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Extreme Championship Wrestling

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I do this diary at .400. After being banned from EWB III, I could no longer do it there. This was originally an EWR diary. I've semi-started over on TEW, but kept the continuing storylines and champions, trying to make it accurate.

If EWB IV has the same problems (mod-wise) as EWB III, you won't see me here long, nor will you see this diary for long. And for those wondering - .400 is not the EWB reject group. I was at .400 long before I started coming to EWB.

Here is the link to the already-started diary. I'm not going to spend the time posting countless posts. While it boasts 7 pages, only two shows have been written.

If you don't feel like reading through those, then perhaps I can summarize it shortly...

Adam Rockler has come back into town after leaving ECW (on EWR). Paul Heyman is skeptical, but allows him to be ECW's head booker anyway. Paul constantly threatens Rockler to get the company up to tip-top shape, or Rockler is fired.

Cactus Jack, Raven, and the Undertaker are all in hot pursuit of the coveted ECW World Heavyweight Championship, held by Mr. Monday Night - Rob Van Dam. Cactus Jack has just returned from an injury that sidelined him for nearly 6 months. Raven has been after the title for a month now (from EWR), while the Undertaker has demanded Adam Rockler book him as the top man. With all these guys around RVD, the odds are against RVD having a long second reign as Champion.

AJ Styles has yet to find a program as ECW's Television Champion. After beating 8-month champion Rhyno (EWR days), AJ has defended against random competitors. On the 5/17 edition of ECW: Deep Impact, Styles will defend against Raven, who sees fit to hold at least one article of gold in ECW.

Raven's not alone in his quest for gold. His three goons - Raven's Flock (Stevie Richards, CM Punk, and Trent Acid) - are the most vicious threat to any ECW competitor. Punk and Acid are on top of Tag Team Mountain, defending against North America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris and Edge), and also AMW by themselves. However, since James Storm's arrival into ECW, we have yet to see the three men team up. But, the trio of North America's Most Wanted together may indeed find action someday against the Flock.

Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit have been feuding in recent weeks. With a Pure Wrestling Match opening ECW back up on May 3, and a mystery tag match last week, these two men are all but stable. Shawn had feuded with RVD during the summer (EWR), and can never challenge Van Dam for his title again. During the 3-month feud, Shawn couldn't capitalize on a title victory. Benoit has yet to pick up any ECW gold.

Kane and RVD feuded as well. Kane was successful in his attempt to rid RVD of the title. Two months later, RVD was able to capture it back for his second win. RVD's total months of champion now climbs to six. Kane has yet to find a suitable person to feud with.

That's about it for the major players in ECW. If you read the original roster in the link provided, the Amazing Red decided to leave us for Millennium Wrestling. If you didn't open the thread by now, I'd suggest getting familiar with the wrestlers and promotions.

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I'm aware of that. However, a diary to me is all about fantasy. I did have a pretty original roster when I started this way back on EWR (diary started nearly 5 or 6 months ago realtime). Over time, I've grown. If you don't like it, it's your choice. I would really urge anyone to stay until my 5/17 show. Card announce on page 6 of the thread listed in my first post.

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Guest Reaperstang

Post the card on here and also you shouldn't use WWE copyrighted names like Undertaker. Kane could be spelled a different way and change up his character some. Cuz those names are copyrighted by the WWE.

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I suppose I should explain this as well...

There was an antitrust scenario on RaveX for EWR. The story says World Wrestling Entertainment was forced to cease operations for running a wrestling monopoly in the US. ECW and WCW were able to come out of this, along with several promotions.

I think I may go ahead and start posting all the mandatory info and shows from the .400 thread. Some of you don't seem to be checking. <_<.

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user posted image

The rain pours down on the first day of May, 2004. A man walks in clad in a trenchcoat, and oddly enough, sunglasses. He walks past the main desk, and heads up the elevator…

Woman: “Sir, you have a visitor.”

Paul Heyman: “Send him in…”

Adam Rockler opens the door, and shakes hands with Paul. Paul has a look of confusion, and shock, on his face.

Heyman: “And just where have you been for the past several months? Do you realize the hell you’ve put me through? Listen, Bock, I hired you for a reason. That reason wasn’t to work a few months, then leave us high and dry!”

Adam: “Well, sir, I-“

“Just don’t talk…don’t even talk. You’re lucky I don’t fire your ass right now. Do you realize how tough the past few months have been? I mean, while you’ve been…wherever…I’ve been booking the hottest feuds ECW has ever seen. And it was all no thanks to you!”

“Mr. Heyman, I do apologize for that. Some things came up…”

“Just shut up. I’m letting you stay, because I do like you, and think you could be valuable here. But there will be no ‘next time.’ Am I clear?"

“Yes, sir.”

“All right. Get working on Deep Impact; I better see a good-quality show. We’ll meet on Tuesday afternoon to talk about where you and I are taking this company.”

