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For few weeks now it was always RAW, RAW, and RAW. Well IT STOPS now, I can't have it anymore I want Smackdown hot shit, Smackdown hot stuff, and Smackdown's puppies! It's the return of Big D, It's the Uprising of Smackdown, IT'S A BRAND NEW DAY. ;)

Smackdown Results May 20th, 2004:

- Rico & Charlie Haas © d. F.B.I (Stamboli & Nunzio), to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles

- Chavo Classic d. Chavo Guerrero © & Spike Dudley, in a triangle match to win the Cruiserweight Championship

- Rene Dupree d. U.S Champion, John Cena by a count out in a U.S Title match, but Cena kept the title

- Booker T d. Funaki

- John Bradshaw Layfield & the Dudley Boyz defeated Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam

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May 27, 2004

Since arriving on the SmackDown! scene, the "French Phenom" Rene Dupree has been involved in a bitter rivalry with United States Champion John Cena. As a result, Dupree has been awarded several shots at the U.S. Championship. However, the Frenchman has yet to capitalize on them. Most recently, Dupree defeated Cena via count out, which does not entitle him to claim the red, white and blue belt. This week, however, count outs will be nearly impossible, as the young Rene Dupree challenges John Cena for the United States Championship under Lumberjack Match rules.

A match of this type requires many SmackDown! Superstars to be ringside. Should one of the competitors find himself on the outside of the ring, it is the surrounding Superstars' job to throw him back in. Don't be surprised if Dupree and Cena aren't the only ones battling on Thursday night. When a large number of SmackDown! Superstars occupy such a small area of space, emotions usually tend to overflow. Look for this one to be wild.

Also, the condition of Eddie Guerrero has been on the mind of all his faithful fans. The last time we saw the WWE Champion, he had collapsed in the middle of the ring on SmackDown! What is Guerrero's condition? Will be able to recover from the physical toll his body has paid as of late? Find out this week on SmackDown! on UPN at 8/7 CT.

Well, my chance of taken Smackdown to a new level maybe is low but my guesses are so right that I can take Smackdown under my wings that I don't have and take Smackdown up above RAW, the other brand. Good luck, and please, just Smack Your TV.

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WWE Smackdown!

May 27th

Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz

Taped in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Last Week Eddie & Bradshaw

Before the show started a clip shown on the screen showing what happened last week between John Bradshaw Layfield, when Bradshaw showed brutality to Eddie Guerrero. Eddie Guerrero was shown taken to a hospital on a stretcher after Bradshaw made an example of the WWE Champion.



The fire works begins to explode in the arena at Milwaukee when we see the jam packed crowd here are ready to some Smackdown action.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to Smackdown, I am Michael Cole and by my side Tazz, and tonight it's the final showdown when the United States Championship will be up for grabs between the "French Phenom" Rene Dupree and the "Doctor of Thugnamics" and the U.S Champion, John Cena and they'll meet in a Lumberjack Match later tonight.

Tazz: Oh Cole I can't wait for that one, it'll be fantastic match to watch plus you got the whole roster of Smackdown at ringside as the lumberjacks.

Michael Cole: Right, also we just heard that later tonight Jim Cornette, yes the man and the racket will make his WWE TV return right here tonight on Smackdown and he got some big announcement.

Tazz: Cornette on Smackdown? Better then that can't happen!

Rey Mysterio vs. Akio

The first match for the night was between two excellent, well not excellent, but good cruiserweights, especially Rey Mysterio, who proves himself every time in the ring. Mysterio just went over his moves like in every match over Akio, who sell normally the moves. Also Akio did some wonderful job over Mysterio with the high risk moves, but hell Akio is better, from my point of view, but hell I can't judge because it was only a few minutes match. Akio set up Mysterio for some tornado DDT from the top rope but Akio didn't showed he can take Mysterio down because Mysterio didn't jobbed Akio, never, well Mysterio just punched Akio put him in the dizzy position on the top turnbuckle. Mysterio then lift up Akio up as Mysterio took himself by climbing up on the top turnbuckle as Mysterio just put his legs in one second over Akio's head then he just throw him down onto the mat with the super rana from the top. Mysterio then went to the apron jumping on the ropes and he hit the huge Springboard Legdrop over the head of Akio follow by the pin 1-2-3. Mysterio wins in a nice opening match for Smackdown.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

(71%, 81%, 77%)


Mr. Cornette Presents...

Some music plays in the PA system while the crowd doesn't understand for what the music, suddenly, Jim Cornette shows up coming out from the backstage with the racket in his hand with the crowd cheering for Cornette. Cornette walks on the isle then he asks for the microphone while he was in the outside. Cornette now gets into the ring with the microphone in his hand and let's hear his announcement.

Jim Cornette: Ya' know good people, it's good to be back over the WWE TV, I tell ya' why is that. Couple years ago, let's say long time ago, I managed the best tag teams and wrestlers that people can even think off, I managed the Midnight Express, Yokozuna, Owen Hart, The British Bulldog, The Heavenly Bodies, and more, hell people already calls the Manager of the World. I brought any client who had me by his side to a successful way, so that's why my new client is going straight in that way too. So let me introduce the next WWE Champion of the world he is a city slicker, he is a business man who lives now at New York City, ladies and gentleman, John Bradshaw Layfield!

OH MY GOD! JBL's music hits when the limo with the horns shows up coming from the backstage. Bradshaw then comes out from the limo while he gets huge heel heat from the crowd. Bradshaw makes his way to the ring with his suit and the expensive cowboy hat of him. Bradshaw enters the ring when he shakes Cornette's hand. Bradshaw takes the microphone from Cornette just to speak out.

JBL: Well didn't I surprised you fans? That's fun, me and Cornette going to be most powerful business men on earth. Cornette also going to lead me to the way to become finally the WWE Champion after I was screwed by Eddie Guerrero, the current champion who currently in hospital at "Judgment Day". Eddie Guerrero, what have you been tasted last week was only the beginning because I am going make your life a living hell until I'll win the WWE Championship. Have a good night folks, because I'm outta of here.

