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FWA: Bringing British Wrestling Back!


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OOC: I've scrapped my ROH Diary, as I purchased TEW, and wanted to start something on here, and had lost the will to do my ROH one. I'd only done one show, so I'm sure there won't be anyone commiting suicide over that, but thought I'd just let people know!

As more and more people become disillusioned with the WWE, and thier lack of ability to book thier overwhelming talent pools to thier best, wrestling fans begin to look elsewhere. After New Years Resolution, many fans were left with a bad taste in thier mouth, from the Main Event, as once again, HHH won the WWE Title Belt. To many, that was just one too many times. Looking at thier biggest rival, NWA:TNA, and the same thing is happening. Jeff Jarrett kneecaps Monty Brown's push at the last PPV, and the fans just can't stand being short changed anymore.

They begin to check out other ways to get thier wrestling fix, other ways to enjoy themselves with the sport that they love. For some, this means checking out the independents. ROH, CZW, and other small independent promotions are going through a boom period, as people flock to thier shows, wanting to see something different, without the politics of the WWE, or NWA:TNA. For some, Japan is the only way to go, as more and more US and UK fans try and get in on the delights of Puro. But for some, they are just waiting for the next big thing, the next federation to truly grab them by the balls and give them something to mrk out for....

FWA in potential turmoil, Mark Sloan steps down as owner!

In a move that could spell out the doom of FWA, Mark Sloan has said that he wants to focus more on his wrestling career, and this means that he doesn't want to run and own FWA as well. For the time being, he has stepped down, and all subsequent FWA shows have been cancelled. Frantic meetings with staff and wrestlers are forthcoming, as FWA struggles to find someone to fill Sloan's boots, and offer up a little bit of capital for them to continue fighting.

Buyer For FWA Found! Shows To Run Again

A week after the surprise decision of Mark Sloan to step down as owner of FWA, the company has been bought by a young UK businessman. The man, named Liam Byrne, bought the company, and has apparently got somewhere in the realms of £100,000 to spend on FWA in the near future. This may sound a lot, but insiders are saying that FWA needs to get good returns on its shows, or get some TV time before they can even consider competing, or making money.

For the time being, it shall be interesting to see what Liam Byrne does with the company, now that he has complete control.

In related news, Liam Byrne has set the first event on the 23rd of February. Called "FWA The New Beginning",this shall be a weekly event, travelling the length and breadth of the UK, so that a larger fanbase can be attained.

TV Deal In The Making?

Apparently, Channel Five has spoken up with interest about carrying FWA TV shows in the future.

One stumbling block is that they are only offering a small amount of air time, but for the FWA, a small amount is better than none. If the deal goes through, FWA will be looking at a half hour slot on Monday at 9, or a half hour slot on Thursday at 10.30. It remains to be seen if the deal will go through, but it's been rumoured that the 9 o'clock slot is what Liam Byrne may take if he signs.

FWA Live! On Channel Five From Monday!

Liam Byrne confirmed the signing of a TV contract today with Channel Five. As was rumoured, they were offered two different times with a half hour slot, and they chose 9pm on a Monday. This is an interesting choice, as it also coincides with the start of Raw, but Liam Byrne believes that if the FWA shows are as strong as they can be, then fans may see the FWA as a good run-up till the Raw show picks up pace in the later half of the first hour.

The show, named FWA Live!, will begin this Monday. With two weeks until the FWA New Beginning "super" show, seeing how Byrne makes use of his half hour time slot will be of great interest to the UK wrestling fans.

Credit: www.fwawrestling.com

OOC: I've already booked 2 TV shows, so thats why I'm kinda rushing the back story and little bits. I'm going to post both shows later on.

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Mark Sloan doesn't own FWA, Alex Shane does.

FWA is already broadcasting shows on TWC, and they have a deal.

Your knowledge of FWA doesn't seem that good, but I do wish you luck as I love FWA, and I wouldn't mind seeing this stick around.

In TEW, the latest RaveX update, Mark Sloan owns it (which he does do, unless he sold it to Alex Shane...he owned it when it was Fratton Wrestling Association), and books. In real life, I think Alex Shane books it as well.

Also, they don't have the TWC TV deal (I know they have that in real life), so I'm starting as if from scratch (hence, the Channel 5 deal).

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user posted image

FWA Live! #1

Coming From Manchester,England

14th February 2005

Dark Matches

James Tighe beat Aviv Mayaan (24.2%, 63.4%, 36.4%)

Raj Ghosh beat Eamon Shrahan (20.2%, 59%, 25%)

The Zebra Kid beat Stevie Knight (30.4%, 63.2%, 35.7%)

Televised Show

Shane Promises Williams a hard time!

The camera fades in to show Alex Shane already in the ring, with a microphone in his hand. Around the ring are security guards, protecting the current Managing Director of the FWA, and the figure of authority. On his shoulder, is his FWA British Heavyweight Title.

Shane: Welcome to the new era! This is FWA were we deserve to be, on TV, with a chance to show to the whole of the UK what we have to offer! But in some ways, the more things change; the more they stay the same. I’m still your champion, whether you like it or not, and I still haven’t finished with Doug Williams. Come out Doug, we need to have a little chat.

Doug Williams makes his way onto the top of the ramp, and stands, staring directly at Alex Shane.

Shane: Now, Doug, I beat you for the FWA British Heavyweight title not too long ago, and I’m sure that it is high on your agenda as to what you are planning to do next. But do you think I’m going to make it easy for you to get back to the top? No, to put it bluntly Doug, I’m not! Until you can prove to me that you are worthy of this title, you aren’t getting a shot at it. Now, I would still fight you, whether it was for the title or not, but you see, I’ve got the sniffles, and don’t really feel 100%. Oh, don’t worry, Doug, I’ve got a perfect replacement, as tonight, in the Main Event of our first FWA Live event, it will be you, against the All England Champion Hade Vansen, in a non-title match! Let’s see how you deal with that!

Doug nods his head, as if taking in the announcement, and then heads backstage.

Jonny Storm vs Spud

Spud, a young starlet in the FWA was up against it here, as he met one of FWA’s favourite sons, Jonny Storm. The crowd love to hate Jonny, and they were on his back to begin with, trying to put him off his game. Spud started the quickest, using his speed to get the better of Storm, who is obviously no slouch himself. Arm drags, drop toeholds, hip tosses and slams were all traded, until Storm cracked Spud on the side of the face with a stiff forearm, to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Working Spud over, Storm use the ropes for several leverage manoeuvres, including a spinning heel kick that nearly took Spud’s head off! With Spud dazed after a sitout powerbomb, Storm took his time to mount the top turnbuckle, and was caught by Spud, who launched him to the hall floor below him! As Storm stood up to regain his senses, Spud crashed into him with an awesome tope to the outside, taking them both out! Rolling him back in, Spud almost got the three, but Storm’s foot was on the bottom rope. Spud tried a couple more high impact moves with close falls, before getting caught attempting a cross body, and unceremoniously dumped on the top turnbuckle face first. Setting him up, Storm hit his Super Rewind Hurracanrana, and got the 3 for a hard fought victory!

Jonny Storm beat Spud with the Super Rewind Huracanrana (45.2% 65.4%, 38.2%)

As Spud was getting helped up by the referee, Storm knocked the referee away, before planting Spud with yet another sitout powerbomb! Storm soaked up the heat from the crowd, and then walked back to the locker rooms.