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user posted image

Company Info - Extreme Championship Wrestling

ECW Roster – As of May 1, 2004

AJ Styles


Bubba Ray Dudley

Cactus Jack

Chris Benoit

Chris Harris

CM Punk

D’Lo Brown


Eric Bischoff

James Storm

Jerry Lynn

Justin Credible


Lance Storm

Little Guido

Paul Heyman



Rob Van Dam


Shawn Michaels

Steve Austin

Steve Corino

Stevie Richards

The Amazing Red (left for Millennium Wrestling)

The Sandman

The Undertaker

Trent Acid


ECW World Heavyweight Champion (83.2%) = Rob Van Dam

ECW Television Champion (79.4%) = AJ Styles

ECW World Tag Team Champions (74.6%) = The Flock (CM Punk & Trent Acid)


Raven’s Flock – Raven (Leader), CM Punk, Trent Acid, Stevie Richards

Television Deals

Extreme Championship Wrestling has a TV deal with SpikeTV for two hours every Monday night, airing its flagship show, “Deep Impact.”

Pay-Per-View Events – No Announced Dates

January – No Scheduled Event

February – CyberSlam

March – Living Dangerously

April – Barely Legal

May – Hardcore Heaven

June – Nightmare

July – Time To Rise

August – HeatWave

September – Anarchy Rulz

October – Hell or Win

November – November to Remember

December – Massacre on 34th Street


No sponsors have yet signed with Extreme Championship Wrestling.

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<span style='font-family:arial'>In October 2002, Vince McMahon was brought under charges of holding an antitrust of professional wrestling, and was put on trial in federal court. The trial lasted a week before McMahon and his WWE was ordered to cease operations, and relinquish all of its videos and copyrights, among other things. The only things Vince McMahon owns now are the WWE-produced tapes. All of Vince McMahon’s collection of wrestling has dissipated. All wrestlers were removed from a payroll, and named “free agents.” After nearly a year, new promotions had formed and have become the staple of North American professional wrestling today. Several larger companies have purchased their old tape collections back, and have signed former talent.


Extreme Championship Wrestling – ECW started out in the 1980s as Eastern Championship Wrestling, a tributary of the giant National Wrestling Alliance. However, ECW split from the NWA in the 90s, as Paul Heyman became the owner. They built their reputation on its hardcore nature and brutal style. However, in 2001, they filed for bankruptcy, and its tape collection was sold to World Wrestling Entertainment. However, after the WWE Antitrust case in 2002, ECW slowly began to reform and have built themselves as one of the leading promotions in the country today behind MW and WCW.

Millennium Wrestling – This federation was formed prior to the Antitrust case, and was given immediate credibility when Ted Turner was announced as the owner of the company. They were one of the first companies to come out after the trial, and formed a solid promotion with several former WWE superstars.

World Championship Wrestling – Stephanie McMahon had purchased the rights to WCW following the Antitrust case of 2002; there was a legal loophole here. Steph’s good rapport with the former WWE talent was a major plus, and Steph signed several WWE stars, including her husband, Triple H.

National Wrestling Alliance – Wrestling’s oldest and most respected company, the NWA decided to consolidate its tributaries into the NWA alone. Most of the more independent NWA federations’ athletes were left in the dust, as mostly the talent from the former TNA was signed to the NWA. Jerry Jarrett has total ownership of the entire National Wrestling Alliance.

Ohio Valley Wrestling – OVW is not currently owned by anyone, and just run by its higher-ups and upper level wrestlers. The former WWE development territory was given a bit of a push after being associated with the WWE for several years. It now has its chance to shine, and won’t just be the WWE’s backyard any longer.

Ring of Honor – One of the United States’ top indy federations, RoH is proving itself against the likes of ECW and the NWA. RoH has been said to have the best indy workers in all of North America.

United States Wrestling Association – The federation that was formerly owned by Jerry Lawler is now back, and is trying to knock down its larger counterpart, the NWA.

Extreme Warfare Wrestling* – Many fans of Adam Ryland’s hit wrestling sim created this as a fun backyard fed, until it exploded onto the wrestling scene. EWW is now nearly as popular as Paul Heyman’s ECW.

Xtreme Pro Wrestling – Originally raided for assets in 2003, the fed was able to re-open once again after Rob Black sold the rights to a higher source, who has yet to be named.

Squared Circle Wrestling – SCW is a popular Canadian federation that is gaining a lot of popularity there.

New Japan Pro Wrestling* - This is one of Japan’s premier federations, and features the best Japanese wrestlers around. It occasionally offers jobs to some US and Canadian indy workers.

Hollyweird Grappling Company – HGC was a fed generated from the increase in money to the wrestling business, and is a backyard federation based in California.

