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Green Demon

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I just found this online golf game that looks pretty cool and it is free. It has the makings of a rpg since you level up in areas of the game and are able to buy better equipment. It is a sorta large download files at 180 mb but all you have to do is make an account to start up. Here is the adress: Shot Online

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Guest Mr McFarlane

I'm having a problem where my pointer disappears in the game, Anyone know what's up? >_>

Nm, I just changed the cursor from HW to SW

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Reading the character descriptions, it's gonna be hard to choose which person to control. I mean on the one hand I could be Wotan who...

The man who has superhuman strength.

The other name of Odin.

The son of one-eyed god,

Alen Wotan who is the chif of all the German gods.

Or on the other hand I could be

Shaoring who is a

Cute and lovely woman

Now the superhuman strength sounds awesome.. but I could be cute!

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