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Gran Turismo 4

Herr Matzat

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Been slipping back for nearly a year now in the UK....Some time late spring at the moment I believe...

And it's no longer online....Which is annoying...

A few good new options though. Looks good but I expect that so don't get too excited by that. It's about how it plays and it should be decent. Probably the best racing game ever but I'm a bit down on racing games at the moment...

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they plan on rereleasing it with online mode, it was said they would have needed another year to build it the way the wanted it

the game is out in japanfor a week ore two now, untill a few weeks the EU release was planed for february, now it has been set back to marsh, no idea how far that for the US goes (it was planed for february aswell)

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btw I heard that online would come on its own game later on not as a rereleased version of GT4.

I have been waiting for this game for a long time. I think this has been my most anticipated game for about a year almost I guess.

I own GT4: Prologue but don't get to play it often because I need a Jap. PS2 which my friend has so I can play it there. The game feels awesome in prologue but you could see it could use a bit more work... even though it was still great.

And did anyone else buy the Driving Force Pro Wheel... It works great with lots of games already... well worth the huge price and it feels probably as close at it will get on videogames to driving a real car.


*goes to play NFSU2 with Driving Force Pro.

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