can job to Batista instead."

HHH: "What? I am supposed to be in the main event!! We have been talking about it all year long..."

Vince: "Plans can change in an instant. Just...like..that"

HHH sits down and looks absolutly furious. The rest of the meeting proceed accordingly and everything is ready for Raw.

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Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler

Location: Connecticut, USA

-Trish wants to send a message(3 minutes)

We kick Raw off with Trish Stratus in the ring. She has a mic in her hand:

Trish: "Thank you for your warm reception." (The crowd booes) " As you might have heard, this Sunday the WWE hosts their first ever event from Puerto Rico, New Year's Revolution on PPV. It seems the Raw GM Eric Bischoff has signed me for a hardcore match at that PPV aganist Lita for the WWE Women's Title." (Crowd cheers). "Well, I am not afraid of that, in fact, I have done it before. I was the first WWE women to step into a Hardcore Match, so I have the experience advantage. But just to make myself clear and just so Lita can understand what she is getting into, I have decided to have a Hardcore Match right here tonight on Monday Night Raw!! So, bring my opponent down here and let's hope Lita is watching" (81.1%)

-Hardcore Match:

Ivory vs Trish Stratus (10 minutes)

Not as good as the original women's hardcore match. JR and The King put over Ivory on her comeback attempt to full time wrestling. Trash can lids and kendo sticks are the only weapons that actually get involved. The only cool spot worth mentioning is when Ivory tries to whack Trish with a singapore cane and the does the matrix move to avoid it and then smacks a trash can lid to the back of Ivory's head. Trish finishes with the Stratusfaction. After the match, Trish assaults Ivory with a kendo stick until Lita runs down for the save. They exchange threats to hype their match this Sunday. (51.6%)

- Edge talks about the Elimination Chamber(3 minutes)

Edge is sitting in a room, with a red background with the Raw Logo on it.

Edge: "This Sunday at New Year's Revolution...I have a date. A date with destiny. A date with greatness..I date with all that I deserve. This Sunday I step into the Elimination Chamber with the soal purpose of eliminating five other men and winning what is rightfully mine, the World's Heavyweight Championship. This time, you wont screw me, this is not Taboo Tuesday, I am already signed for that match and their is no way you can remove me from it. This time it wont be a stupid battle royale where the ref's can screw me. Let's face it, I am the title less champion. I pinned Chris Benoit one, two, three in the middle of the ring...but that was not enough. I am a 10 time tag team champion, three time Intercontinental champion, I have faced the best of the best in tables, ladders and chairs, I have been in cage matches, hardcore matches, any match, you name it, I have won it. The Elimination Chamber match will only be yet another match type in my resume and I will finally add the World's Heavyweight Title to my collection.This time I wont be screwed, this time I wont be denied. This time, MY TIME HAS COME. "

He dissapears from the screen...but then pops back in:

Edge: "Oh...and if you dont like it...then SCREW YOU!!" (81.5%)

-Benoit's turn to talk(2 minutes)

Chris Benoit is located in another room, with a background similiar to the one Edge was on.

Benoit: " This Sunday at New Year's Revolution I step into the ring with five other men inside the Elimination Chamber in a match to determine the next World's Heavyweight Championship. Last year, 2004 was a great year for me. I won the Royal Rumble and went on to win the World's Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania, ending my 18 year journey to the top. I proved that I was for real. I proved why I am the best technical wrestler in the world. I proved the doubters wrong. But I am not pleased with that. I am not the type of guy who gets to the top once and is happy with that. I want to remain on top and I want to prove that it was not a fluke, that I can do it again inside the most dangerous structure in this business. For 18 years I heard the critics say that I didnt stand a chance. Even when I proved them wrong, I am still considered an underdog for Sunday's match. All they can talk is about Triple H, he is the game, he is the franchise...but I made him tap out twice!!. Oh, Edge has a dream, he has the desire, he is crazy...but I made him tap!! Batista, he is an animal, he is a monster, the strongest guy in the WWE...but I made him tap too. Orton, yes he beat me once, but that can be considered lucky. Not that I am taking anything away from him, but he will have to beat me again to prove to me that he is superior to my skill, which I doubt. Jericho, another man I respect and the first ever Undisputed Champion, but I have beaten him too. At one time or the other, all those five men have tapped out to the Crippler Crossface...and believe me when I say this...more than one of them will tap out this Sunday at New Year's Revolution when I become the World's Heavyweight Champion once again. Let's see what the critics and the doubters have to say then." (79.1%)

- More problems in Evolution(3 minutes)

Evolution is sitting down in their private locker room having just watched the Edge and Benoit promos.