FWA Tag Team Title Match: Hampton Court vs The Family (Paul Travell and Scott Parker)

With The Family on a rampage in the FWA at the moment, it only seemed obvious to send them after a title on the first FWA Live event, and it was Travell and Parker going for the FWA Tag Titles against the popular combo of Simmons and The Duke Of Danger, collectively known as Hampton Court. Travell and Parker hoped that their experience would help them outdo their less experienced rivals, but the first few minutes were all Hampton Court, as Travell, and then Parker were pummelled down and out of the ring, as the Duke and Simmons tried to up the tempo to catch their opponents off guard. Parker and Travell regrouped on the floor, and after a sneaky trip by Travell on the Duke, and a legdrop to the back of the head by Parker, the team of Parker and Travell began to work on the head and neck of the Duke, with chinlocks, DDT’s and swinging neckbreakers all finding the mark. As they tried to push home the advantage, Parker and Travell went for some double teaming, but a depsperation double clothesline by the Duke left all three down. Before they could stop him, the Duke tagged Simmons, and suddenly, the match just erupted into a brawl. Simmons cleaned house, dropping Parker over the top rope, and hitting Travell with a hard bodyslam, crushing him on impact. As Simmons took control, Parker dragged the Duke to the outside, and rammed him into the ring post, leaving him out on the floor. Parker creeped in, hoping to surprise Simmons, but an attempted superkick missed, and caught Travell flush under the chin! Simmons nailed Parker with the Butler Buster, before covering Travell and picking up the 1,2,3!

Hampton Court defeated Paul Travell and Scott Parker after Simmons pinned Travell, to retain the FWA Tag Team titles (36.5%, 60.6%, 53.5%)

As Hampton Court left, Paul Travell and Scott Parker were arguing in the ring, very heatedly. As it looked like Travell was about to completely lose his cool, Drew McDonald hit the ring, and intervened. Calming them both down, the 3 members of The Family left together.

Main Event: Doug Williams vs Hade Vansen in a non-title match

In a match sanctioned earlier by Alex Shane, Doug Williams, the former FWA British Heavyweight Champion faced off against the cocky Hade Vansen, the current All England title holder, in a non title match. After a stand off in the first couple of exchanges, Doug Williams caught a Hade Vansen enzguiri attempt, and snapped him over with a Dragon screw, and began to work on Vansen’s knee and legs. He almost had the victory with a Indian Deathlock, but Vansen managed to get to the rope after a minute of struggling against it. Vansen began to fight back, however, and his knee didn’t stop launching some high impact offense against Doug, as he hit a nasty leg lariat and a brainbuster, both for close falls. Getting increasingly frustrated with Doug’s lack of quit, Hade used a ref distraction to remove the top turnbuckle pad, exposing the metal below. Planting Williams with a nasty implant DDT, Vansen picked him up, and whipped Doug chest first into the exposed turnbuckle! As Vansen went for the pin, The Zebra Kid rushed down to ringside, and pulled Vansen off of Williams from the outside. As Vansen got up to have a go at the Zebra Kid for his interference, Williams grabbed Hade, and planted him with the Chaos Theory for the 1,2,3!

Doug Williams defeated Hade Vansen in a non-title match (49.3%, 78.2%, 40.8%)

As Doug stayed down on the floor after the beating he’d taken, Alex Shane rushed the ring, picked Williams up, and hit him with the One Night Stand, and began to kick at Williams chest and ribs. Vansen joined in, and it was only for the second interruption by the Zebra Kid, who chased the two off, that Doug Williams wasn’t hurt further. The camera slowly fades out as we see the Zebra Kid and a referee look over a downed Doug Williams.


OOC: I don't have the rating for the show, the audience numbers or the minutes for each match, as I did these before I was going to write a diary, and therefore don't have the info. After the next card, I'll be up to date, and can then include more detail. And I know it's a short card, but I only have 30 minutes!

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FWA Live! #2

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland

Dark Matches

Drew McDonald defeated Ross Jordon (32.0%, 61.4%, 19.7%)

Mark Sloan/Stevie Knight defeated Aviv Mayaan/Spud (25.4%, 56.6%, 22.8%)

Alex Shane beat Eamon Shrahan (26.8%, 56.3%, 43.6%)

Televised Show

Mark Belton vs Jack Xavier

The first match on the second show of the FWA Live! Era matches two young stars of FWA; Jack Xavier up against the cocky Mark Belton. Belton seemed angry at being on to start the show, and began by reigning down on Xavier with fists, kicks and a stiff clothesline to take control from the start. Belton used his speed on a grounded Xavier, hitting a missile dropkick and an enzguiri to gain two close falls. Letting his guard down slightly, Belton was caught by a desperation backdrop out of a piledriver attempt, which left both men gasping for breath on the mat. Xavier got to his feet first, and began to beat away at Belton with rights and lefts, before hitting a big time crucifix powerbomb. But just as Xavier went to pick Belton up from off the floor to his Xaviator, Belton hit a quick low blow, rolled Xavier up, and grabbed the tights for a shock 1,2,3!

Mark Belton beat Jack Xavier with a roll-up (41.6%, 69.7%, 60.4%)

Mark Belton rolled outside, and grabbed the microphone.

Belton: I am not impressed! Firstly, I get stuck in the opening match of the show, which a man of my calibre doesn’t deserve. And then, you stick me up against a loser like Jack Xavier! What have I done to deserve that? But, here is where I make my stand! Tonight, for the Main Event, I’m going to be in it, and there’s not one thing the company can do about it, as I am the most marketable man for the future they have! Who I face, I don’t care, but it doesn’t matter, as it’s only a matter of time…

Belton is cut off by a right hand from Xavier, who has rolled to the floor to continue their brawl. As referees and agents run out to stop the fight, Xavier and Belton try and get past to get at each other, but the increasing presence of authority stops any further brawling.

Parker and Travell don't see eye to eye

We cut backstage to show Travell and Parker in thier locker room, with the rest of The Family.

Drew McDonald: Last week, we may have failed to capture the FWA Tag Titles, but believe me, we are merely wounded, and not defeated! When the time is right, all the gold will lie in this Family, and there will be nothing that can stop it happening!

Travell: If Scott doesn't superkick you in the face, you mean...

McDonald: Stop with this incessant arguing! He made a mistake, and it cost you the match, your times will both come.

Parker: If he wants to say something, then let him be a man and say it!

Travell: If you were half the man I am....(launches himself at Parker)

McDonald: (standing in between Parker and Travell) STOP IT NOW! We are The Family, and there is no room for egos! When the time is right, the FWA will be ours, and until then, we are all for one, ok?

Travell and Parker: Ok...

McDonald: Good...

The camera fades out as Travell and Parker are still staring at each other.

Doug Williams vs Joe E Legend

In a match-up made in FWA heaven (well, at the moment anyway), the former champion Doug Williams fought indy star Joe E Legend, in what promised to be a good match. Both guys respect each other, and this is shown by the tentative way in which the match began, as neither wanted to give up the edge. Doug tried to take it to the mat early, but Joe E’s experience showed, as he blocked any attempt, and several times reversed Doug’s attempts into locks and holds of his own. After playing about for the first couple of minutes, Doug upped the tempo, and started getting physical, with some stiff kicks and chops, trying to wear down Legend. However, Legend ducked a clothesline attempt, and came back with a flying elbow underneath the jaw to take Williams to the mat. Not wasting the opportunity, Legend pummelled him with his fists in the face, and kicked away at Doug’s vulnerable chest. A rib-breaker, and several fast whips into the turnbuckles left Doug doubled up on the floor in pain, with Legend in the driving seat. The crowd began to boo though, as Alex Shane made his way to ringside, to oversee Legends attempt at defeating Shane’s nemesis. Going for the kill, Legend attempted to hit Doug with his Godzilla Choke Bomb, but he lifted Williams, Doug shifted his weight and brought Legend down in a leg vice/arm lock combo. Legend struggled for ages to get out of the move, and finally got to the bottom rope. As Williams got up, Shane got onto the apron, trying to distract him. Williams headed over to deal with Alex, but Legend caught him around the waist, run him into the ropes and tried to roll Williams up. Doug managed to roll through, duck back around, run Legend into the turnbuckle, straight into the Chaos Theory!! It was academical now, as Williams covered Legend for the 1,2,3.

Doug Williams defeated Joe E Legend with the Chaos Theory (45.5%, 77.8%, 71.0%)

Doug got up, but Alex Shane, fearing the worst, had already left the ringside and headed back to the locker rooms.

