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Two Questions.


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Firstly, could someone who uses XBox Live tell me about it? Such as charging, and if it's worth the money, and ontop of charging, does it cost to play each game you want to? Also, I'd like to know if it's easy to set up, and if it's lag free, and you're general opinion on it.

Second, are there any free online games, such as Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, that dragsy and I could play, as ET has pissed us off.

Thank you.

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I think I recall something about needing a credit card though, even to use the free 2 month subscriptions...

Yes, you do need some sort of credit card... you need one for just about anything these days. And on the free subscriptions, that's so they can automatically renew you to kinda trick you into a paid subscription. Happened to me when I used my credit card at Suncoast and they offered me two months of Entertainment Weekly... they failed to mention that it automatically renewed itself. After your two months of free XBox Live is up, they'll start billing you on the credit card you provided.

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Everything that has a trial that wants a credit card # usually automatically charges you for a whole month/year's subscription IMMEDIATELY after the trial is up.

That's what I've found, anyway. Doesn't matter to me, though, as I cancel all my free trials immediately (since I get the whole time of the trial anyway, and it keeps me from getting a $35 reminder that I didn't cancel)

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