JBL smiles a big smile, when Cornette and Bradshaw leaving the ring with JBL's music hits. I just can't believe it that Cornette and Bradshaw are business partners right now. Maybe Cornette really can get JBL the gold, or not, we'll see about that.

(OR: 68%)

Rob Van Dam vs. Sakoda

First we see Akio getting air time, now Sakoda? Well let me just applaud to the Smackdown bookers, right on. Sakoda got his air time, but against the one and only, Mr. Thursday Night Rob Van Dam who in the past weeks was teaming with Mysterio to take on the damn Dudleyz. RVD returned to singles action against Sakoda in very good match I need to note here, Sakoda really showed me his brutal side in technical style. Although, RVD was the main player here in that match showing Sakoda what Mr. Thursday Night is all about. Hell RVD used all his dominating kicks to take down the japanese brutal guy, Sakoda. RVD hit his spinning kick after he grabbed Sakoda's one leg to take him down. Sakoda is down and RVD went for the split legged moonsault after jumping to the top rope but somehow Sakoda used his knees to block the move onto RVD's ribs. Sakoda got the quick pin but he got the 2 count only. RVD slowly was getting up but quickly Sakoda took him setting him for some vertical suplex but RVD escaped from behind and he lift Sakoda to the air hitting him with the back suplex. RVD jumped then up to the top rope hitting from the air the 5 Star Frog Splash onto Sakoda for the pin 1-2-3. RVD wins that one over Sakoda in that singles action.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

(62%, 47%, 91%)

Post Match

RVD celebrates but after he turned to the other side of the fans Booker T was waiting with a big kick to the face Rob Van Dam which took him down. Booker T then took up RVD hooked him and he just delivered him the huge Book End to finish RVD totally. RVD was down while Booker T stood over RVD with a smirk on his face, why he did that? Booker T is bored again here on Smackdown?


Mordecai vs. Billy Kidman

Last week as we all know, Mordecai made a lot of impact including of attacking Kidman and Akio, tonight he facing Kidman in 1 on 1 contest. Mordecai looked bad in the ring, I don't know why WWE just train him more to gain him more brawl and less stiffness. OH WAIT big guys stiff much then little ones, I just forget it. Mordecai just brutalized Kidman with his super moves, oh yes it was a short match like 2 minutes after Kidman got some huge flapjack, powerbomb, and neckbreaker type of move to finish Kidman totally. Mordecai also wanted to kill Kidman by lifting him up and delivering the Sinners Shot (Outsider's Edge) to get the pin 1-2-3 and win the match.

Winner: Mordecai

(58%, 66%, 65%)

Post Match

Mordecai got on his knees slowly when he looked at the sky, meanwhile his music played but SUDDENLY out from no where the lights went out in the arena. Mordecai stood up don't understanding what happen. The lights were back again as Mordecai opened his eyes widely without getting a hint to what just happened. Suddenly the gong hits and we know damn well who is it, when the words "REST IN PEACE" were wrote on the big screen. Mordecai just was standing in the middle of the ring with his evil look.

The Sucka Explains His Actions

Backstage we see Josh Matthews standing by Booker T, who got to explain why he attacked RVD earlier tonight.

Josh Matthews: Booker, earlier tonight you came after RVD's match and attacked him, for no reason, why?

Booker T: Listen up Sucka first of all talk to me in a respecting way, why? Because I am Booker T the most famous wrestler on Smackdown today, got it? Now, as far goes RVD, it's personal and business, RVD didn't supported me at all when I came to Smackdown few months back, and also since Undertaker scare the hell of me, but let's forget the Taker. RVD, don't pay attention to this attack, it's just I can't stand this fans pay attention to you more then me, now CAN YOU DIG THAT?

Booker T leaves the area leaving Josh Matthews still holding the microphone, and we are going to commercials.


Dupree & Cena UP NEXT!

Before the main event starts away we see a video package of the history between John Cena and Rene Dupree. Since Dupree arrived to Smackdown from RAW he tackled with Cena all the times, including getting nuts from Cena one time. We see the fights and brawls between Cena and Dupree from the past weeks, including the match between the two in Judgment Day for the United States Championship where Cena won there and retained the belt. Cena against Dupree in a LUMBERJACK match it's NEXT!


WWE U.S Championship, Lumberjack Match

John Cena © vs. Rene Dupree

Those two brought us a good match at Judgment Day I guess they can bring it on also tonight. Only half of the Smackdown roster was outside circling the ring without RVD, Eddie Guerrero, Kidman, Mordecai, and Undertaker except those 5 guys the other roster was there. Anyhow, the start of the match was just a blast some fun brawling between the two nothing special until Cena got his craziness in the ring, kind looked like Latino Heat beating people. Dupree hits the big elbow to the face of Cena which takes him straight from his legs onto the mat and then Dupree takes up Cena sending him to the corner when Dupree runs into Cena but Cena moves letting Dupree gets bumped into the corner. Cena turned to Dupree and he lifted up Dupree on the top turnbuckle in sitting position when Cena climbing on the top turnbuckle also when he hooks his arm around Dupree and he just flying from the top with Dupree hitting the top rope superplex. Cena slowly crawls to Dupree putting his hand over Dupree for a cover, 1-2-NO! Dupree kicks out. Suddenly the face group were starting to talk trash with the other heels when the two sides of faces and heels started to brawl except one man who stood with Theodore Long on the isle, Mark Jindrak, what was that all about? Cena pumped it up with his shows when he bounced the ropes hitting then the five knuckles shuffle over Dupree's head. Dupree slowly got up when Cena lift him for the F-U set up and then Cena hit the huge F-U on Dupree to gain the cover 1-2-3! Cena retains the U.S title when he victorious over Rene Dupree.

Winner, and still U.S Champion: John Cena

(67%, 73%, 78%)

Post Match

Cena was holding his U.S title celebrates his victory, Cena watches the chaos outside the ring and don't understand when Cena turns he meets the super kick from Mark Jindrak straight to Cena's chin. That's why Mark Jindrak was on the isle, he waited until Cena win and then attack him. Jindrak then takes Cena hooks him and then he drops him with his rock bottom move style, he calls that the M.J. Delight. Long just looks from the corner smiling when Jindrak grabbing the U.S title holding in the air as Long comes near Jindrak pointing him as the next big playa'. Smackdown goes off air, while Jindrak stands above the fallen Cena.

