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King Arthur - Movie

Guest muddatrucker

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

Anyone else truly understand this movie? I know we all know the legend of King Arthur, and that this film goes against the grain of that legend and attempts to build a more 'accurate' story based on some guys 'facts', but I just don't get what they're doing. Maybe because my knowledge of the legend is somehow clashing and blurring with this adaptation but even still, I'm left confused.

I'll admit, I didn't watch much of the opening, but sat down sooner or later and had my Dad explain to me what was happening, but that hasn't helped, he didn't really get it either.

There were all these different armies, but I don't really know who was who, there was a terrible use of accents, and I just don't understand any of it.

My love for the medievil made me like the movie, but storyline wise I didn't know what the hell was going on, anyone know of a summary of this adaptation so I can at least go back in the future and try to appreciate some of this story?

What did you think of it? I'm assuming people are thinking crap.

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I understood it. I saw it the day it came out in the cinema, and loved it. Got the DVD (Director's Cut) for Christmas. Just finished watching it, and planned on starting a thread about it, looks like you beat me to it.

I don't see what's notto understand. There's not many armies. There are the Romans, then, those who fight under Merlin (whom are simply British), then the saxons. Arthur and his knights for the Romans, so they get tied in with the Romans.

I'm not sure about an adaption, because, I'd never heard of this telling until I saw the movie, but I much prefer it to the original telling of the tale.

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I haven't seen the movie yet and am in no real hurry to since I saw the preview that had guinevere running around painted blue and fighting in a halter top or something, which seemed wrong on so many levels. They might has well have just put some fucking Orcs in it.

Plus I am with Mudda Trucker on the Arthur being Roman thing.

I find it kind of insulting to have him as a Roman when he was a hero of british celtic folklore. Kind of how I thought Tom Cruise being the last samurai was kind of stupid.

While I'm no expert, my understanding from much reading I did is that more than likely Arthur was just some native general or warlord who picked up the slack of trying to defend the country after the Roman's pissed off and the whole of britain was being invaded by a bunch of crazy germans driven out of their homeland by overpopulation and hunger at the beginning of the dark ages.

Now since the stories were written much later, in the middle ages, most of the previous King Arthur movies have had that type of setting. Knights, jousts, chivalry, all of the things which weren't really popular until like the 12th or 14th century which kind of annoyed me as it would be like a western movie full of cowboys shooting indians with lasers and photon torpedos.

But this latest one from the looks of it seems to be a mishmash taking bits of the legends, some questionable historical theory, a smattering of semi naked asskicking female ala Xena and trying to pass it off as in some way accurate.

Bah humbug I say!

Yeah, I just bitched and ranted about a movie without even watching it. You got a problem with that?

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It's a good film if you're gonna watch and not think about any of the facts. Think about it as if it were a completely fictitious film, not based on any facts of myths or whatever and it's really easy to enjoy.

But, if you do start thinking "hey, that's fucking bullshit, Arthur wasn't a Roman" then it can easily stop being enjoyable. I knew it was gonna be a bit of a strange story twist and stuff, but it's a good film methinks.

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I didn't like it. I like Antoine Fuqua too so I had high hopes after he said he was trying to make a gritty film. I dunno, it was boring and had an awful script. Clive Owen is the only good thing in the whole film. I felt it was just a wasted opportunity.

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