World Xtreme Wrestling – This federation hasn’t been around awhile to make a name for itself, and is still awaiting a roster and owner.

Federation de Lutte Internationale – Formed in 1938, this promotion out of Canada now features North American indy wrestlers, some of the brightest talents today. It hopes to take out ECW.


*NJPW (Japan) or EWW (United Kingdom) will not be active in my game, as I will only utilize North America. (Slow system)

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May 2, 2004

11:27 AM

ECW Headquarters – Philadelphia, PA

Adam Rockler walks up the second floor of the building, where Paul Heyman’s office is located. Rockler was told if he didn’t have plans for ECW in this meeting, he would be fired…

Rockler: “Good morning, Mr. Heyman.”

Heyman: “Let’s calm down. I was out till 5 AM last night with AJ and Rob.”

“Whoa…rough night?”

“Yeah. Anyway, what was this meeting about?”

“Well, you wanted me to come in with some plans for the federation, and that I’ve done.”


“I’ve come up with plans for many of our top talent, including Raven, RVD, AJ Styles, Chris Benoit, and Rhyno. On top of that, I have plans for a monumental match-up to take place later this year.”

”I see you’re being vague, Mr. Rockler.”

“Not so fast…”

Rockler leans over to shut the door of Paul Heyman’s office.

After nearly 30 minutes, the door opens. Heyman is radiating glee, and he shakes hand with Rockler.

“My God, Adam, I had no clue you had it in you! You’ve got your job…YOU’RE STAYING! Oh, and don’t forget, our first show is coming up soon!”

Adam Rockler picks up his briefcase, scratches his goatee, smiles, and leaves the office of Paul Heyman.

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First Staff Meeting - Monday Morning

May 3, 2004

Well, the weekend was busy, trying to figure out what I was going to do with the first Deep Impact. I hadn't stuck around for most of the last few months, but I figured I should come back now. Going into this meeting, I think that the talent are going to be fairly upset, and am not sure how they're going to react to my return. Paul's kept it a secret up until now, so it should be interesting...

Paul Heyman: "Fellow ECW talent, normally these staff meetings don't come together too much, but this morning, there is a special reason. Folks, I want you all to welcome back into the ECW family...Adam Rockler!"

I walk through a side door, and get a lot of cold stares from the talent pool. I try not to waste time, and get my speech ready.

"Hello to you sitting in your chairs. For those of you who may not know me, my name is Adam Rockler, and I am the new head booker of ECW. I used to be around -"

Scott Levy, aka Raven, cuts me off.

Scott: "Rockler...why the absence?"

"Well, Scott, I had some things going on-"

"Don't feed us that. You walked out on the entire ECW locker room. You spat on my face, you spat on Van Dam's face, you spat on Heyman...you spat on every ECW employee. Honestly, Rockler, that's not the way to conduct business."

I had started to feel intimidated by now, and then Mark Calloway stood up in the back.

Mark: "Listen up, kid...I may not have the best presence on TV anymore, but I damn sure have a place in the back. I've payed my dues in this business, just like every other one of these people here. Kid, you haven't payed sh!t, but I'm gonna make damn sure you do."

"Hey! Guys! Whether you like it or not, this is the man running the show from now on! And if you don't like it, there's going to be some severe consequences! Rockler's got some bright ideas for this company. And I've given him all writing power, so he could either make you guys...or break you. You pick. Rockler, let's go for lunch. As for the rest of you...shape up before the show, or prepare to suffer the consequences."

Paul and I left. I, of course, was scared out of my mind. And besides that, I hadn't even given my speech. I wanted to inform these guys of what was going down tonight at Deep Impact. But they won't know until before going out and doing what they're booked to do. And by the looks of things, I doubt they even care...because I'm the new guy.

Over lunch, Paul assured me this was a welcoming routine for every new guy, except I had a bigger position, and more heat against me. For one, I was young. Second, I'd abandoned this guys before. We were hours away from the show, and from where I was standing, it was me vs. the ECW talent pool. Come to think of it, that could make for one brutal handicap match...

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user posted image

Credit to SpanishFly of .400SS for the image!


Live on SpikeTV!


Michael Cole: “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Michael Cole. Unfortunately, Joey Styles is under the weather tonight and will not be sitting here.”

Paul Heyman: “And I’m Paul Heyman, owner of ECW. Cole, I don’t want to sit by your stupid ass for 2 hours, but it seems I must. I think next week I’ll stick Eric Bischoff next to you if Joey’s not feeling better.”

Cole: “Be that as it may, tonight, we have a stacked card for you, ladies and gentlemen. In ECW’s first event, we’ve got a match for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship and the ECW Television Championship. Also here tonight…”

Rob Van Dam’s music hits. He struts to the ring carrying his coveted World title, and grabs the mic...