TV Rating: 5.37

Overall Rating: 67

Feedback everyone, it would be fun.

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I liked the booking, and the matches were well presented. However, I thought that too many of the matches were squashes. Maybe you could've booked RVD against Chavo. Also, the Jindrak-Cena feud looks interesting, but I don't know what sort of match quality you'll get from it.

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WWE Velocity Recap, May 29th, 2004

Commentators: Josh Matthews & Bill DeMott

Taped in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

- Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli w/Nunzio d. Funaki - In a squash match by Johnny "F.B.I' Stamboli who defeated Fuanki, Smackdown's Numba 1 Announca. Stamboli controlled the match from the start, and end it by controlling over Funaki. Stamboli hit the "Forget About It" for the win.

(68%, 61%, 75%)

- Booker T Shows Who's Da Man! - This past week on Smackdown we saw Booker T attacking his former partner, and best friend, Rob Van Dam after RVD's win over Sakoda in singles action. Booker T attacked RVD from the back, later in the night he explained that it was only personal and business, just only, and let's see how personal it can be in the near future.


- New Manager, and New Way - 2 weeks ago, JBL attacked Eddie Guerrero causing Guerrero to get on the stretcher and get to the hospital. Guerrero wasn't on Smackdown this week, but JBL was, and he was introduced by his new manager, Jim Cornette. Jim Cornette said he going to show JBL the light and the way to become the WWE Champion. JBL and Cornette shaked hands when they left, and that video ends.


- Orlando Jordan d. Sakoda - After getting his air time over Smackdown, Sakoda returned to his roots on Velocity. Sakoda was very hard to beat in that match, he handle it very well against the former boxer, Orlando Jordan, who trained by Rock's dad, Rocky Johnson. Jordan seems to go well with the match in the end he defeated Sakoda after hitting the "Jordan Shuffle" on Sakoda to gain the victory.

(63%, 42%, 84%)

- Cena's Problems - This past week on Smackdown the main event was the lumberjack match between Rene Dupree and John Cena. Indeed, John Cena retained his belt against Dupree in that match after hitting his F-U, but Cena got his problems once again. Mark Jindrak ran to Cena after the match attacking Cena by hitting the Super Kick and the M.J. Delight. Jindrak after that raised the U.S Championship to show the world who is really need to get this belt, when Smackdown went off air after that.


- The Basham Brothers d. One Wonder Team (Kidman & London) - THERE IS GOD! London is back to Velocity, finally, Iv'e waited for it. But I know he lost, now tagging with the worst cruiserweight in my eyes of Smackdown, Billy Kidman, hey I just don't like the guy what you can do? Anyhow, London and Kidman did some nice stuff but not big because the Bashams were very ready to this match and they kicked some serious ass. The Bashams were victorious in this match after Doug & Danny hit a double powerbomb on London and Kidman together and they did the double pin for the win, interesting.

(73%, 63%, 83%)

Velocity ends with a goodbye kiss by Bill DeMott, nah, just kidding.

TV Rating: 4.18

Overall Rating: 60%

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WWE Smackdown! Preview

June 3rd, 2004

This week Smackdown will come from the big Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada, when the main event will include Rob Van Dam facing the man who said that he deserve the WWE title, John Bradshaw Layfield, but, will Booker T be at ringside or we'll see the return of Eddie Guerrero?

Mordecai is set for action also this week on Smackdown, when he will take on Orlando Jordan, but will the mind games of The Undertaker keep on Mordecai?

The Dudleyz have asked a chance to win the WWE Tag Team Titles from Kurt Angle, but GM Angle going to keep that request to the future, on Smackdown D-Von Dudley will face one half of the WWE Tag Team Champs, Charlie Haas, will Haas can be victorious or will D-Von bring the upset and beat one half of the tag champs.

Last week, John Cena defeated Rene Dupree, finally in the Lumberjack Match. But, it was Mark Jindrak who attacked the U.S Champion after that match. Jindrak is set for action on Smackdown when he'll take on Billy Gunn, will Gunn finally going to break Jindrak's winning streak or Jindrak can handle "Mr. Ass", and will John Cena be somewhere in the match? FIND OUT ON SMACKDOWN!

PLUS - John Cena, Kurt Angle, Jim Cornette, Booker T, and more!

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I see your back in the diary biz Big D. Your first 2 shows were cool dude. I like the way you made the segment with Cornette and JBL, now thats a great combo.

As always your spelling and grammar are improving a lot. So hell..I believe this diary is gonna be good. Everytime I see a new diary by you it always shouts out 'improvement' and this one is no exception dude.

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WWE Smackdown!

June 3rd, 2004

Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz

Taped in Toronto, Canada - Air Canada Centre


The usual intro plays when 2 minutes after we see the huge pyros explodes. Then, we see pictures of the crowd which is full packet tonight. We move then to Michael Cole and Tazz as they talking about tonight's matches, stuff, and more stuff. After they finished we going to the first match.

One Wonder Team (London & Kidman) vs. Kyo Dai (Sakoda & Akio)

Are you ready for a great opening of Smackdown by the cruiserweights? HEY! It is true, Paul London is back to the Smackdown shows, I can't believe it the bookers did it. Sakoda also back to tagging with Akio in Smackdown. A lot of jam packed high flying action by those two teams, I was even surprised when I saw some awesome double team by the team of Akio & Sakoda and they showed me that they had to be on Smackdown every week, well that's not my decision. Now London had the control by taking out Akio with the leg head scissors takedown which thrown Akio to the outside, and Kidman punched Sakoda when he then right away send him to the ropes as Sakoda bounced back we saw London back to the match by hitting the shooting star legdrop, by the way, Kidman was the legal man when he climbed to the top rope and he hit the huge Shooting Star Press into Sakoda to get the cover, 1-2-3! MY GOD! London & Kidman wins, it can't be happening!

