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Cassidy Disses Hova, Lil' Wayne Leaving Cash Money

Guest BacknBlackHoez

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Guest BacknBlackHoez

1. Cassidy gets at Hov. Roughly a year after releasing two commercially successful singles, Cassidy has returned with hard-hitting freestyles and is now buzzing courtesy of the Swizz Beatz-produced "I'm A Hustler." While heads are raving about Swizz's raw production and Cass' solid lyrics, word is now spreading that the Philadelphia rapper takes shots at Jay-Z on an alternate song version. On the cut, which samples Hov's "Dirt Off Your Shoulder," Cass apparently stabs at Hov when spitting, "You made it a hot line/I made it a hot song." Jiggaman first spit those lyrics on "The Takeover" in response to Nas' boast that Jay was paying him for sampling the Queens emcee's "The World Is Yours" on "Dead Presidents" off Jay's Reasonable Doubt debut.

2. Is Wayne still cool with Cash Money? Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Lil Wayne was leaving Cash Money Records to join Island Def Jam under Jay-Z. While he stressed that his move was a golden opportunity and asserted things were still cool with Cash Money, rumors are spreading that the two parties aren't parting on the best terms. Industry insiders are saying that Wayne; like Juvenile, B.G. and Young Turk before him, has left CMR because of monetary conflicts. Sources also say that Wayne has let go of his grudge against Juvenile because he too was bound to shady contractual agreements. Interestingly, Baby, co-founder of CMR, is Wayne's legal guardian. Heads have long believed that Wayne remained at the label because of his preferential treatment by Baby.

3. Flex skips 50 diss track. With heads impatiently waiting to hear 50 Cent's infamous diss track aimed at Fat Joe and Jadakiss, talk spread that FunkMaster Flex of New York's Hot 97 was slated to premiere the track earlier this week. Now word is that Flex wants to stay neutral and opted not to play the song. The cut is scheduled to appear on 50's sophomore CD, The Valentine's Day Massacre which hits stores February 15th, 2005.

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Guest killacam2006

cassidy is a really good freestyler but his album really did suck. i think that dissin jay-z is the way to go maybe giving him some credibility. and to all tha jay-z haters jay is known as one of the top 5 lyrisicts of all time :D

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