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Blind Scramble: Wrestling Apocalypse


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Time to repost diary post by post...

The concept was explained at EWB 3, but if you don't know I basically started a scramble game and simmed a year without looking at any rosters or anything. Then I picked a random promotion out of a hat (which gave me NWA:TNA) and I continued as so...


It was supposed to be a unique entertaininment source with a reputable history. It was made out to be the sport of kings. But an unforseen event occured. As time progressed the grappling world of "Pro Wrestling" fell into mediocrity. The casual fan would constantly tune in and out and only the true hardcore fans would stick around and watch as American wrestling was monopolized and international wrestling was falling to a crippling economic income.

Soon, the wrestling world took the biggest blow of all. The story goes that after years of staying out of tune with their fanship a secret organization labeled "The Pro Wrestling Council" (PWC) formed in the outskirts of Nevada far away from any public disturbance.

They united sometime in Mid-April of 2004 and decided that wrestling needed a break and unanimously shut down wrestling until they came up with an idea to resolve the various problems. The answer?


They figured they needed to come up with a way that fans will return to the product. A way that fans will relive their favorite childhood memories and return to what made the sport a sport and made it sacred upon them.

A few weeks later it was solved. They decided to do what Vince had been preaching on his shows for a good part of two years, shaking the foundation of wrestling. They decided to do a wrestling restart. A convention was to be held with possible owners to chip in and use what they had to buy a company that was randomly chosen for them. Then they were to hire a head booker from the second group of willingful owners that were invited to the convention. Only a select few were invited to attend and some invites were rather surprising. That's where the story begins...

My name is John Rodriguez. I'm a small time promoter from Miami, Florida who began his career quite a while ago. Of course I've never really made it big. My biggest work was being head booker of MLW for a while, but I was fired after inconsistency hit. Don't be mistaken, however. Even though I never made it to the big time I had my group of contacts all around the wrestling world from my early stages as a failed pro wrestler.

In fact, it was due to a friend that I was able to have the job I have today. See, on April 29th, 2004 of last year I met with Christopher Daniels. Me and Chris go way back to our starting days as wrestlers and formed a bond from feuding to teaming jumping from promotion to promotion just to earn a living. Of course, I failed and he went on to be arguably the most successfully well rounded indepent wrestler to this day.

Well, I was doing my monthly rounds in Memphis, and bumped into Daniels out of nowhere. We hadn't spoken in a while so it was somewhat odd especially with me being out of the loop for the past couple of weeks due to inactivity in wrestling. It seemed all the wrestlers were silent and didn't speak to anyone. Anyway, me and Chris got to talking and then I dropped the million dollar question on him.

"So, you heard about this wrestling convention tomorrow?"

"Know about it? I'm attending!"

The response was gold. This was my opportunity to shine in the big time. I knew that if I somehow, someway attended this convention that I could have my shot at the big time. Now, since Chris is such a good friend he's gonna just hand over the invita---


WHAT?! How could he reject me?! I'm his oldest friend!

"I've wanted to own a company for so long, now's my chance."

So, he was out on my mission. He wanted to do what I was hoping I would get a chance to do. Well, no problem. I've gotten my way before, and I will do it again.

"So, Chris, can you at least do me a favor?"


"Can you fill me a report and e-mail it to me?"

"Sure thing, buddy. I'll take notes through the whole thing."

"Thanks so much. I appreciate it!", I responded. Chris is a good friend. I knew I could count on him. That night I slept well for the first time in months. Knowing full well I may get the chance of a lifetime I tucked myself in and prepared for the probable two longest days of my life...

2 Days Later

We're fourteen hours into the day and I still haven't gotten word from Chris. Did he forget my e-mail? Why isn't he calling then? Did he call in sick and not attend? I'M DYING HERE!... Wait! YES! FINALLY! An e-mail from Chris!

He described the ambience of convention to be terrific and never saw so many famous faces in one room. He mentioned how you saw the likes of anyone from Sean O'Haire to Scott Hall to Jeff Jarrett to Sgt. Slaughter to Vince McMahon. It must have been wrestling heaven for any true fan.

He went into description on how the convention worked out and how it was hosted by wrestling promoters over the world. The first batch of owners was chosen and Chris was actually a chosen few saying he was able to own the rights to Ring Of Honor and mentioned how guys like Terry Taylor, Paul Heyman, and Vince McMahon all were given promotions as well (explained in-depth in next post). Then the second batch of Head Bookers were VERY odd in the groupings of guys like Sean O'Haire, Scott Hall, and Shane Douglas (ditto).

One federation in particular caught my eye. The pairing of Vince McMahon and BG James for the National Wrestling Alliance: Total Nonstop Action company. I knew immediately that that relationship would bomb and took the initiative of trying to get in touch with Vince to request the head booking job for when James and him finally clash.

However, I would give it a few months so that I don't seem like I see it coming. Little did I know that it would turn into a year of hell in the unemployment office.

11 Months Later, April 2005

The wrestling world has truly evolved since the restart in May of 2004. New and old fans have began to view them legitimitely and the product seems fresh once again. This move has truly benefited all but one, me.

Today I decided to contact Nashville where Vince McMahon was stationed, after I read some convincing reports that the unmatched duo had finally began having problems. I actually was able to speak directly to McMahon and he seemed interested in my offer and told me he'd get back to me saying I may have the credentials he needed.

It was all a matter of time...

May 9, 2005

I finally got the call. The fallout between McMahon and James in the booking department came to head. McMahon said that I was hired immediately and was to get on a plane that night to arrive to the arena TOMORROW to begin working on tweaking the plans for that night's show. It was hasty, but I finally got the job. Apparently, James was just fired as Head Booker and because he's a valued asset to the company he will remain in his position as a wrestler, but now working full time instead of a part-time schedule.

Looks like it's finally time to make a name for myself, and NWA:TNA is my home sweet home.

[up Next, An In-Depth Look On The Wrestling World]

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Game World As Of May 9, 2005 -


Asistencia Asesoria Y Administracion (AAA)

Owner: Sgt. Slaughter

Head Booker: Scott Hall

Top 5 Superstars:

1. Nicho El Millionario

2. La Parka

3. Damien 666

4. Chavo Guerrero, Jr.

5. Mr. Aguila

Other Notable Faces:

2 Cold Scorpio, Billy Kidman, Gail Kim, Garisson Cade, Halloween, Lita, NOSAWA, Paul London, and Spanky.

Titles (In Order Of Importance):

AAA Cruiserweight: Nicho El Millionario (from: Chavo Guerrero, Jr.)

AAA Heavyweight: Vacant

AAA Tag Team: Chavo Guerrero, Jr. And Halloween

AAA Middleweight: Vacant

AAA National: Retired

AAA World Six Man: Vacant

Next Event: AAA Forever (May 19, 2005)

Blue Blood Wrestling (BBW), Training Camp, Created By Me Before Game)

Owner: Scott D'Amore

Head Trainer: Doug Williams

Students: None.

Championship Wrestling Association (CWA)

Owner: Randy Savage

Head Booker: None

Top 5 Superstars:

1. Randy Savage

2. Johnny Kashmere

3. Trent Acid

4. Ahmed Johnson

5. Johnny Devine

Other Notable Faces:

B-Boy, Becky Bayless, Blue Meanie, Brian Lawler, Chase Stevens, Danny Doring, HC Loc, Ian Rotten, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Kurrgan, and Spyder Nate Webb.

Titles (In Order Of Importance):

CWA Heavyweight - Vacant

CWA World Tag Team - Vacant

Next Event: CWA Genesis (May 10, 2005)

Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW)

Owner: Raven

Head Booker: None

Top 5 Superstars:

1. Raven

2. Vampire Warrior

3. Apolo

4. Buff Bagwell

5. Mike Awesome

Other Notable Faces:

Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney, Carl Oulette, Carlos "Carly" Colon, Chris Kanyon, Dallas, Eugene Dinsmore, Jerry Sags, Joe E. Legend, Johnny Jeter, Matt Morgan, M-Dogg 20, Nate Hatred, New Jack, Prince Nana, Reno, Seven, Slash, Tank Toland, and Tracy Brooks.

Titles (In Order Of Importance):

CZW Heavyweight: Mike Awesome

CZW Ironman: Buff Bagwell (From: Prince Nana)

CZW Tag Team: Chris Kanyon And Seven

CZW Junior Heavyweight: Retired

CZW Deathmatch: Retired

Next Event: CZW Big Trouble (June 1, 2005)

Federation de Lutte Internationale (FLI)

Owner: Jerry Jarrett

Head Booker: Jacques Rougeau, Jr.

Top 5 Superstars:

1. Jacque Rougeau, Jr.

2. Chad Collyer

3. Sonjay Dutt

4. Jeremy Lopez

5. Kevin Martel

Other Notable Faces:

Adam Flash, Altar Boy Luke, Austin Aries, Burchill, Caprice Coleman, John Walters, Josh Prohibition, Kenzo Suzuki, and TJ Wilson.

Titles (In Order Of Importance):

FLI World: Vacant

FLI World Tag Team: Vacant

FLI Junior Heavyweight: Vacant

Next Event: FLI Showdown (June 12, 2005)

Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA)

Owner: Dusty Rhodes

Head Booker: Rick Steiner

Top 5 Superstars:

1. Frankie Sloan

2. Jonny Storm

3. Flash Barker

4. James Mason

5. Dean Allmark

Other Notable Faces:

Abismo Negro, Air Paris, Akio, Big Vito, Bryan Danielson, Chris Harris, Chris Sabin, Devon Storm, Dick Togo, Evan Karagias, Jack Evans, Joel Maximo, Johnny Swinger, Jon Heidenreich, Jose Maximo, Kid Romeo, Matt Stryker, Mike Barton, Orlando Jordan, Roadkill, Robbie Dynamite, Rodney Mack, Ron Harris, Sabu, Scott Norton, Shannon Moore, TAKA Michinoku, Teddy Hart, and The Amazing Red.

Titles (In Order Of Importance):

FWA British: Rick Steiner (From: James Mason)

FWA Tag Team: Bryan Danielson And Shannon Moore

FWA All-England: Retired

XPW European: TAKA Michinoku (From Jonny Storm)

Next Event: FWA Time Crisis (May 31, 2005)

Future Wrestling Samurais (FWS, Training Camp, Created By Me Before Game)

Owner: Masahiro Chono

Head Trainer: None

Students: None.

GAEA Japan (Which Has Been Made Into A Co-Ed Federation)

Owner: None (Quit)

Head Booker: None (Was Owner)

Top 5 Superstars:

1. Yoshihiro Takayama

2. Tiger Mask IV

3. Jado

4. Sakura Hirota

5. Ryushi Yanagisawa

Other Notable Faces:

Bam Bam Bigelow, Brian Adams, Bryan Clark, Ebessan, Jedo, Jazz, Jinsei Shinzaki, Kamala, Nathan Jones, and Shaggy 2 Dope.

Titles (In Order Of Importance):

AAAW Single: Lioness Aska (From: Jazz)

GAEA Intercontinental: Bam Bam Bigelow

AAAW Tag Team: Vacant

GAEA World: Vacant

Next Event: GAEA Come Out And Play (May 18, 2005)

Internation Wrestling Alliance: MS (IWA:MS)

Owner: Jeff Jarrett

Head Booker: Sean O'Haire

Top 5 Superstars:

1. Jeff Jarrett

2. Ernest Miller

3. Marc Mero

4. Chris Chetti

5. Mikey Whipwreck

Other Notable Faces:

Alex Shelley, Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney, Chavo Guerrero, Sr., Deranged, Don West, Eugene Dinsmore, Gabe Sapolsky, Gabrial, Jeremy Borash, Jerry Sags, Jimmy Jacobs, Johnny Jeter, Josh Mathews, M-Dogg 20, Miss Jackie, Nate Hatred, Nick Berk, Norman Smiley, Onyx, Petey Williams, Prince Nana, Ruckus, Scoot Andrews, Seven, Tank Toland, The Messiah, Theodore Long, Tony Chimel, Tracy Brooks, and Violent J.

Titles (In Order Of Importance):

King Of Death Matches: Scoot Andrews

IWA:MS Heavyweight: Vacant

Ted Petty Invitational: Retired

IWA:MS Light Heavyweight: Retired

IWA:MS Tag Team: Nate Hatred And Chris Cash

Next Event: IWA:MS Call Of The Wild (May 30, 2005)

Internet Wrestling Syndicate (IWS)

Owner: Gerald Brisco

Head Booker: None

Top 5 Superstars:

1. Jay Briscoe

2. Aja Kong

3. Sakod

4. Chakal

5. The Arsenal

Other Notable Faces:

Balls Mahoney and Nate Hatred.

Titles (In Order Of Importance):

IWS World: Vacant

IWS Tag Team: Vacant

Next Event: IWS Trompe Le Monde (June 26, 2005)

Maximo Lucha Libre (MLL, Training Camp, Created By Me Before Game)

Owner: Konnan

Head Trainer: None

Students: None.

New-Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW)

Owner: Tatsumi Fujinami

Head Booker: Tatsumi Fujinami

Top 5 Superstars:

1. Ultimo Dragon

2. Yuji Nagata

3. Jushin Lyger

4. Bob Sapp

5. Manabu Nakanishi

Other Notable Faces:

Charlie Haas, Chris Candido, Goldberg, Hiro Saito, Jacqueline, Josh Barnett, Ken Shamrock, Mark Jindrak, Mike Modest, Nunzio, and Perry Saturn.

Titles (In Order Of Importance):

IWGP Heavyweight: Tatsumi Fujinami (From: Manabu Nakanishi)

U-30 Openweight: Bob Sapp

IWGP Tag Team: Tadao Yasuda And Shinya Makabe

IWGP Junior Heavyweight: Minoru Tanaka

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team: Toshie Uematsu And Ran You-You (From: Devil Masami And Hirookie Goto)

Next Event: NJPW Night Of Legends (May 20, 2005)

NWA Wildside (Wildside)

Owner: Terry Taylor

Head Booker: Terry Funk

Top 5 Superstars:

1. Low-Ki

2. Rico

3. Samoa Joe

4. Hector Garza

5. Michael Shane

Other Notable Faces:

Carlos "Carly" Colon, Chris Hamrick, Dallas, Deranged, Derek Wylde, JC Bailey, Jimmy Jacobs, Johnny Jeter, M-Dogg 20, Nick Berk, and Tracy Brooks.

Titles (In Order Of Importance):

NWA-W Heavyweight: Low-Ki (From: Jason Cross)

Wildside World: Hector Garza

NWA-W Tag Team: Vacant

Next Event: Wildside Big Trouble (May 23, 2005)

Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW, WWE Training Camp)

Owner: Vince Russo

Head Trainer: None


Al Snow, Brent Albright, Chris Cage, D'Lo Brown, Matt Cappotelli, Mellisa Coates, Morris, Rob Begley, Shaniqua, Synn.

Onslaught Wrestling Organization (OWO, Created By Me Before Game)

Owner: Steve Corino

Head Booker: Phil Raven

Top 5 Superstars:

1. Steve Corino

2. Ayako Hamada

3. Corporal Robinson

4. Dixie

5. Hijinx

Other Notable Faces:

Azriel, Brian XL, Da Beast, Izzy, Passion, and Aaron "The Idol" Stevens.

Titles (In Order Of Importance):

OWO World: Vacant

Next Event: OWO XxXplosive (May 29, 2005)

Osaka Pro Wrestling (Osaka Pro)

Owner: Super Delfin

Head Booker: Super Delfin

Top 5 Superstars:

1. Super Delfin

2. Toru Yano

3. Ryusuke Taguchi

4. Ryota Chikuzen

5. Akiya Anzawa

Other Notable Faces:

Carl Oulette, Sinn, Tigers Mask, and Zach Gowen.

Titles (In Order Of Importance):

Osaka Pro Singles: Vacant

Osaka Pro Tag Team: Vacant

Osaka Pro Battle Royal: Miracle Man (From: Air Paris)

Osaka Pro World's #1: Retired

Next Event: Osaka Pro Payback (May 30, 2005)

Outback Wrestling Company (OWC, Training Camp, Created By Me Before Game)

Owner: Eric Bischoff

Head Trainer: Shane Douglas

Students: None.

Pro Pain Pro Wrestling (3PW)

Owner: William Regal

Head Booker: John Zandig

Top 5 Superstars:

1. William Regal

2. James Storm

3. Rob Conway

4. Julio Dinero

5. Homicide

Other Notable Faces:

Alex Shelley, Alexis Laree, Armando Quintero, Bruce Hart, Francine, Goldylocks, Harry Smith, Petey Williams, Ruckus, Rudy Charles.

Titles (In Order Of Importance):

3PW World: Vacant

3PW Intercontinental: Vacant

3PW World Tag Team: Vacant

Next Event: 3PW Up In Flames (May 29, 2005)

Ring Of Hono (RoH)

Owner: Christopher Daniels

Head Booker: Allison Danger

Top 5 Superstars:

1. Christopher Daniels

2. Syxx-Pac

3. Elix Skipper

4. Jamie Noble

5. Kid Kash

Other Notable Faces:

Ace Steel, Axl Rotten, Azriel, BJ Whitmer, Dallas, David Young, Dean Malenko, Deranged, Eugene Dinsmore, Frankie Kazarian, Horshu, Hotstuff Hernandez, Jason Cross, Jerry Lynn, Jimmy Jacobs, Jimmy Rave, Johnny Stamboli, Kevin Northcutt, Lance Storm, Mark Briscoe, Masada, Nick Gage, Nick Mondo, Nova, Reno, Slim J, Tony DeVito, Tony Mamaluke, Vader, Vampiro, and Xavier.

Titles (In Order Of Importance):

RoH Title: Christopher Daniels (From: AJ Styles)

RoH Pure Champion: Jimmy Jacobs (From: Christopher Daniels)

RoH Number One Contender's Trophy: Syxx-Pac (From: Elix Skipper)

RoH Tag Team: Vacant

Next Event: RoH Writing On The Wall (May 31, 2005)

Rough & Tough Wrestling (RTW, Training Camp, Created By Me Before Game)

Owner: Jim Cornette

Head Trainer: None

Students: None.

Sky Limit Wrestling (SLW, Training Camp, Created By Me Before Game)

Owner: Tom Prichard

Head Trainer: Don Callis

Students: None.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

Owner: Paul Heyman

Head Booker: Glenn Gilberti (And you thought HHH was the biggest politician...)

