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WWF 1999


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June 1999

It was a cold winter night and Young Bryan Davies was off to see his grandmother the late Linda McMahon. As he got there he was welcomed to the house by a sad looking Steph.

Bryan: What’s the matter Steph?

Steph: It’s mom come and see for your self.

They hurry up the stairs in the McMahon household to find Linda looking bad with Vince over her crying along with Shane and a doctor.

Doctor: She hasn’t got long I will leave you to say goodbye.

Vince: Bryan take a seat Linda asked for you to come here tonight there is something we wanted to ask you. Linda doesn’t have long so please hurry.

Linda: Bryan dear. We are the makers of pro-wrestling as it is known today. Steph, Shane & Vince are happy making TV Appearances and helping the shows. And we needed a new CEO of the WWF. So we want you. Good Lu……

With this Linda’s eyes closed and the family were stood standing there. 2 hours later in the McMahon Dining Room.

Vince: So Bryan you up for the task then?

Bryan: I don’t know what to say and yes I am up for the task.

Vince: Brilliant. Well I’m will be off screen for a while due to the funeral so Pat and Gerald will help you but for a while but I will be back in a month or so.

World Wrestling Federation

Owner: Bryan Davies

Money: 50,000,000

Size: Global

PI: 90

Risk Level: 84

Sponsors: Sports Illustrated, Nintendo, Stacker 2 & 1-800-Collect

TV Shows

WWF Raw is War: USA Network, Prime Time 17 Weeks

WWF Smackdown: America One, Prime Time 41 Weeks

WWF Sunday Night Heat: USA Network, Early Evening 32 Weeks

Will Work on The Roster Now

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(F) = Face

(T) = Tweener

(H) = Heel

Main Eventers

Mankind (F)

Shawn Michaels (F)

Steve Austin (F)

The Rock (H)

Undertaker (H)

Upper Mid-Carders

Triple H (F)

Val Venis (F)

X-Pac (F)

Big Bossman (H)

Kane (H)

Ken Shamrock (H)


Al Snow (F)

Animal (F)

Billy Gunn (F)

Godfather (F)

Goldust (F)

Hawk (F)

Road Dogg (F)

Sable (F)

Bradshaw (H)

Faarooq (H)

Jeff Jarrett (H)

Owen Hart (H)

Test (H)

Lower Mid-Carders

Bart Gunn (F)

D’Lo Brown (F)

George the Animal Steele (F)

Mark Henry (F)

Steve Blackman (F)

Tori (F)

Brian Christopher (H)

Christian (H)

Edge (H)

Gangrel (H)

Mosh (H)

Thrasher (H)


Blue Meanie (F)

Bob Holly (F)

Duane Gill (F)

Flash Funk (F)

Giant Silva (F)

Golga (F)

Kurrgan (F)

Droz (H)

Mideon (H)

Prince Albert (H)

Sho Funaki (H)

Taka Michinoku (H)

Tiger Ali Singh (H)

Viscera (H)


Jeff Hardy (F)

Matt Hardy (F)

Brooklyn Brawler (H)




Chyna (F) Manager Triple H

Ivory (F) Manages Nobody

Luna Vachon (F) Manages the JOB Squad

Ryan Shamrock (F) Manages Val Venis

Stephanie McMahon (F) Manages Nobody

Debra (H) Manages Jeff Jarrett

Jacqueline (H) Manages Nobody

Nicole Bass (H) Manages Nobody

Paul Bearer (H) Manages The Undertaker

Shane McMahon (H) Manages Nobody

Terri Runnels (H) Manages Nobody


Bo Dupp

Brock Lesnar

Bull Buchanan

Chad Collyer

Doug Basham

Erin O’Grady

Jack Dupp

Joe E. Legend

Joey Abs

Johnny Grunge


Kurt Angle

Low Ki

Nick Dinsmore

Pete Gas

Randy Orton

Rico Constantino

Rob Conway

Ron Waterman


Shelton Benjamin


Steve Bradley

The Prototype

Trish Stratus

Vic Grimes

Tag Teams

Canadian Country (Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett)

D’Lo & Henry (D’Lo Brown & Mark Henry)

Droz & Albert (Droz & Prince Albert)

