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PoP: Warrior Within help

MalaCloudy Black

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I'm stuck at the puzzle for the first tower, the water tower or whatever where you have to use the levers to turn the platforms etc.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about and more importantly, can anyone help >_>

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yeah, I just figured the puzzle out last night. Thanks anyways for trying drags :thumbsup:

Much wub to my drags.

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As this is still up can anyone help me with this bit on Warrior Within?

I have just recieved the first life upgrade and headed back out of the way I went down. I have no idea what to do now. I have reached a part where I can swing on a rope and jump but that gets me nowhere. Help?

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Okay, more help. Now I'm fighting an ogre in the mechanical tower and I don't know how to hurt him, as his entire front portion is covered in armor etc and he's constantly charging at me and taking huuuge swings at me ><

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Run behind his feet, slash the back of his leg, he'll drop to one knee. Climb up to and slash like a motherfucker at his head (might help to slowdown time). Be careful, he sometimes reaches up and belts you, if he brings an arm up, move across to the other side (although if you slowdown time and slash quick enough, you should kill him before he gets to do this).

Not too tricky once you know how.

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