Top 5 Superstars:

1. Sting

2. Ric Flair

3. The Rock

4. Kurt Angle

5. Eddie Guerero

Other Notable Faces:

Andy Douglas, Big Show, Billy Gunn, Booker T, Chris Benoit, Chris Hero, CM Punk, Colt Cabana, Dawn Marie, Edge, Eric Garguilo, Erik Watts, EZ Money, Funaki, Gene Okerland, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Hulk Hogan, Jaime Koeppe, Jerrelle Clark, Jim Ross, Joey Matthews, John Cena, Jorge Estrada, Justin Credible, Juventud Guerrera, Kimberly Page, Madman Pondo, Mick Foley, Necro Butcher, Rene Dupree, Rey Mysterio, Jr., Rhyno, Rob Van Dam, Sable, Scotty 2 Hotty, Shane McMahon, Shark Boy, Shawn Michaels, Shawn Stasiak, Simon Diamond, Stacy Keibler, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Tajiri, Tazz, The Hurricane, The Undertaker, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, and Wagner Brown.

Titles (In Order Of Importance):

WWE World Tag Team: Tazz And The Rock (From: Scotty 2 Hotty And Sting)

WWE Heavyweight: Glenn Gilberti (From: Edge)

WWE World Heavyweight: Eddie Guerrero (From: Booker T)

WWE United States: Glenn Gilberti

WWE Intercontinental: Retired

WWE Tag Team: Trish Stratus And CM Punk

WWE Cruiserweight: Retired

WWE Women's: Retired

Next Event: WWE Reach Down (May 12, 2005)

And that's the outside wrestling world. It is indeed insane, twisted, and rather interesting.

[up Next TNA Info]



Owner: Vincent K. McMahon, Jr.

Head Booker: John Rodriguez

Top 5 Superstars:

1. Dustin Rhodes

2. Scott Steiner

3. BG James

4. Randy Orton

5. Val Venis

Roster (Face=normal, Heel=bold, *Non-Wrestlers/Backstage Staff/Announcers/Interviewers/Managers/etc.)

Alex Wright

April Hunter



BG James

Bill DeMott*

Brian Lee

Bubba Ray Dudley

Chris Nowinski (Injured)


Chuck Palumbo

Danny Basham

Don Harris

Donovan Morgan

Doug Basham

Dustin Rhodes

D-Von Dudley

Hardcore Holly

Howard Finkle*


Jasmine St. Claire*

Jeff Hardy

John Bradshaw Layfield

John Rodriguez*

Jonny Fairplay*


Linda McMahon*

Matt Hardy


Michael Hayes*

Mike Tenay*

Molly Holly

Percy Pringle*

Randy Orton


Ron Killings


Scott Steiner

Shelton Benjamin

Spike Dudley

Steven Richards

Sylvain Grenier


The Sandman

Tommy Dreamer


Val Venis


Vince McMahon (Tweener)

Titles (In Order Of Importance):

NWA World Heavyweight Champion:

Randy Orton [2] (March 13, 2005 In Toronto)

Ron Killings (January 23, 2005 In Texas)

Randy Orton (October 12, 2004 In Massachusetts)

Jeff Hardy (June 10, 2004 In Texas)

NWA World Tag Team:

Val Venis And Dustin Rhodes (December 26, 2004 In Maine)

The Basham Brothers (December 8, 2004 In Oklahoma)

The Samoans (July 2, 2004 In Oklahoma)

TNA X-Division:

Victoria (August 15, 2004 In Texas)

Active Tag Teams

2 Live Kru (BG James and Ron Killings)

Basham Brothers (Doug and Danny Basham)

Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von)

Hardy Boyz (Jeff and Matt)

Steven Richards and Victoria

Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman

Samoans (Rikishi and Rosey)

Val Venis and Dustin Rhodes

TV Shows

NWA:TNA Xplosion

On: TNT, Sundays, Starting At 9:30, Runs 2 Hours, Flagship

NWA:TNA Danger Zone

On: UPN, Tuesdays, Starting At 8:00, Runs 2 Hours, 'B' Show

Next Event: NWA:TNA The Reckoning (May 21, 2005)

Official Announcers: Mike Tenay and Jonny Fairplay

Official Ring Announcer: Howard Finkle

[up Next: Danger Zone Preview]

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NWA:TNA has been jam-packed since the wrestling restart just over a year ago today! We've seen many fresh faces and much change happen. Leading the way? Our two time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton. It is said that NWA Representative, Percy Pringle has a few choice words about his recent actions towards Ron "The Truth" Killings. What will it be?!

Christian has been on a bad streak as of late. Can he turn it around when he faces Spike Dudley?

The Dudley Boyz have been hungering to get their hands on the NWA World Tag Team Titles for the first time ever. Tonight, they try to advance in the ladder when they face The Basham Brothers.

Also, Test will take on Alex Wright. All this and much much more on NWA:TNA Danger Zone!

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I'm gonna try a new style of writing for my diary. Pay-Per-Views will be longer, though. Hope you guys like.

Also, apologies for the overuse of a certain character, I promise he won't be used as much in the following weeks, it's just an introduction period.

By the way, thanks for the feedback, appreciate it. And Cloudy, you know, it's funny. Trish and Punk are tag champs... yet they have Colt Cabana. Shows how twisted wrestling can be.

May 10, 2005

Can you believe Vince wants to use me as an on-air commissioner?! It's great! I've never imagined myself in such a big role, but he said he actually saw a tape of one of my early promos as a wrestler and felt I had a natural charisma to myself as a heel. Man... I hope I don't bomb this... It's showtime!

user posted image

Danger Zone

May 10, 2005

Nashville, Tennessee

Announcers: Mike Tenay And Jonny Fairplay

Ring Announcer: Howard Finkle

Interviewer: Michael Hayes

An altered, rip-off version of "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins (Top Gun Theme), which chances are that mostly the older age group in the arena will get, and it's revised so that kids can think it's cool. The video package plays accordingly and a minature pyro set shoots off as the camera zooms all through the arena and finally plants itself before Mike Tenay and Jonny Fairplay at the announcing booth.

Tenay: Welcome one and all to what is sure to be another great edition of NWA:TNA Danger Zone!

Fairplay: Of course it will! It has everyone's guilty pleasure, Jonny Fairplay, in the color driving seat so it CAN'T be bad.

Tenay: Just because you think that, Jonny, it doesn't mean it's true.

Fairplay: Your jealousy baffles me... it really does...

New Sheriff In Town

A familiar laugh is heard and the crowd goes nuts for their precious NWA Representative as Percy Pringle steps out. He waves at the crowd and steps into the ring waiting his cue to talk. Once the light is green he goes on the mic...

Pringle: WEEEEEEEELL, hello everyone in Nashville and all at home who have tuned in for another fine episode of THE TNA DANGER ZOOOONE!

Now, now, calm down. I'll be the first to admit it's been a HUGE year in TNA since wrestling began to triumph once again a year ago, but there's one thing that's just been aching at me. It's been... burning my flesh.

I know that noone in here likes egomaniacle, self-centered, prickish, arrogant, cocky, PRETTY BOY PUNKS LIKE ---

Suddenly, some unfamiliar music plays and John Rodriguez steps onto the stage. The crowd doesn't know how to react, but boo either way as he interrupted at a bad time. Anyway, Rodz steps down the ramp and into the ring. He pats down his snazzy suit and politely asks for a microphone. He grabs it and proceeds to speak.

Rodz: Hello, Percy!

Pringle: That's Mr. Pringle to you! And who the hell are you?! Security! Who let this man in?!

Rodz: WAIT WAIT! Hold on, Percy! I'm amazed you haven't heard. Vince McMahon has hired me as his personal messenger and he sent me to send you two messages. The first one being this.

Pringle: Oh, and what's the second?

Rodz: BEFORE I GET TO THAT! Let me introduce myself. I am, John Rodriguez, former wrestler turned executive to the wrestling business. I have made a living by creating men like what you see before you in Percy Pringle. Of course, just better looking.

Pringle: JUST GET TO THE DAMN POINT! You're wasting everybody's time!

Rodz: Okay, okay! But I was just helping you by giving you more time.

Pringle: Yes, the insults help very much. Now, please tell me what the second message is!

Rodz: Well... McMahon, and I quote, says... YOOOOU'RE FIIIIIRED!

A collective gasp is heard from the crowd and it immediately turns into boo'ing. Pringle is taken aback by the statement and gives a shocked look as the expression on John's face immediately turned serious.

Rodz: THAT'S RIGHT! YOU'RE FIRED YOU INSOLENT, OBESE WASTE OF SPACE! I'm the new boss around here! And quite frankly I'm sick of seeing you around here! SO GET OUT! GET OUT OF MY DAMN RING BEFORE I THROW YOU OUT!

Pringle begins to reluctantly step out of the ring and Rodz continues to insult him all the way up the ramp and into the back. Rodz then turns his attention to the crowd.

Rodz: THAT'S HOW YOU GET THINGS DONE AROUND HERE! And as for all of you! Hate me all you want! Quite frankly, I'm amazed at how quick you turn on a person. Just shows how much scum you really are.

Anyway, you'll get your dose of Randy later on in a personal message from the man himself from his Missouri home. Enjoy the show, I know I will.

Rodz gives the crowd a sly smile and slips through the ropes just BEGGING the crowd to egg him on as they continue to boo him through the curtains.


Tenay: Well, he didn't make much a first impression there if you ask me...

Fairplay: He may not be making friends too quickly, but I bet he's getting many admirers of his work already. Like me... He's my new hero.

Tenay: That really doesn't surprise me one bit, Jonny.

Anyway, onto our first match of the night, as Test takes on Alex Wright! Now, Test comes off a victory against Hardcore Holly when Scott Steiner ran out and layed into Holly allowing Test to pin him for the win. Steiner has been doing this a lot lately and we don't even know the reason why. A word of warning to Wright... watch your back...

Test vs Alex Wright

Alex Wright danced his way out to a nice pop from the crowd. Test came out with the lovely Jasmine St. Claire, arm to arm. She rubbed him a bit when he paused at the ramp, and got some major heat to finish off his entrance.

Test pretty much dominated for a good amount of the match since the opening bell rang and it never really got off the ground. It was slow-paced, yet short. Alex Wright was able to get in a few shots here and there, but it wasn't until he had been battered for quite the while.

Ending: At the height a great comeback by Alex Wright, he made one fatal error: not following Mike Tenay's advice. Wright had just hit a beautiful german suplex (irony!), but was blindsided by the biggest bicep in the biz. Steiner appeared behind and clotheslined him with some severe impact. He then lifted him up and hit the flatliner. Test, whom was distracting the referee, pushed him off and pinned Wright to get yet another tainted victory. Test, Steiner, and Jasmine (in the middle) raise up their arms in celebration then leave to the back leaving a fallen Alex Wright to be attended to by the referee.

Match Reaction = 56.0%

Match Quality = 72.8%

Overall Rating = 62.9%

Tenay: There he goes again! But it actually seems that they're allied now!

Fairplay: Jonny has a bad feeling about this...


Tenay: We're back and ready for the next match... Wait a second... I'm getting word that Michael Hayes is backstage...

A Faction That Fits

Michael Hayes is seen running after Test, Steiner, and Jasmine backstage. He catches up to them before they can get in their car.

Hayes: Test! Scott! Jasmine! Wait! Can we please get some info on this alliance between the three of you.

Jasmine: It's very simple, Michael. Test and Scott have much in common. They even used to be partners in World Wrestling Entertainment. They knew an alliance between them was pure gold, and it has been showing in the past few weeks with Scott helping out Test through all his matches. It's just a natural bond they share.

Test: Besides, isn't it obvious? We're big... We're bad... and We're beautiful... Can't get any better than that?

Hayes: But wait a second...

Steiner: You ask way too many questions, bub.

Steiner swipes the microphone out of the hands of Hayes and the trio step into the car leaving Hayes in the dust.


Fairplay: Now, is it just me, or is TNA seemingly getting better people as it progresses? That group is absolute GOLD.

Tenay: Get over yourself, Fairplay. You're no good at judging from what it seems.

Fairplay: And you my friend, need to lighten up. Let loose man, you're too uptight.

Tenay: I have very good reason to be... Now, onto our next match in which both teams are hoping for a victory as all of them come from a loss a couple of days ago on Xplosion. The Bashams meet the Dudleyz!

The Basham Brothers vs The Dudley Boyz

The Bashams have evolved quite a lot since their WWE days and enter to major heat since their streak as NWA World Tag Team Champions. The Dudleyz are as over as ever even though they haven't won the titles yet, and although they don't have the same pyros they used to, the crowd still goes wild when they come down.

This match was a head-and-fist-fest. It was actually pretty entertaining seeing all four brawling it out. The headbutts and punches were everywhere, and interestingly enough, a loose fist fell atop the head of Danny Basham and he was busted open legit. Of course, that wasn't all that the match had in store as there was actually some legitmate wrestling involved, mostly on the part of Doug Basham.

Ending: Bubba was holding Doug's legs for the "WAZZA" leg drop, but the referee was blocking D-Von from taking flight. Danny Basham came from behind Bubba and hit him with the Brain Damage. He then rolled Doug out of the ring and pinned Bubba for the victory and the quick getaway.

Match Reaction = 66.9%

Match Quality = 68.1%

Overall Rating = 74.2%



***Commercial: !!!TNA Xplosion is moving to Fridays starting May 13, 2005!!!***

Tag Champs In For A Work-Out

The camera immediately cuts backstage to where John Rodriguez is sitting comfortably on his chair when a knock is heard.

Rodz: Door's open!

The door is swung open and in walk the Tag Team Champions, Val Venis and Dustin Rhodes. Rods stands up and offers a handshake. They look at each other and decline mutually.

Rodz: (Clearing his throat.) Hmm, well. I'm sure you both are here for our little meeting.

Venis: That's right. What do you want with us?

Rodz: It's a matter of those titles, gentlemen. Keeping in touch with TNA over the past few months I see that you are pretty much dominant with those titles since you won them around five months ago. And while I'm not taking anything away from you because you are indeed talented, I see that you seem to like non-title matches a lot. So, here's what we're gonna do. Tonight, I was informed of a tag team that wanted to reunite once again from TNA past. They feel they can make quite the impact. So, tonight, you will face them in your favorite, a non-title match. Also, as you may know, there are many teams hungry out there for the tag titles. Meaning, if you win tonight you get the privilege of being in a four way tag dance at The Reckoning!


Rodz: I don't know. You figure it out. I do know, though, the The Bashams qualified for the match with their previous performance. Good luck, gentleman, you'll need it...

Venis and Rhodes show a mixed expression of being speechless and angry at the same time. They shake their heads and walk out of the office as Rodz gives off that sly smile once again.


Tenay: Well, it looks like we have our first match for The Reckoning, Jonny!

Fairplay: See? He's not bad at all, Mike!

Tenay: I still think he's no good. And speaking of no good, that music that is just playing means were ready for some more action by another little sneak...

Christian vs Spike Dudley

That music Tenay was talking about was Christian's, obviously. He entered to jeers from the crowd, but pumped to turn his rut around not having won a match in weeks. However, the reaction of the crowd took a u-turn when Spike entered to a nice crowd reception.

Christian didn't give Spike any breathing room as right from the start he pounded away at the little guy. But it wasn't a total squash, which the crowd liked. Spike was able to rebound rather quickly and put on a very nice back and forth match against Christian. Christian, however, was very aggressive in the match showing a side to him that not many may have seen before. Spike still showed courage throughout the bout and pushed Christian to further limits than he would have thought against Spike.

Ending: Christian was ready to finish off Spike. After a HARD clothesline his urges to showboat kicked in and he began to play the crowd. After a brief argument with a fan he picked up Spike and tried for the Unprettier, but Spike quickly recovered and rolled up Christian for the three count! Spike tried to get out, but Christian's wrath overtook him and he layed out Spike with another clothesline. He then grabbed a chair from the outside and SMASHED Spike with it leaving him lying as Mike Tenay was going crazy and Jonny Fairplay were laughing and we immediately cut to commecial.

Match Reaction = 69.6%

Match Quality = 68.0%

Overall Rating = 79.3%


Christian Has Motivation

We return from the commercial break in the same fashion, however, this time the door is kicked open and Rodz rises startled. Christian stomps in and is irate.


Rodz: CHRISTIAN! CHRISTIAN! CALM DOWN! What seems to be the problem?

Christian: WHAT?! Are you blind?! Did you not see what just happened out there?!

Rodz: I saw it, Christian. And it's unfortunate... But look... I like you. You're very talented. Hell, you remind me of myself! I've been a peep for as long as I can remember.

Christian: (Seemingly calming down.) Oh, really?

Rodz: Yeah, man! Definitely! You were completely mistreated by the WWE, you deserved so much more!

Christian: When you're right, youre right.

Rodz: YES! And I know exactly what the source of your problem is.

Christian: YEAH?! Well, tell me!

Rodz: You have no direction...

Christian: Say what?

Rodz: You need a goal to focus on. You need to perceive for something. Right now, you're just swimming around waiting for a shot at anything that comes your way... But I do have an idea for you. See, I can trust you enough to give you two tasks that can really help you. Also, in the process it helps me.

Christian: Alright, boss, shoot!

Rodz: Boss.. I like it... ANYWAY! For the good part of nine months there has been a big problem in TNA. So big that it's making one of TNA's more unique areas lose some major credibility, and if nothing is done about it, we'll be seeing the end of it VERY soon. If you can stop this problem you will end up with a big prize and feel the greatness of bringing back credibility to a certain DIVISION. You get me?

Christian: Ye--- No, not really...

Rodz: I need you to destroy Victoria, take the X-Division Title from her, and bring back some credibility to it! Then you will have gold on your waist and will have your next goal of defending it! That way you stay focused and everyone is happy! Got it now?

Christian: TOTALLY! YOU'RE THE MAN, RODZ! You won't regret this one bit!

Christian rushes out with a smile on his face and Rods stays standing just looking at the door way.

Rodz: I don't have a doubt in my mind...

The, now famous, sly smile returns to his face as we cut back to Tenay and Fairplay.


Tenay: Didn't I tell you?! John Rodriguez is a cruel, manipulative, sneaky bastard!

Fairplay: HEY! She CHOSE to wrestle men! You have got to expect her to get male challengers!

Tenay: Well, from the short while I know him, I already know he's got something up his sleeve to screw Victoria out of the title.