Edge & Christian

Kaientai (Taka Michinoku & Sho Funaki)

Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal)

Mideon & Viscera

Shamrock & Bossman (Ken Shamrock & Big Bossman)

The Acolytes (Faarooq & Bradshaw)

The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy)

The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher)

The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn)

Too Much (Scott Taylor & Brian Christopher)

Triple H & X-Pac


Corporation: Leader Vince McMahon, Big Bossman, Kane, Ken Shamrock, Shane McMahon, Test & The Rock

D-Generation X: Leader Triple H, Billy Gunn, Chyna, Road Dogg & X-Pac

JOB Squad: Leader Al Snow, Blue Meanie, Bob Holly, Duane Gill & Flash Funk

Ministry of Darkness: Leader Undertaker, Bradshaw, Faarooq, Mideon, Paul Bearer & Viscera

The Brood: Leader Gangrel, Christian & Edge

The Oddities: Leader Luna Vachon, Giant Silva, Golga & Kurrgan


WWF European Champion: X-Pac

WWF Hardcore Champion: Road Dogg

WWF Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock

WWF Lightweight Champion: Duane Gill

WWF Tag Team Champions: Shamrock & Bossman

WWF Women’s Champion: Sable

WWF World Champion: The Rock

OK First show is Smackdown I will get started now.

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WWF Smackdown! Preview

In The Main Event of The Evening we have got a massive Tag Team Match as Kane & The Rock of The Corporation Take on Triple H & X-Pac of D-Generation X. In What should be a great match up. Shane McMahon has had news from his father regarding the King of The Ring. We Will see the WWF Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock Take on Val Venis in a Non-Title match up. Plus Jeff Jarrett Takes on The Godfather.

All this plus we will hear from The Ministry of Darkness, Shawn Michaels & Mankind

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Hey man, good luck with the diary, I will be reading.

If you plan on pushing Edge and Christian as their superdude selves, my advice would be to do what I did in my 00' scenario. Hire Alexis Laree as their manager and have her use a "Valley Girl" gimmick. Also, make sure she says "Cha" a lot.


Oh, and push Val Venis :shifty:

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WWF Smackdown! Thursday June 2 1999

The Pyros go off and the camera pans around the arena the crowd is in good voice tonight.

Jim Ross: Hello and Welcome to WWF Smackdown and what an event we have got for you tonight folks as in the Main Event we will see Kane & The Rock of the Corporation take on X-Pac & Triple H of D-Generation X. And a Non-Title match between current WWF Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock take on Val Venis.

Jerry Lawler: And that means only one thing JR and that means the Lovely Ryan Shamrock will be here at ringside. I've got one thing to say JR Puppies.

A New Age Of Darkness

With This the Music of The Ministry of Darkness Plays and the lights fade. The crowd begin to light there lighters. We see Paul Bearer Walk Onto the Stage followed Mideon & Viscera. Finally we see The Undertaker robed up and stood on the stage looking to the gods while the rest of the MoD make there way to the ring. Finally the Undertaker begins to move and slowly but surely he got to the ring. Paul Bearer handed him a microphone.

There is a silence while The Undertaker prepares to Speak. After a long wait the microphone raises to Taker’s Mouth.

The Undertaker: The Darkside is Beckoning. It is Beckoning for one thing.

He Looks at the camera and stares.

Taker: The Darkside is calling to its minions. US. It is calling for victims. It is calling for more pain to come from its minions. It is calling for Death. And Members of The Ministry have been hearing these calls and The Age of Death starts tonight. Members of The Darkside Bring out your Victims.

With This we see The Acolytes with a Body bag each over there shoulders they get to the ring and roll the bags into the ring.

Taker: These are going to be The First Victims of The Age Of Death.

Taker opens the body bags to see the Hardy Boyz Gagged and tied.

Taker: The Darkside has been calling for us to start a new era of Darkness and if that means destroying everyone in the WWF then so be it.

With this The Acolytes Pick up Matt Hardy and deliver a Double Powerbomb to him taking him out. Jeff Hardy manages to break his ties and runs at Bradshaw and lands a spinning heel kick on him and then a drop kick on Faarooq before trying to run and clothesline Viscera who barley moved and grab Jeff and slammed him down with a Belly to Belly Suplex taking him out. Faarooq and Bradshaw stretched Jeff out while Viscera bounced off the ropes and connected with a big splash.

