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Trojan Ska, UK Ska Hits


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Recently I've been listening to alot of stuff from the assorted Trojan Ska box sets. The one I have is titled "A Jamaican Story" which is a three disc set, and it's simply incredible. Artists such as Desmond Dekker, the Baba Brooks Band, Symarip, Lord Tanamo and many others find their way onto these great compilations (there are other sets outside of the one I own). It's obviously very similar to Reggae as much of the music is Reggae influenced, but also provides elements of rocksteady.

As an interesting sidenote, it was this kind of music that many of the UK punk bands were listening to before they dove into the punk scene. For example, Johnny Rotten was a huge fan of this form of music. The Offs (perhaps the first ska-punk group, although they were based in San Francisco and not the UK) were also heavily influenced by this sound as evidenced by the music they performed.

Basically I ask, any other fans out there? If not, this could be a good starting point for those interested in learning more about this great genre of music. I highly recommend this stuff to anybody interested in reggae, ska, or even for those who might be interested in listening to stuff that was a major influence on the punk scene (without diving into the obvious proto-punk groups of the 70s).

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Any fans of ska do you mean?

Ha, yeah you could say that. Although I'm hoping I can generate more of a response to the Trojan Ska style, as opposed to the modern ska sound (stuff like Reel Big Fish which I'm hoping to avoid).

I have to agree with the fact that modern ska is kind of wishy washy. I'd say it's just too goofy for me to enjoy.

I was never a huge ska fan until I discovered the Offs, which lead me to the Trojan Ska hits. I have an old interview with Don Vinil (lead singer of the Offs) and he cites King Tubby as one of his major influences in music. Now I'm really digging this music, it's fucking fantastic.

And Kaya, since you enjoy the reggae sound so much, I suggest that you check out some of Bad Brains reggae sounds. They are probably one of the greatest hardcore punk bands out there, however they also cut many great reggae tunes. Songs from their first album such as "Jah Calling", "Leaving Babylon", and "I luv I Jah" from their first album are fantastic. Bad Brains actually are now under the name "Soul Brains", and their later works have been more Reggae/Ska oriented.

I also highly recommend the song "Skinhead Moonstomp" by Symarip, just a fun and catchy tune. "I want all you skinheads to get on your feet, put your braces together, and your boots on your feet, it's time for some of that old skinhead moonstomping!". You can't help but love when the man says "Now let's get happy" and goes into his "YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH" chorus.

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Sounds good VP, i'll check em' out, i think you may have mentioned this before, i may be making that up though, i cant completely remember, but (i think) you said good things about them before, and i've been thinking about checking out some of their music but never got around to it, so thanks for the reminder (Y)

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