Main Event: Mark Belton vs The Zebra Kid

As we saw earlier, Belton got more then just a little bit of a fortuitous victory over Jack Xavier, but he still wanted to be the main eventer, and thus, we come to tonight’s main event. Mark Belton was in the ring already, and after a small wait, The Zebra Kid hit the ring to be Belton’s opponent. Considering how fresh Zebra Kid was, relative to Belton, he took advantage, instantly hitting the ropes, ducking behind a Belton clothesline attempt, and nailing a release German suplex, dropping Belton on the back of his head! Belton, already on dream street from the suplex, was then picked up and dropped with a face buster, busting his nose open in the process. Before The Zebra Kid could take full advantage though, Hade Vansen, still smarting from last weeks interference by The Zebra Kid in his match against Doug Williams, came down to ringside. However, he was caught coming in by a tope from the Zebra Kid, who saw him coming! Zebra Kid hit him with a couple of right hands at ringside, followed by a whip into the guardrails, before re-entering the ring and getting caught with a legdrop to the back of the head from Belton. Belton then drove Zebra Kid into the mat with a piledriver, before jumping up to the top rope for his trademark Frog Splash. As he leapt though, Zebra Kid moved, and Belton hit nothing but mat! Picking him up, and then dumping him with a Michinoku Driver, the Kid jumped up to the top rope, and drilled Belton with his Zebra Crossing elbow, before hooking the leg for the 1,2,3!

The Zebra Kid beat Mark Belton after the Zebra Crossing (43.4%, 63.8%, 20.9%)

The camera fades to black on our second show with The Zebra Kid standing celebrating in the ring, Mark Belton knocked out in the middle, and Hade Vansen in a crumpled heap at ringside.


OOC: Now I am up to date, so can start putting in a little more details, to pad out the stuff I've already posted.

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FWA New Beginning Card Hype!

With just under a week to go until the first main event under Liam Byrne's reign, the internet is abuzz with rumour and speculation as to what Byrne has planned. How will he showcase the FWA name to the world?

Well here they are, the first matches to be announced for the New Beginning card!

As Alex Shane and Doug Williams have crossed paths many times in the path, and thier hatred has only seemed to intensify recently, Liam Byrne has decided to stick them in the ring against each other yet again, but not in a one against one match. Also in the ring will be Hade Vansen, a man that Williams beat on the first FWA Live! event, but helped Shane beat down Williams after the match. He will be Shane's partner, as in Williams corner is The Zebra Kid, the man who helped Williams beat Vansen, and also broke up the 2 on 1 attack at the end of this match. To make this match even more interesting, with Alex Shane the British Heavyweight champion, and Hade Vansen the All England champion, if either of the team of Williams and The Zebra Kid pins one of the other, they will get a title shot at the next FWA Event!

Mark Belton has not been impressed recently with the FWA officials, as they left him off the first FWA Live! event, and then gave him the first match of the 2nd. Winning, he told the FWA what he thought of them, and more importantly, that he wanted to be in the Main Event. Eventually, he lost that main event match to The Zebra Kid, but after the dodgy way in which Belton one his first match, a re-match between him and Jack Xavier has been booked, with Xavier on a mission to get revenge for what he saw as a cheap victory by Belton!

Hampton Court will be in action, defending the Tag Team Titles against the team of Stevie Knight and Mark Sloan. Hampton Court had won thier only other title defense of Byrne' reign, against the team of Paul Travell and Scott Parker, but we believe that Knight and Sloan will be more of a match then a dysfunctional Travell and Parker.

Speaking of Paul Travell and Scott Parker, they haven't seen eye to eye much recently, and the FWA officials have decided that thier only way to settle the score will be to stick them in the ring at FWA New Beginning! Drew McDonald, leader of The Family wasn't impressed by the decision, but Travell and Parker are glad to meet, and prove who is the best.

Also in action, we'll see Jonny Storm, Joe E Legend, Ulf Hermann, and man others, in what should be a great night of British action!

OOC: I added a Parker and Travell segment I left off the card above (FWA Live! #2) by mistake. It was only when I mentioned them arguing in the above post that I thought "wait, no they haven't", but I just forgot to post the segment.

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The Family disbanded months ago, Scott Parker hasn't been seen in FWA for almost a year roughly.

I'm not impressed thus far. :(

Suresly some research from the FWA website wouldn't be too much work to correct some obvious mistakes?

I PM'ed you. I'm going by the stat update, is that OK? I've gone to the site, and Scott Parker is on thier roster, so I don't really care when he was last seen, as he is a member of the FWA.

It also doesn't say the Family is disbanded, so even if I did use the FWA Wrestling site like you suggested, it appears to be wrong, as is RaveXTEW, as they both say Scott Parker is in FWA, and The Family is around.

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Guest M1TCH3LL87

Yeah to be fair, it's actually the stats rather than the guy here. Plus, I couldn't care less about who owns or not because the FWA is poor now and I'm glad that someone is going back to a time when it was a little better. Would you have a go at a guy doing a WWE 2004 diary if he started in June when the year started in January? Cut the guy some slack. Disliking the diary itself is fine but he's working best he can with what stats he has. Why don't you update the stats for him since you know FWA better than he does?

Sorry, that irked me. Btw, hire and push Spud :)

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OOC: First things first, to keep my sanity, I'll just give the overall ratings for the matches, as I hate checking back to TEW 3 times for each match to get the right % down for each aspect of a match. When it comes to my larger write ups, so as not to burn out, or push anyone away, I'm going to write smaller write ups for "less-important" matches, and save the larger aspects for the more important matches.

Without futher ado....


user posted image

FWA New Beginning

From Edinburgh, Scotland

Attendance: 739

The camera opens to an empty ring, as a rabid crowd prepare for the first main event in Liam Byrne's reign as FWA Owner. Tonight, the future begins!

Spud versus James Tighe

The first match of the New Beginning Era, Spud and James Tighe put on a good, quick opener, to get the crowd reasonably pumped up. Tighe, the more experienced of the two, took control, but after a couple of near falls, some nonchalant moves and holds let Spud hit his Body Scissors into a Bulldog, to nab the 1,2,3 out of nowhere! Spud's celebrations on the top turnbuckle after the match were cut short however by an angry Tighe, who nailed Spud with a nasty powerbomb, leaving Spud a quivering mess in the middle of the ring.

Spud defeated James Tighe in 8 mins 37 seconds with a Body Scissors into a Bulldog (38.7%)

Aviv Mayaan vs Joe E Legend

In the second match, Aviv Mayaan, one of the many up and coming stars in the FWA, met Joe E Legend, the indy stalwart. Aviv attempted to use his speed to his advantage, but Legend only allowed him to string one or two moves together before cutting Mayaan off at his legs, and wearing him down with some mat work. Surviving a late comeback, Legend finally polished off Mayaan with his Godzilla Choke Bomb for the 1,2,3!

Joe E Legend defeated Aviv Mayaan in 9 mins 40 seconds with the Godzilla Choke Bomb (41.2%)

Drew McDonald vs Ross Jordon

In what was little more then a glorified squash match, Ross Jordon came up against the leader of The Family, Drew McDonald. Initially throwing punches and dropkicks, Jordon staggered McDonald, but as he went for spinning heel kick, McDonald ducked. Picking the young Jordon up, a powerslam, a powerbomb and a nasty back breaker followed, before Jordon was picked up and finished with the Celtic Crusher for the 3 count, in just over five minutes!

Drew McDonald defeated Ross Jordon in 5 mins 27 seconds with the Celtic Crusher (35.6%)

Shane and Vansen talk tactics

After McDonald defeated Jordon, we head backstage, to see Alex Shane and Hade Vansen sitting in Shane's locker room, discussing tactics.

Shane: Now, I know that we haven't always seen eye to eye, and that you'd want my British Heavyweight Title as much as Doug Williams or The Zebra Kid would, but tonight, we have to work together! Remember, it's not only a shot at my title that may be up for grabs, but if you get beaten,a shot at your All England Title will be thier next stop.

