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*POSSIBLE SPOILERS*Metal Gear Solid 3 question.


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Alright, so I was just wondering since Hideo has a history of adding stuff in a game that wasn't reported, if there was anything really big changed from what we believed prior to release. IE. the general public knew nothing of the whole Plant portion of MGS2 prior to its release.

Please, no major spoilers.

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PSW magazine have reviewed an English language version and gave it a 9/10.

There's a sub fun game that includes monkeys from Ape Escape.

Also, believe it or not, eating and hunting animals is actually FUN ane enjoyable!

Oh and it's not that short either!

The forest isn't free roam, it's still a series of "rooms" but they're all much bigger than even the largest rooms in MGS2...

So erm...

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