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WHFS becomes El Sol

Damian WayLNKe

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At noon today, Infinity flipped long-time Modern Rocker WHFS/Washington, D.C. to "El Zol" 99.1. The new format will play "a mix of salsa, merengue and bachata" Caribbean and Central American dance music music. Spanish Broadcasting System consulted and advised Infinity on the new format. The two companies announced an alliance last October.

"We have made clear our desire to expand into this burgeoning market and believe this move marks an important step in our commitment to Spanish radio," said Infinity President/CEO Joel Hollander.  "There exists a tremendous opportunity for Infinity to launch a Spanish-language format in Washington, D.C. where almost 10% of the population is not being directly served.  El Zol will be the most powerful Spanish radio station in the area and will provide listeners with the music, entertainment and information relevant to the many segments of the Latino culture."

In the official statement, Infinity notes that the Hispanic population in the nation's capitol has grown more than 25% in the last four years to over 400,000.

An Infinity spokesperson told FMQB the company is working to place as many WHFS employees at other positions within the company and will be seeking a new program director for the station.

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Stuff like this worries me. I work for Infinity, their lowest rated station in the market in fact. A rock station going up against the juggernaut in Cincinnati Rock Radio, which is also backed by Clear Channel's money. It really makes me worry that one day I'm gonna get replaced by Salsa music, because right now, none of Infinity's stations in Cincninnati cater to the Hispanic audience. And Cincinnati has one of the largest growing Hispanic populations in the nation. But this is the way radio is going these days; the era of the DJ is dead, has been for a long time. I'm just worried about the death of head to head competition in specific genres. Clear Channel just dropped all their Oldies formats, how long before Infinity drops all their rock formats? This is why Satellite Radio is going to explode and make broadcast radio obsolete, because people are tired of the corporate bullshit, listener and employee alike.

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Guest Wrestling_Man

This has to be the stupidest thing to ever happen to D.C. radio. I mean if it is still popular and then u change it to a mexican station (nothing against mexicans) then there is something wrong. I live in the D.C. area like LNK and it is truly an end of an era.

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