JR: This is awful folks. 2 of the youngest hopes for the future just being taken out by The Ministry of Darkness

King: Well JR the WWF is a tough place and this must be the welcoming present.

The Undertaker began to take off his robe and signaled for the Tombstone Piledriver. He got Matt onto his shoulder and did the Tombstone Taunt once more. As he was about to deliver the Tombstone we here Glass Shattering.

The crowd went mental as we heard stone colds music playing Taker dropped Matt and looked towards the Entrance Ramp.

King: Well we here his music but Stone Cold Doesn’t seem to be coming to Ringside.

The crowd gives a massive pop as they see stone cold running through the crowd at the back of the ring over the announcer’s tables and into the ring. He runs in and Bradshaw spots him first and went for the Clothesline From Hell only to Austin to duck and deliver The Stone Cold Stunner to him. Faarooq tried the same only to be met with the same response. Mideon ran towards him to be thrown over the top rope. Viscera then tried to attack stone cold only to be met with a barrage of rights and lefts then a good ol’ 2 finger salute followed by another Stunner with this Taker bailed out of the ring towards the back.

JR: Bah Gawd Stone Cole just cleaned house he took out everyone in The Ministry of Darkness bar Taker who ran like a scolded dog.

King: Where did he come from king I didn’t even see him coming.

Austin Picked up a mic.

Austin: Well if you ask me Stone Cold Steve Austin just kicked some ass.

Massive Crowd Pop

Austin: You thing your good taker coming out here running your mouth about all of this Darkside crap beating on rookies well Austin 3:16 says why don’t you bring your ass back into this ring and get a good old fashioned ass kicking.

Taker: Austin, Do you know what you just? You just became an enemy of the Darkside.

Austin: Darkside My Ass. Look at you Taker your so called Ministry I mean you got a guy that don’t get invited to the WWF BBQ’s coz he like’s JR’s BBQ Sauce to much you got a Tag Team who like to paint body paint on themselves thinking it means something and a guy that thinks he can see more coz’ he has eyes plastered on his ring attire. I tell you what if you think that Austin 3:16 should get out of this ring and give The Ministry of Assholes a Texas Ass Whoopin give me a Hell Yeah

Crowd: Hell Yeah

With this Austin got out of the ring and walked down the ring chasing the Ministry of to the back.

OR 90

**Paul Bearer Gained 1 Point of Overness From This Segment**

Commercial break

Edge & Christian with Gangrel V D’Lo Brown & Mark Henry

D’Lo Brown’s music hits and he and Mark Henry come out to a decent pop from the crowd Henry doesn’t look in the best shape of his life at the moment but D’Lo is looking good and still doing the headshaking thing. The Broods Music Hits and the flames begin and The Brood raise from the floor at the top of that stage to not much booing. There were a few cheers coming from the crowd though. The Brood entered the ring and E & C ran towards Mark Henry and immediately tried to do a number on the big man. D’Lo threw Christian over the top rope and left the ring leaving Henry & Edge in the Ring. Henry took advantage of his much smaller opponent by slaughtering him with right and lefts and even threw him into the corner and hit a massive avalanche. Edge was desperate for the tag and tried to gain some momentum by throwing some rights and lefts that didn’t seem to be affecting Henry. Henry landed a big headbutt to the head of Edge and went to make the tag with D’Lo. D’Lo got in the ring and immediately you could feel the tempo of the match raise. D’Lo came into the ring and landed a kick to the gut on edge and landed a big DDT on Edge. D’Lo was walking towards Edge and was going to pick him up but Edge landed a Low Blow on Him taking him out. Edge crawled over and made the tag to Christian who came in. D’Lo was trying to crawl over to Henry Christian picked him and landed a Reverse DDT on Him taking him out. 1…….2……. Henry came into the ring and stopped the count. Edge came back into the ring and cross bodied Henry right over the top rope. The referee was concentrating on the brawl that was happening on the outside while D’Lo recovered and landed a Sky High on Christian. D’Lo signaled for the Lo Down. D’Lo climbed up onto the top rope but Gangrel ran onto the apron and pushed D’Lo back into the ring. Christian scattered to his feet and landed the Unprettier on D’Lo while Edge brawled with Mark Henry. The referee turns around and see’s the pin from Christian. 1…2……..3. It’s over Edge & Christian run down the aisle with Gangrel as Mark Henry assists D’Lo back to his feet.