Winners: One Wonder Team

(60%, 50%, 85%)

---Commercials Break---

JBL & His New Business Partner

We went backstage as we saw of course the man who really doesn't care about anybody, besides himself, John Bradshaw Layfield and by his side, Jim Cornette, his new manager. Next to them was standing Josh Matthews.

Josh Matthews: John, last week you shocked the world by joining forces with Jim Cornette, the self proclaimed manager of the bests, the world's greatest manager of all time. How do you feel to have this kind of manager by your side?

JBL: How do I feel? I tell...

Cornette stops JBL and tell him that he'll speak for him

Cornette: Josh is it? Listen up kid we didn't shock anything, yet. Be sure that the shocking moments of JBL will come soon after he'll lay his hands one more time on Eddie Guerrero, and finally kid his going to win the big one, the WWE Championship. But I'll tell you something no one can take out my boy, my gold pick, John Bradshaw Layfield. Look at this Josh this is a man with power, money, muscles, beautiful women, and again money, can you challenge that? I think not. And tonight it's Rob Van Dam who ask the chance to fight against JBL, I say this, RVD you got no chance in life to beat my boy, JBL, you know why? Because you just acts foolish, coolest, and that stupid stuff, my client plays it hard style, powerful style, and tonight I promise that he'll show you powerful moves that even Booker T won't need to handle your ass, got it RVD?

Josh: But you two don't think can Eddie Guerrero come to find you once again JBL?

JBL: Jim please let me handle it. Eddie Guerrero is just a punk a little Mexican punk who's just the WWE Champion that's all. If he hadn't won the big one, he was still playing cards with his MOM at the Guerreros house of Nachos. Josh let me tell you this, Eddie Guerrero can't fight me, he just can't handle me, believe me if I'll finally get my rematch and kick his ass like I did at Judgment I could be your new WWE Champion here on Smackdown, got it Josh?

JBL laughs with Cornette and they both leave the interview section in the backstage.


Cornette gained

Mark Jindrak w/Theodore Long vs. Billy Gunn

It was the veteran versus the new school but somehow we thought the veteran Billy Gunn can handle Mark Jindrak, but hell we went wrong. Anyhow packed match it was between Jindrak and Gunn. Gunn started with the punches but Jindrak stopped with him big round super kick to the face of Gunn which took him down. Jindrak went to get up Gunn and he took him as he sent him to the corner, Jindrak try to splash onto Gunn in the corner but Gunn countered with the kick to the face of Jindrak. Jindrak turned again to Gunn but Gunn was ready and he just dropped Jindrak with a huge clothesline, Jindrak got up once again but Gunn again took him down with the clothesline. Jindrak again got up once again slowly as Gunn lift him for the set up of the Gunn Stinger and he dropped him viciously on the back. Gunn went to the pin but he got only 2 after Long put the leg of Jindrak on the rope. Referee, Brain Hebner, the son of, notice that and he told that to Gunn who was upset at Long. Meanwhile, Jindrak got up as he took Gunn from behind and he then he spin him when he hit the M.J Delight. Jindrak with the pin, 1-2-3! How surprising, Jindrak wins once again.

Winner: Mark Jindrak

(67%, 71%, 80%)

Post Match:

Long was entered in to the ring raising Jindrak's hand in the air for a sign of victory, then all of sudden John Cena ran with the U.S belt in his hand but he dropped the belt on the isle when he ran. Cena entered the ring when he begun brawling with Jindrak. The rapper is here, sucka! Cena dropped Jindrak on his back for like 4 times with huge clotheslines. Jindrak then got up when Cena lift him for F-U but Jindrak then reversed it by getting out from the set up of the F-U when Jindrak just left the ring and Cena stood up at the middle of the ring celebrating with his music played, hell this rivalry have just begun.

Chavos Are Fighting?

We went backstage as always, and we just watched the Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Classic just sitting watching the monitor. Suddenly, Chavo Guerrero walked into the locker room. Chavo smiled to his father, where he begun to talk.

Chavo Guerrero: Look who's here, my dad the WWE Cruiserweight champion. How does it feel pap? How does it feel to beat your own son dad? You just turned on me dad, and that's not right.

Chavo Classic: Hey Hey, I didn't turned on anyone, you got it son? I competed in this match like Spike Dudley did and you did I came to help you but so it happen I got knocked over your body and the referee just count the 3 count and I became the WWE Cruiserweight champion.

Chavo Guerrero: Yeah right, hey, you're not even a cruiserweight person dad you just an heavyweight, you're not a cruiserweight like your lovely son. But you know what soon I'll become once again the WWE Cruiserweight champion, soon.

Chavo Classic had an upset face on his face, when Chavo Guerrero just left the locker room being upset too. That's funny, father and son fighting over the Cruiserweight Championship, go and understand the Guerreros.


Chavo Classic gained

Huge Announcement

Kurt Angle was in his wheelchair in his office, with Luther Raines, the bodyguard standing by his side, when Jim Cornette was coming inside to his office.

Kurt Angle: OH! Here you are Jim, how are you?

Jim Cornette: I'm good Mr. Angle, did you call me?

Kurt Angle: Yes, but where is John?

Jim Cornette: JBL is in his new locker room. Getting set for his match against RVD, but I'm here you can tell me the news Mr. Angle.

Kurt Angle: Okay, I've decided that John Bradshaw Layfeild your superb client will get his second title shot for the WWE Championship at The Great American Bash against Eddie Guerrero. And if Eddie won't show up in that match also, the referee of this match will count to 10 and then we're going to see a new WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield.

Jim Cornette: Oh that's wonderful Mr. Angle. It'll be just super that JBL get his second title shot. And really, now Eddie Guerrero need to watch his back because JBL not going to have mercy on that stupid Mexican.

Cornette and Angle both laughed when he went to commercials break.