Vansen: I agree, but you do what you do, I'll do what I do, you stay outta my way, I'll keep outta yours, and we'll beat them two with little or no problem. But when we do, you are right, I will be gunning for your title, but we'll leave that for another day. Just make sure you are ready....

Vansen stands up and leaves the room, as Shane starts to warm up with some squat thrusts.(46.7%)

Jonny Storm vs Eamon Shrahan

In what may be a match for the future, Jonny Storm, one of the UK's greatest wrestling exports met Eamon Shrahan, a man that has been compared to another one of the UK's exports, Doug Williams. This match, from what we saw, could be a classic if these two meet up when the young Shrahan has had a little more experience under his belt. Shrahan did push Storm to the limit, however, battering him with a german suplex, a spinebuster, and a Northern Lights suplex that got a very near fall against Storm. However, Storm's experience told, as he caught an onrushing Shrahan in the face with his boot whilst in the corner, and nailed the dazed Shrahan with his trademark Rewind Steiner. Following with a frog splash off the top rope to make sure, Storm pinned Shrahan for the 1,2,3!

Jonny Storm defated Eamon Shrahan at 8 mins 36 seconds with a frog splash (45.5%)

Raj Ghosh vs Ulf Hermann

Raj Ghosh, a member of the Family met the uber over Ulf Hermann in our next match, as the speed of Ghosh went up against the raw power of Hermann. Ghosh had the right idea in the first few minutes, as he hit Hermann quick and fast, with dropkicks, leg lariats and quick rights and lefts to keep Hermann off his game. When Hermann hit the floor, Ghosh was quick to beat at the big guy with a second rope legdrop, and a jumping senton for a near fall. However, as Ghosh tried to press the advantage, and went for a Frankensteiner, Ulf caught the young Ghosh and drilled him with a bone shaking Powerbomb! Picking up Ghosh's limp body, another powerbomb was sufficient for Ulf to pick up the 1,2,3!

Ulf Hermann defeated Raj Ghosh in 6 mins and 53 seconds with a powerbomb (28.6%)

Hype Video for Paul Travell vs Scott Parker

As Ghosh was helped from the ring, a hype video for Paul Travell versus Scott Parker was shown. These two, both in the Family, had seen the tension between themselves escalate. From the first FWA Live! event, where a misdirected Scott Parker superkick knocked out Travell and lost them thier chance of winning the FWA Tag Titles, the video shows the miscommunication, and confrontation after the match, where they stood face to face and exchanged pretty heated verbals. Footage is also shown of the interview with the Family last week, in which they showed that all is not settled between the two of them, and they are ready to fight each other to settle the score.The video closes with a shot of the two of them eye to eye in the middle of the ring. (33.4%)

Battle Of The Family: Scott Parker vs Paul Travell

Both veterans of the FWA, Parker and Travell knew what to expect from each other from the get go, as for the first minute, move after move is countered, re-countered, and then countered again, leading to what could best be described as a stalemate. It was Travell who made the first decisive move, as he blocks a hiptoss attempt, and lamps Parker with a stiff clothesline, taking Scott off his feet. With both men not the favourites of the fans in the arena, half are with Travell and half are with Parker, and there is a mixed reaction as Travell starts putting the boots to a downed Parker. Parker finally manages to retreat to ringside, where he is met by a furhter onslaught from Travell, who is obviously intent to take out his anger, and finish this match as quick as possible. Parker eats ring post, and is then unceremoniously dumped on the barricades, set up for a drop kick to the back of the head, knocking him off the barricade and into the crowd! Travell, not content with letting Parker stay there, grabbed Scott and attempted to suplex him onto the floor, only to have it reversed, and be suplexed by Parker into the crowd! The two slowly got up, and brawled back over the barricade and into the ring, as they began to trade move for move, with neither man managing to get the upper hand for more then just a couple of moves, before a block or a missed move put the other in the driving seat. Travell seemed to have the upper edge, and after getting a very close fall with a Cradle piledriver, seemed visibly very annoyed at Parker's resistance. Picking him up, Travell nailed the Sacrificial Slam, only for Parker to kick out at 2! Travell got up, and went to the referee to complain, taking his eye off the ball long enough that as he turned around, Parker kicked him in the stomach and hit his Golden Arrow finisher, leaving both men down on the mat!As Parker crawled over and put his arm on Travell, Raj Ghosh, another member of The Family, hits the ring, and pulls the ref out before he can hit the mat for the 3 count! Sliding into the ring, he hits Parker as he is trying to get to his feet with a shining wizard, before rolling back to the outside. The ref gets back into the ring, as Travell covered Parker for the 1,2,3!

Not content with screwing Parker out of the match, Ghosh gets into the ring, and throws Parker out of the ring, where he hits the floor, HARD! Ghosh picks up Travell, and holds his arm up in victory, only to be NAILED with a chair shot to the back of the head by a groggy looking Parker, who then lamps Travell full on the forehead with the chair! Parker throws the chair onto the floor, leaving the other two unconcious in the ring!

Paul Travell defeats Scott Paker in 8 mins 12 seconds, after interference from Raj Ghosh (45.3%)

Belton vs Xavier hyped

As the carnage from the ring is cleared, a hype video for Mark Belton vs Jack Xavier is shown. This is mostly just highlights from thier match at FWA Live! #2, and shows the main moves, Belton's fortuitous victory, and the ensuing brawl afterwards. (41.7%)

Mark Belton vs Jack Xavier

After getting a surprising victory at FWA Live! #2, Mark Belton was booked to fight Jack Xavier yet again, to try to prove that the last win against Xavier wasn't a fluke. Xavier seemed more prepared this time, as he was out of the blocks fast, nailing Belton with several chops, a splash in the corner, and a clothesline that took Belton over the top rope to the outside. As Xavier prowled the ring like a caged animal, Belton took his time to regroup, before sliding back into the ring. A thumb to the eye gave Belton the upper hand, and he held the advantage for quite a while, as he slowly wore down Xavier with a mixture of power moves and joint attacks on Xavier's knees, to keep the young man grounded. Xavier, the more experienced of the two, played possum on an attempted top rope elbow drop by Belton, and moved, leaving Belton to hit nothing but mat. Xavier then turned it up a gear, as he hit a flying crossbody, a frankensteiner and a DVD all for close falls. As Xavier picked him up again, Belton, in a repeat of what he did at FWA Live! #2, kneed Xavier in the nuts, and rolled Xavier up, but Xavier managed to kick out at 2! As Belton tried to grab Xavier as he got up, Xavier caught him with an elbow to the gut, before nailing the Rolling Release X-Plex for the hard fought 3 count!

As Xavier regained his breath in the corner after his victory, Belton slowly got to his feet, with a dejected look on his face. In a show of respect, Xavier walked over to Belton and offered him a handshake, only for Belton to spit at Xavier, and leave the ring. Xavier stood in the ring watching Belton leave, shaking his head in disgust at this show of disrespect.