Orton Wants Killings

Fairplay: Whatever, Tenay! We have more important matters to attend to! We're live via sattelite with our NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton. Randy, what do you got on your mind?!

Orton: Shut up and listen! I am sick of it all. Ever since Ron "The Supposed Truth" Killings STOLE the title from me, all his so called "honsesty" was striken away. It was a dark day in Texas when a man with such low caliber in Ron Killings took my title. Not only did he take my title, but took my pride with it. So, I did what I had to do, and successfully regained my title without using a cheap method like Killings used.

I was thankful that less than two months later I stood in front of my many Canadian fans hoisiting my title over my head. I could almost hear the chants now... "Ronny Sucks! Ronny Sucks! Ronny Sucks!".

Tenay: I think it was more "Randy Sucks!".

Fairplay: SHUT UP, TENAY!

Orton: March thirteenth was a day that will go down in the record books as a great day... But not to Ron... No, Ron had to make a bigger deal out of it. Ron has to steal the spotlight and use prejudice against me as the cause for him losing my title.

Ron has a severe case of jealousy and has been blatantly harassing me for my title since I won it back. Enough if enough! Ron, we settle this at The Reckoning. One last match. You pick the stipulations, I don't care anymore. Give me your answer by Friday, or I take it into my own hands. I WILL retain my title... I WILL!

Orton pushes down the camera in anger and the screen gets scrambled and everything is dead silent as we go into commercials.



Tenay: Folks, we're back after a very emotionally driven interview with our champion, Randy Orton.

Fairplay: That's an understatement, Tenay... But anyway, we're about ready for our next match, and Hardcore Holly is already in the ring!

Tenay: That's right. Made earlier today, Hardcore Holly takes on Shelton Benjamin! And hey wait! Where are you going?!

Fairplay: I gotta go to the bathroom. Be back in a bit!

Tenay: WAIT! You can't just... ah.. forget it...

Hardcore Holly vs Shelton Benjamin

Indeed, Hardcore Holly was already in the ring awaiting his opponent and he got some good reaction. The mood changed, however, when Benjamin cockily stepped through the curtain.

If this match was given more time it probably could've worked much better. Both men actually had a pretty good showing, but the crowd didn't have time to catch on to it. Hardcore got in some stiff hits on Benjamin, but Benjamin fought back much the same and kept it even.

Ending: Holly was ready to end this, but a man in black came into the ring and forearmed Holly from behind then running. Holly bounced back up quick, but fell right into the Superkick to give Benjamin the win. Benjamin slides out and looks around to see if he can find the mystery man, but noone is in sight.

Match Reaction = 28.8%

Match Quality = 65.4%

Overall Rating = 37.4%

Tenay: Who... Who was that?!

Fairplay: What? What happened?

Tenay: You just missed the whole match!

Fairplay: Oh well, I'll catch it next time...

Tenay: But you just mi---!!

Fairplay: Hold that thought, Tenay! Mr. Rodriguez has asked for one last message tonight!

Xplosion Match Is Made

Rodz appears on the screen behind his desk.

Rodz: Good evening. Before we get to our Main Event, I would like to announce that as a result of the rivalry between Randy Orton and Ron Killings, they will team up with Batista and BG James respectively and have a match on Xplosion on Friday. Hope you enjoy the Main Event, even if you don't deserve it...


Tenay: I may not like his attitude, but can't wait to see that match!

Fairplay: You have got to give the man a chance, Mike!

Tenay: Whatever, Jonny! It's time for the Main Event! If Dustin Rhodes and Val Venis win this match they have to go to the four way tag dance at The Reckoning to defend the titles!

Fairplay: But they have to get through whoever it is their facing to get there! I bet they can't wait!

Tenay: Oh yes, I bet so too...

Val Venis And Dustin Rhodes vs Don Harris And Brian Lee

Venis and Rhodes entered unprepared, but to a great ovation. They've really gotten popular since winning the titles and have become a very good, cohesive unit. Then some familiar music was heard and out stepped the former TNA tag team of Don Harris and Brian Lee, together again.

They stepped into the ring and the fight was on. It took the referee a while to get everything in order, but he did so and Don Harris and Dustin Rhodes were left in to brawl for a while. A few tags later and we had to cut to...


Once we came back it was Val and Don Harris in the ring. Val was actually getting the upper-hand on Don, but Don proved to be too strong for Val and Don was quick to take him down and tag out to the seemingly fresh Brian Lee.

Ending: After some more wild brawling, it seemed that Rhodes and Venis had the true uppe-hand and were about to win it. Brian Lee began to choke away at Val Venis, but surpassed the five count from the referee, causing Venis and Rhodes to win by disqualification. It doesn't seem like Lee and Harris mind because they continue to pulverize Venis and Rhodes to the point where both are busted open and layed out in the ring. The big men celebrate as the crowd expresses their disapproval.

Match Reaction = 65.7%

Match Quality = 62.0%

Overall Rating = 67.6%


Fairplay: They're out for blood, Tenay! They want to destroy every tag team that is fed to them and I love it!

Tenay: After a crazy night, who knows what we can expect of Xplosion on a new night starting Friday? See you there!

The show goes off the air.

Show Overall Rating: 50.6%

Views: 455,054

Attendance: 1,094

(I might make the Main Events longer next time, but for now hope you don't think this is too short.)

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user posted image

Xplosion has moved to Friday nights! And after a wild Danger Zone we are set for a huge night.

The match was made a couple of days ago and it happens tonight! NWA World Heavyweight Champion,

Randy Orton, after having some strong words for Ron Killings, is set to team up with his former stablemate, Batista against Killings and BG James.

The qualifications for the Four Way Tag Team Title match continue as

The Hardy Boyz face off against the newly formed team of A-Train and Chuck Palumbo.

As a result from last week, a re-match will take place in which

Shelton Benjamin will take on Hardcore Holly after a shady decision.

Also resulting from last week,

Alex Wright may be able to get revenge when he faces Scott Steiner.

All this and much, much, much more on


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May 13, 2005

Friday the 13th and we have a show. Nice luck huh? Well, as we begin an uphill climb in ratings hopefully tonight's show will be as successful as Danger Zone. Hopefully...

user posted image


May 13, 2005

Greeneville, South Carolina

Announcers: Mike Tenay And Jonny Fairplay

Ring Announcer: Howard Finkle

Interviewer: Michael Hayes

An altered, lyric-less, rip-off version of "Mobscene" by Marilyn Manson plays with an accompanying video package highlighting past TNA events. A live shot of the crowd is shown directly after some small pyro. The shot then comes to focus on Mike Tenay and Jonny Fairplay.

Tenay: Welcome one and all to Xplosion!

Fairplay: Indeed! That's the alway anti-fun activist, Mike Tenay, along with your true guilty pleasure, Jonny Fairplay here.

Tenay: What a night we have for you tonight, folks!

Faiplay: That's right! On Danger Zone our new and improved NWA Representative, John Rodriguez, booked an excellent main event for tonight that pits 2 Live Kru against another experienced team in Batista and our NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton.

A Threat From Someone Who Cares

Steven Richards is seen walking to the curtains, but catches Christian walking by. He immediately rushes towards him and gets in his face.

Christian: HEY! WHAT THE HELL?!

Richards: SHUT UP! Christian, don't think I'm stupid. I saw what happened between you and John on Danger Zone. I know your little plan, and I don't like it one bit!

A word of warning... You better watch your back because if by a slim margin... by some miracle... you beat Victoria for the X-Division Title... I'll be next in line... And depending on how much you beat on her... I will make it double... Don't screw with me or any other person I actually get along with... Just a warning...

Richards shoves Christian back into the wall and walks off leaving Christian with a grin on his face.


Tenay: Whoa... Richards seems very serious about this situation.

Fairplay: That's what wrestling is all about, Tenay! Bad blood is boiling! I love it!

Tenay: Well, anyway, in a match booked just a little while ago, John Bradshaw Layfield takes on the steamed Steven Richards right now!

John Bradshaw Layfield vs Steven Richards

Layfield may not have his limo entrance anymore, but he certainly has a nice entrance business suit that he can take off quite easily to reveal wrestling tights right under. Richards makes a quick entrance to a nice pop and immediately begins to beat on the wrestling businessman.

Richards actually had control throughout pretty much the whole match, but Bradshaw still has his big man shtick going so of course he had to get in some rough shots to look good. However, Richards still had the upper hand with some impressive maneuvering and skills he's been showing off lately.

Ending: Christian appeared on the stage causing Richards to turn his attention away from JBL. He challenged Christian to step down, but Christian just stood watching. Richards gave up and turned around to mee the Clothesline From Hell!!!... with a duck! He ducked, kicked JBL in the gut, and hit the Stevie T to get the victory. Christian didn't seem impressed, but did clap and walked to back leaving Richards to play the crowd before leaving.

Match Reaction = 52.6%

Match Quality = 74.0%

Overall Rating = 66.5%

Tenay: It looks like the distraction from Christian didn't work too well.

Fairplay: What the hell are you talking about Tenay? It's obvious that he was just out here to get a closer view on his future opponent.

Tenay: You mean probable future opponent.

Fairplay: There's no doubt in my mind that Christian will beat Victoria.

Tenay: Yeah, yeah... We'll see about that...


Tenay: Welcome back folks! Following an excellent bout between Steven Richards and John Bradshaw Layfield, we take it to the back with Michael Hayes!

Triple B Don't Have Time For Dancing Fools

Michael Hayes is backstage standing by with Test, who is getting rubbed by Jasmine St. Claire, and Scott Steiner who's flexing.

Hayes: Thanks, Mike! I'm back here with the Big, Bad, And Beautiful whom have a match against...

Test steals the microphone from the hands of Hayes.

Test: Against that no good, dancing chump, Alex Wright. You didn't learn a few days ago, did you? YOU DON'T MESS WITH US!

Jasmine: Calm down, baby, you might mess up your hair.

Test: My hair, will never mess up... But you do have a point. Alex Wright is not worthy of getting me so angry as to put my looks in jeapordy. That's why coming up, Wright, you're gonna learn what the BAD in Big, Bad, And Beautiful, really is...

Test shoves the mic back against the chest of Hayes as Test and Jasmine walk off. Steiner then glares at Hayes and bursts out laughing as he walks away.


Tenay: They spare no expense on their ego, do they?

Fairplay: I wouldn't call it an ego, Mike. See I'm one of those guys that see the cup as half full. I'd call that, having a sure head on your shoulders.

Tenay: Do you really think that, or are you just trying to save yourself from being a hypocrite?

Fairplay: Half full, Mike... Half full...

Alex Wright vs Scott Steiner w/Jasmine St. Claire & Test

Alex Wright danced his way onto the stage to a warmer reception this time as he slapped hands with the fans on his way down. Scott Steiner enters to some new music to fit his Triple B persona as he walks ahead of Test and Jasmine, who is clinging to Test.

This was, as you'd expect, quite the squash. However, that doesn't mean that Wright didn't get any offense. Oh, no no, far from it. Alex Wright actually held his own in this match and actually brought some life into the match that Steiner couldn't provide. Steiner still dominated for a good amount of the match, though, just brutalising Wright.

Ending: Steiner missed a clothesline so Alex Wright began to fight back, when Test jumped on the apron. The referee began to argue with Test as Jasmine climbed into the ring and began to flirt with Wright. Wright wasn't stupid... so he fell for it. This gave Steiner enough time to recover and hit the SteinerLiner (Flatliner) for the victory. Steiner wasn't done, though. He then turned the fallen Wright and locked him up in his Steiner Recliner promptly making Wright pass out. Triple B then posed down over Wright's carcass to let us go into a commercial break.

Match Reaction = 66.4%

Match Quality = 69.7%

Overall Rating = 68.5%

Tenay: I cannot believe this! These men and that evil woman have no remorse or compassion for anyone, but themselves.

Fairplay: Look at them, Tenay! It's not like they need to care about anyone else anyway!


The Fire Returns... Soon

Coming right out of a commercial the screen is black. Suddenly, the words "A Slayed Dragon" is shown. It is followed by the words "A Tranquilized Beast" and "An Unlit Flame". Images of Kane's face are rushed onto the screen in mere seconds and the words "The Monster Rises Again". An image of Kane falling from the scaffold in his match against Jeff Hardy from NWA:TNA Wave Of Mutilation in February is shown, then a shot of his body and his eyes suddenly opening wide. "The Fire Returns... Soon" is shown and then engulfed by flames and laughing is heard.


Tenay: Wow...

Fairplay: Man... You can say that again...

Tenay: Can you believe it?

Fairplay: I know right! I specifically asked for decaf!

Tenay: You're really something, Jonny.

Fairplay: Why thank you, Mike. I appreciate those words greatly... especially coming from a guy like you.

Tenay: You're wel--- Wait! What do you mean a guy like me?! Ugh, just forget it. Let's focus on the wrestling here, please.

Fairplay: No, you know what, I can't have coffee like this. I'll be right back don't worry.

Tenay: Wait! Where are you going?! Jonny! JONNY! You can't just lea-- Whatever... Shelton against Hardcore right now!

Hardcore Holly vs Shelton Benjamin

Hardcore Holly entered first with a look of disgust and determination in getting a measure of revenge from Danger Zone. Benjamin came out with a nice look of self-confidence and seemed pumped coming into the ring like he was ready for anything.

The crowd wasn't so much into the match as it was a Hardcore Holly brawlfest. Benjamin wasn't able to get much offense in considering Holly was extremely pissed at the events from recent past. Shelton held his own on very little accounts and made the match at least semi-watchable keeping the quality up-par.

Ending: Holly was on a roll of keeping Benjamin down, but the man in black returned! Holly began to yell at him to try and hit him if he could, but the man scattered off and Holly turned right into another Superkick to give Shelton another victory over Holly! Shelton rolls out of the ring and this time seems to be more knowledgeable of the happenings around him as he celebrates to the back.

Match Reaction = 27.4%

Match Quality = 62.0%

Overall Rating = 34.4%

Tenay: Damnit! Not again!

Fairplay: Hey! I'm back! Thankfully, they got it right this time.

Tenay: Well, you just missed the Shelton Benjamin versus Hardcore Holly match again!

Fairplay: Yeah, I saw Shelton celebrating. Must've been good.

Tenay: It was until the masked man from a couple of days ago ruined it.

Fairplay: Oh, hmm, a masked man? You don't say.

Tenay: Uhh, yeah... I don't say...

Final Qualifying Match Is Made

The first shot of John Rodriguez is shown tonight as he is laughing it up with Christian in his office.

Rodz: Christian, you're a great man. It's good to have you as an associate.

Christian: Hey, anytime, J.

A knock on the door is heard.

Rodz: Yeah! It's open! Come on in!

Rodz chuckles a bit then looks at his guests The Samoans, Rikishi and Rosey.

Rodz: How may I help you, gentlemen.

Rikishi: You can help us by putting us in a qualifier for the Four Way Tag Dance at The Reckoning.

Rodz: Hold on, hold on... What makes you guys think you're even qualified?

Rosey: We were the first World Tag Team Champions after the restart!

Rodz: Oh, right, right. I guess I only pay attention to title holders that matter.

Rikishi: What was that?!

Rodz: Oh, nothing! Here's what I'll do for you... You two will face the newly reformed and vicious team of Don Harris and Brian Lee on Danger Zone next week. You beat them, and you qualify. How's that?

Rikishi: Sounds damn good to me...

Rikishi slaps Rosey in the chest and points out as they both leave. Rodz then gives out his million dollar sly smile.

Rodz: Good luck!

Rodz gives Christian a look and they both laugh as we head into commercial.



Tenay: Welcome back, and with the final qualifying match made, we go to the second of three qualifiers right now when the newly formed team of A-Train and Chuck Palumbo take on the experienced brother team of Jeff and Matt Hardy!

A-Train And Chuck Palumbo vs The Hardy Boyz

Palumbo and Train actually have their own music set to enter themselves which is something you don't see for teams that were just made and didn't debut together. They seem to fit well together and looked very menacing as a powerhouse team. The Hardy Boyz of course got the better reception when they made their high energy entrance. The ladies in particular were fond of them.

Palumbo and Train were very impressive in this outing and actually looked like a cohesive unit out there. They seemed to be in the best shape of their career in this match, but you can't count out the Hardyz who always are there to display the goods. Basically, it was pretty evened out with maybe the slight edge going to the new guys because of their strong style and height/weight mismatch against their opponents, who are obviously smaller.

Ending: A-Train had just been dropkicked out of the ring by Jeff Hardy and Palumbo was working on Matt. Matt, on instinct, was able to duck a Jungle Kick and come around with a Side Effect to assist Jeff Hardy in jumping off with a Swanton Bomb to give the Hardyz the victory to advance. The Bashams, however, thought ahead and made their way out basically picking apart The Hardyz. Both fell victim to a double powerbomb as The Bashams celebrated a successful sneak attack.

Match Reaction = 62.3%

Match Quality = 59.0%

Overall Rating = 64.2%

Tenay: The Hardyz get the edge over the new team, but boy, oh, boy did they struggle!

Fairplay: I don't say this too much about new competitors or anything, but the team of Palumbo and Train have a future in TNA, and I don't think they're done yet.

Tenay: I might actually have to agree with you there, Jonny.

Insta-Match Maker

We once again cut to Rodriguez's office where Christian was pacing around and Rodz was watching his television set showing Xplosion. He finally stops and turns to Rodz.

Christian: I want a match!

Rodz: What?

Christian: I need a match, J! I'm pumped! I'm ready! I'm focused! I know I can win now!

Rodz: Are you sure, Chrisitan... I mean you might not...

Christian: Don't say it, J! I'm ready! Give me a match!

Rodz: Umm, alright, alright! Uhh, you got... Sandman! Yeah, you got Sandman right now! Quickly get ready and get out there for the match! You're on next!

Christian: Alright! Woo!

Christian beams out of the office as Rodz shakes his head and goes back to staring at the television.


Tenay: Christian and Sandman, next!


Tenay: We're back and that music you hear is The Sandman's and if you look off in the distance you can see him in the middle of the crowd drinking it up!

The Sandman vs Christian

The Sandman was pretty much in the middle of his entrance right after the break and he was sharing the wealth by spraying the beer into the mouths of adults around him. He finally stopped and made his way down the steps and into the ring still playing to the crowd with his cane. Christian made his way out soon enough and he really seemed focused here. He stepped into the ring and immediately grappled onto The Sandman to start the match.