JR: Well what a cheap win from the Brood

King: What do you mean what a win for the Brood I mean did you not see The Unprettier Wow.

JR: Well we here Michael Cole is Backstage with Val Venis & Ryan Shamrock

OR 66

CR 71

MQ 57

** Mark Henry didn’t really sell very much, which hurt the match rating**

Title Around My Waist

Cole: Thank You JR and yes I am here with Val Venis & Ryan Shamrock. Val tonight you face WWF Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock in a Non-Title match what are your thoughts on this?

Val: Well Michael my thoughts are not on Shamrock but on the WWF Intercontinental Championship that he has around his waist. And speaking of waists look at this one.

Val spins around Ryan Shamrock and she poses

Val: Now the WWF Intercontinental Championship would look great around my waist don’t you think Ryan?

Ryan: Darling anything would look good around your waist but even if you don’t have the WWF Intercontinental Championship I’m sure I could wrap around your waist.

Val: Well honey lets go make some noise.

Val & Ryan walk towards the locker room only for the Big Bossman to run out and completely take out Val. He set up a table and threw him right through it completely taking him out. Bossman walks up to Michael Cole.

Bossman: You see Cole that’s how you deal with problems in the Corporation you confront them. And he (Kicking at Val again) was a problem. (Speaking to Ryan) Why don’t you sit on his waist now?

Bossman walks off laughing. Ryan Shamrock was asking for help and instructed Cole to go get some EMT’s.

Commercial Break

JR: Well what we just saw was an outrage and during the commercial break Val Venis was escorted to a local Hospital and we will keep you updated as we here it.

King: Well Venis will no now not to get in the way of The Corporation

OR 82

Test V The Godfather

With this The Godfathers music hits.

King: Well here is a site I won’t mind seeing JR Puppies.

JR: Calm Down King

The Godfather came down assisted with 5 lovely Hoes he was dancing around as normal and posing along with his hoes. The crowd was giving a massive pop weather this was for The Godfather we will never no.

The Corporation’s Music hit the arena to a massive boo and out walked Test looking rather confident about things as normal for a Corporation member.

He stopped by the fans and gave them a bit of abuse before walking over to The hoes and started giving abuse to them as he got nearer The Godfather jumped onto the outside of the ring and hit Test with a Barrage of rights and lefts before Test landed a kick to the gut on him and threw him back into the ring. Test rolled back into the ring as well and put the boots on The Godfather. Test picked up the downed Godfather and landed a hard Vertical Suplex on him. Test was just beating on Godfather until Test went to Irish whip the Godfather into the turnbuckle but Godfather reversed and threw Test into the turnbuckle and followed up with a Ho-Train taking test right to the canvas. The Godfather went for a pin 1…2……Test got his foot on the ropes breaking the pinfall. The Godfather couldn’t believe it so he went outside and had a little dance with his hoes to make things right he got back into the ring and signaled for the Pimp Drop. He got Test up on to his shoulders but Test slid down the back of The Godfather and Landed a Pump Handle Slam 1…2…..3 Test started celebrating on the ropes taunting the crowd after his victory while The Godfather’s hoes attended to him.

OR 61

CR 71

MQ 55

JR: Well what a performance from Test there King

King: Well what do you expect he is a Corporation member.

JR: We here that Stephanie McMahon is backstage now king.

The New American Hero

A video is aired on the titrontron of the 1996 Olympic Games and the Gold Medal winner Kurt Angle singing the National Anthem. After the shots of the Olympics had finished the caption American Hero Kurt Angle Coming Soon

OR 91

You Don’t Get Away That Easy

We see Stephanie McMahon sat in her office with Ken Shamrock & The Big Bossman stood in the office to.

Steph: Ken as you no you were meant to be scheduled to take on Val Venis in a Non-Title Match up tonight. But that plan went a little wrong didn’t it?