Jack Xavier defeated Mark Belton at 7 mins 23 seconds with the Rolling Release X-Plex (62.9%)

Hype for the Tag Titles Match

As Jack Xavier left the ring, a hype video for the Tag Team Title match began. As the team of Mark Sloan and Stevie Knight hadn't met Hampton Court so far in Liam Byrne's reign, footage is shown of the matches they have had so far. We see Hampton Court beating Paul Travell and Scott Parker at FWA Live #1, and some dark match footage of Sloan and Knight beating Aviv Mayaan and Spud convincingly before FWA Live! #2. The video finishes with showing both teams over a caption saying "FWA Tag Team Title Match". (48.4%)

Hampton Court vs Stevie Knight and Mark Sloan for the FWA Tag Team Titles

In thier second title defense of Liam Byrne's reign, Hampton Court set out to defeat the formidably talented team of Stevie Knight and Mark Sloan. With the most experience in the ring, Sloan started it off for his team, and quickly had control of Simmons, with several quick holds, a suplex and bodyslam. Simmons was quick to get up on all occasions,as he seemed ready for the match at hand. Sloans next attempt at a hammerlock was met with an elbow to the face, followed by an irish whip and a thunderous Vader-style bell clap, knocking him to the mat! Before Simmons could take advantage, Sloan had rolled to the outside, and as he got back into the ring, Mark tagged out to Knight. Stevie looked focused, but he was quickly on the defensive as well, as Simmons took him into the corner with lefts and rights, before whipping him from corner to corner, and hitting a back body drop out of the second whip. Stomping on Knight for good measure, Simmons tagged in The Duke, who proceeded to continue stomping on Knight, before picking him up and drilling him with a swinging neckbreaker. As The Duke went to hit the ropes to launch another attack, Sloan low-bridged the rope, causing the Duke to fall to the outside. As The Duke got up, Sloan jumped at the Duke, only to be caught and dumped on the floor with a slam! As The Duke went to get back into the ring, Knight caught him with kicks to the head and the body to down the Duke. As the match continued, the team of Knight and Sloan cut off the Duke, with quick tags, and wear down holds keeping him seperated from Simmons. The Duke did make the tag at one point, but a Sloan distraction caused the referee to miss the tag, and moving Simmons back to the outside, just as he threatened to run riot on Knight and Sloan. Eventually, after blocking a piledriver attempt with a back body drop, The Duke got the tag to Simmons, who came in and began to clean house! Clotheslines, punches, back body drops and suplexes were liberally handed out to the team of Knight and Sloan, including a back body drop that took Sloan from the ring to the outside! As the ref tried to contain all four men, Simmons went to grab Sloan for a suplex back into the ring. As he got Sloan up, Knight grabbed his feet from the outside of the ring, causing Sloan to fall on Simmons, and Knight held the feet for the 1,2,3! The FWA has NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

However, these new Tag Team Champions weren't going to hang around, as The Duke and Simmons were at thier heels, after they were cheated out of the Tag Titles they worked so hard to get.

Stevie Knight and Mark Sloan defeated Hampton Court after 11 mins 21 seconds when Knight's cheating caused Sloan to pin Simmons, crowning New FWA Tag Team Champions (52.4%)

Main Event Hype

With only the Main Event to go, we were treated with a video hyping the four stars who would feature in the tag team match. Doug Williams, the former British Heavyweight champion has had his problems with Alex Shane, who seems intent on ruining Williams' tenure in FWA wherever he goes, after attacking Williams at the end of FWA Live! #1, and interfering in Williams' match with Joe E Legend at FWA Live! #2. At FWA Live! #1, Williams had met Hade Vansen, hand picked by Shane to give Williams a tough night, but it was another youngster, The Zebra Kid, who came to Williams' help, both during the match, where his distraction of Vansen won Williams the match, but also after the match, when Shane and Vansen beat down on Williams. In an act of retribution, Hade Vansen tried to help Mark Belton at FWA Live! #2 defeat the Zebra Kid, but his interference back fired, as The Zebra Kid went on to win the match. As the video ends, the stipulations that if the team of Williams and The Zebra Kid win, the person who gets the pinfall/submission gets a title shot against the person who lost the pinfall/submission is flashed up, reminding people what is at stake.(46.3%)

Main Event: Alex Shane and Hade Vansen vs Doug Williams and The Zebra Kid

The crowd were ready for this match, as they were on thier feet the whole way through the introductions. The two youngters, Vansen and The Zebra Kid started in the ring, and you could show thier slight lack of experience at wrestling at Main Event level, as they were slightly tentative before locking up, and getting down to business. After a small series of flashy counters, Vansen clocked The Zebra Kid with a roundhouse kick to the temple to really get this match going, as The Zebra Kid got up and clubbed Vansen with a back elbow, sparking an all out brawl! As these two rolled on the mat swinging fists at each other, Alex Shane jumped into the ring to attempt to get the jump on Williams in his corner, but Williams pushed away an attempted dropkick, got in the ring, and planted Shane with a quick Revolution DDT before the referee got him to exit the ring! A groggy Shane rolled to the outside to re-group, as Vansen got the upper hand with The Kid, and planted him with a lovely snap suplex, followed by a knee drop to the temple. As Shane was out on his feet in the corner, the match turned into a Vansen beat down, as for a few minutes he cut the ring in half on his own, and continued to beat down on the Zebra Kid, getting a close near fall with a Fisherman Buster. The Zebra Kid at times started to fight back with kicks and punched, but Vansen was quick to cut him off, at one point catching a spinning heel kick attempt, and planting The Kid with a back suplex/bomb move! Williams was getting angsty on the ringside apron, as he waited for the hot tag, and after a missed flying tackle by Vansen, and a subsequent double clothesline, with both men down the crowd rose to thier feet, as they waited for Williams to step into the ring with Hade Vansen, but especially with Alex Shane. Both men got to thier corners at the same time, and simultaneous tags were made, leaving Williams and Shane in the ring together. They both swung a couple of punches, before Williams ducked a punch, and nailed a picture perfect German suplex for a quick 2 count! As the momentum increased, Williams caught Shane with a fallaway slam for another close fall. With Shane back on his feet, Williams whipped him to the ropes and shaped to go for a right to the side of the head, but Shane held on, tagged Vansen and rolled out of the ring, and started heading to the back!The crowd booed as they realised what Shane was doing, and Vansen looked visibly shocked as his tag team partner walked out on him. Williams wasn't ready to stop though, as he grabbed a shocked Vansen off the ring apron, and landed a stiff brainbuster from the apron to the inside of the ring! Picking Vansen up, the Chaos Theory followed, leaving the 1,2,3 academic!

Doug Williams and The Zebra Kid defeated Alex Shane and Hade Vansen after 18 mins 34 seconds when Doug Williams pinned Hade Vansen after the Chaos Theory. Doug Williams is now Number One Contender to Vansen's FWA All England Title (61.7%)

The camera faded out as we saw Williams and The Kid celebrate, a defeated Vansen lying motionless in the ring, and a crowd shocked at how low Alex Shane will sink to avoid Doug Williams.


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Despite your first three shows coming from places FWA would never conceivably run a show, let alone their first three TV shows (unless it was some kind of special tour), the shows themselves have been ok. Your take on an Alex Shane promo is good and the matches are ok. And Xavier winning is never a bad thing ;)

No Nick London wittyness though :( (Thought thankfully, no John Atkins either. *shudder*)

And yeah, The Family disbanded ages ago, as it says on the site. I think it was at Vendetta (July '04) when they actually disbanded. Parker was injured a while ago, don't know when he'll be back. Solid Gold lost allll his coolness at NS4 in '02 though, when Sloan shaved his head :P He looks teh ghey now.

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Despite your first three shows coming from places FWA would never conceivably run a show, let alone their first three TV shows (unless it was some kind of special tour), the shows themselves have been ok. Your take on an Alex Shane promo is good and the matches are ok. And Xavier winning is never a bad thing ;)

No Nick London wittyness though :( (Thought thankfully, no John Atkins either. *shudder*)

And yeah, The Family disbanded ages ago, as it says on the site. I think it was at Vendetta (July '04) when they actually disbanded. Parker was injured a while ago, don't know when he'll be back. Solid Gold lost allll his coolness at NS4 in '02 though, when Sloan shaved his head :P He looks teh ghey now.

I swear the www.frontierwrestling.com site hasn't been updated in yonks, as I couldn't anything explicitly saying they had split up. Some other UK Wrestling source that I can't remember off the top of my head had it, but I was already into my game, and had ideas, so didn't want to start again. I think they said The Family disbanded a little while after that. Oh I can't remember, but they're in the game, so I'll just run with it.

The first 2 shows weren't for diaries when I did them, so it was whatever place the game stuck me...the last one was supposed to be in London, but I forgot to schedule it thier, so it ended up being in Edinburgh!

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FWA Live! #3 hype!

This week, FWA Live! #3 is coming to you from the midlands, as Leeds is the next stop on the FWA's route.