---Commercials Break---

---RAW Rebound---

D-Von Dudley w/Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Charlie Haas w/Rico & Miss Jackie

The match started in a good way, by Charlie Haas, bringing all the locks, suplexs, and more technical style. D-Von just hit his regular brawl moves, and they kept doin' some more usual stuff. Charlie went clothesline but D-Von was rushing to duck and he did it, good for him, D-Von turned but Charlie was ready and he just dropkicked D-Von when D-Von fall on his back. Charlie was set to send D-Von to the ropes after he took him up but D-Von reversed it when Haas bounce back D-Von hit the spinning elbow to Haas which took him down, how many years can D-Von do this stupid elbow shot? I hate it. Haas is down when D-Von going for the pin but he gets the 2 count only. D-Von locks the headlock on Haas keeping him down. The crowd start to get there shoes moving when Rico just cheer Charles. Bubba screams at D-Von to keep Haas but Haas just gets up getting his elbows into D-Von's stomach when D-Von release the hold, D-Von SELL. Charlie sent D-Von to the ropes when D-Von bounce back and he just meets back Charles Haas when Haas hits the back body drop. D-Von once again gets up and Charlie takes him down with the clothesline once again. Bubba then gets on the apron to distract the referee Rico try to reach him but in the ring D-Von gets something from his pants, I hope it's not his you know what and he hits Haas with that. YACK! D-Von knocks down Charlie to get the pin, referee turns and counts, 1-2-3! D-Von wins by cheating with his something from pants.

Winner: D-Von

(68%, 77%, 77%)

Post Match:

Bubba gets in the ring too when the two start to stomp on Haas, but Rico now gets in the ring and he try to fight them, but he can't. The Dudleyz just beats Rico now. D-Von now takes up Rico in the air when Bubba hits the 3-D on Rico. D-Von now takes Charlie up as The Dudleyz also hit there famous 3-D on Haas. The Dudleyz just took out the fantastic team of Haas & Rico. Meanwhile, Miss Jackie bouncing in screams with her boobs getting up and down as we're happy to watch it.

---Commercials Break---

Mordecai vs. Orlando Jordan

Again, yes, again Mordecai came to Smackdown I thought he had a match on Velocity but no, the bookers aren't stupid. Anyhow, Mordecai came and kick Jordan's ass, how in a fast match of course. Mordecai started the match by just taking the air out of Jordan when he hit him with a super clothesline. Since then Jordan wasn't up on his feet why? Because he had to job to Mordecai, how lovely to say that name, I just love it. Well let's return to that intense match, shell we? Okay, Mordecai took up Jordan and beat him down with his hold neckbreaker franchiser somewhat move, nice move, like it but not from Mordecai. Mordecai then took Jordan under when he lifted up Jordan in the air and like in seconds Jordan was taking down to the mat by the Sinners Shot (Razor's Edge). Mordecai usually took the pin, 1-2-3, done, over, Mordecai wins.

Winner: Mordecai

(58%, 60%, 70%)

Post Match:

Mordecai wins, tell me now, can Mordecai lose one time? I guess if he was in Velocity, he was losing to Paul London or not that's just a guess. Suddenly after Mordecai celebrate his victory by looking at the sky, the gongs strike again and the arena went dark. The eyes of The Undertaker showed up on the titantron screen in the arena and the crowd just went nuts, hey, it's Pamela Anderson it's just Taker, chill alright? Taker then showed his all face when he said "The Darkness Is Upon Us", and what he mean by that? Anyhow the face was just gone from the screen moments after the quote of Taker as the lights returned too, and there will be a LIGHT! Mordecai just didn't know what just happened.

The Chavos Will Settle There Differences SOON

We backstage once again, I hope for the last time tonight when we saw Chavo Guerrero coming to Kurt Angle's office for a request.

Chavo Guerrero: Mr. Angle, do you have a second?

Kurt Angle: Yes Chavo, what is on your mind?

Chavo Guerrero: Well there is one thing it's my Cruiserweight Championship, I think about that belt every day, every night. You get me here Mr. Angle? I can't be without my dear Cruiserweight Title, and what my dad do, stole my belt in a triple threat match right away Judgment where I won it from Jacqueline. Mr. Angle, please I want my Cruiserweight title to my waist please.

Kurt Angle: You know Chavo, since this belt is so close to your heart I'll give you what you want. Next week it'll be Chavo Classic, the Cruiserweight Champ and he'll take on you Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight Championship, but there is a stipulation to that match.

Chavo Guerrero: That's sounds awesome, but what is the stipulation?

Kurt Angle: The match that you two will compete going to be a BLINDFOLD match. So I guess you two need to get ready this week because Chavo you'll face your father in a blindfold match and that's will be hard.

Chavo Guerrero: You damn right it'll be right but anyway, thank you Mr. Angle, I appreciate that.

Kurt Angle: No problem.

Angle smiled while Chavo just left Angle's office, with a big smile.


---Last Commercials Break---

John Bradshaw Layfield w/Jim Cornette vs. Rob Van Dam

Here we go, the main event of the night with the most exciting star on Smackdown, JBL against the most super duper exciting star on Smackdown, RVD. I can't see any good from that match but I guess RVD can pull some nice stuff here. The start of the match was ugly, only Bradshaw was in the control after the lock up when Bradshaw send RVD to the ropes and RVD bounce back as Bradshaw hit the big elbow to the face of RVD which took him down. Bradshaw controls, that ain't good for ratings right now, I guess. Bradshaw picks up RVD when he puts him in the corner and he starts to smash some PUNCHES yes PUNCHES and more PUNCHES to RVD. Bradshaw then sends again RVD to the other corner, when Bradshaw ran into RVD, RVD just moved away letting Bradshaw to get bumped into the corner, OUCH I don't like to get bumped, especially into corners. RVD grabbed Bradshaw from the head from behind as he just hit him with the reverse DDT. RVD looked at the crowd when he jumped over Bradshaw as he jumped into the turnbuckles hitting the split lagged moonsault into Bradshaw with the pin, 1-2-NO! The pin was only 2, only 2, only 2 why I'm keeping say that? Broken record eh? RVD gets up when he bounce the ropes to do something after JBL got up as suddenly Cornette grabbed RVD by the leg disturbing him. Cornette acts like he didn't do anything when RVD screams at him, all of a sudden JBL got up when he land an elbow on the back of RVD. JBL send RVD to the ropes as RVD bounce back JBL hit the huge big boot into the face of RVD taking him down. Bradshaw didn't finished with RVD, and I guess he won't finish now. Bradshaw picked up RVD sending him to the ropes as RVD bounce back Bradshaw just took him down with the huge powerslam from the ropes. Bradshaw going to the cover over RVD 1-2-NO! RVD kicks out again. Suddenly, Booker T walked slowly to ringside, while Bradshaw got up and RVD also slowly came up on his feet. Bradshaw then ran went for the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL but he hit the referee after RVD ducked, only by mistake hit the referee, the referee almost got thrown to the crowd. Bradshaw turns as RVD grabs Bradshaw's leg and he hits the spinning leg kick to JBL. Suddenly, Booker T stormed into the ring when RVD turns as Booker T plants RVD with the Book End. Booker waked the referee up and he was dizzy a bit while JBL slowly crawled to RVD getting the cover, 1----2----3! JBL wins, by the hands of Booker T, err I wanted RVD winning, NO! Hell he wins just let him.