Bossman & Shamrock laugh

Steph: You may think it is funny but I don’t and neither do these fans that came here to see you wrestle. Now Val is in Hospital at the moment and won’t be able to compete tonight so tonight as your punishment you 2 will defend your WWF Tag team Championships against The New Age Outlaws.

Bossman: What you can’t do that

Steph: Well I just did now get out of my office

Shamrock: You’re going to pay for that

The segment ends with Shamrock & Bossman walking out of the office and Steph carrying on with her Paperwork.

OR 92

**Stephanie McMahon debuted her new gimmick (Authority Figure) it got a negative response**

**Stephanie McMahon gained 3 points of Overness from this segment**

Challenge From a country singer

Jeff Jarrett’s Music Hits the arena and he comes out to a massive heat from the crowd he is carrying his guitar and is looking smug with himself. He gets to the ring and does the strut and receives the microphone from the ring announcer.

JJ: Well if we aint in a dirt town state again.

Pauses to massive heat.

JJ: Well Jeff Jarrett is here to issue an open challenge to anyone in the back that I haven't beaten yet and I’m doing that right now. But first I’m going to sing you a song written by me on the way into this craphole of a city.

Jarrett sets up to play his guitar when he here’s the music of Mankind who come running down into the ring and gets planted with a guitar shot by Jarrett. Jarrett started doing the strut again and even locked the Figure 4 Leg Lock on Mankind. After a few minutes of this the light went black and Kane’s music started playing and the crowds lighters went into the air again. The Lights came on with Kane stood in the ring with Paul Bearer stood on the Stage with the Urn shouting instructions to Kane. Jarrett still had the figure four locked on Mankind. Kane grabbed the throat of Jarrett and picked him up for a massive Chokeslam.

The Crowd was going mental as Jarrett was rolling around in pain. Kane lifted his arms and slammed them down and fire was coming out of the Ringposts. Bearer wasn’t done and told Kane that he needed to do more. Kane gave a murderous look towards Mankind who was just getting to his feet and Kane put Mankind on his shoulder and Delivered a massive Tombstone Piledriver to Mankind. Kane then Left the ring and walked backstage.

JR: Kane has just destroyed everything in the ring and for what?

King: Well that shows what happens when you get in the way of The Corporation

JR: how the hell did them 2 men get in the way of The Corporation?

As Smackdown went into a commercial break we see Mankind down and out in the middle of the ring.

OR 80

Commercial Break

The Announcement

We return from the commercial break to see Shane McMahon stood in the ring with a microphone.

Shane: Thank you now my father has took a break for a month and will be back after the King of The Ring. But we are in constant contact and my father has got an announcement for the next King of The Ring Winner. The Winner of this Years King of The Ring will get a shot at the WWF Intercontinental Champion No Matter who it is. The Draw for the Quarter Finals will take place on Raw is War. Thank You

OR: 85

WWF Tag Team Championship Match

Ken Shamrock & Big Bossman V The New Age Outlaws

Road Dogg: Ladies & Gentleman Boys & Girls Children of All Ages D-Generation X Proudly Brings to you The Next WWF Tag Team Champions of The Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrld The Bad Ass Billy Gunn, The Road Dogg Jesse James The New Age Outlaws.

