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  1. I think it makes sense to make D'Lo into a worker, since he, along with Scott and Don, have popped up as non-workers on Impact.
  2. It would be a long list to go through, but I found good vids that showcases finishers for AEW since more than a few wrestlers do need a touch up in that area. Men's Women's Tag Teams
  3. The home to Lucha Underground the El Rey network is going off the air come New Year's. Though Robert Rodriguez has stated, it might become a streaming service in the future. Also, add tag team of TayJay of Tay Conti & Anna Jay (active, 5 Exp).
  4. I remember Darius Carter was in the game for a long time, and he works for a company I write for, Catalyst Wrestling, here in New York. He's an amazing talent that I hoped to see re-added soon. Also, thanks in part to the TEW 20 update thread, I found out that Madison Rayne and Jake Crist are gone from Impact, with Rayne retiring from the business and Jake saying he was a free agent.
  5. I am currently redoing this scenario again, adding tweaks to the idea. I took your advice and added Lucha Underground. With a new staff (merging some of the staff with AAA), Vampiro and Excalibur are doing the announcing this time. Matt Striker is with GFW and doing comm. with Don Callis. The whole idea is that more than a few feds have gone inactive (like the WWE would be hosting a classic greatest hits on the Network, AEW reverts back to its roster pre-DON) and most feds have closed down because of the ongoing pandemic. And going by current real world logic, 2021 is set to have a fresh
  6. A couple of AEW tidbits: Billy has gone back to being called Billy Gunn on AEW, like the Cody thing. Bowens and Caster are called The Acclaimed, and their finisher is called Critically Acclaimed. But the only one I am trying to solve, as a casual EWR player, is Tully. He's both an on-air manager and a producer backstage. I tend to get away with this by having Tully backstage being called Tull A., while he is still Tully on the roster. Easy fix or just delete Tully as a road agent?
  7. Yeah, I think its time for The Rock, Austin, Hogan and Bret to be deleted since, outside of maybe Dwayne, the four of them don't wrestle at all anymore. Like Undertake, they are fully retired. Also, shouldn't the Beaver Boys be called Dark Order II and Five and Ten being called Dark Order III? Plus Daniels and Frankie are still called Addiction, not SCU II or something to that effect.
  8. That is true, should I make it more clearer to set in it a near future where this is a possibility?
  9. Yeah, that's my prob I'm having, where does both AEW and WWE fall into this. I could see the latter cutting costs and basically doing away with NXT and NXT UK. AEW maybe stops doing Dark(?).
  10. Working on the current EWR data, November, I came up with the scenario of a pandemic based setting where essentially all of the companies folded, but in the wake of their folding seven companies rose from those ashes. Right now, I currently have: Jericho Cruise Wrestling (based out of Canada and pretty straight forward, Jericho has a weekly show on his cruise ship) Pure Fusion Wrestling (think how TNA was back in the mid-2000s, geared towards high flying action and professional wrestling) Windy City Pro Wrestling (which might be rechanged around) Championship Wrestling
  11. NWA is back with a new weekly TV show called NWA Shockwave. Tuesday evenings on YouTube, with Joe Galli and (maybe?) Sean Mooney as the comm. team.
  12. Also Rich Swann should be an active wrester again, Upper Midcarder.
  13. In the case with Kamille, she has been dating her stable mate, Thom Latimer, for the past year or so(?) and has been public about that. Thanks for the update, this was greatly needed. Also, Eric Bischoff is still listed under WWE as staff, and Eric B. has been on AEW....
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