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Homer Simpson Killed

Jonny D

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HOMER Simpson is going to be KILLED OFF.

Show creator Matt Groening has revealed he is going to send the bumbling Simpsons star to heaven to argue with God.

But Matt said Homer comes back after deciding he misses wife Marge and kids Bart, Lisa and Maggie too much.

Matt — who picked up an award for Outstanding Contribution to Comedy at the awards — said: “Homer gets into an argument with God.

“He tells God he should go back in time and change things that are wrong in the world. Homer says Superman could do it but God asks, ‘Could Superman invent love? And who do you think blew up Krypton?’”

Matt added he was delighted that Ricky Gervais had agreed to write a Simpsons episode.

He said: “It is the first time anybody has been given free rein to write an episode. We trust Ricky because we’ll take his scripts and just rip it apart.”

Matt adds he wants to get Eddie Izzard and the Beckhams on the hit show.

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Sort of scared me there, but it's just for one episode, so meh.

Yeah, I nearly shat myself.

One with Eddie Izzard would be fantastico, and one with the Beckhams would be interesting as well. Maybe Homer could break Wonderballs' metertasal? :P

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I hate to be the pesimistic one, but it's going to suck. The Simpsons for the past several seasons have been going downhill. Even if they hype up an episode to be special (The one The Simpsons come to Canada, for example) they will find some way to goof it up.

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Guest Cool Xtreme Dude

This is a typical "Treehouse of Horror" plot,

Or hell, for a non "Treehouse" plot, this same thing was done with Bart Simpson basically. Bart's problem happened in Season 2 and when he was hit by Mr. Burn's car. He "died" and was sent on an esculator to Heaven, on the way up, he disobeyed God's orders and spit over the side. Bart was sent to hell and told by the devil that he wasn't due until the Yankees win the World Series (which turned out to be 1996).

Bart's problem was only a 5 minute long prologue to the episode's main plot but basically, this is nothing revolutionary or spectacular. Just a recycled plot stretched to reach over a 25 minute episode.

Of course, Bart never argued with God in order to go back in time to change anything. Basically, giving an outsider a free reign to write something that could impact the series so much is a big mistake. As ridiculous as this plot is, it's something that an outsider shouldn't be given free reign to do. Matt Groening needs to seriously reconsider giving an outsider free reign on the series. THAT part worries me.

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Guest Cool Xtreme Dude

I don't think Ricky Gervais was actually writing THAT episode, the way I read it they were two different stories.  Plus I trust Gervais on the episode he writes, mainly because he's an extremely funny guy.

Edited by Cool Xtreme Dude
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