As we left FWA New Beginning, we saw the team of Doug Williams and The Zebra Kid celebrating thier victory over Alex Shane and Hade Vansen, as Shane walked out on his tag partner to avoid a confrontation with Williams. As per the pre-match stipulations, Doug Williams' pin on Vansen means that Williams will get a shot at the All England Title at FWA Live #3! With Alex Shane all too eager to get into Williams' business recently, the powers that be at FWA has decided that the match will be No-Interference and No DQ. As there has been growing animosity between Vansen and Williams', the No-DQ stipulation allows them to not worry about the rule book, whilst the No-Interference stipulation means that if someone interferes in the match, they will be fired from the FWA! Williams already has a victory over Vansen at FWA Live #1, but can Williams win the match, when it really matters?

With the apparent ousting of Scott Parker from thier group, the remaining three members of The Family (Drew McDonald, Raj Ghosh and Paul Travell), in a show of unity, will be in 6 man tag action, as they fight the young upstarts of Spud, Aviv Mayaan and Ross Jordon. With the FWA still shocked about the dumping of Scott Parker, will his exit leave them stronger, or be the first signs of them falling apart?

Speaking of Scott Parker, we believe that we will have an sit down interview with him at FWA Live! #3, as he tells us what his plans are now that he has been dropped from The Family. Surely, retribution is the only thing on his mind?!

Join us on Monday at 9 on Channel Five for all the great FWA action! You need be nowhere else!

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I'm liking it! Good to see some British wrestling represented!!

As far as locations, a "safe" place for the TV tapings would be the Broxbourne Civic Centre, a place they regularly frequent!

And, I don't wanna fall into the "OMG PUSH X WRESTLER HE'S THE BEST!!11!!!1111!!11one!!11!1", but....Push Jack Xavior!! :)

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Guest Cashmiesta

This is a good diary dude, keep it up lol and maybe FWA will be after you to book lol.

No seriously, it's nice work bro. FWA is helping British Wrestling now. You should give Raj Ghosh a few matches with IPW:UK's Best of British: Aviv Maavan. I reckon that they will put on good matches for you!

Dude, this is great!


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OOC: Thanks for all the positive feedback, it's really appreciated.


user posted image

FWA Live! #3

From Leeds

Attendance: 207

Dark Matches

Joe E Legend defeated Eamon Shrahan (50.3%)

Televised Show

Scott Parker Swears Vengeance

The camera fades in on Scott Parker sitting in a small room, with Jane Childs across from him with a microphone in hand.

Childs: So, Scott, to start off FWA Live! tonight, you requested just a couple of minutes to get things off your chest. How is your frame of mind after what happened between you and The Family?

Parker: It was an eye opener, to say the least. All this time, I've blindly followed what they told me, believing in every word uttered from Drew McDonald's mouth, only for them to turn on me the second they could ditch me! Well, does it bother me? Of course it does, as I was willing to bleed for thier cause! But they will learn that sooner or later, they made a big mistake in turning thier back on me, and I will get my revenge on them when the time is right!

Childs: But aren't you worried that The Family will just play the numbers game, and forever have you beaten in 2 on 1 and 3 on 1 situations?

Parker: For the moment, thats not my concern. I will do battle against all 3 members, wherever, whenever. But, if it does get too much, and the gang mentality becomes too much for me....hmmm...well, I guess I'll just have to find a gang of my own.... (28.2%)

The camera fades out, and back to the ring for the first match of the night.

The Family (Drew McDonald, Raj Ghosh and Pal Travell) vs Aviv Mayaan, Ross Jordon and Spud

After Scott Parker's dismissal from the group, the Family are out in the ring trying to prove that they are still a tight unit, up against three of the FWA Academy's best young talents. Spud and Ghosh begin in the ring, as they trade a couple of quick reversals, before Ghosh tags out to Travell. Travell goes straight for a dropkick, but Spud brushes it off and rolls him up for a quick 2. As Spud goes for his own dropkick, Travell catches him, and slingshots him into the corner of The Family. As Travell distracts the referee, McDonald chokes Spud down into the corner, and Ghosh kicks him in the side a couple of times. As Spud goes to get up, Travell hits a nasty running knee to the face, knocking Spud back down into the ground. Travell picks Spud up, and throws him across the ring in a modified hip toss, but before he can capitalise on the advantage, Spud tags into Mayaan, and gets out of the ring. Mayaan gets in quickly, but is hit with a superkick to the chin from Travell instantly, taking him down to the mat. Paul kicks at him a couple more times whilst he is down, before tagging to Drew McDonald. McDonald takes over with some slams, a suplex, and a back suplex to Mayaan. With Mayaan down, McDonald tags to Ghosh, who heads straight to the top rope. Jumping off for a top rope legdrop, Mayaan moves, and Ghosh hits the canvas, hard! Both men are down and crawling towards thier corners. Jordon is tagged in by Mayaan, and Ghosh tags in Travell. Jordon, the freshest man, takes control, whipping Travell into the ropes and nailing him with a clothesline, and then a high elevation back body drop! McDonald and Ghosh re-enter the ring, as do Mayaan and Spud, as it turns into a pier six brawl! Spud and McDonald are brawling in the ring, as Jordon and Travell, and Ghosh and Mayaan head to the outside. As the ref tries to regain order outside the ring, McDonald hits Spud with the Celtic Crusher, and hooks the leg! Scott Parker hits the ring, and nails a springboard legdrop to the back of McDonald's head, before dropping him with the Golden Arrow! Parker pulls Spud over McDonald, and leaves the ring, as the ref regains order, and rolls back into the ring to give the 1,2,3!

As The Family dejectedly trudge back to the locker room, the underdog team of Aviv Mayaan, Ross Jordon and Spud celebrate in the ring, as the crowd goes nuts!

Aviv Mayaan, Ross Jordon, and Spud defeated The Family in 10 mins 12 seconds, when Scott Parker interfered, and hit Drew McDonald with the Golden Arrow (48.5%)

Shane's Game Of One Upmanship

After the last match, we see Doug Williams in the holding area, waiting for his shot against Hade Vansen for the All England Title. As he does a couple of last minute warm up exercises, Alex Shane comes from behind him and nails him over the back of the head with a chair! Shane wails away on the prone body of Williams a couple more times, before a couple of agents and referee's stop him causing anymore damage to Doug. Can Williams still make it to the championship match tonight? (52.9%)

FWA All England Title Match,Main Event,No DQ, No Interfence: Hade Vansen (champion) vs Doug Williams (challenger)

Doug Williams' music hits the PA system, and is left to run for about a minute, with no sign of Doug. They fire up the music again, and this time, Doug Williams slowly makes his way to the ring. He has a bandage around his temple, which appears to be stopping some bleeding. Williams gets in the ring and stands in the corner, looking less than 100%. Vansen's music hits, and Vansen comes out to a chorus of boo's, which he laps up. He gets into the ring, holds the All England Title aloft, and then hands it the referee, ready to begin the match.