Triple H: "Those two really talk a lot of game, let's see if they can bring it on Sunday. Specially because I have an insurance policy to walk out of the PPV as the new World's Heavyweight Champion, right big boy"

He taps Batista in the shoulder

Batista: "What do you mean?"

Flair: "WOOOO...that's right champ. Batista will be right there watching your back.He will help you trim up the fat so you can walk away the champ"

Batista: "So..that's what I am to you Hunter. You want me to walk into the match and help you knock guys out so you can win the belt back?"

Triple H: "Why? You have a problem with that..."

Batista: "What if I do? Will I be the next Randy Orton then? If I win the title on Sunday, will I be the next guy to get beaten up and kicked out? Will I be Hunter?"

At this point they are nose to nose. Flair steps in between.

Flair: "Calm down guys...just calm down. We are Evolution, we are a team. We work as an unit. Batista, hey man, I am sure Hunter only meant to ask if you where a team player. Right H?"

Triple H: "Yeah. I mean...if we are the two last men standing inside that chamber, I promess you a competitive match. The best man will walk out the winner and will earn the other's respect. No hard feelings. But until we are the last two men standing, we should work as an unit. Now...are you with me?"

Batista: "Yeah....sure. Just one think H...dont expect me to pull any punches"

Triple H: "I didnt expect anything less"

The two men shake hands and Batista walks away.

Triple H: (to Flair) "I think he is getting way over his head. I think it's time for us to ready Plan B."

H and Flair walk away talking to each other.(76.7%)

-WWE Tag Team Titles:

Eugene & William Regal© vs La Ressistance (13 minutes)

This is a rematch from their original encounter. Maven is sitting down in his locker room watching this match. Basic cheating and isolation period on Eugene from the heels. He makes his first big comeback at the six minute mark and makes the tag to Regal. William comes in a house on fire with european uppercuts and dominates the heels. He even locks the Regal Stretch on Grenier, but Conway breaks it up. This leads to the heels taking over once again. Regal makes the comeback at the 11 minute mark and hits the Cobra Neckbreaker on Conway. He looks at Eugene who gets the tag and yells at Regal "Demolition!!!" and sticks his tongue out. This leads to Eugene going up top as Regal holds Conway for the Demolition Decapitation and Eugene pins Conway for the face win. (74.5%)

-Rhyno vs Simon Dean(9 minutes)

They hype this as a preview of the tag team #1 contenders match at NYR. Rhyno overpowers Dean to start and treats him like a punching bag. Simon catches Rhyno coming with a drop toe hold and works the big man in the mat a little bit as the crowd starts the boring chant. Rhyno works his way out of the predicament of holds and powerslams him for two. He signals for the Gore, but a big young man walks down to ringside and pulls Rhyno's leg. This causes a distraction that Simon uses to his advantage as he uses his fitno powder to blind Rhyno and then gets an Inverted Tornado DDT (used to be the Novacane) and gets the pinfall. Simon Dean then instructs the new man to finish Rhyno. The new guy lifts Rhyno up into a STEINERDRIVER!!!(Screwdriver). Tajiri comes running into the ring to help his partner, but gets the beatdown treatment and the same move. Simon Dean then introduces the new guy as the official cover athlete of the Simon System, "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters!!. (57.1%)

- Kane video(2 minutes)

Short video segment that shows highlights of Kane's career and ends with "KANE WILL BE BACK....WITH A VENGEANCE". (81.3%)

-Val Venis vs Gene Snitsky(5 minutes)

Typical squash since Venis barely got any offense and Snitsky pinballed him around the ring to little reaction. Snitsky wins with the Coat Hanger.(49.9%)

-Chris Jericho's turn to talk(3 minutes)

Jericho is in the same room where Edge and Benoit where. At least the background is the same.

Jericho: "This Sunday at New Year's Revolution, I get the chance to once again become the champion of the world. You see, I have been inside the Elimination Chamber before, I know how dangerous it is and how painful a night it is going to be, but I am not afraid. I was the man who defeated The Rock and Stone Cold in the same night to win the Undisputed Title. Yes, only two men, but two of the best of all time. I have been in the ring with five men before and I was not afraid, so nothing will change. I admire the likes of Benoit and Orton, they are going to be in that match as well and they might be my friends, but when all is set and done, they wont be my friends in that match. Triple H, yes, the game, yes he has beaten me before and I have beaten him before, no big deal. Batista, he doesnt scare me. He has given me concussions and painful nightmares, but I am not afraid. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Edge, he is nuts, he is crazy, he is intense....he is an assclown. The fact of the matter is, I might not get another chance like this in my career and I am going to make the most of it. I am going to prove that what happened several years ago was not a fluke, that I am championship material. Come Sunday at New Year's Revolution, Puerto Rico will be Jericho, the Revolution will be Jericho, Raw will be Jericho and the next World's Heavyweight Champion will be...Jericho!!" (92.5%)