Billy: And if you aint down with that we’ve got 2 words for ya

Crowd: Suck It

The New Age Outlaws make there to the ring to a good crowd response and do there taunts in the world. The Corporations Music Hits the arena to some serious heat and out come the WWF Tag Team Champions Shamrock had his serious face on as normal and Bossman looked a little more casual than Shamrock (is it hard not to?) and was holding his truncheon. They got to the ring fast and ran in and Bossman Immediately took out Billy Gunn and then moved onto Road Dogg. Dogg rolled onto the outside and Bossman & Billy started things up officially. Bossman threw some hard shots into Billy’s gut. Bossman threw Billy into the turnbuckle and followed up with an Avalanche taking Billy down to the canvas. Bossman tagged in Shamrock. Shamrock walked up to the downed Billy and immediately Tried locking on the Ankle Lock Billy quickly got to the ropes though Shamrock refused to let go of the hold. 1…..2…..3……4…Shamrock let go of the Hold at 4 keeping The Corporation in it. Ken Shamrock landed a massive Belly to Belly Suplex on Billy taking him out. 1…2…..Road Dogg broke up the pin keeping the challengers in the match up. Shamrock walked over towards Billy who landed with a Lo Blow on Shamrock taking him out. Both men are crawling towards there partners and both make the tag. The crowd erupts as Road Dogg gets into the match up he Clotheslines Bossman then Shamrock he turned around and jabbed Bossman once then again then again and taunted Bossman before landing The Shake Rattle & Roll on Bossman Taking Him Out. Billy Gunn gets up and nails Shamrock over the top but Billy went outside with him as well. The Referee goes outside to try and stop the brawl outside meanwhile in the ring Road Dogg has got The Big Bossman set up and lands the Pump Handle Slam and gets the pin but there Is no ref. Test comes running to the ring and grabs one of the WWF Championship belts goes into the ring and nails Road Dogg on the back of his head he then rolls Bossman on top of Gunn the referee gets back into the ring. 1….2……..3. Bossman & Shamrock get there belts and run up the aisle where they stand posing to the crowd with Test & there WWF Tag Team Championship Belts. Billy Gunn was checking on Road Dogg while this was happening.

JR: Well again tonight The Corporation has won thanks to a cheap victory.

King: Well JR I have said it before and I will see it again that is what happens when you mess with The Corporation

JR: Up Next an interview with HBK Shawn Michaels

OR 80

CR 81

MQ 78

** The WWF Tag Team Championships have gained in image**

HBK’s Road To The WWF Championship

Lillian Garcia: Thank you JR I am here with The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels. Shawn you obviously want to get back into the WWF Championship Hunt again when and where do you plan on doing this?

HBK: I’ll tell you when. King Of The Ring 1999. The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels V The Rock 1 on 1 for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship.

Lillian Garcia: Are you confirming that you have been given the Number One Contendership at King of The Ring?

HBK: No I haven't but it will happen if The McMahon’s decide to stop trying to do the people’s eyebrow and actually see The Championship Material around here. I Mean the toughest opponent that Rocky has had since winning the WWF Championship was Duane Gill. So I’m going to get my Title Shot and I don’t care how when or where but I will be the one coming out of King of The Ring WWF Champion.

Shane Mc Mahon walks into shot.

Shane: You see Shaun with my dad gone I rule this joint and Not the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels.

Shawn steps up into Shawn’s face.

Shane: You want your title shot ah ah it don’t just come that easy Shawn. You see I have a locker room of guys that are waiting to get there shot at the WWF Champion. I Tell you what This Monday night on Raw is War we are going to have a Fatal Four way for the Number One Contendership. Its going to Be The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels V The Undertaker V Steve Austin V Whoever gets the pin in tonight’s Main Event and if The Rock gets the pin then The Rock at King of The Ring will get the night off.

Shawn walks off with Shane Laughing. Shane looks at the Camera

Shane: Now that’s entertainment

OR 91

Commercial Break

Main Event

Triple H & X=Pac with Chyna V Kane & The Rock with Paul Bearer

D-Generations Music hits and the crowd goes absolutely mental as we see Chyna, X-Pac & Triple H come down the stage. They get into the ring and the fire works go off as X-Pac does the taunt where he jump in the middle of the ring while Triple H poses on the ropes. Kane’s Music goes off first and he and Paul Bearer walk down to the ring the crowd are going mental as Kane makes his way to the ring. The Rocks Music plays and a small part of the crowd was cheering but compared to the boo’s this was nothing. This was the best reaction of the night by far.