RVD: “You know, there’s a lot of talk in the back about how RVD doesn’t deserve to be World Champion. But the fact of the matter is…”

Darkness strikes the arena. Eerie music plays. The only images of Van Dam are the camera flashes from the crowd. Finally, fire strikes the entrance way, and a burning symbol of the Undertaker is seen. RVD scrambles around in the ring, then finally high-tails it through the crowd.

Cole: “Well Paul, we saw these cryptic messages months ago when the Undertaker debuted here in ECW. I just can’t imagine why he’s doing this again.”

Heyman: “I don’t know Michael. All I know is the RVD shouldn’t be representing MY company as the Champion!”

Singles Match: Rhyno vs. AJ Styles © - ECW Television Championship

AJ and Rhyno started off the match with some heavy-hitting action. Rhyno tried several cheap tactics during the course of the match, having AJ nearly beat on a few occasions. In the end however, Styles was able to sneak out a Styles Clash on the former 8-month TV champion! After the match, Rhyno got up and stared at AJ. AJ offered a handshake, but Rhyno left the ring. AJ remained to celebrate his victory.

Winner: AJ Styles, retaining the ECW Television title.

Overall: 61.7%

Cole: “What a match!”

Raven’s Flock were backstage. All of them said that they were wrestling’s premier stable, and that they were unstoppable in ECW. Tonight, the Tag Champions would prove it in a non-title match with America’s Most Wanted.

Rating: 74.5%

Tag Team Match: America’s Most Wanted vs. The Flock (non-title)

Arguably the two most innovative teams in North America today, these 4 men never ceased to amaze the crowd in their effort to beat each other senseless. AMW nearly had the match won with the Death Sentence on CM Punk, but Trent Acid, who’d escaped from the ring moments before, re-emerged with a steel chair! Trent proceeded to knock out both members of AMW, who had won the match by DQ. However, AMW wasn’t about to be finished off yet. Raven and Stevie Richards entered through the crowd. All four members of Raven’s Flock proceeded to destroy James Storm and Chris Harris. The champs eventually took their titles, then the whole flock left ringside.

Winners: America’s Most Wanted, by disqualification.

Overall: 62.7%

Cole: “My God, Paul! I can’t believe you allow this kind of stuff to go down here!”

Heyman: “It’s my company, Cole. When you run your own company, we’ll see how you run it.”


D’Lo Brown and Little Guido are seen in the ring after the break. Steve Corino and Edge follow. Paul Heyman stands up at the announce table.

Heyman: “Ladies and gentlemen…tonight’s Gauntlet match has a special stipulation. Tonight, whoever wins this match, will choose a partner. These two will go on to next week to face The Flock for the ECW World Tag Team Titles!”

Four-Way Gauntlet Match: D’Lo Brown vs. Steve Corino vs. Little Guido vs. Edge

This match had some off-the-hook spots. All four men were involved in a giant towering suplex. First eliminated was D’Lo Brown, after Steve Corino pinned him after the Old-School Expulsion. Next eliminated was Little Guido, after Edge delivered a thunderous spear off the shoulders of Steve Corino. Corino and Edge then proceeded to battle it out for several more minutes. In the end, however, Corino nailed another Old-School Expulsion to get the tag title shot next week.”

Winner: Steve Corino, after eliminating 3 other men.

Overall: 58.8%

Corino grabs the mic, and says that next week, his partner will be none other than…Little Guido!

Cole: “Wow, Paul, Little Guido gets a shot despite being eliminated!”

Heyman: “That’s because despite both men’s backgrounds, they can team up as a good tag team. I look forward to next week’s match, but I don’t think AMW learned their lesson from tonight. Those idiots will be back next week.”


Shawn Michaels is interviewed by Michael Cole near the announce booth. Shawn basically says the Chris Benoit is a pile of garbage, and that he can’t out-wrestle him.

Rating: 52.7%

Pure Wrestling Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit

This match wasn’t allowed to be able to end by a DQ or some other illegality. Instead, Benoit and Michaels put on a 20-minute clinic. Benoit had Michaels locked in a Crossface. The bell rang, and then Michaels tapped. Benoit believed he had won. Instead, the ring announcer announced that the 20-minute time limit had expired, and the match was a draw!

Winner: DRAW after a 20-minute time limit.

Overall: 48.9%

Cole: “I think every time these two hook up, the match is a totally different one each time.”

Heyman: “I can’t believe Michaels would tap to the Crossface. It’s such a simple move, Cole.”

Kane’s pyro blasts through the arena, as we’re apparently ready for our next match.

Singles Match: Kane vs. Bubba Ray Dudley

Kane and Bubba pounded away on each other for nearly 10 minutes. In the end, Kane put Bubba away with the Chokeslam.

Overall: 57.1%


Heyman: “Finally, folks, we’ve come to the main event of the night. This should be amazing, eh Cole?”

Cole: “I guess, Paul. As long as it’s not another Flock beatdown.”