Christian was indeed motivated and with some assistance from The Sandman these two put on a pretty decent match. Christian was pretty much outstanding here showing some spunk he hasn't shown in a while and keeping The Sandman motivated to put on a good match.

Ending: Christian had this match won. He was calling the match for an end, but a favor was returned. On the stage appeared Steven Richards. Christian thought the cheers were for him and he played the crowd until he heard the "Ste-vie" chants. He looked over to the stage and realized what was going on. Christian points at Steven and the referee starts yelling at Steven to leave. Meanwhile, Sandman has his cane and he comes from behind Christian giving him the White Russian Legsweep! The referee turns on impact and sees the Sandman covering Christian after disposing of the cane! Sandman wins! He beats Christian! Sandman then walks into the crowd to celebrate as Christian wakes up extremely angry and mouthing off to the laughing Steven Richards.

Match Reaction = 68.4%

Match Quality = 64.0%

Overall Rating = 73.1%

Tenay: Oh my, Christian's losing streak continues...

Fairplay: He lost focus, Tenay! Cut him some slack, he had the match won if it wasn't for that stupid Steven Richards!

Tenay: Well, either way, folks, we're gonna go to the final commercial break of the night, but first, we leave you with the emotinally driven Randy Orton interview from Danger Zone...

Recap: Danger Zone Orton Interview

Orton: Shut up and listen! I am sick of it all. Ever since Ron "The Supposed Truth" Killings STOLE the title from me, all his so called "honsesty" was striken away. It was a dark day in Texas when a man with such low caliber in Ron Killings took my title. Not only did he take my title, but took my pride with it. So, I did what I had to do, and successfully regained my title without using a cheap method like Killings used.

I was thankful that less than two months later I stood in front of my many Canadian fans hoisiting my title over my head. I could almost hear the chants now... "Ronny Sucks! Ronny Sucks! Ronny Sucks!".

Tenay: I think it was more "Randy Sucks!".

Fairplay: SHUT UP, TENAY!

Orton: March thirteenth was a day that will go down in the record books as a great day... But not to Ron... No, Ron had to make a bigger deal out of it. Ron has to steal the spotlight and use prejudice against me as the cause for him losing my title.

Ron has a severe case of jealousy and has been blatantly harassing me for my title since I won it back. Enough if enough! Ron, we settle this at The Reckoning. One last match. You pick the stipulations, I don't care anymore. Give me your answer by Friday, or I take it into my own hands. I WILL retain my title... I WILL!

Orton pushes down the camera in anger and the screen gets scrambled and everything is dead silent as we go into commercials.


The scene changes into the announcment of the Main Event.

Rodz appears on the screen behind his desk.

Rodz: Good evening. Before we get to our Main Event, I would like to announce that as a result of the rivalry between Randy Orton and Ron Killings, they will team up with Batista and BG James respectively and have a match on Xplosion on Friday. Hope you enjoy the Main Event, even if you don't deserve it...



Tenay: We're back and I think we're ready for our Main Event. Are you ready, Mr. Fairplay?

Fairplay: Indeed I am, Mike! Let's do this!

2 Live Kru vs Randy Orton And Batista

2 Live Kru came in freestyling for the crowd and they responded accordingly with a very nice reception. It all turned to gloom though as the NWA World Champion and his oversized partner made their way into the ring.

And of course we come to our match of the night when leveled out. Orton and Batista got the early lead in this one as Batista just cleared the ring of the two fan favorites. Randy Orton let Batista continue early in the match so he could soften up both members and that he did. Batista was relentless and eventually he isolated BG James away from Ron Killings.

However, Batista couldn't keep that going for too long as eventually, James was able to mount a comeback good enough to make the hot tag to Killings. Killings ran in and beat on both former members of Evolution out of pure adrenaline. Killings pulled on Randy to get him in the ring, but Batista eventually caught up to him and they had a back and forth brawl as Orton scattered back to his corner.

Killings got the upperhand once again and tagged out to BG James, but James didn't do much before he was down again. Orton was finally tagged in and he immediately went to work on the fallen James. Orton made a couple of remarks towards Killings a few times which caused the ref to hold him in his corner while Orton and Batista constantly cheated.

Ending: James, then made another great comeback. Orton was reeling and Killings was tagged in! Killings stalked Orton, and once Orton noticed what was going on he immediately crawled at the speed of light towards Batista and tagged out. Batista rushed in and took out Killings with a clothesline, and did the same to the weak James. Batista then used a MASSIVE spinebuster on Killings and pinned him with Orton holding Batista down to make he sure he stays down giving the former Evolution the victory! Batista wasn't done, however. He hoisted up Killings and gave him the Demon Bomb to keep him down while Orton grabbed a microphone.

Orton: It looks like... Ron... That you're a little busy right now! So, I guess that... You can't give me an answer! That's fine! I told you that... I would take it into my own hands! So, next week... On Danger Zone... I will tell you every single detail of our final match and there's nothing... NOTHING... you can do about it!

Orton dropped the mic and his music hit as, along with Batista, he celbrated his victory.

Match Reaction = 71.6%

Match Quality = 71.0%

Overall Rating = 78.7%

Tenay: Do you believe the adacity of Randy Orton?!

Fairplay: Our World Champ is smart, and that's why he's at the top of the food chain, Mike. You gotta realize it!

Tenay: I realize that this isn't over yet! And that Ron Killings is going to be seeking revenge on Danger Zone next week!

The show goes off the air.

Show Overall Rating: 64.6%

Views: 665,757

Attendance: 3,417

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May 15, 2005

Sunday Weekend Wrestling News

Triple H Signs With Japan; Genichiro Tenryu Returns To GAEA

After the restart, Genichiro Tenryu became sole owner of all that is GAEA Japan and made it a Hybrid style promotion that went from only women to an intergender promotion. Well, late last year he resigned and the federation continued without an owner and just a board of directors. Finally, they gave in to Tenryu's demands and he returned to the company on Friday... Bringing with him a big name from the United States.

Former WWE Franchise Player and recently unemployed independent wrestling, Paul "Triple H" LeVesque has been sitting in the shelves for over a year.When the restart took place last year, he oddly enough couldn't find a place and decided that if noone was able to give him his demands he would not sign anything.

Well, the demands have been met. As of Friday, May 13, 2005, Triple H signed with GAEA in Japan that extends for one year. He is already set to make his debut on GAEA Smash TV! set to air on Monday against Takashi Iizuka.

It is unknown how the roster will respond to this as Triple H has had a bad record of his attitude. Only time will tell.

NWA:TNA Hires New Staff Members; Plans For More TV Show Changes

Total Nonstop Action has continued to make changes to stop the decline in ratings. First, they hired small-time, semi-successful Florida promoter, John Rodriguez, to be Head Booker and on-air NWA Representative due to his past history in unique style booking and fair amount of charisma.

Then, they moved their Flagship show, Xplosion, to Friday nights, keeping the same time slot. They also remade the opening video montage, changed the theme song, and changed the set and ring to fit.

And now, they have hired new staff to take care of production and take over writing duties as TNA prepares for its first big Pay-Per-View, The Reckoning, announced back in February. To distinguish this from their first attempt, this one is actually going to happen and is not making promises it might not be able to back up like two years ago when Bound For Glory was supposed to take place.

Also, to continue the show changes, TNA has been on the hunt for a new play-by-play man to take over Danger Zone with Jonny Fairplay. This will help Mike Tenay in his other jobs for the company. Rumors flying around is that Scott Hudson will be returning to the promotion to take on the role while others are saying Bobby Heenan wants to return to television and this would be a great opportunity, not only for Heenan, but for TNA.

Diamond Dallas Page Returns To Wrestling... As Head Booker

Self-High Five is what IWA:MS is shouting as DDP returns to wrestling as the head booker for the company. Jeff Jarrett contacted Page on Saturday, and he immediately agreed to the job the following day.

DDP has been looking for a good chance to get back into wrestling and this will be beneficial for him as it's something that can keep him working a light schedule and the fact that he has a good head for business will help IWA:MS in the long run.

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user posted image

Coming off the heels of a dangerously hot,

Xplosion it is time for another edition of Danger Zone.

Last week we saw that

Randy Orton and Batista proved why they were successful together in the past when they destroyed the 2 Live Kru of BG James and Ron Killings. Orton had told Killings that he needed a decision on their match last night, but after being picked apart at the hand of Batista, Killings was immobilized and unable to make the decision. Tonight, our NWA Word Heavyweight Champion will make the decision for the final confrontation between the two. What will it be?!

Victoria will be returning from a short vacation given to her as one of the last actions from former NWA Representative, Percy Pringle. Will she be in for a surprise when she gets word of Christian's challenge? Will she be ready?

Also, the final qualifier for the NWA World Tag Team Title 4 Way Dance at The Reckoning will be held when the former NWA World Tag Team Champions,

The Samoans take on the recently reformed Don Harris and Brian Lee.

And finally,

Alex Wright has picked a partner in Spike Dudley to take on Big, Bad, And Beautiful. Will he finally get a win over them? Only time will tell...

All this and much much more on

Danger Zone!

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Thanks for the kind words maddog, appreciate it.

Before I get to the show, I have to ask for forgiveness as when I was extracting the segments all the angles were lost. I pretty much remember all the angles that are needed, but don't have a rating for them. So please bear with me.

May 17, 2005

So, now with one week down, I decided to bring up some interesting files while researching. I pulled up records of ratings that showed when the decline happened and how I came almost too late.

I saw that the ratings were at their peak heading into the end of 2004.. then the crash began as the year turned. It was around this time that McMahon and James began having problems.

I was hired before the ratings declined too far and now I realize why McMahon was so lenient to my offer. Well, I've done my job so far, let's hope it can continue rising...

user posted image

Danger Zone

May 17, 2005

Atlanta, Georgia

Announcers: Mike Tenay And Jonny Fairplay

Ring Announcer: Howard Finkle

Interviewer: Michael Hayes

The altered, lyric-less, rip-off version of "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins (Top Gun Theme) plays and the video package comes on accordingly and a minature pyro set shoots off as the camera zooms all through the arena and finally plants itself before Mike Tenay and Jonny Fairplay at the announcing booth.

Tenay: Hello all! After one of the most exciting weeks in recent months we bring you yet another edition of Danger Zone!

Fairplay: That's right and I doubt this show is gonna be any different as the insanity continues to placed before you on Total Non-Stop Action!

Tenay: We begin tonight with a tag match in which the fun loving, dancing German Alex Wright tries to get revenge on the Big, Bad, And Beautiful.

Alex Wright and Spike Dudley vs The Big, Bad, And Beautiful

Wright and Spike came out to Wright's music as Wright danced and Spike seemed determined. The nice pop suddenly turned to a shower of boo's as the more classic style of showman music that plays for Triple B as again Scott Steiner walks out first posing along the way and Test is behind busy posing with Jasmine St. Claire.

Alex Wright began the match against Test and was able to blindside him to get the first initiative. It was surprisingly even as the smaller team got to actually use their quickness to confuse the bigger men and get in a nice amount of offense.

Ending: All the effort prove to be for not, though, as Test and Steiner were able to regain the momentum that was lost and lay a rough beating on both of them. Wright was disabled of and Spike fell victim to a slow, but powerful double team finisher that Triple B debuted tonight. Steiner climbed to the second turnbuckle facing the crowd while Test used an inverted atomic drop to disable spike and then hoisted him up allowing Steiner to hit the SteinerLiner from the second turnbuckle to get Triple B the win. Steiner and Test posed with Jasmine over the fallen Spike Dudley to add insult to injury.

Match Reaction = 69.3%

Match Quality = 66.4%

Overall Rating = 68.0%

Tenay: And Wright just can't seem to beat the strong force of these arrogant men.

Fairplay: They can't be beaten by anyone! Ever since they became the Triple B they've been undefeated!

Tenay: Against only two opponents?

Fairplay: Still undefeated...

A Celebration, A Match, A Departure

Randy Orton's music began playing and he came out to a chorus of boo's along with a few obscenity-ridden chants. He was followed by Batista and they both seemed pretty celebratory. Orton grabs a microphone and adjusts his title on his shoulder.

Orton: Shut up, and listen! The NWA World Heavyweight Champion had a few words he would like to say...

More boo's and chants are hurdled at Orton as already not even twenty minutes into the show the crowd is throwing garbage in the ring.

Orton: All that garbage is just a cry for help, but don't worry, Randy understands. I do understand a lot. I understand much that this world has placed on my overburdened plate. I have been given many responsibilities in life and thus far I have never failed in one. I don't plan to start now.

See, at The Reckoning, I'm going to have to prove myself for the ubteenth time just because you saps can't take me seriously. It's a real damn shame, is what it is. Ron Killings does not understand how the world works. He does not realize that I've beaten him more than he has "beaten" me. He just can't win...

So, I am going to teach him a lesson, much like you... Batista.

Batista gives him a puzzled look as Orton approaches him.

Orton: I don't need you, Batista... I never needed you. My whole career has been hindered by your presence and when I finally broke out... where were you? You weren't at my side. Last week's victory was ALL me! You were just the tenderizer. I provided the skill and intensity... you provided the brawn. Yet, I don't need it. So, be free, Batista. I don't need you anymore! Learn about life on your own! Show the world what you're made of! And maybe, just maybe will you get a chance at my belt someday. Just... don't expect to win.

Batista gives Randy a dejected/angry look, but just leaves out of the ring not caring about anything, but seemingly frustrated.

Orton: And back to Killings... I have chosen your fate, Ron. You and I will battle it out at The Reckoning. Oh yes! In a match that has Randy Orton written all over it... a Final Stand match! In other words, for those who are slow at home, it will be TNA's version of the Last Man Standing match. However, this is much more brutal... much bloodier... much MORE HEINOUS! IT'S GOING TO BE HELL, RON! IT'S GOING TO BE HELL ON EARTH! WELCOME TO MY WORLD, RON! THE WORLD OF RANDY ORTON! WHERE ANYONE WHO ENTERS LEAVES A BLOODY SHELL OF THEIR FORMER SELF!

Orton punts down the microphone causing the sounds to shriek all over the arena causing some major boo's as Randy sucked it all up and when he let the air loose, smiled and walked confidently to the back.

---No rating---

Tenay: He's out of it. Orton wants a Final Stand match at The Reckoning , and who knows what he has cooked up for Ron Killings there! And what's in store for Batista?!

Fairplay: That was another emotionally driven speech given by Randy, and you know he means business...


Tenay: We're back, folks and we're ready for another Shelton Benjamin ma---

Tenay is interrupted by a cell phone ringing.

Fairplay: Sorry, I'll take this outside, Mike. Just hold on...

Tenay: WAIT! JONNY! You're gonna miss another Shelton match! Ugh.. Let's just get on with the match.

Maven vs Shelton Benjamin

Maven received a nice reaction on his way out as he had been MIA from TNA for a few weeks to resolve some personal issues. Of course, Benjamin was there to ruin the reaction from the crowd as he came down all hyped up.

This was a decent match right here that made for some good psychology and Shelton was able to expose more of his expansive move set that he couldn't against Hardcore Holly. Maven put up a good fight, but Benjamin was clearly the star here.

Ending: Maven was able to perform the single prettiest move in his aresenal with a nice dropkick. He was ready to end it until Benjamin's friend in black came along. He hopped on the apron and began to argue with Maven when all of a sudden Hardcore Holly ran out and sweeped the masked man from under making him fall flat on his chin on the apron. Holly was ready to unmask him, but the man scattered and Holly chased after him. Maven then turned right into the Superkick to give Benjamin yet another victory.

Match Reaction = 63.5%

Match Quality = 58.4%

Overall Rating = 59.8%

Fairplay: I'm back, Mike! Really important call! What did I miss?

Tenay: Well... wait... Why are you so winded?

Fairplay: I had to rush back to commentate... You know... Do my job?

Tenay: Riiight...

One More Reckoning Match

Rodz and Christian were discussing a few things when a knock on the door was heard.

Rodz: Come on in!

In stepped The Big, Bad, And Beautiful in all their glory. Rodz stood up to shake their hands, but they politely refused.

Test: Sorry, prefer not to touch anyone else.

Rodz: Alrighty then... There's a reason why I called you gentlemen... and lady here to my office. This team has been pestering me since I came to the NWA:TNA about getting a better chance at the titles. They're complaining about being the greatest tag team of all time and if they won the NWA World Tag Team Titles, they'd be complete. Well, I have a job for you both. SHUT THEM UP! At The Reckoning I want you two to take on The Dudley Boyz. You understand? They've been at home licking their wounds from their match with The Bashams. Shouldn't be too hard. Think you can handle it?

Steiner: It'll be... your pleasure.

Steiner laughs and Test and Jasmine leave with him following as the sly grin comes over John's face.

Rodz: Excellent.

He looks over to Christian who returns the devilish smile.

---No Rating---

Tenay: Does Rodz think everyone is out to do his bidding?! What kind of a man is he?!

Fairplay: I believe the term is genius, Mike... Genius...


Tenay: Back and ready for some three way action, Jonny?

Fairplay: I don't swing that...

Tenay: Don't even finish that sentence....

Matt Hardy vs Doug Basham vs Dustin Rhodes

Each man's partner was banned from ringside so that this would be straight-forward, great match. Matt Hardy made his entrance first with the approval of many of the females in the audience. The mood changed when Doug Basham entered to a chorus of boo's for The Bashams' recent actions. Finally, one half of the World Tag Team Champions arrived and Dustin Rhodes got the crowd cheering again making his way to the ring.

This was a terrific match, and the best one so far. It was very evened out and all three men had spectacular performances as the match seemed flow with no setbacks. There really wasn't a clear cut edge in the match, but maybe the one who got in the most would have to be Dustin Rhodes through cheer size and strength over both men. The best thing was that all three men were given the time to make the match work and they delivered.

Ending: Dustin Rhodes had been temporarily disposed of when Basham and Hardy double teamed him, but Basham turned on Hardy. He then pulverized Hardy long enough for him to end up dazed and on the receiving end for the Running Leg Lariat for the victory. Rhodes cursed on the outside and walked to the back as Basham celebrated and got out before Hardy recovered.

Match Reaction = 76.2%

Match Quality = 67.2%

Overall Rating = 78.1%

Tenay: And Doug Basham is able to overcome both men to come out on top!

Fairplay: LIke I knew he would. I predict the Bashams win the Four Way Dance at The Reckoning and come out with the titles again, just because they can.