Williams starts off a little tentatively, still feeling the sting of the attack by Alex Shane, aiming a couple of kicks and punches at Vansen, who avoids them with ease. As Williams goes for a clothesline, Vansen takes his arm and brings him down into an armbar, wrenching back until Williams reaches the ropes. Back to his feet again, Williams aims a kick at Vansen, but slightly sluggishly, and Vansen grabs the leg, and rolls through with a spin kick to the face on Williams, taking him back to the mat. As Williams struggles to get up, Vansen takes advantage, booting away at the head and face of Williams. The bandage that was stopping the bleeding has fallen off already, and blood is freely flowing down Williams' face. Vansen hits a legdrop and DDT when Williams' got back up, to get a quick 2 count. Vansen then nailed Williams with a jackhammer, and got another 2 count, this time a bit closer to the 3. A shining wizard attempt is ducked by Williams,however, and as Vansen goes to launchback for a clothesline attempt, Williams ducks and plants Vansen with a full-nelson bomb! Williams is still feeling the worse for wear, and Vansen gets to his feeet first, and aims several more kicks at Williams' head. A reverse chin lock is applied, with Vansen using the ropes to gain more leverage on the move. Williams manages to fight his way up to stand, and rolls manages to get behind Vansen, and hits him with a BEAUTIFUL release Dragon Suplex! Both men are down now, and as Williams starts to get up, Vansen rolls to the outside, and brings a chair into the ring. Vansen waits, as a groggy Williams gets to his feet, before swinging the chair, aiming for Doug's injured temple. But Doug drops to the floor to avoid the chair shot, and the chair catches the ropes, and rebounds into Vansen's face, busting open the bridge of his nose! Vansen hits the floor, dropping the chair in the middle of the ring. Doug is up, and pulls Vansen to his feet. Hooking him from behind, Doug runs Vansen into the turnbuckle, and nails the Chaos Theory, but in doing so, hits the back of his head on the chair in the middle of the ring! Both men are down again, with Williams unable to capitalise on his chance to win the All England Title! As they both get to thier feet, Vansen takes some brass knuckles out of his trunk, puts them on his hand, and swings at Williams. Williams ducks, hooks Vansen up again, runs him into the turnbuckle to start the first phase of the Chaos Theory! But as he rolls through, and goes for the German Suplex, Vansen turns and cracks Williams on the side of the face with the brass knuckles, taking Williams down to the floor in one swift movement! Vansen hooks the leg, and the 3 count is inevitable!

Hade Vansen retained his FWA All England Title after defeating Doug Williams in 12 mins 45 seconds, after nailing Williams with some brass knuckles (62.5%)

As Vansen gets his title belt and heads for the high road, yet again, Alex Shane, like a vulture, hits the ring with a chair, and begins nailing Williams' prone body with chair shot after chair shot. As the camera fades out, Shane throws the chair down on the floor, spits on Williams, and leaves the ring, as the fans are silent in shock.


Overall Rating: 48%

Viewers: 6322 (down 22 on last show)

Williams To Zero-1? New Signings In The FWA?

After the FWA Live! #3 event, it has been discovered that Doug Williams has been approached by Zero-1 in Japan, with the idea of signing him to a written contract. Williams was not interested in commenting at the time being, saying that this contract, plus the counter contract from FWA, are being looked at, and he will come to a decision that is beneficial to him in the near future. Hopefully, FWA will be able to hold onto him, as he is one of the main attractions, but the UK wrestling industry isn't setting the world alight at the moment, and a move to Japan could be justifiably advantageous for Williams, who is in his prime.

In un-related news, there have been rumours floating around about FWA signing some new wrestlers to the roster. Earlier today, Liam Byrne confirmed that some signings have been made, but that he would rather not comment on who, as he doesn't want to deaden the impact of the debuts and arrivals. All he did say was that he has hired some good British talent, a couple of big overseas stars, some interesting foriegn captures, and a returning FWA alumni to contracts for the company. I guess we will see who they are as and when the time comes.

Credit: www.frontierwrestling.com

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FWA Live! #4 Hype And FWA Second Helpings News!

On March the 7th, FWA Live! #4 will be coming to you from London, as FWA experience hits the big city, with FWA Second Helpings 2 days later!

With many of the main wrestlers on duty at FWA Second Helpings, FWA Live! #4 is going to be a showcase for some of the lesser viewed talent on the FWA Roster.

Scott Parker, having cost The Family thier 6 man tag match at FWA Live! #3, demanded that he be given a match against anyone from The Family, or even all 3 if he needed to! The FWA officials didn't grant him all 3, but we will see Scott Parker vs Raj Ghosh at FWA Live! #4.

With Spud on the rise recently, after picking up a victory against James Tighe and the pinfall in the aforementioned six man, Jonny Storm requested a match against the young upstart, as Storm defeated Spud back at FWA Live! #1, but was willing to give the young guy another chance. Will James Tighe have anything to do with this match, as he was less then impressed when he lost to Spud?

Since losing thier FWA Tag Team Titles, Hampton Court haven't been in action, but they are hopeful of being given another shot sometime in the near future. If the Duke Of Danger can defeat Stevie Knight at FWA Live! #4, then who knows, maybe that shot will come quicker then expected?

Tune in at 9 on Channel 5, or come down to the event and enjoy the FWA, LIVE!


With FWA Second Helpings 2 days later, and no matches announced yet, Liam Byrne decided to let slip some of matches planned for the event, and from the looks of things, it's shaping up to be a very exciting card, to say the least!

Since Byrne took over the FWA, Alex Shane hasn't defended his FWA British Heavyweight Title once, but this will all change come FWA Second Helpings! Liam Byrne has booked a Title match with Alex Shane putting his belt on the line. The opponent? Liam Byrne wouldn't say, as he noted that he wanted Shane to be as suprised as the FWA fans! All he would tell Shane is that it will not be anyone he's faced so far in his reign as FWA Owner. This rules out Doug Williams and The Zebra Kid, two people that were potential opponents, so who had Byrne got up his sleeve?

Mark Belton and Jack Xavier haven't seen eye to eye recently, and with thier personal battles standing at 1-1, a match at Second Helpings was inevitable. To add a twist, the match has been booked as an I Quit match, as Xavier mentioned that he wanted to beat the respect into Belton, after Belton spat at Xavier and refused to shake his hand after thier match at FWA New Beginnings! With Xavier out for respect, and Belton out to prove himself, this should be a classic!

Stevie Knight and Mark Sloan will make thier first defense of thier Tag Team Titles, as they were challenged by Aviv Mayaan and Ross Jordon. Mayaan and Jordon were on a high after thier victory in the 6 man tag match with Spud at FWA Live! #3, but could they have bitten off more then they can chew?

Two of Byrne's new signings will match up against each other in a "Lucha Showcase". In one corner, Charly Manson, the gothic lucha libre legend, in the other corner, Rey Bucanero, a trio specialist gone solo. Expect fireworks!

In what should be an interesting match, Jonny Storm will match up against Ulf Hermann, as two of the most experience men on the roster do battle.

Also in action, Hade Vansen, Joe E Legend and others.

With more matches yet to be added to the card, keep your eyes on www.frontierwrestling.com for any breaking news.

FWA Second Helpings

Wednesday 9th March

FWA British Heavyweight Title Match

Alex Shane vs ????

I Quit Match

Jack Xavier vs Mark Belton

FWA Tag Team Title Match

Stevie Knight/Mark Sloan vs Aviv Mayaan/Ross Jordon

Ulf Hermann vs Joe E Legend

Lucha Libra Showcase

Charly Manson vs Rey Bucanero

Card subject to change.

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Well my man, you have won me over.

You are building storylines well, and the lack of realism of at the beginning is now secondary, as some great writing has more than made up for that. I am genuinely enjoying this and will definetely be reading in future.

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user posted image

FWA Live! #4

From London

No Dark Matches this week

Stevie Knight vs The Duke Of Danger

The first match of FWA Live! #4 saw one half of the Tag Team Champions, Stevie Knight go one on one with one with the Duke Of Danger, one half of the team (Hampton Court) that Stevie Knight and his partner, Mark Sloan, won the title off of. Stevie Knight was pretty focused, and from the collar and elbow tie up, caught DOD off guard with a knee to the gut, an irish whip and a back elbow to the face, taking DOD down to the floor. Before DOD could get back, Knight had a cross arm breaker on, synching back, but DOD was able to fight over to the rope, causing Stevie Knight to break the hold. They locked up again, but this time, DOD got one-up on Knight, as he whipped Knight into the ropes, before catching him with a massive boot to the face, putting Stevie onto the mat. As Knight got up, DOD capitalised, with a body slam, and then a sidewalk slam for a quick 2 count. A clothesline knocked Knight to the outside, but as he tried to regroup, DOD rammed him head first into the ring post, and rolled him back into the ring. A missed splash from DOD put Stevie Knight back in control, and he began to focus on the arms, hitting a single arm DDT, an armbreaker, and dropping a leg on DOD's extended arm. Locking in a short arm scissors, Knight had DOD in pain in the middle of the ring, but DOD slowly dragged himself to the edge of the ring, grabbing the ropes just as it looked like he was on the verge of taping. An uncharacteristic attempt for Knight to scale the top ropes was thwarted by DOD, who then landed a massive superplex for a near fall! As the two struggled to get to thier feet, DOD was able to block an attempt at the Knight Driver, pushed Knight into the ropes, and laid him out with The Swinebuster for the 1,2,3!