Street Fight: Raven vs. Rob Van Dam © - ECW World Heavyweight Championship

Raven and RVD fought all over the building throughout the match, with blood spilling from both men. RVD attempted a frog splash from the second tier of the building, but Raven rolled off the stack/pile of tables set up. RVD crashed through them, but kicked out of a pin attempt by Raven. Raven then went for the Raven Effect, but RVD countered out of it, and nailed an enziguri on Raven. RVD hopped up on a guardrail, and leaped off, executing a Five Star Frog Splash! RVD is awarded his title, and stands victorious.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Overall: 59.2%

Cole: “What a slobberknocker, in the words of my former broadcast colleague.”

Heyman: “That’s right. I can’t believe the Flock didn’t show up to aid their leader!”

Cole: “Well, with that said, I’m Michael Cole…good night!”

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ECW Headquarters

Philadelphia, PA

May 4, 2005 - 9:30 AM

Adam Rockler enters Paul Heyman’s office.

I had a fear of nervousness this morning. Of course, I was confident in my booking last night, and believed I kicked off our federation with a bang. Paul would evaluate my work within the next few minutes. Either I had a job, or I was heading to the unemployment office in a few hours.

Rockler: “Good morning, Mr. Heyman."

Heyman: “Good morning to you, Mr. Rockler. I called you here this morning, of course, to inform you of your job position. Last night was our first show since December at Massacre on 34th Street.”

“I’m aware of that, sir.”

“After that show, we took a 4-month hiatus. People were expecting big things. Maybe a title change, maybe a heel or face turn, or an incredible match.”

I sat in my chair. This conversation was headed downhill…fast.

“There were no title changes, nor a disposition switch. The crowd seemed dead during a lot of the matches. But you know what, Rockler? I like your style. With time, ECW will go to new heights. I’m putting my faith in you for this. Now Rockler…tell me what you’ve got going.”

I was caught off-guard, and then revealed my plans to Paul E.

“Well, Paul, I’m going to go ahead with a feud between Scott and Rob. Both work well together, and always get the fans involved. The Raven character keeps people guessing, and RVD can always get the crowd into whatever he does. I really think a feud revolving around the title would be beneficial to everyone involved. I also am going fo-”

The door opened, and the giant Mark Callaway entered the room. He looked down at me in my chair. I think anybody would be scared of the Phenom if he were giving you the look he gave me. Deciding I wouldn’t take his crap again after yesterday’s meeting, I spoke first at the intimidating figure.

“Watcha need, Mark?”

Callaway: “Listen up, Rockler. I damn well better have some good creative plans set up for me. Last night with RVD was a good hype, but I want in line for a title shot.

“Actually, Mark, don’t let your ego get the best of you. I want a feud between Scott and Rob for the title.”

“I’m just putting it out there. I want in line soon enough.”

Before I could speak, Heyman stepped in.

“All right, gentlemen. That’s all I wanted to hear today. Thank you for coming.”

The man known worldwide as the Undertaker glared at me, then Paul, and then left. I looked at Paul, and he just shrugged. I proceeded to grab my briefcase and leave.

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ECW Newswire

May 7, 2004

-All the official ratings are in for ECW's first-ever Deep Impact. We received a 56.7% for the overall content of the show, and 96,555 viewers tuned in to see it.

-It appears Paul Heyman has begun making new friends. He and AJ Styles are on good terms as of late, and are becoming quite the backstage pair of buds.

-Over the past few days, the Amazing Red was given a plethora of options for his future. RoH at one point was his top priority, and now it seems to be Millennium Wrestling. Red has left ECW in pursuit of MW. We here at ECW wish him the best of luck.

-Little Guido, however, will not be going anywhere. Guido re-signed with the company earlier this week.


Adam Rockler's Home

May 7, 2004

8:43 PM

I was sitting in my chair, flipping through the channels. The phone rang, and I reached over and picked it up.

Rockler: "Hello?"

Man: "Adam, it's Paul Heyman."


"How the hell did you lose the Amazing Red to MW?!"

"I offered him a contract to stay. He wasn't under anything in writing, so I couldn't force him to stay."

"Well did you offer him any benefits?"

"No. As a matter of fact, MW was never in the mix. Red told me he wanted to work for RoH primarily, and that ECW was second."

"Well...I guess it's too late. But you get your ass in gear and make sure we don't start losing talent like crazy! In fact, I want you to be on the lookout for somebody to replace him. Understand?"


Paul hangs up the phone. I can't really say as I felt guilty for Red to leave. I think he's phenomenal, and know he'll do good wherever he goes. Then again, I can't necessarily trust his loyalty. He's done this to ECW once before, and left a sour taste in our mouths. Let's just say I won't be pursuing the Amazing Red for our federation for quite some time.