Tenay: I'll hold you to that.

Victoria Has A Tough Job

We cut to the back where Steven Richards is talking to Victoria outside of John Rodriguez's office.

Richards: Are you sure you want to go in there? Chances are he's going to make you do something you're NOT gonna like. Trust me...

Victoria: You worry too much, Stevie. I'll be fine!

Richards: Why do I doubt that?

Victoria knocks on the door and is asked to come in. A smile on the face of Christian is very noticeable the second she walks in as Rodz stands and shakes her hand.

Rodz: Hello, Victoria. It's a pleasure to finally meet our TNA X-Division Champion.

Victoria: Likewise...

Rodz: I trust Steven told you the plans I have for you...

Victoria: No, I haven't let him tell me anything.

Rodz: Well gooooood....

Rodz smiles over to Richards who is getting angrier by the second.

Rodz: Well, I decided that it would be great for you to have a match at our first Pay-Per-View extraveganza, The Reckoning.

Victoria: Great! Who am I against?!

Christian steps up suddenly.

Christian: Me, tutz! And there's nothing you can do about it.

Victoria: Oh, don't worry... I look forward to it.

Victoria is about to leave and Steven breathes a sigh of relief until Rodz speaks again.

Rodz: Oh, and Victoria one last thing... You have a match against A-Train and Chuck Palumbo tonight. A handicap match. Get ready for it.

Richards looks like he is about to lunge at Rodz, but Victoria holds him back shaking her head as they both leave. Rodz nods over at Christian and they both smile.

---No Rating---

Tenay: Argh! That John Rodriguez really steams me up!

Fairplay: Why, Tenay? Just because he's giving Victoria a challenge to prepare for Christian.

Tenay: It's all a plot to get her to fail, Jonny! Don't act so ignorant!

Fairplay: I don't think I'M the one who's ignorant around here...


Tenay: Another wild night of Total Non-Stop Action here in Atlanta, Georgia, as we prepare for more tag action as the final qualifying match goes forth.

Fairplay: Oh, I see you're all calm now, huh?!

The Samoans vs Don Harris and Brian Lee

Harris and Lee made their entrance first here to a good load of boo's, but they just shrugged it off and seemed determined to win this bout. The jeers turned to cheers when The Samoans came out to a nice pop and stood toe to toe with the opposing team.

This was slow paced, but brutal. It was tons of brawling from four big men. However, Lee and Harris seemed to want it more and really fought their way through the whole match against the former World Tag Team Champions. It was also kept pretty short to keep both teams' strength intact.

Ending: The strength of Harris and Lee was shown when they took out Rosey and were able to use the Double Powerbomb on Rikishi to get the quick win and advance into the final spot of the Four Way Dance of The Reckoning. The Bashams run out and try and get the final attack like they did to the Hardy Boyz, but they fall victim to more brutal beatdowns at the hands of Harris and Lee.

Match Reaction = 66.5%

Match Quality = 55.6%

Overall Rating = 63.6%

Tenay: My God! The animalistic strength of Harris And Lee in full force gets them the final spot in the Four Way Dance!

Fairplay: Greaaat, now it's hard to choose the winner. In one corner we got The Bashams, who have been on quite the role lately, and then in the next we have the brutal team of Don Harris and Brian Lee! This is going to be hell, Mike.

Tenay: Well, I can tell you one thing, it's not going to be... WHAT THE?!

The Fire Returns... Soon

Tenay was startled by the four corners of the ring just exploding with fire all of a sudden. The same words from last week saying "A Slayed Dragon" are shown. It is followed by the same words in "A Tranquilized Beast" and "An Unlit Flame". Images of Kane's face are rushed onto the screen in mere seconds and the words "The Monster Rises Again". An image of Kane falling from the scaffold in his match against Jeff Hardy from NWA:TNA Wave Of Mutilation in February is shown, then a shot of his body and his eyes suddenly opening wide. "The Fire Returns... Soon" is shown and then engulfed by flames and laughing is heard.

---No Rating---

Tenay: Why do I get the feeling that none of this is good?

Fairplay: Because it isn't Tenay... Kane is coming back... And I think he has a Hardy to hunt...


Tenay: We are back and it's about time for the pathetic handicap match that only a spineless man like John Rodriguez would make.

Fairplay: Hold that thought, Mike. The other Mike has our NWA World Heavyweight Champion backstage for a challenge!

A Match Made In... Right Now

Michael Hayes is backstage standing right next to Randy Orton who seems to be in a good mood.

Hayes: Well, Randy. You wanted to say something through this interview... So, let's hear it...

Orton: You are correct, Michael. I am very happy because I just came back from the office of Mr. Rodriguez and he told me that tonight, I get to defend my title against the worn and beaten, BG James. I have decided to make that announcement myself so he didn't have to do it himself. It'll be my pleasure to put James away once and for all...

Orton smirks and walks off leaving Hayes excited.


Tenay: Perfect, we get two mis-matched matches back to back. What a great NWA Representative we have...

Fairplay: It's as fair as fair can be. And I know about fair... My last name IS Fairplay.

Tenay: Right... Let's just get on with the handicap match.

Victoria vs Chuck Palumbo and A-Train

Steven Richards has been reportedly banned from ringside so this won't end well, and Victoria knows it. She stepped out reluctantly and took her time getting into the ring as the fans cheered her on. The jeers truly came when Palumbo and A-Train rushed their way into the ring and immediately got in Victoria's face.

This was not what many expected... at least for the beginning. Victoria didn't become X-Division Champion without having a distinct feature and that feature is "No Fear". Before the who intimidation factor hit, Victoria assaulted both with rapid fire punches and dropkicks. It lasted longer than expected, but eventually Palumbo and A-Train fought back, and it wasn't pretty. They tossed Victoria around like a rag doll and made quick work of her.

Ending: Victoria was out. Palumbo and A-Train worked her over roughly with much double teaming. It was no different to end. A-Train hoisted Victoria up and with an assited push of Palumbo hit a Spike Powerbomb to get them the win. It didn't look like they were finished by any means until Steven Richards finally ran out and beat Palumbo and A-Train out of the ring. He attended to Victoria while Palumo and A-Train left satisfied.

Match Reaction = 62.0%

Match Quality = 56.3%

Overall Rating = 66.4%

Tenay: That was sick and uncalled for...

Fairplay: She wanted to fight men, what did she get? Two men. She had to expect this at some point.

Tenay: You're just as spineless as Rodriguez and Christian...


A Plan For Two Big Men

Rodz and Christian are laughing it up backstage while Palumbo and A-Train are smirking right when we come out of the break.

Rodz: I am very proud of you, gentlemen. You have proven to me that you can be just as menacing as I had envisioned. Now, much like Triple B before you I have a plan for you both and I think you're going to love it...

Rodz gives his million dollar sly smile as the camera cuts back to Tenay and Fairplay.

---No Rating---

Tenay: Folks, that was our final commercial break as we're ready for the Main Event announced just minutes ago... But what do you think Rodriguez has in store for Palumbo and A-Train?

Fairplay: Yep, we got BG James going for the World Heavyweight Title against Randy Orton and whatever he's got for this has got to be good...

NWA World Heavyweight Championship: BG James vs Randy Orton ©

BG James was first to enter seemingly hurt from last week's battle against Batista. He got a very good reception and the crowd was behind him to really beat the snot out of Randy... As could be told by the jeers he got upon his music playing. He made his arrogant entrance then glared over to BG James.

What a match this was! James was definitely wounded from last week, but boy did he put up a fight. It started with Orton immediately getting the first shots in to provide more pain for his nemesis' partner. Orton used various brawling methods mostly to the back and mid-area where James was favoring the most.

It took him a while, but James finally began a comeback by using one of Orton's dirty tricks in a low blow. That almost immediately caused Orton as much pain as Orton had for a while working on BG James. James used his best asset in brawling to wear out Randy some and actualy even used some suplexes to really punch it through. However, more often than not the pain of his ribs would get to him and he'd have to stall a bit.

Orton quickly took advantage of this with a shoulder block to the mid-section quickly giving Orton the advantage once again. James would try and fight back, but with each blow Orton would reply with double the impact. James was in desperate need of regaining the momentum in his favor, but Orton wouldn't allow it. It got to the point where Orton was able to be cocky and use a slow paced style to just add insult to injury on James.

James was finally able to catch Randy off guard when he was playing to the crowd, and even knocked down Orton hard a few good times. And Orton actually had to get out of the ring to save himself from the sudden rush of adrenaline.

Orton came back in and immediately went on the assault, but it was very even right now as both men just proceeded to pummel each other with such a vigor that it had the crowd amazed chanting all sorts of cheers and jeers and "ooh's" and "aahs'".

Ending: The ending was very sudden. Both men were at the peak of destroying each other, but James had the advantage. He went for the Pump Handle, but Orton slid out and ran back coming back with the RKO to get him the victory. He celebrated in all four corners to a really bad amount of boo's to end the show.

Match Reaction = 78.4%

Match Quality = 73.8%

Overall Rating = 82.5%

Tenay: What a match! Randy Orton retains the title and has his sights set on Ron Killings!

Fairplay: The right man went over, Mike. That's all that matters...

Tenay: Don't forget to catch Matt Hardy on Jimmy Kimmel Live later tonight, check your local listings! See you on Xplosion!

The show goes off the air.

Show Overall Rating: 65.7%

Views: 477,861

Attendance: 2,697

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Matt Hardy On Jimmy Kimmel Live Report

Matt Hardy appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and I'd say it was a good show. Matt Hardy seemed like a cool guy and was really comfortable the whole time even when Jimmy can be a little hard on wrestling.

*The interview started with Kimmel asking him immediately about how he's been in wrestling so long, but hasn't been really given that big shot yet. Hardy responded about how it all takes time and how many wrestlers never got a chance to live it their whole career and his career is still taking baby steps.

*Kimmel asked about the change in scenario the past year with switching companies and Hardy responded that the mood really shifted and it seemed like everyone was in good hopes and still are. It's really gone from miserable to excited.

*Kimmel asked him about a story on the road he heard backstage the other day back in Hardy's WWF days. Hardy told him how him, his brother, and Michael Hayes were in the early stages of their push and played a prank on Tony Chimel that got them in the good graces of many in the backstage area because it was very unique. He said Chimel was fine with all of it and was a good sport, and they still talk today.

*Kimmel spoke about how being crazy like both Hardyz are has taken a toll on them. Hardy responded by saying he has grown immune to the pain and even though he rarely does what made him famous to this day the fans still appreciate a slow, more methodical style he chooses now and his brother still covers the big spots. He says he probably has a longer career than his brother, but wishes it wouldn't end like that.

*Hardy is then given opportunity to hype The Reckoning, TNA's first Pay-Per-View. He talks about his match and how this will definitely help the company in the long run as they begin the monthly big event Pay-Per-View business structure.

*Kimmel then told Hardy that Cousin Sal was coming out of retirement for one bout against Hardy for the Pillow Fighting Championship. Hardy humbly agreed.


*Coming off the break it was Hardy vs Sal for the Championship. Sal got in some stiff shots to start, but Hardy fought back and knocked Kimmel's mug off his desk. Sal lost his pillow and he begged for mercy shortly after handing over the title to Hardy. Hardy lifted the title, but Sal stole it and ran to the back making him still champion by default.

Overall it was a great appearance. Kimmel was hilarious in this interview even if I didn't really show it here and I think this really helped TNA put over their PPV this coming Sunday.

- Michael Richmond

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user posted image


Danger Zone just a couple of days ago, we bring you Xplosion LIVE! from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The NWA World Heavyweight Champion,

Randy Orton left BG James lying on Tuesday night after a brutal battle in which James came in already injured. This week both Orton and his opponent at The Reckoning, and partner of BG James, Ron Killings will be in the house. What will occur on the eve of The Reckoning?!

Also, after a tremendous three way dance between their respective partners,

Danny Basham, Jeff Hardy, and Val Venis will duke it out in preparation for the big four way dance at The Reckoning on Sunday.

John Rodriguez stated last week that he has a plan for A-Train and Chuck Palumbo. What is it? Will it be one more match added to the extraordinary card that is The Reckoning?

What is the condition of

Victoria? Steven Richards will definitely be looking out for revenge tonight.


Test will be in action against Spike Dudley,  a half brother of Triple B's opponents at The Reckoning, They Dudley Boyz.

All these questions answered and more on

Danger Zone!

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Thanks, LCF. I appreciate the kind words.

Show is in perfect condition this time. No missing segment ratings. :D

May 20, 2005

It may seem odd, but I'm not nervous at all. This is really my first big show ever. I mean, my biggest show in the independent scene drew in two hundred people. Imagine going into my first pay-per-view. So far, I've done a good job, so that could probably be the cause of my non-anxiety.

user posted image


May 20, 2005

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Announcers: Mike Tenay And Jonny Fairplay

Ring Announcer: Howard Finkle

Interviewer: Michael Hayes

Referees: Earl Hebner, Nick Patrick, And Jack Doan

The altered, lyric-less, rip-off version of "Mobscene" by Marilyn Manson plays with the accompanying video package highlighting past TNA events. A live shot of the crowd is shown directly after some small pyro. The shot then comes to focus on Mike Tenay and Jonny Fairplay.

Tenay: Hello everybody, and welcome to the final Xplosion, the final show, before our biggest event to date... The Reckoning! I'm Mike Tenay and taking you on this ride of Total Non-Stop Action with me is the crowd pleaser, Jonny Fairplay.

Fairplay: Crowd pleaser? Ha! I like that one, Professor. Good stuff...

Tenay: I try sometimes.

Fairplay: Yeah... Too bad you aren't successful...

Tenay: Gotta ruin it don't you?... Anyway, let's kick it off with some action when Maven takes on someone who must be FURIOUS after being humiliated last week... Batista...

Batista vs Maven; Refree: Jack Doan

Batista made his entrance first to a pretty silent reaction as the crowd didn't really know how to take what happened a couple of days ago. However, the mood changed when Maven made his way out and he got a pretty nice pop.

Well, the excitement turned to jeers the second Maven stepped into the right because he was just SLAUGHTERED by a Batista clothesline. Batista worked him over for a good couple of minutes not letting him get any offense and just releasing a big amount of pent up frustration.

Ending: After putting Maven through sheer pain and torture, Batista finally had mercy and hit the Spinebuster to give him the easy victory. However, Batista was not done. He grabbed Maven and went up to the second rope hitting yet another Spinebuster to finish him off for good. Batista screamed at the top of his lungs and stomped to the back to some mega boo's.

Match Reaction = 57.8%

Match Quality = 55.0%

Overall Rating = 53.7%

Tenay: My God! Batista has blown a gasket!

Fairplay: I... I almost feel sorry for Maven.

Tenay: Batista has gone off the deep end and if I were anyone backstage I would run fast.

The Main Event Is Made

The camera cuts to the back where we get a shot of John Rodriguez sitting behind his desk with Christian at his left side.

Rodz: Hello, everybody. I hope you enjoyed the first match... I mean massacre... Because I have a possible second one to come. See, while Orton and Killings are both scheduled to be here I decided to give the first one in the building the Main Event slot tonight.

I must admit, however, that I did cheat. I told Orton he could be late because I had a plan for Killings anyway and all I really wanted him to see was that. See, last week I found a match that quickly became a personal favorite of mine. That match? The Handicap Match.

The Handicap Match has put Victoria in her place and I plan to use it tonight as well. Tonight you get to see Ron Killings take on the same men who put away Victoria... the A-66. That's right the A-66 train of A-Train and Chuck Palumbo is coming from Massachussetts and California and running through Georgia wrecking everything in its path. Ron Killings prepare to meet a running train face to face... TONIGHT!

Rodz laughs along with Christian as we head into commercials.



Tenay: Welcome back and can you believe the Main Event we have tonight?!

Fairplay: Ron Killings only brought it on himself for stealing the title from Orton.

Tenay: Don't tell me you're siding with Orton on that!

Fairplay: He's got quite the point, Mike...

Tenay: Oh, please! You have no clue what you're talking about!... Anyway, we have one third of Big, Bad, and Beautiful in action against one third of the Dudley Boyz when Test takes on Spike Dudley.

Spike Dudley vs Test w/Scott Steiner and Jasmine St. Claire; Referee: Nick Patrick

Spike made his entrance first slapping hands on the way down with the fans, whom were giving him quite the warm reception. It took a complete one eighty when the sounds of the Triple B music was played. Steiner once again came out first, muscles standing tall. Then the competitor, Test, came out arm and arm with Jasmine. Steiner held the ropes open for the pair and all three posed in the ring. Steiner left first, and Jasmine soon followed leaving Test to play to the crowd. Meanwhile, Spike took the initiative and took the first shot from behind on Test.

This was a terrific match as both men worked extremely hard to get the crowd hyped up as the actual opening match since the first was just an extensive squash. Spike had the early advantage after getting the "cheap shot", as Jonny Fairplay put it, on Test, but Test was just "too much man" for Spike to handle and he took it upon himself to destroy Spike. The match was pretty evened out after the initial Test control, but Test regained it once again and really gave it to Spike towards the end.

Ending: Spike tried his best to make a comeback, but Test was just too much and a Test Drive quickly put Spike away. Steiner slid in and started to punk out Litte Spike as Test watched on in laughter. Jasmine was about to join in, but she quickly jumped off the apron in horror when the Dudley Boyz ran out and attacked Triple B. Scott Steiner was thrown out and Test was hit with the 3D to really make an impact. The crowd was, of course, in a frenzy to see the Dudleyz in the building and feeling well. Steiner rolled Test out to safety and Triple B retreated while the Dudleyz helped Spike up to help them celebrate their successful sneak attack.

Match Reaction = 72.3%

Match Quality = 73.4%

Overall Rating = 73.9%

Tenay: The Dudley Boyz are back and they seem focused on their match at The Reckoning!

Fairplay: All the Dudleyz are about is cheap shots and sneak attacks. I don't see how you can like them at all.

Tenay: That's your personal opinion, Jonny! I enjoy the Dudleyz and you don't, let's just leave it like that while Michael Hayes takes us to an interview with the NWA World Tag Team Champions!

The Champions Are Ready

We cut to the back where Hayes is standing right next to Dustin Rhodes and Val Venis.

Hayes: Thanks, Mike! I'm here with our NWA World Tag Team Champions, Val Venis and Dustin Rhodes. Guys, how are you feeling coming into this Sunday where you won't only have to defend against one, not only against two, but THREE other tag teams in what's now been made an Elimination Four Way Dance?