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield

(71%, 77%, 81%)

Post Match:

JBL slowly got up when Booker stormed once again to the ring. Booker T stomped on RVD and beat him down. JBL got up and the two were beating down the poor RVD, oh my, please someone help him he getting beat by two punks, one former APA, one former 5 timer. All of a sudden - VIVA LA RAZA! OH MY GOD! Look who's back the WWE Champion, Eddie Guerrero, I hope he won't fall again I just hope. Eddie runs when he clotheslines both JBL and Booker T, then Eddie throws Booker from the ring and he stays with JBL. Eddie hits triple suplex on JBL, then he went up for the Frog Splash but somehow Booker T and Cornette just grabbed JBL's leg and took him out and of course we heard the crowd booing all over the arena. Eddie helps RVD up after he jumped on his legs from the top turnbuckle, when Booker and Cornette helped up JBL, do I smell Texas Connection between Booker and JBL? Nice. The music of Eddie played when the crowd was hyped and SMACKDOWN WENT OFF AIR! GOOD NIGHT!

TV Rating: 6.23

Overall Rating: 71 (+4)

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Guest It's 999

Very nice. Jim Cornette as JBL's manager is very cool and believeable, and a London-Kidman push is very cool as well, keep it up man.

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JBL with Cornette is pretty cool, But don't know about making an alliance with Bradshaw/Booker T.... Anyways good shows you're writing has improved too since your last diaries, :D keep it up

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WWE Velocity

June 5th, 2004

Commentators: Josh Matthews & Bill DeMott

Taped in Toronto, Canada - Air Canada Centre


The Velocity video intro plays, moments after the video finished the pyros explode in the arena while the crowd is jam packed and ready for some Velocity action tonight by the Smackdown superstars. Josh & Bill starting the show, but then the music of Johnny Stamboli playing and we're going to our first match.

Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli vs. Chris Cage

Chris Cage, a jobber in his work faced the tough Johnny Stamboli in the opening match for Velocity. Chris Cage was very impressive at the start of this competition but the tough Johnny Stamboli didn't let him to go nowhere by beating Johnny. Stamboli was really rough with Cage, and Stamboli did the job by beating Chris Cage after he delivered the "Forget ABOUT IT!", Yeah the super Italian move, from the tough Italian, hell I'm starting to get afraid. I WANT MOM! Stamboli is the winner, handle it.

Winner: Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli

(57%, 42%, 72%)

---Commercials Break---

Jindrak & Cena IT WON'T OVER!

We watch the first recap from Smackdown on Velocity tonight when we see the victory of Mark Jindrak over the veteran Billy Gunn. Jindrak defeated Gunn after hard fought match but then came to the United States Champion to ruin Jindrak's celebration by attacking him giving him the celebration that Jindrak gave Cena last week after the brutal attack by Jindrak. This time, Cena was the one who ruin Jindrak's celebration I guess those two won't finish this soon.


Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Brent Albright & Chris Masters

Two young kids, jobbers, also faced the former WWE Tag Team champs, Scotty & Rikishi in a easily match. Rikishi didn't had any problem to take care of those two, also Scotty didn't had this problem. Maybe, the two kids who faced Kish & Scotty weren't focus, maybe so. Anyhow, Kish & Scotty defeated Albright & Masters after Scotty hit the WORM over Masters when Albright in the meantime got his body shaken after Rikishi hit the Bump Shaker from the middle turnbuckle and then they done it.

Winners: Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty

(60%, 50%, 71%)

Who Coming Soon?

After that match a video played shown us some familiar face, but we didn't see good because his face were blur. Anyhow, before the video ended the words "COMING SOON FINALLY" were shown who the hell is it?


---Commercials Break---

JBL & Guerrero, The Story Won't End

JBL and Eddie Guerrero, my god there story didn't end at Judgment and I hope it'll end at The Great American Bash because I don't want to see JBL in the Championship picture, ever. Now, we see the video recap from past week at Smackdown as we saw that Kurt Angle have decided to give JBL another chance at the WWE Championship at The Great American Bash. But, then at the main event match between RVD and JBL when RVD lost after interference by Booker T, the man who doesn't give up yet. After the match Booker & JBL felt like to stomp on RVD, and they did it. Suddenly, moments after, Eddie Guerrero returned to Smackdown with a huge IMPACT by throwing away both JBL & Booker from the ring. Eddie helped RVD up, and then after what happened there GM Kurt Angle announced that on this week show on Smackdown it'll be Booker T & JBL facing Eddie Guerrero & Rob Van Dam, what a match it should be!


Jamie Noble vs. Shannon Moore

Fantastic match not other words to say that. I just saw perfection by those two technical, high fliers, and cruiserweight wrestlers, every time Velocity puts up a cruiserweight main event I feel like I wanna jump but I don't want my floor to be broken after it. Anyhow, after that great match, Jamie Noble was declared as the winner, when he just delivered the vicious tiger bomb fellow by the pin over Shannon Moore. Jamie Noble returned to his winning streak lately, good for him. Velocity went off air seeing Noble celebrates his victory, good job.

(72%, 58%, 86%)

TV Rating: 4.45

Overall Rating: 58 (-2)

Feedback, please, more, it's just good to hear your opinions.