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I'm going to do something that I don't think any other diary owner has ever done before (and if they have, let me have my moment here). In approximately 2 months, I'm headed to Washington DC for a week. That means for you fine people there wouldn't be any ECW for a week either. However, if you are a fan of this diary (post or not), I'd like you all to voice your opinion of this aloud...

While I'm gone, I'm offering any person willing a shot to take over ECW (on TEW) for one night only. You will have full creative control over the show (no, I won't even post a preview). This is your show, and you do what you want with it. However, titles may not switch hands. And for big storylines, don't throw any swerves that could affect the whole landscape of it. Otherwise, I'm allowing you to do what you want with it.

If you want to apply, just simply reply to the thread or PM me. I'm giving you all plenty of time. For two weeks I'll take entrants (May 19, my birthday ). After that, I'll combine all the names in a poll in the Dynasties forum for EVERYONE to vote on (if there are more than 8, I'll find that website that lets you create your own polls. Either that or pick 8 random names out of a hat). Whoever wins the vote will write the show. After a week or so (just so everyone gets the vote), I'll put an end to the vote. Then after a few more shows by me, I'll transfer the files over to the winner and he can book his show on TEW. I can't say exactly where that'll be at game-time, but probably around September 2004. In real life, the show will be booked the first or second week of July.

So, get those names in. I look forward to this. If you've got questions, reply or PM me. And finally, real TTP-style vacation!

So far, 4 people have signed up. Nine days are left to get your bid into the show.

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Reminder: Don't forget about the One Night Only contest! Anyway, here's the show.

user posted image

(Image courtesy SpanishFly)


Live on SpikeTV!


Joey Styles: “Hello folks, Joey Styles back at the ECW announce booth!”

Paul Heyman: “Oh, what joy.”

Styles: “Problem tonight, Paul?”

Heyman: “I’m stuck here with you, Joey.”

Rob Van Dam makes his way down to the ring. He proceeds to grab the microphone.

RVD: “You know, I don’t know what the deal was last week with the blackout. Everyone thinks the Undertaker is coming back.”

The crowd boos.

RVD: “But I think it’s all just a hoax. Undertaker knows I could kick his dead, rotting ass!” Cheers are heard, until…

Darkness envelops the arena again. The fans know the Undertaker lurks in the shadows. The lights are out for nearly 20 seconds.

Appearing over the lifeless body of Rob Van Dam is the Undertaker, who apparently Tombstoned him into his signature pin position. The Deadman stuck his tongue out and rolled his eyes back into his head. He proceeds to slowly stand up, and grabs the microphone…

Undertaker: “Rob…tonight will be your final resting place – here in the ECW Arena. Tonight…I will be challenging for a title shot next week for your championship. But since you won’t make alive, that title will be vacant! So Rob…rest…in…peace.”

Gongs go off again, as smoke fills the arena, and the Undertaker returns backstage.

Overall Rating = 72.9%

Styles: “This doesn’t look good, Heyman!”

Bubba Ray Dudley is seen backstage. He takes a sip of soda. Out of nowhere, Raven and the Flock join in on a 4-man beatdown on Bubba Ray. Raven makes the crucifix pose, and leaves.

Overall Rating = 51.8%


Heyman: “Those are my boys – taking care of the trash we have in the back.”

Styles: “Could this have any impact on what goes down in this match that’s taking place next?”

Tag Team Championship Match: Steve Corino & Little Guido vs. The Flock ©

Both teams battle it out for quite some time. However, the fans weren’t into it as both teams were heels. Corino and Guido seemed quite the formidable tag team, but weren’t enough to defeat the Flock. After the match, Corino shook hands with Trent Acid. This got boos by the whole arena, which suspects that two new Flock members may be in the works!

Winners And Still Tag Team Champions: The Flock (by pinfall)

Match Reaction = 46.1%

Match Quality = 82.8%

Overall Rating = 61.5%

Several of the locker room babyfaces are backstage playing cards. Stevie Richards says he wants to join the fun. After getting dealt a presumably bad hand, Richards throws the table over, with chips and cards spewing about. Stevie finally storms off.

Overall Rating = 64.6%

Styles: “Doesn’t seem Richards gets the hang of poker. Eh, Paul?”

Triple Threat Hardcore Match: Raven vs. Sabu vs. The Sandman

Everything was used in this hardcore brawl – yes, even the kitchen sink. Sabu did one sick and twisted dive off the top rope through the table on both Sandman and Raven. Sandman drank several beers during the course of this match, and Raven broke first blood on both Sandman and Sabu. In the end, Raven got the victory with a Raven Effect on Sabu from the apron to the floor…through a table! After the match, Raven proceeded to destroy Sabu and Sandman just a little bit more. Only time can tell how this could pan out!

Winner: Raven (by pinfall)

Match Reaction = 58.3%

Match Quality = 65.9%

Overall Rating = 46.8%

Styles: “Oh my God, Paul!”