- Shelton Benjamin vs Tyson Tomko(10 minutes)

This match was non-title and just hype for the Benjamin/Christian/Tomko 3 way dance for the Intercontinental Title at NYR. Benjamin used his quickness to stay away from the big man and dominate him early on. At the four minute mark, Tomko steamrolled Benjamin with a clothesline and took control. After some simple power moves and three near falls, Tomko was starting to grow frustrated. He went outside and got a chair, which led to the ref exiting the ring and stopping him. This allowed Christian to run in from backstage and give Benjamin the Unprettier. Seconds later, Tomko got into the ring and pinned Benjamin for the win. Christian came back down to the ring and the heels gave Benjamin a beatdown, before rising each other's hands. Christian made belt motions at the crowd and JR and Lawler speculate about Benjamin's title being in Jeopardy.(51.6%)

-Batista's turn to talk(2 minutes)

Same deal as before:

Batista: "Many things are at stake this Sunday. It's not only the World Heavyweight Championship that matters, it's where I stand in all of this. For the past year, I have been a member of the most elite group in wrestling, Evolution. I have been a team player, I have silently waited my chance, my opportunity. It has been a great honor to work alongside Triple H and Ric Flair, to learn from the best at what they do. But how much longer....how much longer will I be ignored? I am sick and tired of doing what I am told and getting nothing in return!!! I am sick and tired of being blamed for other's mistakes!! I am sick and tired of people telling me what to do!! But first and foremost, I am a team player. I have nothing but respect and admiration for Ric Flair and Triple H. Hunter wants be to be a team player, and if that's my role, so be it. He wants me to kick four other guys out of the chamber, that's alright with me. But like I said tonight, when it comes to the final two men, when it comes to Hunter and Batista, only one will walk away the winner. May the best man win. Just dont expect me to pull any punches..." (68.1%)

- It's all about the Benjamin(3 minutes)

Christian and Tyson Tomko where celebrating backstage and plotting on how to take Benjamin's title at NYR when suddenly Shelton Benjamin barged in and started taking it to both men!!! Benjamin sends Tomko hard aganist a locker room door and he is out.Benjamin then gives Christian the Exploider on top of a stack of boxes and leaves both of his opponents down and out.

Benjamin: "It might be two on one, but it's still all about the Benjamin!!"


- The Hurricane & Rosey vs Maven & Garrison Cade

(8 minutes)

JR and Lawler wonder if Cade will be Maven's mistery partner at NYR. Match was very boring and had nothing going for it. The faces dominated when Cade came in, but where dominated when Maven came in(doing an awesome heel work). The end of the match see's Rosey and Cade brawling outside as Hurricane goes for a Flying Crossbody on Maven, but Maven dropkicks him mid-air and then goes up top, hitting the Blockbuster on Hurricane for the win. Maven then rips the Hurri-mask from the little kid at ringside and walked backstage. Cade tried to shake his hand, but Maven turned him down. Hurricane then went over to the ripped mask and stood on it, thinking again as Rosey talked to him about going backstage.(57.5%)

-What is Maven's problem with the Hurricane?(3 minutes)

As soon as the match ended, Maven was approached backstage by Jonathan Coachman, back on his interviewer role:

Coach: "Maven. During the last couple of shows, you have been ripping hurricane masks from the fans after your victories over him. What is the big deal with that? Does it has to do anything with your match this Sunday?"

Maven: "Coach coach coach.... my problem? You should ask him what his problem is. You see, after I realised how lame my chances of being someone in the WWE where if I sticked to the "play to the crowd" group, just that same night I was plotting my way to make an impact. I mean, let's face it, I seem to do something right and then screw everything else up. I was tired of that. I was tired because it was not my fault...it was the fans fault. I mean, I could be a champion right now, but I was so busy trying to appeal to the fans, trying to do what they wanted me to do that I was not focused enough on the thing that mattered....winning at any cost. So Hurricane, let me ask you a question. Since you have been wearing that mask and acting like a fool for the fans...how much sucess have you had? Yeah, a cruiserweight title back in Smackdown that didnt last long. A tag team title run with Kane that didnt last long. Aint you tired of that? It's time to step up man. It's time to forget the wackiness and get serious. It's time to let this fans know the real man behind the mask, it's time for them to see the real Shane Helms, to see the Sugar Daddy. I know you understand...and I know you will come to your senses. I am not doing this to piss you off...only to help you....friend."

Coach: "Sugar Daddy? What's that? And what about your tag team partner?"