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Not to familar with Cornette-- but I know his type. And he and JBL fit perfectly, even though I rather have JBL on his own. *shrug* Anywho, I don't like you ending the probably most exciting feud on SmackDown! so quickly- Rene Dupree v. John Cena. I'm not a huge mark for Jindrak's new/reused gimmick, but that may be just me.

Anywho, keep up the good work. And that layout seems familiar... *stares*

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I enjoyed Smackdown and Velocity. I like the booking, as it proceeds logically, but doesn't give too much away on free TV. I'm not sure I really agree the with Chavos match being a blindfold match, but I'll have to see how it turns out.

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WWE SmackDown! Preview

June 10th, 2004

This week SmackDown! will come from "The Allstate Arena" in Chicago, Illinois, and believe that, there will be a lot of action packed for the fans in Chicago.

- This week, we'll going to have a huge tag team main event between the team of Rob Van Dam and the WWE Champion, Eddie Guerrero, when they will take on team of Booker T and John Bradshaw Layfield along with Jim Cornette, there going to be a lot of action in that match.

- The Undertaker, had been playing with Mordecai his mind games, this week, Kurt Angle the General Manager of SmackDown! have decided to finish Taker's games. So that for, The Undertaker will be in action against the returning, Matt Morgan, will Mordecai can start his mind games on The Undertaker?

- Last week, we have been told that Chavo Classic will defend his Cruiserweight Championship against non other then his son, Chavo Guerrero, and GM Kurt Angle also added one big stipulation to that match, it'll be a Blindfold match between the two. Can Chavo Guerrero regain the Cruiserweight Championship or it'll be his father who can retain the Cruiserweight title, interesting stuff.

Booked Matches:

- Main Event - Booker T & John Bradshaw Layfield w/Jim Cornette vs. Rob Van Dam & Eddie Guerrero

- Cruiserweight Championship, Blindfold Match - Chavo Classic © vs. Chavo Guerrero

- The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer vs. Matt Morgan

- Bubba Ray Dudley w/D-Von Dudley vs. Rico w/Charlie Haas & Miss Jackie

- Rey Mysterio vs. Rene Dupree

PLUS - John Cena, Mark Jindrak, Kurt Angle, and many more!

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WWE SmackDown! News & Notes!

- June, 2004

Well it's the first edition of the SmackDown! news.

So here we go, as we know, Paul London & Billy Kidman have made it official, they'll run as a regular tag team on SmackDown! as the One Wonder Team. Great name, great team, and also this past week on SmackDown! they were victorious over Kyo Dai of Sakoda & Akio, good luck.

Everyone in the backstage, all the fans, all the officials, all the wrestlers, have been talking about the newest member of the SmackDown! roster who is going to make his debut at The Great American Bash against T.B.A wrestler, and that will be the self proclaimed "The Japanese Masterpiece" Kenzo Suzuki. Kenzo, have worked all over Japan in his pro wrestling years, Kenzo is a great performer and he will make his debut at The Great American Bash and we'll see how Kenzo can handle the americans on SmackDown!.

A lot of rumors have been flying all the week after seeing the video of someone familiar last week at Velocity. But, who's that man? Who is going to return to SmackDown? That's a hard question to answer, but we'll find out maybe in SmackDown! this week.

A lot of young wrestlers have been signed with WWE for delevpoment deal, after WWE's scouters have been scouted those young wrestlers. Some of them are being familar in the independant scene of wrestling, like, John Xavier, BJ Whitmer, Jimmy Jacobs, Joey Matthews, and Alex Shelly, good luck to all of those wrestlers.

Eddie Guerrero, the WWE Champion is going to headline with JBL to The Great American Bash one more time, rumours said that this match will be the final encounter between the two, and maybe, next week GM Kurt Angle will announce a stipulation to that match, only a rumour.

Also, big news for SmackDown! it has been announced from the office of the chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon, that after The Great American Bash straight after, there will be a trades between the brands, 2 wrestlers to SmackDown! will be exchange by 2 wrestlers of RAW, very interesting.

This was the first edition of the SmackDown! News. See you next month in the next edition of SmackDown! news.

Edited by BigD00
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WWE SmackDown!

June 10th, 2004

Rey Mysterio vs. Rene Dupree

Set up wasn't well in the first minutes of this competition between the "French Phenom" and the "SmackDown! Phenom". Dupree had to work his ass in this match against the jumping, and exciting, Rey Mysterio, but believe it or not Dupree had the match handled. Dupree used a lot of power moves which took Mysterio down. As Dupree clamed he is the "French Phenom" in the end of this match he was the "French Toast". Got it? That's kind of hard to be, but Dupree was perfect for this nickname. Mysterio had the match won after he hit the combination of the 6-1-9 and West Coast Hop for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

(69%, 70%, 68%)

Post Match:

Things didn't well after the match when Mysterio was trying to celebrate, but Mr. Dupree had another plans, yeah another plans. Dupree attacked Mysterio from behind when he lifted him up and took him straight into the mat with the huge Death Valley Driver. Dupree then left the ring all smiling, damn Dupree he just hurt the little kid sorry, the little Mysterio.


John Cena made his way to ring getting set on the microphone, ready dog? So Cena went to rap some, but, before he finished the rap, that went good this time, oh wait his rap works every time. So, guess what happened something which surprised us all MARK JINDRAK that man came and attacked the rapper of life time, John Cena. Cena went down on his back after getting hurt by some elbow shots to the back. Jindrak went to Cena's U.S Gold when Mark raised the belt and then after Cena got up Jindrak just explode Cena's face with the U.S Championship belt. John Cena was on the mat lay down after Mark Jindrak made an impact. Jindrak raised the U.S belt and that's was a brutal attack damn MY EYES, Jindrak's body just hurt my eyes, no really.


---Commericals Break---

Who Is It?

The video plays on the screen but it sounds again a crazy music like that with a familiar face, but we can't know who is it. Interesting video, with some bizarre stuff but who the hell is it? Then a familiar sign showed up when the video ends with the words "Imagination Forever". Video ends with a lot of questions.