Rhodes: It's better now, than before. I mean now we can focus on eliminating the other teams and not having to worry about losing them and not even getting pinned. Since that's the case, even though we've been in a hell of a rut the past few weeks, we're damn ready. We're ready to show up the Hardy Boyz who have teamed up most of their lives... We're ready to show up The Basham Brothers who have teamed up most of their lives... And we're ready for Lee and Harris, who have teamed longer than us all together.

Venis: There isn't a team out there that we can't beat, which is why we have these titles. Now, even though we've lost to all three of these teams at least once, we're still standing on top of the mountain so it's gotta count for something. Dustin and I have one goal... survival. If we can do that, we'll proclaim ourselves the greatest tag team in wrestling today because we'll be unstoppable. Any other questions, Freebird?

Hayes: Nope... You've pretty much covered everything...

Rhodes and Venis nod and leave as Hayes realizes something.


Hayes shakes his head and sighs as he walks off camera.


Tenay: Val Venis, Jeff Hardy, and Danny Basham lock horns... NEXT!


Fairplay: We're back, baby! Fairplay finally getting to welcome you back!

Tenay: Good job... Up next we have the second half of the three way matches between the competitors in the Elimination Four Way Dance at The Reckoning. Let's get to it!

Val Venis vs Jeff Hardy vs Danny Basham; Referee: Jack Doan

Val Venis was first to make an entrance to get the red hot crowd going as he seemed to be on a mission by hardly working the crowd and just getting pumped up for the match. That would be much like the second entrant as the girls in the crowd went crazy twice in a row when Jeff Hardy stepped out to really keep the crowd juice flowing. He flew into the ring just before the mood turned black and the boo's fell upon the shoulders of the final entrant, Danny Basham. He cockily stepped into the ring and found his place to start the match.

Much like it's counterpart this match had the essentials to be a good one. Now, although it may not compare to the other too much, it was still a good showing by all three men who really wanted to put on a good show for the fans. Danny Basham would probably win the award for getting most shots in as from the beginning he was being double teamed, but he powered his way out of it and delivered quite the beatdown to both men.

Ending: And it helped him too. Well, at least for a while. He actually hit the Brain Damage on Venis, but fell right into a Twist Of Fate from Jeff Hardy setting him up for the Swanton Bomb and giving Jeff Hardy the victory! Hardy celebrated a bit before leaving to the back with both men lying in the ring.

Match Reaction = 73.3%

Match Quality = 62.3%

Overall Rating = 65.5%

Tenay: Jeff Hardy gets the victory here tonight. Will he along with his brother win their match at The Reckoning?

Fairplay: Nope, The Bashams are winnings it. And now... BREAK!


More Punishment For Wrestlers

Coming right out of the break the camera is in Rodz's office with Rodz positioned before the camera behind his desk and Christian at his side once again.

Rodz: Hello agian, folks. Hope you're enjoying the show... I know I am. I apologize for interrupting, but I have decided to book another match.

Now, I know that I've already booked two handicap matches, but I just need to have one more on the show tonight. I need one more because my friend here has a problem. Any of you would help a friend, so it's my duty, as a friend, to help Christian.

So, this is an announcement to Steven Richards. Get in the ring right now and face whomever it is I give you to face. RIGHT NOW!


Tenay: What the hell?! He's booking Steven Richards in a handicap match, without knowing his opponents, on the fly?! Just like that?!

Fairplay: He is a genius... So brilliant...

Steven Richards vs Don Harris and Brian Lee; Referee: Earl Hebner

The music of Steven Richards played, but it took him a while to get out since it was such a sudden match. The crowd was quiet until he came out when they went crazy. It shows that the crowd is really getting behind Stevie. Richards was waiting for his opponents, but got a bad surprise when the music of Lee and Harris played. They came down to the ring and stared down Stevie, who didn't back down.

He didn't back down at all as he let the fists fly. Surprisingly, he controlled both men at the start thanks to his suprising surge of energy. Richards laid it on both men, and Hebner settled things leavin Richards to work over Don Harris. The match after this was actually pretty even, but the numbers game was just too much for Steven Richards.

Ending: Harris and Lee had pretty much the momentum going for them at the end and when it looked like they would give Richards a ray of hope, they almost destroyed him! He actually did start fighting back and knocked both men out. However, Victoria made her way out in pain and with a neck brace on. Richards immediately began screaming for Victoria to leave and was caught from behind by Brian Lee, who whipped him and when Richards came back fell into the Double Flapjack that gave Lee and Harris the win. Harris and Lee left and as they walked up the ramp gave Victoria an evill look that led Christian to run out and knock her down. He then rolled into the ring and proceeded to beat on the fallen Richards while playing the crowd.

Match Reaction = 66.9%

Match Quality = 60.5%

Overall Rating = 73.2%

Tenay: This is insane! Somebody stop Christian!

Fairplay: Christian doesn't have to listen to anyone! Keep going! Beat the snot out of him!

Tenay: He's had enough! Stop this! Stop this now!

The Fire Returns... Soon

The pyros suddenly go off in the four corners causing Christian to scatter and allowing the referees to attend to Richards as the same Kane video from the past begins to play. The same words from before saying "A Slayed Dragon" are shown. It is followed by the same words in "A Tranquilized Beast" and "An Unlit Flame". Images of Kane's face are rushed onto the screen in mere seconds and the words "The Monster Rises Again". An image of Kane falling from the scaffold in his match against Jeff Hardy from NWA:TNA Wave Of Mutilation in February is shown, then a shot of his body and his eyes suddenly opening wide. "The Fire Returns... Soon" is shown and then engulfed by flames and laughing is heard.



A New Partnership?

Immediately coming back from the commercial we hear some screaming and objects falling. The camera rushes over to the scene where Batista is shown on his way out of the building. He's destroying things in his way, until Sylvain Grenier is shown. Batista glares at him, but Grenier doesn't budge.

Batista: ...Move...

Grenier: I don't think so.

Batista: Do you have a deathwish or something? Are you French-Canadians all blind or something? Can't you see that I'M NOT IN THE MOOD FOR YOUR STUPIDITY?!

Grenier: Dave... Dave... Dave... No need to have a hot head. I have a proposition for you.

Batista: Not interested...

Grenier: I really think tha---

Batista quickly grabs Grenier by the throat and pins him to the wall.


Grenier: YOU DON'T... YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING! Coughing. I have... I have a way for you to regain your pride back! The pride that... that Randy Orton took away! I... I can give you the image you had before...

Batista snarls, but places him down.

Batista: I'm listening...

Grenier smirks and tries to pat him on the back, but Batista pushes his arm away. Grenier shrugs and motions for Batista to walk with him as they walk off camera.


Tenay: What was that all about?

Fairplay: Looks like Grenier has a plan to help Batista.

Tenay: Well, needless to say it's been a crazy show from start to finish here tonight, folks, on the EVE TILL THE RECKONING! NWA:TNA'S FIRST PAY-PER-VIEW!

The card is amazing from top to the bottom and let's recap what you're going to be seeing!

NWA World Heavyweight Championship; Final Stand Match

Ron "The Truth" Killings" vs Randy Orton ©

NWA:TNA X-Division Championship

Christian vs Victoria ©

NWA World Tag Team Championships; Four Way Elimination Dance

The Hardy Boyz vs The Basham Brothers vs Don Harris and Brian Lee vs Dustin Rhodes and Val Venis ©

Grudge Match

Shelton Benjamin vs Hardcore Holly

Big, Bad, And Beautiful vs The Dudley Boyz

A-66 vs The Samoans

Tenay: What a show that's gonna be, Jonny! And we'll be right there with the best seats in the house.

Fairplay: Agree, Mike. But right now, I need another seat as the action is just too hot out here.

Tenay: Wait, what? You're leaving again?! JONNY! JONNY! Sigh. Why do I bother? Up next we have Shelton Benjamin taking on Tommy Dreamer!

Tommy Dreamer vs Shelton Benjamin; Referee: Nick Patrick

Tommy Dreamer was first to make his entrance to a very nice reaction that turned glum when the music of Shelton Benjamin replaced his. Dreamer stared straight into the eyes of Shelton with a look of determination as the bell took its toll to start the match.

This was another pretty even match with maybe Shelton getting the upper-hand by outwrestling Tommy. This was given time and made for an excellent pre-main event match. Dreamer worked really hard here and has shown signs of his wrestling career rejuvinating after being wasted in the WWE just two years ago. Shelton as always was looking like a million bucks.

Ending: Nick Patrick was knocked out by a wild Superkick from Benjamin that just missed Tommy, and Dreamer took out Shelton with a Spicolli Driver. However, before he could do anything else he was CLOCKED by his own singapore cane when the masked man in black hit him from behind. Hardcore Holly immediately appeared on the scene and chased the man out of the arena as Dreamer slowly got up only to meet the Superkick straight on and fall victim to another Shelton Benjamin victory as he rolls out and goes to the back shaking the cobwebs out.

Match Reaction = 68.2%

Match Quality = 70.3%

Overall Rating = 74.6%

Tenay: And Benjamin comes up with another cheap win! But on Sunday, Holly will be looking for some extremely rough revenge and he better watch out!

Fairplay: Phew! Back, Mike!

Tenay: Why are you sweating?

Fairplay: I told you. It's some hot, hot action tonight!

Tenay: Whatever you say, Jonny.

Orton Arrives

The camera cuts to Rodz's office one more time tonight. A knock on the door is heard, but before Rodz could answer Randy Orton steps in.

Rodz: RANDY! Welcome to Tulsa. Have a good flight? GREAT! Have a seat right here, lay back, and enjoy because youre gonna love the next match.

Christian pulls up a seat for Randy, and he sits down.

Orton: I don't doubt it...

Both Rodriguez and Orton share smiles and begin discussing something as we head to the final break.


Tenay: We're back, Randy Orton is in the NWA Rep's office, and we're ready for the Main Event!

Fairplay: This is gonna tear the roof off the place, Mike! I can feel it!

Ron Killings vs A-66; Referee: Earl Hebner

Ron Killings entered first making the crowd erupt, but he didn't even dance. He stepped into the ring and just stood still staring at the entrance way. After a little while the sound of a train passing by was heard and A-Train and Chuck Palumbo made their way out to a very negative reaction. The tension was running high as the match began.

For the third time in this type of match the single competitor (Ron Killings) took the beginning initiative, but of all three he had the longest run to start. After knocking out both guys he moved on to take on Chuck Palumbo himself for a while.

Of course, eventually, Killings' streak would run out and it did. Palumbo was able to overpower the number one contender and began to place a beatdown on him. A-66 made constant tags to keep the fresh man in and to work over Ron Killings, focusing on the mid-section where Batista left his mark last week.

Ron Killings regained control, though, but this time against A-Train. He used the ability of being quicker than A-Train to his advantage and knocked the big lug down quite a lot with some tremendous offense as he took this time to showcase how great his ability really is.

After that initial run at the top, it turned out pretty even. A-66 fought back, but Killings gave them more of a fight than they expected. The match was firing on all cylinders at this point and it was definitely the highlight with a lot of key moments that affected the match completely.

Ending: A-66 took control once more. This caused an injured BG James to make an appearance and distract them. A-Train told Palumbo to take care of it, and that he did as he began a brawl on the outside of the ring against James. A-Train turned around, but fell to the Hat Rack Crack! Ron Killings picked up the victory! A-66 tried to do a beat down on 2 Live Kru causing The Samoans to come out and make the save and chase out A-66.

Match Reaction = 61.1%

Match Quality = 68.9%

Overall Rating = 70.9%


Fairplay: NO! This can't be happening!


We cut back to Rodz's office once more where Randy sits looking at the monitor speechless.

Rodz: Now, Randy... Just... Calm down...

Orton lets out a shriek and kicks down the monitor then starts destroying Rodz's office. He then gets in Rodz's face.

Orton: Panting. Killings... IS DEAD!

Orton storms out and leaves Rodz taking deep breaths as Christian stands by him speechless.


Fairplay: This is such a serious situation... I really don't know what to say.

Tenay: I do! I can't wait for the Final Stand match! Christian is going to be on MADtv tomorrow night, so don't miss it! See you this Sunday, at The Reckoning!

Ron Killings vs Randy Orton History

A video package with some dramatic music plays highlighting the moments leading up to the final confrontation between Killings/Orton at The Reckoning starting when Orton first won the title as it leads to the end of the show.


The show goes off the air.

Show Overall Rating: 72.7%

Views: 213,617

Attendance: 11,482

(The low television ratings (views) were due to competiting with a WWE TV show and an NJPW PPV.)

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Christian On MADtv Report

Hey just got finished watching MADTV and saw that Christian was on one the segments playing himself while Will Sasso played Stone Cold. They were having a match and had a hilarious skit with some disruptive fans in the audience.

- James Stallworth


Mike here! Was watching MADtv last night and Christian was on. The skit involved a few disruptive fans that wouldn't let Christian and "Stone Cold" Will Sasso finish their bout. It was hilarious and seems to be some good publicity for TNA's PPV tonight. Thought you might wanna pass that along.

- Michael Richmond


Sunday Weekend Wrestling News

Massive Head Booker Reset<center>[/dohtml]

It has been over a year since the wrestling restart and it seems that half of it has happened once again in wrestling. In a matter of a week the Head Booker positions in federations have taken a massive change.

The following federations have changed their Head Booker, along with the new Head Booker in paranthesis.

*AAA (Dutch Mantell)

*CWA (Stephanie McMahon)

*CZW (Kevin Nash)

*FLI (Raymond Rougeau)

*FWA (Frank Sloan)

*GAEA (Bam Bam Bigelow)

*IWS (Jerry Lawler)

*NJPW (Ultimo Dragon)

With some, the changes may be a big benefit (NJPW with Ultimo Dragon) and some may be a quick decline for the company (CWA with Stephanie McMahon) or maybe it'll be the other way around. Only time will tell.

Referee Strike Over

The referee strike from January has ended and many of the now, free agent referees began signing contracts as of Wednesday, May 18. As can be told by the signings of Earl Hebner, Nick Patrick, Jack Doan, and the latest, Brian Hebner, by TNA. Also signed, Rudy Charles to FLI. It looks like backstage workers won't be official referees anymore and we can finally breathe a sigh of relief to get ref's that seem professional out there.

NWA:TNA Officially In Talks With Scott Hudson

Last week it was just rumors, however, as of this week it's official. TNA is looking to replace Mike Tenay on Danger Zone. Speculations were that TNA was looking to bring former WCW Commentator, Scott Hudson, back to the company and those turned out to be right as TNA confronted Hudson about returning. Right now, all we know is they have talked, but no decision has been made to turn the deal down or accept it.

Randy Orton Set To Appear On Jimmy Kimmel Live

The official site of Jimmy Kimmel Live off of ABC.com has stated that Randy Orton will be appearing on the Tuesday, May 31, 2005 episode of the show. Thought we'd send that around, and for time and channel check your local listings.

The Reckoning Live Report At 8/9 ct

[dohmtl]<center>Just a quick reminder that we will be covering TNA's first PPV, The Reckoning live on the site tonight at 8/9 ct. Come by and have a listen.

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user posted image

(The above image does indeed suck.)

The Reckoning LIVE! From Dallas, Texas

NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Final Stand Match

Ron "The Truth" Killings vs Randy Orton ©

NWA:TNA X-Division Championship

Christian vs Victoria ©

NWA World Tag Team Championships

Four Way Elimination Dance

The Hardy Boyz vs The Basham Brothers vs Don Harris and Brian Lee vs Dustin Rhodes and Val Venis ©

Grudge Match

Shelton Benjamin vs Hardcore Holly

Big, Bad, And Beautiful (w/ Jasmine St. Claire) vs The Dudley Boyz

A-66 vs The Samoans

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  • 3 weeks later...


I am writing this to say I'm sorry for the complete lack of update on anything to those whom have been reading my diary. This diary is most definitely not dead and is very much living although it may seem like it's been on life support the past near 3 weeks. The show is about half way done, but lately I have not only experienced computer problems, but finals at school. So, on Sunday I go on to turn on my computer for the final time that I'll have actual time to enjoy it before diving into the finals studying. It won't work, but luckily a friend of my dad's was at the house and he took it home with him to fix. I got it back today and not only is it working, it has more memory, and is much much faster. Not only that, but today is the first day that summer begins for me as finals ended yesterday and so did classes. So, I'm looking forward to over 2 months of vacation before my final year of high school begins. That also means more time for this diary.

In conclusion, this diary has just reawakened and the show should be up by tomorrow, look out for it.

You're good good friend,


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user posted image

The Reckoning Preview

by Jim Ryker

Well folks NWA's The Reckoning is this weekend and of course I'm Jim Ryker here with a nice preview. But before I start.. What kind of logo is that? I figure the NWA could come up for something better but look at the old Impact logo they were going to use on Fox Sports TV.

My Predictions of the Winners are in BOLD.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Final Stand Match

Ron "The Truth" Killings vs Randy Orton ©

Possibly the greatest World Champ EVER, Randy Orton has dominated the NWATNA ever since the PWC was formed and now with NWATNA becoming one of the top feds we have Randy Orton at the helm with Ron "The Truth" Killings right behind him. And this fued between Orton and Killings is electrifying! I believe if the TNA bookers are smart then they'll do something big. Of course I am not one to spread around rumors but someone tells me that talks are in the works between the NWA:TNA Promotion and one Chris Jericho. He is rumored to show up at Reckoning and cost Killings the match but of course, I don't like spreading around rumors.

NWA:TNA X-Division Championship

Christian vs Victoria ©

Another fued in the NWA:TNA is the NWA Rep John Rodriguez and the X-Division Champ Victoria. And with Christian "representing" him in this match and with the handicap match booked at XPlosion, the odds are against Victoria but we've seen the NWA X-Division's first ladies champ take on all odds since she won the title in August of 2004. And with Steven Richards behind her Victoria is pumped up to face the creepy little bastard Christian.

NWA World Tag Team Championships

Four Way Elimination Dance

The Hardy Boyz vs The Basham Brothers vs Don Harris and Brian Lee vs Dustin Rhodes and Val Venis ©

Definatley one of the most interesting matches of the night. On one hand, you got one of the most talented tag teams of all time, The Hardyz, you got the most experianced, The Basham and you got the oddest, Dustin Rhodes and Val Venis... But what about the Dangerous?! Don Harris and Brian Lee are dangerous. You look up Dangerous in the dictionairy and you see their face right there staring back. Besides did you see what they did to Steven Richards? Anyone who can do that can definatley destroy these 3 teams although it isn't the easiest of tasks.