Heyman: “Joey, this is ECW. That’s all legal!”


A tiny car was on display in the back. Shawn Michaels was standing next to it with a fan he’d chosen from the audience.

Michaels: “All right. What’s your name, kid?”

Kid: “Jeremy.”

Michaels: “OK, Jeremy. If you can wax the hood of this car in under a minute, I’ll give you $100 in cash!”

Jeremy scrambles to wax. He rubs and buffs, and is getting the hood nice and waxed. With 10 seconds left to go, after cheering Jeremy on, Michaels throws a big pile of dirt on the car with a shovel!

Michaels: “Hahahahaha, kid. That’s what you get when you deal with the HBK!”

Michaels proceeds to head to the ring for his match.

Overall Rating = 38.2%

Heyman: “Ah, Joey. That’s pure genius! And he’s still got the money!”

Mystery-Partner Tag Team Match: ???/Benoit vs. ???/Shawn Michaels

Benoit came out first, followed by Michaels (who was still flaunting how he kept the $100.) Then, pyro blasted out from the entrance way, signifying Kane would tag with HBK. All of a sudden, glass shattered, and Austin made his way to the ring to tag with Benoit!

All four men brawled in the ring before the ref could control the match. Austin had been in better shape than he had been in a long time. Kane and Austin fought all around ringside, as well as Shawn and Chris. After getting back into the ring, both men tagged their partners. Chris didn’t stay in long, though, tagging out to Austin so Austin could get his hands on Michaels. Kane had surprised Benoit from behind, fighting him all the way down the aisle. Michaels had the upper hand on Austin, but Austin whipped out a Stunner! Kane was making his way back to ringside and entered the ring, but couldn’t break up the 3-count! Austin high-tailed it out of the arena with Benoit, while Kane and Shawn stayed in the ring in disbelief. Kane and Shawn shoved each other, and continued to yell about each other’s mistake. Shawn finally left the ring, as Kane let the pyro rip from the corners.

Winners: Steve Austin & Chris Benoit (by pinfall)

Match Reaction = 65.4%

Match Quality = 68.8%

Overall Rating = 58.6%

Styles: “A costly mistake at the hands of Kane!”

Rob Van Dam is seen lacing up his boots for the event. The lights in the room turn off again, and once turned back on, RVD is laid out. Fans begin to boo, as they believe the Undertaker indeed set this up.

Overall Rating = 76.4%


Heyman: “This better stop. I’m not running a company just to have some jackasses ruin my champion!”

Fatal 4-Way Television Championship Match: Lance Storm vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible vs. AJ Styles ©

If a wrestling move exists, it was done. If a move didn’t exist before, it does now. These four men proved in 20 minutes what a wrestler could do with one’s body. All four masses of being were thrown from the top rope, through barricades, and anywhere else. After all four men were extremely exhausted, AJ Styles was able to sneak in a Styles Clash on Lance Storm! Lynn and Credible exited the ring afterwards, but Storm wanted to congratulate Styles. However, Storm decimates the Champion! The crowd goes insane, as Storm is booed out of the arena.

Winner and still ECW Television Champion: AJ Styles

Match Reaction = 56.6%

Match Quality = 79.2%

Overall Rating = 50.4%

Joey Styles: “What an incredible match! It’s a shame to see Storm do that to a friend, though.”

Michael Cole races up to find RVD again in the back getting a bandage put on.

Cole: “RVD…you seem to be a marked man tonight.”

RVD: “Cole, get the hell out of here. All I’ve got to say is, I’m going to show the world tonight that the Undertaker is a low-life son of a bitch!”

Overall Rating = 88.3%


Singles #1 Contendership Match: Undertaker vs. Rob Van Dam

The match didn’t last much more than 13 minutes, before RVD succumbed to the Tombstone. Many fans knew it would happen, but were shocked about the Undertaker’s path of destruction. RVD was able to get some good offensive moves on, but just couldn’t finish the job.

Winner and new #1 Contender: Undertaker (by pinfall)

Raven hits the ring, and starts wildly punching the Deadman. ‘Taker and Raven go at it for another few minutes in a high-paced brawl. Finally, as the Undertaker is set to give Raven a chokeslam, familiar guitar music hits.

Cactus Jack races down to ringside (barbed wire bat in hand), and proceeds to take out RVD, Raven, and the Undertaker! All three didn’t expect Cactus to ever return to ECW again, but after clearing house, it seems a new #1 contender is on the rise! After all three men were chucked from the ring, Cactus shouted “BANG, BANG!” and left through the crowd, holding the bat high.

Match Reaction = 73.2%

Match Quality = 61.2%

Overall Rating = 28.4%


Paul Heyman is in complete and utter disbelief.


Styles: “Well, I believe it is, Paul. That’s it for tonight folks. Tune in next week!”