Bubba Ray Dudley w/D-Von vs. Rico w/Miss Jackie & Charlie Haas

Last week it was Charlie who lost to D-Von in singles match now can Rico gain his team a victory to raise the scores board between the Dudleyz and the team of Haas & Rico? Well I can't answer it just watch the damn match. Match went well with a lot of up and downs between the brawl style and the technical style, speed style, and martial arts style of the shinning Rico. But, of that styles were less used on that match the touching stuff from Rico were available too against Bubba Ray Dudley. Bubba didn't want to get his ass pinched or his nipple turned by Rico, he only wanted to kick Rico's ass but it didn't work. Haas start to brawl with D-Von in the outside while in the ring Rico suddenly KISSED Bubba OH MY GOD! NO!!! Rico strike again with the Lethal Kiss over Bubba when Bubba was disgust like me he turned again and Rico hit the spinning kick to the head which led to the cover and the 3 count. Rico gains the victory.

Winner: Rico

(77%, 79%, 73%)

HOLA Chavo Classic!

OH LOOK WHO IT IS! We went backstage as we saw the "Classic One" Chavo Classic with his nature boy robe, it's just doesn't look good, I don't know why, but doesn't look very nice over Chavo Classic. Anyhow, Josh Matthews were interviewing the Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Classic who said that tonight he will teach Chavito a lesson in wrestling match once and for all. Chavo Classic went on the speaking but hey the dude doesn't have the right charisma and after 3 minutes he left getting set.


---Commercials Break---

The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer vs. Matt Morgan

Well that was nice to see Matt Morgan returning to SmackDown! I missed him, I mean for his music. Morgan didn't change one bit only his took out the stupid bread. The Undertaker though had a longer hair since we saw him well last month at "Judgment Day", he had a bit of short hair now he had it longer, nice. Taker looked bad also Morgan looked bad but hell they enjoyed us with some nice moves, hey, first time when I saw Taker in a good match on SmackDown! Taker of course beat the crap out of Morgan by winning the match after hitting the huge Tombstone to finish off Matt Morgan. Taker wins, blah, blah, keep on with the show.

The Undertaker

(73%, 70%, 77%)

Post Match:

When Taker raise up on his feet getting the crowd to cheer him the light went down, I don't get it every time Taker or Mordecai is here the lights going out. The lights went up when Taker just stood in the middle of the ring watching the big screen but from behind was Mordecai where did he came from? HELL! PLEASE TELL ME! Mordecai hits Taker from the back then Mordecai whips Taker to the ropes as Taker bounce back Mordecai levels him a huge clothesline. Taker went down as Mordecai smirks over Taker's body as Mordecai leaves the ring but ALL OF A SUDDEN The Undertaker raised himself up, HEY HE DIDN'T SELL AGAIN! LOL! That's now funny, but it's his character what you can do? Taker just looked at Mordecai who still had his smirk he didn't scared from the Dead Man. Well this feud is going well, yeah right.

Two Hugh Matches To PPV!

Josh Matthews was backstage suddenly he catches Kurt Angle and behind Angle was his bodyguard, Luther Raines. Josh asked Angle what's the situation about The Great American Bash card who looks now with one match. Angle said that he just made two huge matches for The Great American Bash. One is The Undertaker will take on Mordecai and the second is for the WWE United States Championship, John Cena will defend against Mark Jindrak. Sounds good those matches, especially Taker versus Mordecai. Angle left with Raines as Josh was nodding his head.


---Commercials Break---

WWE Cruiserweight Championship, Blindfold Match

Chavo Classic © vs. Chavo Guerrero

If you thought Eddie versus Chavo was weird to watch so watch that the two only Chavos over SmackDown! Compete against each other, for the Cruiserweight Championship, and it's a Blindfold match. Well the men were blinded but believe me the match was short before you can say "Big Bubba Rogers Is The Best". When the bell rings Chavo Classic got closer to Chavito when Chavito just touched Classic as Classic dropped easily on his back. Chavo land over Chavo Classic to get the cover 1-2-3! What the hell? Chavo Guerrero wins the Cruiserweight Championship for the 3rd time, yes! Chavo Guerrero is the Cruiserweight Champion once again!

Winner, and NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero

(56%, 44%, 68%)

Cruiserweight belt gained image

Post Match:

Chavo Guerrero raises his shinning Cruiserweight belt in the air, while Chavo Classic gets up and he looks at Chavito's face when the two gets closer as they hug a huge hug! That was all a set up. Chavo is the Cruiserweight Champion by a trick of his father, stupid Guerreros.

---Commercials Break---

Eddie Guerrero & Rob Van Dam vs. Booker T & John Bradshaw Layfield w/Jim Cornette

The match was good, and I'll shell say very good. I don't how, I don't when JBL got his new talent of bringing nice matches, but I bat it's Eddie & RVD who drag Booker & JBL to this wonderful match. JBL showed a lot of monster moves on Eddie, especially on Eddie. But, anyhow, Eddie didn't let JBL be quite with that because Eddie just stroked him back while RVD stroke Booker T after 2 weeks in a row which RVD got attacked by Booker. Booker showed an aggression but RVD stopped that aggression wannabe by Booker by giving him huge martial arts kicks to his head, stomach, and the rest of his body. Booker was all down because of that and he didn't show up some more quality by his skills. The end came, when Eddie hit the triple vertical suplexs on JBL while RVD hit the big round kick to Booker. RVD & Eddie finished off both JBL & Booker with there own Frog Splashs. Eddie though pinned JBL for the 3 count and the victory, and that was a warm up to The Great American Bash by Latino Heat.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero & Rob Van Dam

(82%, 83%, 80%)

SmackDown! Went off air, after Eddie & RVD both celebrated in the outside letting Cornette entering the ring waking up JBL and later on Booker T.

SmackDown! TV Rating: 6.16

SmackDown! Overall Rating: 70%

New edition of my reports of results, be nice, alright? Feedback is welcomed!

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Guest The Hardcore Legend Randy Orton

Dude great diary I enjoy it so much and I figured out who the mystery man is

Jeff Hardy !!!!! :D

E'finn cool diary keep it up

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