Maven smiles and walks away.(63.4%)

-Bischoff signs Kane vs Snitsky at NYR( 1 minute)

Before we go to break, Eric Bischoff is backstage looking at the final NYR card. He then adds "KANE VS GENE SNITSKY IN A LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!!"(66.0%)

-Orton's turn with the mic(3 minutes)

Randy Orton is in the same room as the previous men.

Orton: "This Sunday I get my second chance at winning the World's heavyweight title.After months of Triple H screwing me over, I finally get the chance to recover the title. That chance involves me and five other men that are as hungry as me to get that title belt. Inside the most dangerous steel structure in the business. Chris Benoit, the man I beat for my first World Title, with him alone in there, things are tough. Now add Triple H, the man that always has a plan, a screwy way to win matches and do what he wants. The cerebral assasin. With those two men alone, it will be almost impossible. Now add Chris Jericho, the first Undisputed Champion and six time intercontinental champion, add Batista, the strongest beast in the WWE and add Edge, a psychopath that has won more tag team titles than anyone in this business. 5 of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the WWE. am I scared? Of course not. The more the merrier. Beating this five men will make my victory even greater. The slogan for the match is "the best man will walk out the champ", well...I am sure as well going to try everything, I am going to do every move I have ever done, I will do whatever it takes to be the best man in that match. Because 3 is my lucky number, 3 as in 1-2-3, 3 as in...R...K....O.."(81.5%)

-Triple H talks(3 minutes)

Triple H's turn:

Hunter: " I will make this short and simple. I have been in all the Elimination Chamber matches. I have been inside that hideous steel structure more times than anyone in this business. I have beaten all of the five men that will be inside that chamber with me. I am the best in this business, and I will prove it yet again. Chris Jericho, you are nobody. I can beat you in an instant. Chris Benoit, I have beaten you before and I will do so again. Edge, you dont scare me, because if you think you are nuts, if you think people are screwing you over, face it kid, you are not at the top because you dont belong there. Orton...I took the title away from you once and I can do it twice. Batista...dont even get me started. We will work as a team, that is a promess. But when we are the last two men standing in the ring, I will show you why I am the teacher and you are the student, why I order and you obey, what separates the greatest from the great. Because Batista, you are great...but you are no Triple H."(84.5%)

-Randy Orton & Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs Triple H & Batista & Edge (21 minutes)

Excellent main event with awesome ring action and tension sorrounding the participants. Plenty of dirty looks between Triple H, Batista and Edge. Everybody hits their spots perfectly, this might be the best televised match in a long time. The end comes as Orton and Batista battle outside. Triple H is ready to pedigree Chris Jericho while Benoit and Edge go at it. Edge dumps Benoit. Jericho escapes the pedigree and gets the springboard dropkick on HHH. HHH starts to get up, BUT EDGE SPEARS HIM!!!. Edge leaves and Jericho is like "what the fuck?" in the ring. Jericho then nails the Lionsault and pins HHH for the win. A huge 6 man brawl breaks out to hype the PPV.(94.1%)

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- Simon Diamond has been in conversations with the WWE recently. The man who was worked for NWA:TNA for the past year and has been saddled with the "Irish" Pat Kenney and The Empire Saint gimmnicks has a real life relationship with Dawn Marie, who is a WWE employee and this might be the reason the WWE is willing to pick him up.

- Trinity and Tracey Brooks of NWA:TNA have also received offers from the WWE, who is trying to increase the talent in the WWE Women's Division. If they sign, they are expected to work in OVW some time before being called up to the main roster.

-April Hunter is yet another woman who has received an offer from the WWE. She said so herself in her website. The offer involves working in OVW for a while, but it has a guarantee to be called up to the main roster at some point during the year.

- Word is that Gail Kim has already signed her new contract to return to the WWE.

- Brock Lesnar has been in conversations with the WWE, NWA:TNA and New Japan Pro Wrestling. The WWE wants to keep him away from TNA and might be willing to sign him back if TNA makes a serious offer. If Brock instead takes the NJPW offer, the WWE wont bid for his services as they want him off the american market altogheter, not Japan.

-Final Card for New Year's Revolution

- World's Heavyweight Title: Elimination Chamber Match

Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton vs Batista vs Edge vs Triple H

- Last Man Standing Match:

Kane vs Gene Snitsky

- WWE Women's Title Hardcore Match:

Lita© vs Trish Stratus

- WWE Tag Team Titles:

Eugene & William Reagal© vs Maven & Mistery Partner

- WWE Intercontinental Title: 3 way dance

Shelton Benjamin© vs Christian vs Tyson Tomko

- Fatal Four Way match for the #1 contendership at the WWE Tag Team Titles:

Rhyno & Tajiri vs The Hurricane & Rosey vs La Ressistance vs Simon Dean & "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters

- Plus: The in-ring debut of Muhammad Hussan and more

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