The Duke Of Danger defeated Stevie Knight in 7 mins 16 seconds, after hitting him with the Swinebuster (54.7%)

Xavier Demands Respect, But Will He Get It?

We head backstage, as Jane Childs is standing with a waiting Jack Xavier.

Childs: Jack, you have a very interesting match coming up in two days at FWA Second Helpings, as you will fight Mark Belton in an I-Quit match. Your thoughts?

Xavier: I was glad that the FWA have given me another chance to beat some respect into this guy. Fair enough, he beat me once, and I'll give him credit for that. The second time, he also put up a good fight, and I was willing to shake the guys hand, and let that be that. But there is one thing that everyone knows not to do: you never spit in another guys face! I offered my hand, he didn't have to take it, but to disrespect me like that in front of the audience, I just can't handle. I'm looking forward to beating him black and blue come Second Helpings.

As Childs goes to ask another question, Jack Xavier is attacked by Mark Belton, weilding a steel chair. Xavier takes a shot to the back, but as Belton goes for another shot, Xavier catches him with an elbow in the gut, causing Belton to drop the chair. From there, it's all out war, as they both begin swinging rights and lefts whilst rolling about on the floor. Referees and agents are on the scene quickly however, and the two are split up. (47.6%)

Jonny Storm vs Spud

Next in the ring was the match between Jonny Storm, one of the UK's greatest exports, and Spud, a young man who had been on the rise as of recently.The usual "lucha libre" style reversal fest is traded, and whilst the crowd stand up and applaud, Storm deviates from the script and catches Spud with a nasty Yakuza kick to the face! Storm, not wanting to give Spud a chance, is straight away down and punching away at him, as he cradles his head. Letting the head drop, Storm begins to stomp away on Spud, as the crowd boo Storm unmercillesly. Storm picks up an already grooggy Spud, and drops him snake eyes style on the top turnbuckle, before grinding his face with the heels of his boots! After a sitout powerbomb, a nasty tree of woe/baseball slide combo had Spud down and out on the mat.. However, as Storm tried to repeat it, Spud pulled himself up, missing the slide, and hit Storm with a headscissors from the top turnbuckle! Storm was throw off by this, as he'd been in control, and as Spud slowly began to pick up the pace, Storm was getting hit from pillar to post, including a picture perfect missile dropkick from Spud which got a near fall! An enziguiri had Storm down and Spud looked ready to end it with the Phoenix Splash, but as the ref tended to Storm, James Tighe ran down, and pulled Spud's legs from under him, crotching him on the top rope! Spud fell down onto the apron, and was left prey to Storm's trademark Super Rewind Frankensteiner. Storm covered and got the 1,2,3!

Jonny Storm defeated Spud at 7 mins 30 seconds, after interference from James Tighe, and the Super Rewind Frankersteiner (33.9%)

As Spud lay on the floor, James Tighe got in the ring and began to kick away at him. Jonny Storm rolled outside the ring, grabbed a microphone and got back into the ring, stopping Tighe in the process.

Storm: However much I may appreciate you helping me, James, I don't need help from anyone, especially someone of your...."standard"...

As Storm said this, Tighe hits him with a right hand to the side of the face, putting Storm down on the mat. Tighe begins to kick away at Storm instead, ignoring the fact that Spud was up on his feet. As Tighe turned around, Spud hit his Bodyscissors into a Bulldog, leaving Tighe down and out on the apron!

Shane Complains

As the carnage in the ring is controlled, a pre-recorded semgment is cut to, of Alex Shane with a mic in the backstage area.

Alex Shane: Doug Williams, never under-estimate me! The FWA say I can't come out and interfere in your match, so what do I do? I beat you up before and after, just like the clever man I am! The FWA British Heavyweight Title is mine, and until you start picking things up, there is no way that you'll be stepping in the ring with me anytime soon. Hell, why don't you just go to the FWA Academy, I'm sure people there are much more to your "ability".

FWA officials, and Liam Byrne, I bet you think you got one over on Alex Shane, with this whole "mystery challenger" idea? I can see you all now, guffawing as you wait for me to lost my belt, but I'll warn you know, it isn't going to happen! Did I become FWA British Heavyweight out of nothing? NO! I beat the best, therefore I am the best, and you can stick me in the ring with anyone come FWA Second Helpings, but it just won't matter, because you know what happens when there is a show...I'm gonna steal it!

The camera fades back out of the interview segment, to our Main Event.

Main Event: Scott Parker vs Raj Ghosh

The crowd are buzzing for this match, as it is Scott Parker's first sanctioned match against a member of The Family since they kicked him out. Raj Ghosh is no slouch though, so the crowd are expecting fireworks. They start off with a coller and elbow tie up, but Parker quickly throws Ghosh off into the ropes, and follows him in with a knee to the stomach. Another irish whip sees Parker hit a dropkick, once again putting Ghosh on the mat. Parker seems really focus and intent on doing some damage, as he picks Ghosh up, and whips him hard into the turnbuckle, and follows up with a splash in the corner. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 punches, and Parker jumps back from the second turnbuckle, grabbing Ghosh into a monkey flip that takes Raj across the ring! Parker covers, but only gets a 2. As Ghosh tried to avoid the onslaught from Parker, Parker grabs him and hits a high angle back drop, before nipping up, and landing a standing moonsault onto Ghosh, again for a 2! As Parker goes to repeat the moonsault idea (this time using the second rope for leverage), Ghosh puts his knees up, and Parker is left gasping for air on the apron. Ghosh slowly gets to his feet, and nails Parker with a snap suplex, which Ghosh holds onto, rolls over, and then lifts Parker up for a hanging brainbuster, for a near fall! Parker isn't on the ropes for too long though, as he blocks an attempted piledriver, lifts Ghosh up and drops him with an Alabama slam. A top rope frog splash gets another near fall, before Parker lifts up Ghosh and drops him with The Golden Arrow. As Parker crawls over to the get the cover, Drew McDonald and Paul Travell hit the ring, and start beating on Scott. The referee has no choice but to throw the match out for a no-contest, as Travell, McDonald and Ghosh continue to pummel beaten and bruised Parker. McDonald hits his Celtic Crusher, and Travell holds down Parker by the legs as Ghosh hits a top tope kneedrop, catching Parker right on the forehead!

Scott Parker and Raj Ghosh fought to a no contest after 8 mins 48 seconds, after The Family interfered in the match (45.5%)

The show ended with a downed Scott Parker, and The Family appearing to be stronger then ever! Will they get thier come-uppance come FWA Second Helpings?

Overall Rating: 50.3%

Watched by: 7,305


Breaking FWA News, Matches Altered For FWA Second Helpings

After the heinous attack by The Family on Scott Parker, Parker went to Liam Byrne's office, and demanded retribution at FWA Second Helpings. So, Byrne has given him the chance to take each Family member one by one, as he will run the Family Gauntlet! This seemed to satisfy Parker, but will he be happy when he realises what kinda task he is facing?

Also, the Ulf Hermann vs Jonny Storm match has been scrapped, to be replaced by Storm vs Spud vs James Tighe, after Tighe interupted the Storm vs Spud match, and got in both of thier faces! Who will win in a battle of 3 of the best junior wrestlers in the FWA?

As the Ulf Hermann vs Storm match has been scrapped, Hermann will still fight, but his opponent is as yet un-named. We'll try and keep you confirmed on any updates as to who the opponent may be, as and when we get them.

OOC: Not the greatest of shows, as I said before, I wanted to focus on some people lower on the card, as FWA Second Helpings is two days away. Also, I possibly won't be able to update till Sunday Evening, so I just wanted something for people to read before I don't update for a little while.

I might be able to get the FWA Second Helpings Full Card up, I'll see how it goes.

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