Grudge Match

Shelton Benjamin vs Hardcore Holly

I have this odd feeling that the masked man is someone right under our noises and his last name rhymes with Way but I can't figure out who the hell this Masked Man is! Anyways I think if Holly sees this masked man he will end up losing focus on this match and go after the man causing a DQ or Count-Out win for Benjamin.

Big, Bad, And Beautiful (w/ Jasmine St. Claire) vs The Dudley Boyz

What's better then Big, Bad and Beautiful? Well Jasmine St. Claire! And when you combine the two.. well you get Triple B and um.. Jasmine St. Claire! Anyways despite the fact Triple B is probably facing the best tag team in the history of wrestling I think Triple B will take out the Dudleyz.

A-66 vs The Samoans

I don't think A-66 can take down the former Tag Champs of the World but anything is possible in wrestling. A-Despite being big, The Samoans are bigger then A-66 but this should be a hell of a match with these 2 Massive Teams.

Well folks, tune in after The Reckoning for my report of it.

Edited by maddog
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Ha! Thanks for that maddog that was pretty entertaining. I'm also aware of how much the logo sucks.

Again, I'm sorry for the delay.

May 22, 2005

Remember all that not being nervous talk? Yeah, I lied. Today has been a wreck. Well, I really can't blame the day. I blame myself. I've been a total wreck from being so nervous about this show. This can really lead to making or breaking TNA. Let's hope we continue taking those baby steps to success.

user posted image

The Reckoning

May 22, 2005

Dallas, Texas

Announcers: Mike Tenay And Jonny Fairplay

Ring Announcer: Howard Finkle

Interviewer: Michael Hayes

Referees: Earl Hebner, Nick Patrick, Jack Doan, and Brian Hebner

"From humble beginnings to an extravaganza like no other..." is heard over the PA and some stills of past NWA Champions and some actions shots are seen then some generic rock music plays to hype up the culmination to this Pay-Per-View. Pyros go off all over the arena and the crowd goes wild as we head on over to Mike Tenay and Jonny Fairplay at the booth.

Tenay: Welcome one and all to NWA:TNA's first ever Pay-Per-View, THE RECKONING! I'm Mike Tenay and as always, with me is Jonny Fairplay. Boy, do we have a packed house here tonight, huh?!

Fairplay: Man, you said it, Mike! Hey, you like my new suit? Nice, eh?

Tenay: It's very appealing, Jonny.

Fairplay: Why, thank you, Mike. I appreciate that coming from a guy like you.

Tenay: Nothing's gonna put me down today, Jonny. Why? Because the action starts now!

A-66 (A-Train and Chuck Palumbo) vs The Samoans (Rikishi and Rosey); Referee: Jack Doan

The second Mike said that, the railroad crossing took its toll across the venue as the boo's began to shower in. The music played and A-66 stepped making sure to take in every boo they could. They took their time getting into the ring and smugged off a lot of the fans interraction. Once they got into the ring they glared at the crowd then pep talked one another until the jungle themed music of The Samoans played. Rikishi and Rosey immediately came out to a nice reaction from the crowd. They actually moved really quickly to the ring and once in began a war of words with A-66.

Apparently, one of the A-66 members said something wrong and The Samoans took offense leading to a long exchange of punches from both teams. Rikishi took care of A-Train by clotheslining him to the outside while Chuck Palumbo threw out Rosey with all his might. However, Palumbo turned around and met the mat back first when Rikishi struck him. This went on a couple of more times until Rikishi was able to post Palumbo in the corner and just continue to rip it through.

Palumbo was able to use his quickness to his advantage when Rikishi was about to slam him with his rump right into the corner by side stepping and then pummeling Rikishi in the corner with some serious fists of fury. A-Train, then, finally made his way to his team's corner which is ironically where Palumbo and Rikishi are stationed. So, A-Train tags in and continues to work on Rikishi with some heavy brawling and suplexes and slams that keep Rikishi solidified to the opposing corner. Palumbo was tagged in to keep the fresh man in and just let Rikishi have it by almost echoing the same offense as A-Train. A smart strategy used here by A-66.

Finally, Rikishi was able to make a comeback when A-Train was tagged back in. A-Train was able to work on Rikishi a bit with fists and forearms until he let the crowd get to him. At this point they were completely on his back (no pun intended... okay maybe a little...) and A-Train had enough. He began to yell at them as Palumbo tried to scream some sense into him. This allowed Rikishi to crawl over to Rosey and make the tag.

Rosey stalked A-Train until A-Train saw that Palumbo was pointing to look behind him. A-Train turned right into a clothesline that caused Palumbo to cringe, but not for long as he was tackled off the apron by a fire-driven Rosey. Rosey pounced on the fallen A-Train and just took it to him with fists and boots. He then rushed A-Train to ropes, whipped him, and came off with a Somoan Drop for a quick two count which A-66 got on ocassion during their long and drawn out punishment of Rikishi. Rosey didn't stop, however, impressing everyone by using whatever stamina he had stored to continue to beat on A-Train with as much power and tenacity as either member of A-66 showed on Rikishi.

Rosey made the unwise move of tagging to a burned out Rikishi, though, which cost him as it gave A-Train the initiative to hit a shoulder block to an already winded Rikishi and allowing him to tag in the fresher Chuck Palumbo. Palumbo immediately began to club the slouched Rikishi and then put the boots to him while he was down. Palumbo mouthed off to Rosey, causing him to get in the ring, but making Doan hold him back and allowing Palumbo to hold Rikishi long enough for A-Train to come in and hit the bicycle kick while clapping his hands to make it seem like he tagged to Palumbo. Doan fell for it and A-Train began to use similar tac-tics to his earlier attemps to beat on Rikishi.

Rikishi was once again able to pull a miracle and break out of the bond that A-Train had him in, literally, when he chopped A-Train's neck during a bear hug attempt. Before landing flat on his face, Rikishi stumbled over to Rosey and made another hot tag which would bring in Rosey to clear the ring of A-66. A-Train rolled back in, but went down more times with more right hands. Rosey used some slams to give him a few close falls.

Ending: A-Train used one trick to get back on the saddle, a well placed low-blow. A-Train tagged out to Palumbo and Palumbo gave him some instructions. The whipped Rosey to a corner and A-Train followed suit with a loud shriek and Stinger-Splash type move into the corner on Rosey. A-Train then shoved Rosey out of the corner straight into a Palumbo Jungle Kick while A-Train shoved Rikishi off the apron giving A-66 the victory. A-66 spit on Rosey to some more heel heat as they made their way to the back leaving Rikishi to come in and attend to the fallen Rosey.

Match Reaction = 58.4%

Match Quality = 62.8%

Overall Rating = 63.7%

Tenay: And A-66 pick up a big victory here against the former NWA World Tag Team Champions! What a start!

Fairplay: You're right and it was very impressive, might I add!

Tenay: I'll give them that, they could be a very fierce tag team very soon.

Rodz And His Troops

We cut to the back where NWA Representative, John Rodriguez, Christian, Don Harris, and Brian Lee are all waiting for A-66. Once they do Rodz and Christian begin to clap while Harris and Lee nod on.

Rodz: THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL! AMAZING! SPECTACULAR! You two handled them so well that I actually have goosebumps! Very fine work gentlemen, but we're not done yet. CHRISTIAN! You're up next, and you are my most important job here, tonight. So, go out there and make me happy like A-66 did, and I'm sure Harris and Lee will.

Rodz smirks and slaps Christian's chest as everyone slaps his back and he rushes off towards the curtain pumped and ready.


Tenay: You heard it here, folks. Christian is ready to go into this match for the TNA X-Division Title. He'll be facing the long lasting champion, Victoria, whom has been an underdog since the first day. Let's look at a little history of the past couple of weeks between these two...

Christian vs Victoria Video

Highlights of the past couple of weeks involving Steven Richards standing up for Victoria, and Victoria fighting her way up the X-Division, and through the recent week against the likes of Christian.


Fairplay: Well, that sound can only mean one thing. It's match time, baby!

NWA:TNA X-Division Championship: Christian vs Victoria ©

The sound Fairplay was speaking of was Christian's music and right when it hit the crowd went wild with jeers. Christian paced slowly to the ring making sure to acknowledge his "fans" by pointing towards the crowd, nodding, and smiling. He finally enters the ring, but continues to play the crowd until Victoria's music played. Victoria came out, still very sore from the past week of punishment she's endured, but determined to defend her title. Once she gets into the ring Christian can't help but smirk.

Christian points at his chin and challenges Victoria to take her best shot. It proves to be bad for Christian when she begins to pound away at his jaw and begins to take him down with fists and kicks. Christian kept trying to recover, but Victoria was relentless in venting her anger and showed how if you hit the right buttons you are going to get her ticked and that's how she's kept the title so long. She dragged Christian around the mat and while she didn't really have the strength in her to constantly lift and drop him due to injuries she held her own pretty well.

Sadly, this vitality just wasn't enough and Christian soon caught on to her actions. She was trying to do what she did at the very beginning, but Christian caught her fist and pulled her down by the hair. This immediately turned the crowd against Christian after being on a hot streak by backing Victoria. Christian looks around angrily, but picks up Victoria and gets to work by slowly picking her apart with suplexes and stomps while she's grounded. As the time ticks away it seems that Victoria has been out for a good half hour. Christian has succeeded in totally destroying Victoria... or has he?

Christian had been cocky all the while he was beating on Victoria. Victoria blindly hit a low blow that caused Christian some massive pain letting Victoria claw away at Christian.

Ending: The comeback was probably the shortest in history as it ended when Victoria tried a clothesline. Christian ducked and used Victoria's hair to his advantage again by pulling her down one more time. Victoria dizzily made her way up and Christian came from behind locking her in a Dragon Sleeper. Victoria slowly fades away and Christian puts the exclamation point by lifting her up and dropping her with a MASSIVE Reverse DDT to get the easy three count and win the title. Christian spit on the fallen Victoria and left with the title while Steven Richards rushed out pushing Christian out of the way and attended to her.

Match Reaction = 69.9%

Match Quality = 69.5%

Overall Rating = 78.0%

Tenay: My God! He just destroyed Victoria! AND WE HAVE A NEW TNA X-DIVISION CHAMPION!

Fairplay: YES! She got what was coming to her! I loved every second of that match.

Tenay: Victoria fought with all her might, but just couldn't win. I hope she's okay, cause it doesn't seem like she can move her neck. In fact, there she goes on a stretcher.

Fairplay: Ha ha! Christian left his mark real good on that one! I LOVE it!

Tenay: Grow a heart, Jonny... Nevertheless, the show must go on and next up we have what is sure to be a powerhouse of a match. Tag action is now!

The Dudley Boyz w/Spike Dudley vs Big, Bad, And Beautiful w/Jasmine St. Claire; Referee: Nick Patrick

The pyro hit and the music followed meaning that Bubba and D-Von came out, but surprisingly they were out with their other half-brother, Spike. As you may recall Spike had a run-in with Triple B while teaming with Alex Wright. The Dudleyz really played to the crowd and got them pumped until the mood changed. A pyro shower came down for a couple of seconds as the old school music began to play and Scott Steiner stepped out posing. Test then stepped out arm and arm with Jasmine and posed as well. They stepped into the ring continuing their normal routine, except the Dudleyz were hungry for fresh meat and immediately attacked from behind to start.

A pier six brawl started this match as at least for a good minute the fight was back and forth in the ring between both fierce teams. Thanks to the initial first shot the Dudleyz got the advantage and they were able to clear the ring of Scott Steiner, leaving D-Von in to work over Test. That he did as he used his brawling skills to his advantage with all sorts of punches and kicks keeping Test winded. He tagged in his half-brother and Bubba continued the streak keeping Test down as much as possible to really wear him out. Test made constant attempts to tag out, but the Dudleyz really held him down much to the crowds delight with various tags to keep the fresh man in. Lots of key moves mainly working the back of Test were used by both men and it pretty much hindered him for the rest of the match.

Miraculously!... Or rather through help from Jasmine, Test was able to tag out to Steiner when Jasmine began to hit on Bubba. Spike was about to make his move, but it was too late and Bubba soon met the mat with a VICIOUS Steiner clothesline. Steiner picked Bubba apart slowly and made the unwise move of throwing him to his own corner after being done with him and begging D-Von to come in.

Like I said, it was one BIG mistake, as D-Von came in HOT and he immediately began to teach Steiner the fundamentals of the tag team after not really being a regular tag team wrestler for YEARS. D-Von looked the best he has in a while using some actual wrestling to wear out Steiner knowing that just brawling won't do the trick.

However, it didn't seem like that would do the trick too much either as Steiner fought back and HARD. Steiner used stiff offense on the former multi-time WWE Tag Team Champion and kept him grounded for a long period of time. Yet again Steiner shoved D-Von to his corner and asked for Bubba to get in.

Once he did the match turned into an even one. It was most definitely the climax as you saw both Bubba and Steiner go fist to fist with neither side showing a small budge in decline. Steiner tried to one-up Bubba witha few slams and suplexes, but for every toss Bubba responded with one of his own.

Ending: Test rushed in after a devastating Bubba Cutter and hit Bubba with the big boot to really knock him out cold. Looking over, you see that the referee was distracted by Jasmine, so Test stayed in while D-Von ran in only to get clotheslined down HARD by a reawakened Scott Steiner. Spike Dudley rolled in and felt the wrathe of another big boot causing Alex Wright to rush from the back and try and beat on Test. Steiner launched Wright out of the ring and chased after him. Test turned around into a 3D! The Dudleyz woke up and finished Test off with the Dudley Death Drop to gain the victory! All the Dudley Brothers celebrated on top of the stage along with Alex Wright as Scott Steiner and Jasmine St. Claire attended to a furious Test.

Match Reaction = 73.6%

Match Quality = 72.6%

Overall Rating = 79.1%

Tenay: Well, color me proud! The Dudley Boyz come up with a great victory here tonight!

Fairplay: NO! NO! Damnit! That's not right! Spike Dudley and Alex Wright both interfered in that match! That is not right at all! I need to cool down and let off some steam!

Tenay: No, Jonny! Don't you dare leave!

Fairplay: I have to, Mike! I am too angry to stay here!

Tenay: You're not going anywhere, Jonny! You're gonna stay here and commentate Benjamin against Holly! That's final!

Fairplay: That's not right, Mike...

Hardcore Holly vs Shelton Benjamin; Referee: Earl Hebner

Hardcore Holly was out first to quite the reaction as I think the fans can't wait for Benjamin to lose. He didn't play the crowd much at all as he only had a fierce look of determination on his face. Following his supposed "hardcore" music, came Benjamin's awesome music as he cockily made his way out in such a way where it seemed like he already had the match won and was pumped at the same time. Benjamin looked over to the announcers' booth and gave a bit of a puzzled look, but quickly turned to face Holly.

Holly bumrushes Benjamin with a Lou Thesz Press that makes Benjamin take a good twenty fists to the face, but Benjamin rolls and compliments Bob with the same thing. It's a very heavy brawl that needs to be broken apart by Hebner several times. There is definitely bad blood brewing here already and over in commentary it seems that Fairplay is getting a little restless.

After some civil order was set, the two decided to lock up, and you just don't lock up with Shelton Benjamin. Holly should know that. Benjamin easily takes over the match after using some great wrestling techniques to hold Bob down from the lock up. He then kept the momentum in his favor for a while with as many suplexes and slams possible to keep Holly grounded. Benjamin also used a few restholds here and there so that Holly could get winded and his brawler tac-tics will be hindered with weakness. Very smart playing by Benjamin.

However, you can't keep an angry man down. Holly was poised to get revenge tonight and began it with his comeback trail. Holly punched, elbowed, and kicked his way out of a headlock then continued the same formula to just whoop Benjamin all over the mat. Surprisingly, Benjamin was able to a come up to take a breath or two, but it was like a never ending torture session that continued at its hardest. It was after Holly hit his former signature move, the Falcon Arrow, that Fairplay completely flipped out at the booth, dropped the headset, and rushed to the back.

Tenay now was flipping out and Benjamin kicked out of the Falcon Arrow causing mayhem to also be in the ring as both men began another war in the ring like at the beginning. Some hard punches were landed and it seemed like Holly busted Shelton open the hard way with a stiff shot to the jaw that caused blood to spew out of Benjamin's mouth. Benjamin is no dummy though as it seemed that he stiffed Holly a bit some also.

Holly missed one of his famous dropkicks and Benjamin replied with one of his own that returned the momentum to his camp. He used his great mat skills to tear into Holly some as now you can visibly see that Benjamin actually popped open Holly as well with what seems to be busted nose. A chopping contest occurs after Holly breaks out of a headlock, but Benjamin hits a one legged enziguiri to keep Holly off his game.

Ending: Benjamin tried to keep Holly grounded as much as possible, but his second win caught up to him and he just burst with energy really delivering blow after blow on Benjamin and the crowd was getting HOT. It seemed another brawl would erupt between the two when all of a sudden the masked man made another appearance, this time tossing a chair at Benjamin when the referee wasn't looking. Holly shoved the referee, took the chair, and BLASTED Benjamin HARD causing the referee to call for the bell to disqualify Holly. The masked man tried to come behind Holly, but Holly turned and swung just missing the masked man by an inch when the man hit the ground rolled out of the ring into the crowd. Benjamin tripped Holly and ran the same way as a steamed Holly began to just completely tear up the ring ropes and turnbuckles with the chair while arguing with Hebner and eventually hitting him with the chair as well. Holly stormed to the back as we cut to Tenay.

Match Reaction = 67.4%

Match Quality = 61.3%

Overall Rating = 66.1%

Tenay: Words cannot describe what just happened here. This match was pure mayhem in and out of the ring. I don't even know where Fairplay rushed out to.. It's just... Wow... What can I say, folks? TNA's first Pay-Per-View has really just been HUGE and we still have two more matches to go so stay seated and--

The Fire Seeks A Victim

Tenay was once again cut off with fire blasting off all four corners. The big screen showed someone with what seems to be a black towel covering a person's, obviously Kane's, head.