The rock climbed up the turnbuckle and posed with the WWF Championship. While he was doing this X-Pac ran up the ropes and landed a big kick to the head of Rocky. This sent the Rock onto the outside. Kane then Clotheslined X-Pac over the top and onto the floor. Triple H ran towards Kane and went for a clothesline but missed and got a big boot to the head taking him out. Kane got HHH and landed a hard body slam on him and then the cover.1….2…..kick out from HHH. HHH tried crawling to make the tag to X-Pac Ken just pulled HHH back towards the Corporations corner. Kane Tagged in the Rock. The Rock Came in and just taunted HHH and stomped him back down into the ground. The Rock quickly tagged Kane back into the match. Kane came back into the match and climbed the top rope he waited patiently for HHH to get to his feet Kane jumped and landed a Flying Clothesline taking out HHH. Kane delivered a boot to the head on X-Pac who went flying into the barricade. Kane tagged back in The Rock. The Rock came in and went to the top rope to taunt the crowd. He got down threw Triple H into the ropes and landed a massive Spinebuster on The Game. The Rock took off an armband and signaled for the peoples elbow as he ran into the ropes Kane got the Blind Tag. The Rock hits the Peoples Elbow on HHH and goes for the pin but the referee doesn’t count as The Rock isn’t the legal man. The Rock looks at Kane with a look of disgust but gets taken to the outside with an spinning wheel kick from X-Pac. Chyna goes around and they start double teaming the Rock. The referee jumps to the outside and tries to control the interference from Chyna. Kane meanwhile Chokeslams the game taking him out and goes for the pin but there is no referee to count the pinfall. The crowd goes wild as we see Mankind running to the ring with a steel chair in hand and slides into the ring and hits Kane over the head with the steel chair and then quickly landed a Double Armed DDT on him. He then rolled HHH on top on Kane and then the referee came back into the count the pinfall. 1…2….3. The Rock couldn’t believe it and immediately left with his WWF Championship shaking his head.

JR: Bah Gawd Triple H has got a chance to go to King of The Ring thanks to Mankind screwing Kane out of his Chance.

King: Mankind may have just made the biggest mistake of his career JR

OR 87

CR 90

MQ 82

Smackdown Goes off The air with Mankind standing over a downed Kane.

Well there is my first Show hope you enjoy I will do the news after it now

We got a 5.42 rating for 'WWF Smackdown!'!

The attendance level was 10004 people.

We made $400160 from ticket sales.

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user posted image

WCW News

WCW Have released El Dandy, Ciclope, Super Calo, Elix Skipper, Brad Armstrong, Curly Bill, Silver King, Kenny Kaos, Sean O'Haire, The Barbarian, Johnny The Bull,  Horace Hogan, Mike Enos, Meng, Glacier, Hector Garza, Lizmark Jr., David Taylo & Prince Iaukea

The WWF has taken Interest in Sean O'Haire & Johnny The Bull and have both signed Development Deals.

WCW got a 3.72 television rating for 'Thunder'!

The event was attended by 4033 people.

They made $161320 from ticket sales.

user posted image

WWF News

The WWF has sent Mark Henry back into Development this passed week he basically no-selled everyhing that was threw at him so this is punishment from the bigman.

The WWF has recently released Duane Gill he was the Current WWF Light Heavywieght Champion but he didnt really impress the staff at the WWF so he was let go.

Competing with Thunder is hurting us, they're taking most of our viewers!

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Hmmm well, if the scenario started in June, then I would take him out but since you already started, you have to keep him in I think. To be honest though, you DON'T have to play by the rules, you could make it as if Owen had never died and push him like nuts. It would be great to see Owen main eventing with HHH's gimmick of today (The Game). Just edit your first post and say Linda was gone is early may but your job started in June. That way, Owen could still be around. It will be one of those "What If.." kind of things, like "What if WCW bought HHH?" You know, like if HHH and Steph never fell in love and Aitch lost interest in WWF. He might have gone to WCW.

But alas, I ramble xD

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The Yellow colour could do with being changed, it's kinda hard to see. I like the idea of Kane and Mankind figthing each other, and the Four way main event should be a good one. I also liked Stone Cold chasing of the Ministry can't wait and see what happens between Taker and Austin. Since you've already used Owen Hart you might aswell keep him in, after all it is your diary.

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Tiger Ali Singh has sustained an injury while working a house show this past week he will be out of action for 2 months with a tricep strain.

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Sunday Night Heat Preview

After a chaotic Smackdown, Sunday Night Heat hopes to follow up with a huge main event with Test Facing Goldust which should be a wild encounter. Also we have Bob Holly of The JOB Squad takes on The Brood. All this plus an exclusive look on New WWF Superstar Kurt Angle. And Last But Not Least The Headbangers Vs Kurrgan & Golga of The Oddities

Matches for Sunday Night Heat:

Test V Goldust

Gangrel V Bob Holly

The Headbangers V Kurrgan & Golga

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