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Make me great at Cricket 2002.


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I need help with Cricket 2002. I can kick ass in bowling and normally get everyone out below 100 but when it comes to batting I have nothing.

Most of the time my opponents bowl right on the toes and all I can do is block. Resulting is no runs. Is there a way to hit the balls theat bounce on your feet? Or how do I get around them all?

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If the bowl at your toes either advance down the pitch to the slow bowlers, or for the quicks hit it down legside (if you time it correct you'll hit it, but you gotta be confident because if it's on the stumps and you miss you're fucked). Only other advice I'd give is not to try any power shots until the guy has dug in for a bit in a test... I usually tuck them away till I'm about 30 or so. Be careful once you hit milestones (50, 90's, 100 etc) as I'd say there's some AI in the game that makes you get out around here if you go for power shots... have to sorta dig in again for another 10 runs or so.

Anyway, go get 2004. The confidence meter = best inclusion in a cricket game ever.

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2002 was great but the two EA titles that came after it were shockingly bad.

I used to play Graham Gooch Cricket on Amiga ALL the time. It was basically the game Brain Lara came from and it gives me nostalgia tingles to think about it.

Anyway, I had to sell '02 a couplea years ago unfortunately cos my housemate went on holiday with my rent money I gave him to give to the landlord but while I had it, yeah just progress nice and relaxedly (?!). Defend most of the stuff on your toes, especially if it's straight, but if it's on leg then flick it off your legs...If it's outside off, why not try the cover drive (Diagonally away from the batsmen towards the bowler) and he might scuff it and get caught behind but if he's been in for a while you can normally get a couplea runs from it...

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C2004 is good in some respects.

Gameplay has improved and the confidence meter is great.

But since cricket is such a long game, tests become to be pretty pointless.

I'd love a game to implement a Career Mode as you play as just one batsman, being dropped for lack of performing etc.

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