Kane: When a man seeks revenge he becomes a monster... But when a monster seeks revenge it's a whole different story... Jeff... Three months... Three months it has been since the deep plunge. Never once did I expect it to end the way it did. When I hit cold stone of the floor I saw red. I had visions of the past and I began to feel RAGE. RAGE, Jeff! Something crawled up in me that made me feel PAIN again. Jeff, I feel sorry for you... I feel sorry that you are going to have to experience what my whole life has been because you've provided it for me... It's not revenge, Jeff... IT'S PURE VENGEANCE! HATEFUL... VENGEANCE!

Pyros go off on all four corners again and the screen is now blank once again as we cut back to Tenay, being joined by Fairplay once again.


Tenay: Uh oh... Looks like Kane has one thing on his mind and Jeff Hardy needs to watch his back... AND WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!

Fairplay: Around...

Tenay: You've been very unprofessional lately, Fairplay. I'm not sure how you still have a job.

Fairplay: You have no idea what you're talking about, Mike! Let's get on to some Tag Team Title Action!

Four Way Tag Team Elimination Dance; NWA World Tag Team Championships: The Basham Brothers (Doug And Danny Basham) vs The Hardy Boyz (Jeff And Matt Hardy) vs The Heavy Hitters ("Heavy D" Don Harris And Brian Lee) vs "Lonestar" Dustin Rhodes and "The Canadian Cowboy" Sean Morley ©; Referee: Nick Patrick

The Bashams came out first looking tough as always and quite cocky as it seems that they are the second favorites to this match from their recent performances. They mouthed off to the crowd a bit that got them to give out some real heat until the Hardy Boyz evened it out with their pumped up entrance and awesome crowd reaction, of course mostly female. Some words were traded between these two as the Hardyz haven't forgotten about The Bashams attacking them. The mood once again changed when Harris and Lee, now introduced as The Heavy Hitters, charged the ring with every right to be determined as they were coming in as the favorites in this match. And last, but not least, the seemingly underdog champs. It seems Val has switched back to his real name, Sean Morley, with a new nickname in the Canadian Cowboy to match that of his tag team partner, "Lonestar" Dustin Rhodes. They came in looking at all the teams and keeping a watchful eyes for cheats so that they can be able to retain without a hitch.

It's a rule that all these matches begin as pure hell, and this match is no exception. Every single person involved picked a man and brawled around the ring with fists and bodies flying everywhere. As time began to wear in the ring began to thin out as the Heavy Hitters began to clear the ring of any person standing.

Elimination 1: It soon ended with only Matt Hardy and Brian Lee in the ring. Brian Lee was quick to try and assault Matt, but he ducked it and began elbowing Lee down to size. Or... try to at least. Lee was hardly harmed by any of them and proceeded to shove Matt to the mat (no pun intended) and began tearing into him with some slow-paced, hard-hitting moves. He tagged out to Heavy D and Harris continued to pick Hardy apart. Hardy did get a small dropkick in and tagged out to Danny Basham, but Basham didn't do much as once he tried an angry Don Harris leveled him with a DEVASTATING clothesline. Harris tossed Danny around the ring with all sorts of slams and bombs just continually picking him apart.

Harris tagged out to Sean Morley and Morley kept the momentum going for himself. Morley began to work over his neck after Harris destroyed it with a huge powerbomb before the tag. He used headlock variations to tweak the neck and used a neckbreaker here and there to make him weak enough to be locked into another submission. Morley tagged to Rhodes and Rhodes continued the same method, but with harder hitting moves like that of Don Harris.

Danny Basham wasn't about to let himself get eliminated that easy, no. He used a nice mule kick to the lower regions to crawl his way to Doug Basham and make the tag. Doug rushed in and used a german suplex on the recovering Rhodes to immediately make an impact. He used some of his great wrestling techniques to keep Rhodes grounded and thus rendering his brawling game useless. Basham moves into a rougher side when he has Rhodes on his knees with clubbing forearms to the back and stomps when he's grounded.

Basham mouthed off to Morley, and Morley tried to get in, but Patrick began to hold him back. This allowed Danny Basham to come in and The Bashams whipped Rhodes, only to have it fail on them with a double clothesline. Each would get up only to be dropped with an uppercut. Rhodes grabbed Danny and tossed him out then turned his attention back to Doug.

However, Doug hit Rhodes with a lowblow much like Danny did. Basham was able to get some quick momentum time here continuing what was keeping Rhodes down before, but it didn't last too long as Rhodes has a powerful second wind and even powerful arms at that.

He tagged out to Jeff Hardy, and Hardy used his vast quickness to dodge the many attempts by Doug to knock him down. He used all sorts of quickpaced punches, kicks, and drops like the bulldog or a neckbreaker to tear into Doug Basham.

However, it soon caught up with Hardy and he found himself eating canvas when a rana turned into a HUGE powerbomb. Basham was now able to use his stronger style as he was now against a smaller opponent. He used some slams and suplexes that only he can perform with such great fluid movement.

Ending: Much to the dismay of Doug, Hardy is able to use the same exact move as Danny with a mule kick to the groin that sends him reeling. Jeff tags out to Matt, who uses one of his rare high flying moves with a bounce off the top rope turning a sunset flip with a bridge that eliminates the Basham Brothers!

Tenay: The second favorites are the first out!

Fairplay: Aww man... It looks like I'm gonna have to go with the Heavy Hitters now...

Elimination 2: With The Bashams out, we have three teams left, and Brian Lee wastes no time in trying to dispose of Matt Hardy when he rushes into the ring and clotheslines Hardy down from behind. He tossed Hardy around like a rag doll and nearly snapped him in half more than once with some massive suplexes and the like. Lee tagged out to Harris and Harris went back to the well continuing where Lee left off. Harris doesn't exactly do much, though. A few slams here and there and then he left it up to Dustin Rhodes to continue it.

Rhodes was able to work Matt over for a bit, but Matt began to fight back and began using a more quick paced style to really take it against the bigger Dustin Rhodes.

The momentum again didn't last too long once again and soon Rhodes and Hardy where evened out completely taking shot after shot at each other. Matt used some quick tac-tics, but Rhodes evened it out with his excellent brawling skills. Soon, all six men are the ring and another huge brawl begins. Jeff Hardy and Sean Morley are left in the ring when suddenly the lights go off.

Tenay: Folks, we're sorry for this. It seems we're having some power troubles in the arena, I'm sure the lights will come on shortly!

Fairplay: Power troubles? If we were having power troubles our headsets wouldn't work...

Tenay: Wait... That must mean that someone has turned off the lights. Don't worry, folks, we're going to get to the bottom of this!

Ending: After a good minute with the lights off and some thumping sounds in the ring being heard, pyro blasts from all four corners and the lights come on immediately with the image of a fallen Sean Morley pinning an unconscious Jeff Hardy. Nick Patrick saw this and immediately made the count to eliminate The Hardy Boyz.

Tenay: What the hell?! The Hardy Boyz are eliminated! Someone must've attacked Morley and Hardy while the lights were off!

Fairplay: And Captain Obvious strikes again!

Final Elimination: And now the final two teams are left. Rhodes quickly rolled out Morley and slid in for him as Don Harris stepped in. The two men came nose to nose and began to run down each other with words. Rhodes must've pulled the trigger cause Harris immediately struck him with a slap in which Rhodes promptly replied to exactly the same way. This led to stand off between both men to see who goes down with fists of fury.

It looks like it'll be Dustin Rhodes who takes the first plunge when Harris hits a knee to the gut and a double axe handle to the back breaking the chain of right hands. Harris stomps Rhodes a bit, picks him up, and tosses him right into the turnbuckle post. Harris strays away from rough tac-tics and amazes everyone when he starts working on Rhodes' right arm. He uses a standing armbar variation to stretch the arm and try and pull it out of the socket. Harris keeps wrenching at it and eventually tags to Brian Lee, who clubs the arm and continues to pick at it. A few slams onto the arm here and there and Lee begins to abuse Morley verbally. Morley makes an attempt to get in, but is stopped by Patrick. This allows Lee to stretch Rhodes' arm across the rope and Harris to start dismantling it with forearms. The punishment ended when Nick Patrick turned around and Brian Lee decided to tag out to Don Harris.

Harris yelled at Morley as well, except this time, Morley was able to get into the ring and knocked down Harris with a clothesline. He elbowed Lee off the apron and just went crazy on Don Harris with right hands until Nick Patrick shoved Morley back to his corner. Harris continues to argue with Morley, but that proved to be a mistake when Rhodes was up and began attacking him with lefts. It was obvious that his left arm was immobile as he kept it bent the whole time and tried as many possible moves that didn't need the use of his right arm before eventually tagging in Sean Morley. Morley was like a fireball in that ring. He moved around quicker than anyone had seen him since his fresher days as Val Venis. Lee even tried to make a run-in, but Morley was too fast for him and he quickly found his way to the outside.

It was at about this time that Harris came from his fallen state and just beheaded Morley with a sick clothesline. Harris used his massive size and strength advantage to his... well.. advantage as he completely turned the momentum one-eighty to his favor. He got a bit cocky, though, and that was his downfall.

Ending: Morley was able to shoulderblock Harris and Lee tried to get in, but Nick Patrick began to hold him back. Rhodes came in and hit a short arm clothesline on Don Harris completely destroying his right arm in the process. This allowed Morley to climb to the top and leap off with the Money Shot. Patrick turned around and was able to make the count as once Lee tried to make the save, Rhodes elbowed him with his left arm to keep him down. Rhodes and Morley retain the titles!

Match Reaction = 71.1%

Match Quality = 53.2%

Overall Rating = 27.9% (don't ask)

Tenay: They retain! They retain the titles!

Fairplay: Nooo! How can the underdogs win again?! This just keeps getting worse doesn't it?

Tenay: Not quite, as we have one last match to get to which I assure you has TONS of action in it. The Final Stand Match is up next, but first...

A video package plays hyping up next month's event, FORSAKEN.

Tenay: That's right, folks! This is NOT a one time thing! Next month, NWA:TNA will be in your house on Pay-Per-View once again with Forsaken!

Fairplay: Can't go wrong with more Jonny Fairplay in your life.

Tenay: We'll have to see about that... Anyway, let's get ready for the Final Stand!

The Final Stand

A video package with some dramatic music plays highlighting the moments leading up to the final confrontation between Killings/Orton at The Reckoning starting when Orton first won the title and ending with Orton standing over a fallen Killings with the title raised high.


Tenay: This is what Total Non-Stop Action is made of, Jonny!

Fairplay: I don't doubt that, Tenay. And I'm in better spirits because Orton is most definitely retaining.

Tenay: I don't know, Jonny. You've been kind of off on your predictions.

Fairplay: You just watch and see, Mike. Just watch and see...

Final Stand Match; NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Ron "The Truth" Killings vs Randy Orton ©; Referee: Earl Hebner

The "kickin' beats yo" from The Truth's "pimpin'" theme song hits and Ron Killings starts "groovin'" his way down the ramp playing to the crowd while still keeping a serious look on his face to keep focused on the match. The crowd is pretty much in a frenzy at the moment which in then turns really ugly when the awesome music of Randy Orton plays. He has a smug look, but doesn't even play the crowd. He just focuses directly on Ron Killings. The second he steps into the ring he takes off his strap and immediately gets in The Truth's face.

After a heated argument a brawl spills to the outside of the ring. The two just keep going at it with Earl having no choice but to let it happen since it really is no holds barred. Fist after fist you can see the hate and hurt in both men's faces just growing larger and larger.

Orton went for the mid-section and knee'd Killings in the gut then sent him flying backfirst into the rail. Orton, being the excellent pugilist that he is, begins to pound away with fists while Killings is detained on the rail and finishes him off by lifting him in a military press and dropping him neck first onto the rail. Orton screams out in fury, but doesn't digress from his job and continues to boot away angrily at the throat-clenching Ron Killings. Orton picks him up by the dreads and blasts his head onto the canvas of the ring. He picks him up once again and tosses him onto the ramp while Killings tries to crawl up. Orton just continues to stomp away endlessly and once they make it onto the stage, Orton begins raking Killings all over the set. And it seems like Killings is already popped open! Just a few minutes into the match and Killings is already bleeding! Now, it's time to make their way back down, so Orton takes the shortcut by dropkicking Killings off the stage onto the concrete floor. It may not be a big drop, but it HURTS.

Orton now takes his time to go down the ramp and gloat to the fans angrily about how he's already got Killings out for the count. Once he reaches the fallen ex-champ he picks him up once again by the hair and tries to make his way to the ring with him, but Killings begins pounding away at Orton's mid-section. Killings breaks away from Orton's grip and hits him with a few right hands. He grabs the back of Orton's head and slams it onto the ramp then follows it up with a suplex to the floor. Killings takes his turn in stomping away at Orton and then works his way back to the ring smashing Orton into anything he sees including tossing him at all four ring posts. Killings knocked Orton against the steps which gave him an opening to being the first to get a weapon by taking a chair from ringside.

Killings asked the crowd if he should use it and the answer was, of course, an overwhelming approval. Killings waited for Orton to get up and once he did he took a swing that hit HARD... hit the ring post that is. Orton ducked and came from behind with a neckbreaker to capitalize on the momentary distraction. Orton takes the chair and swings down, but misses when Killings rolls out of the way and Orton finds himself falling to the mat when Killings spears him HARD. Another brawl between the two commences on the floor as it looks like this match will end up just like the Holly/Benjamin match.

Once in the ring the real wrestling finally begins well into the match when Killings gets the momentum back in his favor. He used some great quick techniques to wear out the stronger Randy Orton, but didn't use anything too exhausting as the loss of blood has already taken quite a toll on him. He used wrestling techniques that you wouldn't find in a regular Killings match and it shows that he has more dimensions than expected.

Of course, you can't expect to keep the stronger man in a vice for a long time, so Orton soon was able to reverse a headlock with some elbows to the gut and regain the momentum with sheer aggressiveness. You could tell that Orton was ready, willing, and able to end this one here tonight in a huge showdown as the determined look on his face never left and he was wrestling like he never wrestled before. Every suplex and slam here was well-placed.

Soon, both men were tired and winded and just kept on giving each other as much punishment as possible. The match evened out a bit after Orton tried a piledriver attempt and an exhausted Ron Killings desperately flipped him back.

Killings took a bit of the initiative here and crawled to the outside throwing in a 2x4 and a trash can. Killings rolled back in and Orton had the chair in hand! Orton swung down, but in what seemed to be a dramatic scene only seen in movies, Killings blocked it with the 2x4 and knocked Orton down when he crashed it right into the side of Orton's right knee. He swung again and this time slammed it right on the ribs of Orton immediately causing him to cough up some blood and Tenay had no choice but to drop the internal bleeding line. Killings then took the chair and SMASHED a groggy Randy Orton with it across the head causing a huge laceration on his forehead.

Ending: Soon thereafter, Killings collapsed under his own weight and a grin came across Orton's face as he seemed to be setting something up with the trash can. He placed it near the turnbuckle, grabbed Killings, who tried to fight back, but ended up eating canvas after another knee to the gut. He picked up Killings and slammed him on the turnbuckle. After hitting him with some right hands he sat him on the top turnbuckle and groggily climbed up. Orton pointed at the sky and flew forward hitting a top rope RKO making sure Killings landed directly on the trash can. However, Orton's head hit the can as well! And now it was a race to get up! At the count of five no man moved. At the count of seven Orton was on his way up. And by the count of nine Orton had made it to his feet as now he was bleeding from the back of his head, but he didn't care... He won the match! Orton retained the title! Orton looked over to Ron Killings, who still hadn't moved a finger, and sneered. He grabbed the belt from Earl Hebner's clutches and raised it high before seconds later cringing in pain from the 2x4 shot. Orton spit on the fallen Killings causing some huge heat on him all the way to the back with what is sure to be a pretty lackluster celebration.

Match Reaction = 75.2%

Match Quality = 82.4%

Overall Rating = 38.0%(don't ask again)

Tenay: Good God, Jonny... What a match!

Fairplay: I told you, Tenay! I told you! But I do have a new found respect for Ron Killings, even if he can't leave without assitance.

Tenay: Well, folks. This was about the ending we expected as the apparent better man came out on top and it was definitely a gorefest... For Jonny Fairplay, I'm Mike Tenay, see you on Danger Zone...

The show fades off the air with the last shots of Ron Killings being attended to by medical personnel.

Show Overall Rating: 55.2%

Buys: 261,645 buys (0.59 buyrate)

Attendance: 40,131

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Backstage News From The Reckoning

-- Everyone backstage was pleased with the show as far as I could tell and there was an excellent afterparty held in TNA's honor. Randy Orton was celebrated for his greatest performance ever and many nay-sayers of his title reign(s) have taken a complete turn of opinion on him.

-- On the injury front, four men left with stitches from the clinic in the arena that night. While Orton and Killings had cuts in all the right places, Holly and Benjamin were never meant to bleed. It is believed both men cut each other open the hardway.

-- Speaking of Benjamin/Holly, I have been asked a few times if there is any real heat between the two. What I could tell you is that last night at the show the two had a bit of an argument after their match concerning the blood. However, it is said that they worked things out and the two seem to have some mutual respect for each other. The feud is still currently set to continue into Forsaken.

-- The reasoning behind Sean Morley's name change was that new head booker and current "NWA Representative", John Rodriguez, suggested that the Tag Team Champions should be able to relate to each other as much as possible and Morley agreed. The change will finally put to rest the tired Val Venis gimmick.

-- Forsaken is set to take place on June 18th in Los Angeles, California. No other news is known.

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Thanks for the kind words maddog.

user posted image

The Reckoning was a huge show that really made a landmark for TNA. Now, it's time to continue what got TNA here in the first place with DANGER ZONE.

Randy Orton disposed of Ron Killings two nights ago. Doctors says The Truth will be out for about a week meaning he'll be missing tonight and Xplosion. Orton succeeded in what he came to do and is still NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Can anyone topple him?! NWA Rep, John Rodriguez, will have something to say about that tonight.

Speaking of which, he'll also have an announcement about the TNA X-Division Title that was won by

Christian two nights ago. Victoria is also out for an undisclosed amount of time and word is that Steven Richards is not at all happy with the outcome. We'll see what all the fuss is about.

And it may be hard to believe, but only one match has been set for

Danger Zone and that is A-66 against Spike Dudley and Alex Wright. This is said to be punishment in the sense that Rodriguez is blaming Spike and Wright for the lose of Triple B last night.

All this and more on

Danger Zone LIVE! from Tucson, Arizona!

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