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ECW Headquarters

Philadelphia, PA

May 13, 2005 – 10:07 AM

My second week on the job. I already knew I’d screwed up. Nevertheless, I walked into Paul’s office at the ol’ HQ.

Paul Heyman: “Just sit down. We’ve got to talk.”

Adam Rockler: “Sure thing, boss.”

Heyman: “I don’t know what you were trying to pull out there Monday night, but you made a fool of all of us. First of all, you bring Mick to the show last week and didn’t even use him. Second, your match between the Flock and whatever the hell of a team Corino and Guido were was a failure. And I’ve got something else for you too. I’m sick of sitting by Joey Styles at the announce booth. And if I have to go another night with him overreacting, I’m going to fuc-“

Rockler: “Whoa, calm down Paul E. I’ll book in somebody else next to you. Just tell me who you want. But Paul, you own this company. Isn’t it your job to fix these types of things?”

Heyman: “Watch your ass, Adam. You think I wanted to sit by Styles? I was only doing that so I could test you. Right now, you’re extremely close to being fired after our abomination of a show. Hell, as of right now, Joey Styles is fired! That prick lowered every single one of our matches to the TV viewers!”

I sat in my chair, while Paul was pacing around his desk and me, arms flailing and head about ready to explode. I’d really never seen Paul this upset. Heh, and all just because of Joey Styles, a now ex-ECW employee. So long Joey, hello Michael Cole!

Rockler: “So…anything constructive or…?”

Heyman: “…Put the strap on Cactus Jack.”

Rockler: “Excuse me?”

Heyman: “I’ve talked to several members of the roster. All agree we need Mick as a strong champion if we’re going to get this company off the ground.”

Rockler: “While I’ve always looked up to the man, I’d hate to pull the ‘he-just-came-back-from-injury-so-let’s-push-him-to-the-moon’ angle. I think Mick deserves a little better than that.”

The door opened, and Mark Callaway and Mick Foley walked in. You know, I'm really getting sick of Mark walking in just when I have some stuff to say. How convenient.

Rockler: “Can I help you gentlemen?”

Callaway: “As a matter of fact, you can.”

All four of us go over some angles that could make Mick or Mark the champion, or rather keep the title on Mr. Szatowski. Hell, Scott Levy showed up after about 20 minutes and we thought of angles for him as champ too.

The meeting disbanded around 12:30 PM, with not a decision in stone. Heyman is bound and determined to have Cactus take the title in a 4-way match, but it may not materialize for some time…if ever.

And to think…I never even told Paul how I was coming along with those sponsorship deals or anything...

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user posted image


Live on SpikeTV!

With only two weeks left before May's "Hardcore Heaven," there are no matches announced! Tonight, Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff plan to announce at least 3 matches scheduled for our 3-hour show. Note: Hardcore Heaven will not be on Pay-Per-View.

Last week saw the return of Hardcore Legend, Cactus Jack. Will Cactus explain where he's been since Paul Heyman fired him? And who hired him back? Is Cactus Jack going to be challenging for the ECW Championship? Deep Impact hopes to answer these questions, and more!

Raven's Flock will defend the Tag Team titles against the Sandman and Sabu tonight. Niether of those men have teamed up before, so it should be one explosive match!

AJ Styles continues to prove dominance in ECW. But how dominant will he be when the ECW Television title is on the line against Raven? What could Lance Storm have to do with this...

Steve Austin returned to the ring last week. Tonight, his sights are set on Shawn Michaels. Can Michaels avenge his loss from 6 years ago at WWF WrestleMania XIV?

Steve Corino will go one-on-one with Jerry Lynn. The winner of this match will face the Television Champion next week!

And finally, The Undertaker earned the right to challenge Rob Van Dam for the title this week. With Raven in hot pursuit of any gold, and Cactus Jack's recent arrival in ECW, anything can happen when the Deadman takes on Mr. Monday Night...title on the line!

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If anything seems confusing up to now, just ask. Those are all the shows and Rockler's meetings with Paul Heyman. I forgot to post viewers and the like from 5/10, so oh well. I think I got 3,000 less or something.

The next show may be up by the weekend. With my final two weeks winding down, I've got a lot of stuff to get done that takes precedence over ECW.

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I'm trying incredibly hard. I have a few plans for Punk in particular.

To be honest though, I've got other angles I want to run before my older guys get worn out. I can't find anything that goes well with Steve Corino or Little Guido, but I'm thinking about a Corino/Styles storyline for the TV title. Rhyno's in limbo as of now.

Trent Acid doesn't really have anything either. He and Punk I want to push, which is why I have the Tag straps on them. I feuded The Flock with NAMW (Edge/Harris) on EWR, which is why that's not really going on now. For the first few months on TEW, I'm just going with some good ol' experimentation. This is the only game I play, so that's why there may be confusing and all that.

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